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  1. If these folks are indeed related to Amanda, I can't see them replacing Winters. At least not all. I see those two sisters (Amanda and Imani?) Having story with Devon and Nate. This is the show recreating Dru/Neil/Olivia/Malcolm.
  2. There's only 2 Winters left. Devon and lily. 3, if you count Nate. I can't see Devon being written out. Lily is possible though since she was just put on recurring then written out.
  3. I see the character as a bit dry and that's an acting choice. However, Mishael isn't in charge of her story, airtime, nor who she interacts with. That's not a contradiction. I did enjoy her part in her story with her stalker ex for the most part. What i didn't like about it was it centering Billy and Vikki. There were so many other choices for writers other than another Newman in peril. Agree on this off screen origin story.
  4. Understand. She's definitely not driving story. And her story about seeking her parentage seems as stalled as her story with Devon for the most part. It's also off screen. I can't say I agree that she isn't given much do though. She regularly interacts with more folks than most characters (Billy, Lily, Elena, Nate, Phyllis, Devon). She's all over. Nobody is really doing anything so it's not just her. Now we are about to see her in lawyer mode with Billy. That's probably why her other stories have stalled. Josh wants her playing supporting to Billy for some reason.
  5. Please define limited in this context? I don't think I'm following. But, Mishael is choosing to play this character cold and stiff with dry humor because she thinks this is how a lawyer would behave. She could infuse more life into the character if she chose. But she wants to make a clear distinction between Hilary and Amanda. Sometimes, I see more pizazz in her portrayal when she loses up. Even if Amanda had a clear goal/throughline and was driving story, Amanda would still be quite dry personality wise. But by no means do I think what you're seeing is the writer's fault
  6. I prefer Amanda to how the show kept Hilary mired in sh!t with characters calling her nasty names constantly blaming her for everything wrong with the world. Didn't sit right with me.
  7. Elena didn't say she was in love with Nate. She said she had feelings for him. Clearly, she had to feel something for him to cheat on Devon.
  8. It doesn't take watching the full show to figure that out. Lol Abby is definitely overused in the romance department. I don't buy not care about this romance with Chance because of it. She gets a new man and engagement every year.
  9. I'm hoping for the focus on Devon, Amanda, Elena, and Nate to continue this month. Keep them in the top 10.
  10. I also wouldn't mind if one of her parents was someone we didn't know while there was someone we did. Example, if Tracy was the mom and the father was someone are met at summer camp. Have them both be way too young to have been parents and the father's parents insisted she give the babies up. She was out from a cesarian and never knew she had twins. The father can now be a very wealthy businessman and he and Tracy find love again later in life. But then, how old is Tracy? Mishael is 34, I think. It might be too much to do another long lost grandchild story in connection with Abbo
  11. Bryton has definitely earned it! I'm also glad to see a Mishael in the top 10 for the year. He also needs to be up there too.
  12. I'm assuming at least one parent will be someone we already know. With the Baldwin/Fishers coming back with Gloria, I fear it's one of them. I pray not though. I thought Gus Rogan 6 years ago. But I didn't think Drucilla as her mother. Though with lily as a rival, it would have made total sense. Since lily and Amanda are no longer rivals, having Dru as her mother doesn't travel quite as far. Amanda and Hilary's mother
  13. Before Elena became a disaster, Bryton and Brytni didn't pop onscreen despite my wishing and hoping they would. She comes off better onscreen with Sean Dominic than Bryton.
  14. Devon does seem different with Amanda. Bryton and Mishael work very well together.
  15. Agreed. Billy and Lily should be at Jabot. They've handed Kyle the keys to the kingdom with not one Abbot caring. Where's the story in that? Abby and Billy should care about their family's company. Instead, they've decided Billy should be at Chancellor and put Abby in hospitality. The show rushed Kyle as a lead. Displaced all other Abbots in the process. And yes, he's floundering. Sure, it's partly writing. But it's partly because the actor isn't well suited for what they want to with him.
  16. Sharon Collins, Y&R, over a decade of destruction. Though it seems to have ceased. Putting adam in her orbit again will not end well for her. Neil Winters, Y&R, destroyed him in effort to keep him driving Devon and Hilary story. I will never forgive Chuck Pratt. Hilary Curtis, Y&R, wrote that character into the ground and just kept her in muck. She became the new Sharon until they killed her off. Meg Snyder, ATWT, made her crazy over Paul and Emily Stewart, of all people. T Marshall Travers, ATWT, raping Jessica. Ridg
  17. Mealor was better when he had more Abbots to play off of. He was good in family story with Jack. But where is everybody else? He's now seemingly single-handedly running Jabot. Him alone isn't working.
  18. I thought it was just me with Kyle. TPTB finally had a modicum of success with the Kyle character and handed him the entire Abbot story, including the company. Mealor can't carry this. He just can't. I've always thought Bryton was a great KSJ mimic. Not sure if it's intentional or not, but you can tell who raised Devon. He reminds me so much of neil.
  19. I think Y&R did a great job on this sex Elena and Nate sex scene. It's been building for almost 2 years. Probably would have happened long ago of Josh hadn't put that quad on ice to play Amanda with Billy.
  20. I'm not surprised MCE is at the top. Chelsea, since they paired her with Adam, has been pushed as the next great female lead of the show. I'm very happy to see Bryton, Michael, Brtyni, and Sean higher up. Their story seems to have all the buzz. Also, why is CK so low. Why doesn't lily interact with her brother and cousin?
  21. LMBO. Had he says his male privilege, nothing would have been said.
  22. I watched some scenes with this new story because I wanted to know what all the arguing was about on twitter. Bryton and Mishael still look so good together onscreen and have the same excellent chemistry even with COVID protocols. She most definitely made Devon into a more romantic character.
  23. I honestly think that TPTB sees Amanda as a way to give Mishael a clean slate after deliberately sabotaging her.
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