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  1. Not shocked by Missy Reeves and her daughter. Racism and homophobia is not an opinion. I'm not sure when conservatism became the "let's hate equality and freedom for all" crew but it has.
  2. I had not read this. I'll check it out. "I have never felt on the set of Days I was treated less than anyone else because I was black. I do feel the black characters on the show should be more on the forefront and equal to some of the white counterparts. It should be equal or close to it. I don’t keep track of how many episodes I have in relation to other actors. That’s not my job. My job is to take my lines, go to work, and do the best I can with it. I just hope that there is some change for the stories that are being told for the black counterparts on the show. What I can say with certainty is that I have always believed that we need more than three.” If Lamon knows that Black characters aren't equal to white counterparts then what does he contribute it to if it isn't race? Lack of talent? Lack of looks? Lack of fan interest? None of that applies to him and Sal Stowers! He had an opportunity here and he continued to toe the line.
  3. MS, EB, and PB weren't being used much prior to the shutdown. So that's in line with what the show wanted to do anyway.
  4. This made me sadder. It's just disheartening to support and love something that doesnt love you back.
  5. Thanks for listening. I thought I was over it but I'm not. I wish this would end differently. But even seeing the particular climate, I bet this shows will come back centering the same folks in the same stories.
  6. Okay. I just spoke with Coryon. He says that it's focused on soaps for now and he's open to topics. I'll be sure to pass on all ideas.
  7. Do you think any of those folks would be willing to speak out? MVJ seems like she would just from her Twitter.
  8. I'm sure that more are planned but none of it has been discussed with me. I was only invited because everyone else on the short list were otherwise engaged. I'll let you guys know of I hear something. I am not sure so don't quote me but I think so. The title is Soap Boxing so it's gotta be about soaps, right?
  9. 😂 I promised I'd watch Hollyoaks. I'll reserve judgement until then. You'll have to listen to understand the context.
  10. Awe....thanks. I haven't been paying soaps much attention since the quarantine other than what I've seen come across my timeline Twitter. I'm just so tired of fighting them for the smallest presence for Black characters. I have let soaps go. I would like to think that daytime would see this change happening in the world and decide it's time to move forward. But I don't have any hope that it happen. I agree with everything except Black Dollars. Companies are more in tuned with the Black people and how that can effect the bottom line more than ever. Otherwise, we would see companies attempting to speak to "Black Lives Matters." Don't get me wrong, it helps that the cause is more mainstream and amplified by white voices too. Everyone knows that Black women are trendsetters and at the forefront of popular culture. Daytime just refuses to budge. It's also why the soaps continue to die. Where is the 18-49 demo? I'll answer. Watching shows more diverse than these.
  11. Thanks for the feedback. I will pass that on to coryon.
  12. They wanted a black female lead character to replace Dru. So they chose Lily and proceeded to give her stories more fitted for her mother. Sent to live with her parents somewhere. The show never gives fans what they ask for with certain characters. It's always some twisted version or they give them entire story to another character.
  13. They could use Paul when they need police work done. But instead they'd rather use useless Rey.
  14. Very good. He was onscreen 3 or 4 episodes, I think. Most of the arc was Amanda talking to Billy about it. They gave Amanda one day to "regain get power" with Ripley. But no effort was put into their connection. The writers has ignored developing any relationship between Amanda and anyone else to keep Billy onscreen. Very unfortunate because the story could have been good.
  15. YES! THIS! The show turned what could have been interesting story for Amanda to give viewers glimpse into her life prior to the show into a story about more of Billy's main pain! This entire Amanda and Billy relationship is all about more story for Billy. Both Victoria and Amanda are plot points.
  16. I think that about facing has more to do with new stories being played. That always happens around the new year it seems. Besides, Lola is probably pregnant, i.e starting a new story for all four players. The show will milk this quad for years to come due to fan response. They won't care that their is a severe lack of chemistry amongst the entire group. Nor do they care that none of them look very good together onscreen. Fans are rules up and screaming and that's good enough.
  17. I read Devon gets his money back next week. This story had been totally useless.
  18. It's the beginning of a new year. For soaps, that usually means new stories. So here we are... By the way, wasn't it Mal Young that pushed them together. Josh just continued it. I can't even recall.
  19. Just in time for Billy to star in the story alongside Rambo, ahem, I meant Chance. I wish I could care. I don't.
  20. Phyllis versus Abby over Chance is such a downgrade for MS. Not near as WTF as Abby versus Sharon (Scottie) but still feels out of place. They aren't even contemporaries. This might be worth while if it was centered on the Nina and Phyllis history. But Abby just isn't the cog to make this go. While I like MO and her Abby, it's so daytime to be able to find story after story for her yet can't see any future for Loren or her Ana when she and her character could run several circles around MO/Abby in every department, including being interesting onscreen.
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