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  1. Classic GH Thread

    I liked Falken-Smith's pre-1981 work, but not so much thereafter. I have heard that the Ice Princess story line was pitched by Associate Head Writer A.J. Russell, against the objections of Falken-Smith. I noticed in later years that Mr. Russell was a story consultant on GH for a long time. I have long wondered, given his affinity for the far-fetched, as evidenced by the Ice Princess story line, if he was the brains behind the Casey the Alien mess years later.
  2. Classic GH Thread

    Speaking of unusual outfits, in the early 70s, on GH, Sharon Pinkham drove Lucille nuts by insisting on showing up for work in an orange dress paired with her nurse's cap. Sharon had become an actress at night and found the white nurse's uniform too drab for her. I had seen a picture here somewhere of Sharon wearing that get-up. Does anyone know where the photo is found here?
  3. GH Partners with Kentucky Fried Chicken

    I don't mean to poke fun, but will they have to send in a stunt double in if an actor or actress is vegetarian, but yet, required to eat chicken in a scene? Will Alexis's next "wrong boyfriend" be Colonel Sanders? Will the Quartermaine's serve "pickle Lila" and chicken on Thanksgiving instead of pizza? Will Sonny's search for the Croton body only turn up chicken bones? Oh, I could go on and on, but I won't.
  4. GH: Emmy Winner QUITS

    Chloe Lanier is a very good young actress, but the role of Nelle was not a good one. The character wasn't written in the proper "love-to-hate" mold, in my opinion, until it was too late. By the time TPTB made up their minds on what the character was supposed to be, the viewers didn't love to hate the character, they just hated it. Chloe Lanier will excel if she is handed the right material some day. All success to her.
  5. GH: June 2018 Discussion Thread

    I think we can all agree that there is still plenty to explore with the character of Scotty. He could be as caring and tender as he is slimy. I wish they'd use Kin Shriner to the potential he still has going for him! However, I am not holding my breath.
  6. GH: June 2018 Discussion Thread

    Actually, I can remember when Scotty was still a good guy. They made him a bad guy after Laura hooked up with Luke. I was hoping though, that Scotty would take the high road and not go against Ava's daughter in court. It would have been more interesting if Alexis took Bensch's side and Scotty defended Kiki. It would have stacked the odds more against Kiki because no one really likes Scotty.
  7. GH: June 2018 Discussion Thread

    I saw some previews for the show recently, and Kin Shriner was in them as Scotty. Did they un-fire him? It seems like he was going to be Dr. Bensch's lawyer, which is kind of out of character, but if they're keeping him, I'm not going to bitch about it. At least he's still on!
  8. Who would you Cast???

    I couldn't agree with you more, especially concerning Mr. DePaiva being wasted on such an unlikeable, creepy character. I know everybody is saying that soaps have to re-invent themselves and not stick to the "tried and true", but yet, there is something to be said for telling stories for characters that viewers want to see. General Hospital's management has ignored the pleas of their viewers and the drop in ratings speaks for itself. I was not watching GH when Tamara Braun was playing Carly, and I do like her alot as an actress. (I did catch Jennifer Bransford's brief portrayal of Carly after her, and was puzzled by the strong reaction against her. Still am.)
  9. Who would you Cast???

    I don't like to speak ill of the dead, the actress Bobbi Jordan, who played Terri, but they would devote almost whole episodes to her singing in Terri's club on the show, and at least for me, that was reason to tune out. She wasn't a bad singer, but, I think they probably used her singing to kill time. Maybe they thought, "We're getting cancelled anyway." I guess we'll never know for sure.
  10. Who would you Cast???

    Jeff Webber: Robert Newman√ Liz's Mom, Carolyn, wasn't it?: Ellen Dolan√ Sarah Webber: Melissa Archer√* *At first, I thought, "A Webber with red hair?", but then, I recalled (Aunt) Terri Webber was a red-head.
  11. Classic GH Thread

    I remember that casting decision, and it was around the time of Luke and Laura's return in the early 90s. Though I stand totally alone, I LOVED when Sally Struthers played her. Even in the earliest days, there were whole episodes that took place outside the hospital, HOWEVER, I think the major shift took place in the early 80s, when it started to become fashionable on most soaps to have spies, secret agents, outlandish returns from the dead, and cartoon villians. Looking back now, I am wondering if the medicine room went away when Bridget and Jerome Dobson were fired as headwriters. They went through a series of writers thereafter who tried to create an almost entirely different show and knew nothing about what endeared the show to its loyal audience in the past and apparently, did not care. The more things change, the more things stay the same. Maybe so. I will say this. Out of all the Heathers, Heather#1 wins for best hair, though it doesn't show in the clip I shared.
  12. Classic GH Thread

    Wow, what a story! However, I would have to disagree with Ms. Monty about Mary O'Brien being her worst actress hire. Though I will usually try to refrain from being critical to actors and actresses, I will make an exception here and list Gloria Monty's worst actress hire as the one who played Jennifer Smith#1, Lisa Marie. She was a beautiful lady, but her portrayal did not click at all for me. I don't think I could have ever accepted Michael Gregory's version of Rick cheating on Lesley with Monica, so the recast of Rick sort of worked in the favor of driving story. The place I seem to remember most from the pre-Monty GH is the little tiny medicine room right next to that big green window backdrop. So much drama occurred in that little room! Sometime after Tom Donovan took over as producer, even though the original 7th floor nurse's station was still being used, the medicine room stopped being used for scenes. I recall missing that, strange as it sounds. With perhaps, a bit of Veronica Lake thrown in!
  13. Classic GH Thread

    There is a scene with Heather#1 at around 10:05 in the clip above.
  14. Classic GH Thread

    I recall that the critics were not particularly kind to Mary O'Brien, Heather#2, at the time. She was regarded as a weak actress, though I enjoyed her portrayal. I think what happened was, by the time Robin Mattson arrived to play Heather, the really good head writers like Marland and Falken-Smith were either gone or on their way out. Gloria Monty, it appears, was a big fan of some films of the 40s and 50s and injected some story line into the show from some of the movies she enjoyed So, Heather got turned into a film noir-like femme fatale for awhile, and viewers ate it up. In fact, I remember the writers putting words in Heather's mouth in her interactions with Scotty that originated with the great Tallulah Bankhead (I think, though I may be wrong). Scotty would tell Heather he'd be waiting in bed for her, and Heather would wryly reply, "If I'm not there, start without me!"
  15. GH: June 2018 Discussion Thread

    I can't say that I hate the show at the moment, but neither am I overly thrilled with it either. Everything to say has already been said by the other posters here, again, again, and again. Carly, Sonny, & Co. will never be like the Hughes family with mob ties, no matter how much the writers try to convince us otherwise. I miss Genie Francis and Kin Shriner terribly. I miss the character of Nicholas. But, here I go again, saying what everyone else has already said.