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NOTICE: What Happened, How It Was Resolved and Moving Forward


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  1. I guess they have gone too far in creating story for the character of Nina that they had no choice to recast at least until they wrap everything up. I always thought that creating a soap character that has no past like Nina was a huge mistake. A character who was in a hospital bed in a coma for 20 years can't have any lost children return, have previously unknown about lovers come back, etc. Regardless, I wish MS the best on her return to Y&R and welcome Ms. Watros aboard on GH. Both women are fine actresses. I am wondering if they are going to dye Ms. Watros's hair red-ish?
  2. I imagine they would have to recast Nina to bring the story about her to completion, but hell no to GT being a recast of another Michelle Stafford role! What I would rather see is, after tying up Nina's stories with the recast of Nina, having GT come on as a special guest star playing Kelly Kramer, who would somehow accidentally KILL Nina, finishing her off for good. Now how satisfying would that be to play?
  3. If Ava makes it after being thrown off of a bridge, AGAIN, I will start to think that she is not genetically a Jerome family member, but instead, a relative of Wile E. Coyote.
  4. I know I'm in the minority, but I actually liked RC's tenure on GH, though I can't say I liked every decision he made, such as making Obrecht Chief-of-Staff at the hospital, and especially, killing off Duke and AJ. During RC's time on GH, the story was alot less predictable. As for the Carson baby, let me pitch this story idea to the writers:: Sonny is angered by his wife's pregnancy news and alerts his right hand man, Jason, to find out who it was that did such a thing to his wife. Finally, Sonny finds himself at the wrong end of a loaded gun, with Jason holding a gun on him, ready to pull the trigger. "Oh damn, it was me!" Sonny mutters. CLICK, BOOM!
  5. Franco faking a guilty plea is a very Carlivati-esque twist, in my opinion. I wonder more and more if it is not the case of the writing staff that won't give us what we want, but rather, are forbidden to by someone higher up on the gravy train. And no, I'm not throwing any "hints". I honestly don't know who is responsible if it's true.
  6. A big thumbs down to the "wedding". I know production budgets are tight, but this "wedding" was so un-befitting for the character of Elizabeth. An episode of a soap with a wedding should never be described as "horrible", but I have to agree that GH managed to pull it off for Valentine's Day, 2019.
  7. I like Laura Wright as an actress, but I do not like Carly either. I loved LW's portrayal of Lena Spencer. For me, anyway, the character of Carly has almost become too formulaic. There are no surprises with the character anymore. Even Jennifer Bransford's Carly got into a rough and tumble brawl. I don't see today's Carly doing that.
  8. Good for her! GH used this talented actress ineffectively, and with proper writing, she should shine!
  9. It seems like most viewers were not surprised by the twist of having Franco being charged with being the Serial Killer, but I was. I had thought previously that he was going to be the one to figure out who the killer was and come out the hero. Roger Howarth is a good actor, but, let them quickly convict Franco, give him the electric chair, and bring Todd back. Franco has gotten too "nice" and Mr. Mom-like for my tastes. I think RH does better with a character that has a bit of a unpredictable side to them, and TPTB are so preoccupied with getting the viewers to like Franco that they won't give RH material with an edge any longer.
  10. Even though it has been gone for many years now, I miss the Edge of Night the most because there was nothing like it when it was on the air, and there has been nothing like it since. Some people have suggested that today's soaps have taken elements from EON and used them successfully, but it is just not the same thing at all.
  11. I just wish the ratings were better with Genie back.
  12. This was the first time I had ever seen that scene. I am no misogynist or advocate of violence towards women, but, maybe I'm the only guy on this site that is not a gentleman. For some reason, I'm not angry at Alan at all after viewing him hit that woman. Based on the little I've seen of the female character in the snippet, I don't like her either.
  13. Ewwwww, I missed that one, but, what a nice reminder against a Guza, Jr. return for anyone who would dare breath it.
  14. Smart move on Kin's part, if true. If it is, he probably knows that viewers would never forgive Scotty if he hit a woman. What a concept--an actor who understands what his viewers want. Maybe they should find him a job behind the screen!
  15. As much as I liked Ron Carlivati, one of my complaints about him while he was at GH was his writing for Scotty. Ron wrote Scotty as a complete jerk and really didn't give Kin anything good to work with, except for his character getting his ear lobe being bitten off by Fluke Spencer. So, in short, I don't think RC would "get him" any better than KC!
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