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  1. So we go from Adam "killing" Victor to nick almost killing adam. Who wrote this?!
  2. Mishael wasn't confined to Devon centric stories prior to her leaving. So what else is new?!
  3. After listening to the podcast and hearing Mishael's excitement for the new character, I agree @edgeofnik Amanda is a fresh character and the show can do anything with her without being hampered by Hilary's baggage and past. I just hope mishael follows through with that haircut and/color so we can get rid of the wigs. Lol
  4. For those who really care what Mishael feels versus projecting their own feelings onto to her, she did a podcast with SOD.
  5. Nope. Nothing was missed. I think she's a long lost sister. That person in Twitter never knows anything. She's speculating. At this point, mishael doesn't even know. She said so on her own Instagram account.
  6. They thought they did. Devon had been talking about this for weeks. He looked her up and couldn't find a picture. In TPTBs minds, that was a build up of suspense. We were supposed to be wondering who she is. Instead I was wondering who she works for. Adam came on in the same ho hum way.
  7. Yes, before It was reported by TV Source. And the person who said isn't an attention seeker or known liar. There's nothing to gain. I trust her on that one. I wouldn't with anyone. How does a wig make her Hilary? LMBO...Mishael said just today on IG that she doesn't know yet if Amanda is a twin or not.
  8. No. She was heard by a bystander talking to a friend at the Emmys about her returning in contract. I'm hoping they make Amanda friends with Phyllis too like Hilary was. And I want her paired with Adam. But I'm not sure we know what her story is beyond this entrance. But I can hope. Lol Even doing so, I think it's downright silly to say mishael made the show promise her story with MS or EB to sign. Come on...lol What's the point of the wig?
  9. I like his look. Very old school soap.
  10. It doesnt matter who Amanda is paired with. If they want her interacting around canvas she will. I agree that I don't want her with Devon anytime soon. Not cause I think it's limiting but cause slapping them together does not make a compelling or rich story. I hope she's paired with Adam. That makes the most sense where everyone is story wise. Not to scheme but to be the human side that he's missing.
  11. I don't have any issues with any actors. I don't care for Phyllis/MS BUT, I am one of those that think she is Phyllis so I was happy to see her back. I honestly don't think you pay mishael much attention. If you did, you'd know that she has never had any issues with her story, even when her fans hated them. Your comments are 100% your feelings and nothing to do with her. Mishael was heard telling someone in May that she was coming back. So if this was in April, then I'm off. But I still can't imagine Mishael making her career decisions on the chance she could work with MS. That is just silly to me. "Listen Sony, if you want me back, you'll have to promise me story with MS and EB"... Yeah, no. I doubt that was the request that was made.
  12. Sharon offering herself up to Adam doesn't work for me.
  13. Interesting they are going the route of Devon knowing that Amanda isnt Hilary. I didn't think they'd do that. Adams match is OBVIOUSLY Amanda Sinclair.
  14. Oh, I know it's Sony. I also know they broke the news. But everything they say isn't fact or tea. More time than not they are giving opinions. This opinion about money is just that. An opinion. Much like them thinking the show wants mishael with a white male is just opinion. Though I agree with that to an extent cause I think the show has telegraphed Amanda's involvement with Adam, both professionally and personally, from the beginning. Adam and Devon aren't sharing random scenes for no reason. It's obvious. At least to me.
  15. EB and MS? I don't think everyone on set measures their worth by if they are in story with Victor and Phyllis; MS wasn't even on set when Mishael decided to come back. This was on the works prior to the GT/MS switcheroo. I think there might be some projection here. Don't confuse your unhappiness with the orbit Mishael was in and stories her Hilary got with hers. There has been nothing mishael has ever said or did to indicate she was unhappy. She left over money. Not creative decisions. She's not MS. However, I do agree that KSJs death and coming back to set may have provided a bit of nostalgia and a responsibility to carry the torch.
  16. Wow, they rushed her to the screen. She's only been filming 3 weeks I hear. What a sight for sore eyes!
  17. Some folks can't seem to tell the difference from when TV Source is speculating or have inside scoop. This was just talk. The word was that CBS approached her cause they wanted her back really bad. I don't see why she'd be caving under those circumstances.
  18. TV Source doesn't know and I know this for a fact. They are just talking. I definitely think she got a raise.
  19. I think chance but I don't think chance has been cast yet
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