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  1. Denise Alexander as Lesley came aboard in 1973, the period I'm referring to was in 1976. In 1975, Tom Donovan came aboard to pick up ratings and to update the show. So, he got rid of the trademark organ music and long-time characters like Henry Pinkham, Jane Dawson, Lucille Weeks, and Lee Baldwin were all quickly written out, and replaced by a new family named the Webbers, which consisted of Terri, Rick, Jeff, and Jeff's wife Monica. Almost whole episodes were wasted featuring Terri singing in her nightclub. My mother was one of the viewers lost during this time, and she never returned. Her complaint was, "I don't know any of these people." As for Lesley, she was raped and kidnapped by Cameron Faulkner. He threw poor Lesley in a car as his prisoner, but he got killed in the car accident while behind the wheel, with a kidnapped Lesley in the passenger seat, and Lesley was left carrying his child. Lesley later lost that child after falling down a flight of stairs after a huge fight with Monica, and thereafter, could not bear any more children. Melodrama after melodrama after melodrama. Despite all the terrible storylines featuring new characters that longtime viewers didn't care about, the story of Lesley's daughter that she thought was dead that turned up alive did actually save the show, so there is some irony there.
  2. I'd cast my vote for neither as a long time viewer on and off, because in my mind, there was no regime worse than that of Tom Donovan/The Pollocks in the mid-70s. Second place would go to the Gloria Monty/Too many writer changes to keep track of during Monty's brief return in 1991. What both periods shared in common was desperation tactics employed to pick up ratings quickly, and it didn't work in either case.
  3. Did anyone else get a "goodbye" or "goodbye for a very long time" vibe from the scenes with Aunt Stella as she was getting ready to depart for London?
  4. I have to agree that the baby playing Wiley has a wonderful smile! I know alot of fans have grown very tired of the whole Wiley story and want it resolved already, but I for one hope that this percolates for years, if GH lasts that long. Now that the story with Ryan Chamberlain has mostly wrapped up, the Wiley story is the best one going at the moment. I am not a big fan of the memory mapping story any longer. And I really don't care to see Sam in another "Perils of Pauline" situation again and again. Maybe Billy Miller grew tired of it, too. This is the story I'd really like to see completed. In its place, they should get the ball rolling on bringing Nicholas home.
  5. I am also skeptical that the alleged retirement isn't a firing. For one thing, Ms. Altman is not retirement age, and has anyone else noticed that in the changing of the guard, for this "joyous retirement", there do not seem to be any accolades from the cast to Ms. Altman or congratulatory notes to Mr. O'Connor from anyone other than FV?
  6. I can see I'm in the minority here, but I actually enjoyed Billy Miller's performances as both Jason and Drew. I know where writing is concerned, everyone has their own opinion about story and direction, but one thing that always bothered me was how Sonny, Carly, Michael, etc. all seemed to drop Drew like a hot potato once they found out he wasn't the "real" Jason. I think that made me hate Sonny, Carly, & Co. even more than the various murders and misdeeds they have done in the past. I wish Mr. MIller well in all his future endeavors.
  7. They really need to keep Mac as police commissioner. I'm even more convinced after seeing Shiloh's arrest.
  8. I was not a regular viewer of ATWT, but I'd rather see Shiloh turn into a nefarious villian who would come and go like James Stenbeck.
  9. While it is very unrealistic, I really enjoyed the twist of giving Shiloh ELQ shares, because the show is long overdue for some fun Quartermaine squabbling and inter-family intrigue. The Quartermaines, even the few left, just might be far more efficient in eliminating Shiloh than Sonny. On a different subject, I'm surprised that no one here is trying to guess who pushed Liesl off the Haunted Star. I am starting to think that some shakeup of some kind must have happened behind the scenes at GH, because it does seem to me like the show is going through a re-focusing. Could someone at ABC be reading these boards?
  10. I second the "No Thanks", and turning Kim into a rapist. I actually enjoyed the wedding episode for Liz and Franco, but that was mainly due to Leisl stealing the show, as usual. I'm hoping that they don't kill her off, though. She's one of the few villians left that are fun to watch.
  11. I'm surprised but very pleased that they made Robert the new D.A. I like Mac as Police Commissioner again, too, much better than Jordan in that capacity. Maybe Jordan can team up with Sam as a P.I. partner, and leave Mac where he is. I wouldn't mind seeing Jordan get her brain back. The minute they made Jordan the police commissioner, the character became dumbed down beyond belief. Maybe they can let Julian take over The Floating Rib and get rid of Charlie's. More action has taken place at either The RIb or Charlie's than in the hospital some days. Why do they need two watering holes that look so much alike?
  12. That's the vibe I get, too, but, if it should happen, I think it would catch alot of people off guard. I used to be in FV's corner until the firing of GF. I've sort of turned on him since then. I don't know why, but I think Barbara Bloom would be the one to snag FV's job if he's canned. I have nothing to back that up, but I always thought her hiring was a very strange move.
  13. I remember reading somewhere here that O'Connor was the unofficial GH historian not long after Ron Carlivati and his writing team took over GH's writing, and that the SON community was not impressed at the time. I wish I could remember the thread where the subject was discussed.
  14. I'm very grateful that the list included three characters created by the Hursley's.
  15. Here is what I have been having trouble with with the Dawn of Day story. If it is true that Dawn of Day pledges were drugged and forced to have sex with Shiloh, then wouldn't that mean that District Attorney Margaux Dawson was too, if Shiloh had a pledge from her? What am I missing or failing to understand here? And where are they going to put her now that she's resigning as D.A.? Will she become a medical specialist overnight? And who would take her place as D.A.? Another round for Scotty Baldwin? In my dreams, maybe, but probably not. Has G.H. done a recurring character in the police department right since Burt Ramsey (until that stupid Mr. Big twist.)?
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