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  1. Even though at first, I was intrigued with the "Frankendrew" story, I have been shocked by the amount of backlash from fans, and alot of the backlash has been directed against TB's character. So, I imagine that the backlash, as well as the ratings drop has probably brought orders from the higher ups to kill the storyline. I was not familiar with TB's work as Carly because I did not have access to GH during her tenure in that role, but she definitely is a talented actress. The writers took a gamble with the "Frankendrew" story, and it obviously did not work out well for TB. I hope she can find work in the future that is worthy of her, and also, brings abundant praise.
  2. I heard from an AMC fan that GH has Michael all duded up looking great.

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      I'm glad for him!  He still looks very good, in a silver fox kind of way.  LOL

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      Thanks for following me, btw.  I am not a prolific contributor.  More on the quiet side, actually.

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  3. Thank you everyone for the help on David Gray. I had absolutely zero memory of Luke's psychic powers or "The Sword Of Malkuth". Good God, how silly things got in such a short time. In 1980, Lesley was slapping Monica at a Quartermaine party, very adult, and it descended to this comic book storytelling.
  4. I think making MEK's new character a half-brother to Laura is an interesting speculation by fans, but I wouldn't be surprised if the writers just pulled the last name out of the air. My mind gets mixed up on old story lines anymore. Wasn't there a character named David Gray, a nice looking Ken doll, 80s style (who wore a leather jacket all the time), that was chasing our Laura around the time she married Luke, or was he chasing Laura Templeton? I truly don't remember. And I admit being stupid enough to think that maybe the now departed Margaux Dawson was related to Jane and Howie of early 70s GH fame. Nope.
  5. While Bill Eckert was pretty much an unpopular character, if I had to be honest, it was probably the beginning for me for respecting Anthony Geary's work as an actor. I was part of a very small minority who did not like the Luke of the 80s. Since I was one of the viewers who could remember the fairly straight-laced professionalism displayed by doctors and nurses of the GH just a few years before (the GH that still had the organ music), I was never sure how to process the cartoonish Luke of the early 80s. While I have heard that Mr. Geary did not like the Labine take on Luke, I liked him much better under her pen, because it was shown that Luke could actually act like an adult.
  6. I thought the same thing. However, another thing that surprised me was that a body was found at all. I thought for sure that this was going to be another one of those, "There's no body and we don't know what happened" type of deals, with them keeping Shiloh a threat for years to come. So, it appears that the cult leader plot was not only unpopular with viewers, it is apparent now that the network brass didn't like it either, if they are killing the story so thoroughly.
  7. The only good thing that came out of the Prospect Park debacle was that we got Maura West as Ava. I actually liked Ron Carlivati's writing for the most part, though it is now proven that it wasn't he that was the problem with GH regarding the bloated cast or the focus being on all the wrong characters. Love or hate Ron Carlivati, the one major element missing since his departure from GH is lack of payoff in the stories. Does anyone else remember how sleep inducing the Nelle reveal was? Notice too, how little attention the once great Nurse's Ball musters. Carlivati knew how to write a payoff!
  8. Now that GH has fallen to the bottom of the pile, I'm expecting that if it stays there for too long, radical changes and/or cancellation won't be far off. For me, GH hasn't been "must watch TV" since around the time of the show's 50th Anniversary. Even though Prospect Park debacle has long since ended, we as viewers are still suffering from it. In my opinion, that time was around when the show started to derail story-wise, and I fear now, may never get back on track again.
  9. I remain convinced that while Shelly is still getting the on-screen credit, she was gone from the building earlier than what we've been told. The ratings have not been good for some time.
  10. The Monica of today reminds me more and more of the Lila of yesterday, in that she'll accept just about anybody who moves into the mansion.
  11. My vote would go to Genie Francis as Laura. I have no memory whatsoever of the first actress who played Laura when she still lived with the Vining family.
  12. I have not yet seen Friday's episode yet, but I just wanted to comment that while it seems that the majority here do not like the twist with Franco getting Drew Cain's memories, I have to admit that I have found the idea intriguing. I was getting tired of the scenes of Franco, Elizabeth, and the boys being portrayed as a modern day Cleaver family. Something had to give. It was a clever way to re-scramble the canvas. If worse to comes to worst, they can load most of the current cast on a plane that crashes and implant Steve Hardy's memories in Cameron and Jessie Brewer's memories in Trina. Then, the show could start all over again with a clean slate. JK
  13. I am starting to wonder, with the recent writing out of Billy MIller's Drew, the memory transfer of Drew's memories into Franco, and Peter's sudden shift from bland reformed good guy to sneaky villain, that Shelly Altman may have left the building a bit earlier than we were all told.
  14. This article doesn't answer any of the questions asked directly, but it might provide some clues for anyone in the know: https://www.soapoperadigest.com/content/tbt-leslie-charleson-3/ I do remember reading in the late Christopher Schemmering's Soap Opera Encyclopedia that Irving and Tex Elman were the ones responsible for pairing Laura and Scotty together.
  15. Denise Alexander as Lesley came aboard in 1973, the period I'm referring to was in 1976. In 1975, Tom Donovan came aboard to pick up ratings and to update the show. So, he got rid of the trademark organ music and long-time characters like Henry Pinkham, Jane Dawson, Lucille Weeks, and Lee Baldwin were all quickly written out, and replaced by a new family named the Webbers, which consisted of Terri, Rick, Jeff, and Jeff's wife Monica. Almost whole episodes were wasted featuring Terri singing in her nightclub. My mother was one of the viewers lost during this time, and she never returned. Her complaint was, "I don't know any of these people." As for Lesley, she was raped and kidnapped by Cameron Faulkner. He threw poor Lesley in a car as his prisoner, but he got killed in the car accident while behind the wheel, with a kidnapped Lesley in the passenger seat, and Lesley was left carrying his child. Lesley later lost that child after falling down a flight of stairs after a huge fight with Monica, and thereafter, could not bear any more children. Melodrama after melodrama after melodrama. Despite all the terrible storylines featuring new characters that longtime viewers didn't care about, the story of Lesley's daughter that she thought was dead that turned up alive did actually save the show, so there is some irony there.
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