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  1. General Hospital September Discussion

    I think you summed up what is the biggest complaint that many fans of the current version of GH complain about. While the writers have tried hard to emphasize family, what they have tried to do is make the Corinthos clan like the ATWT Hughes family, only with mob ties, and that just doesn't work, at least in daytime. Family emphasis is good on soaps, but in this case, they have chosen the wrong family to center the show around. I'm not saying that the Corinthos family needs to be written out altogether, but, they should not be written as the moral center and heroes of the show. Perhaps in a roundabout way, General Hospital has fallen into a trap of its own making. They have always tried so hard to create anti-heroes that they have forgotten how to write a good guy character with a solid background and keep him (or her) interesting. You know. Like Dr. Hardy or Lesley Webber.
  2. Twists You Hated

    Nora was a smart character in the beginning, it is later writers who screwed her up. I never "met" Julia, as I was never a Santa Barbara viewer, but I think some Santa Barbara people were involved in the background of GH at the time of Alexis's introduction. I likewise think that Alexis didn't become ill-defined until later on. Like Norah, she began as a smart, independent, and witty lawyer. That was where I saw the parallel between the two and thought that they were very similar. I never bought "Julexis" from day one, actually. Cheryl Stansbury was the real love of Julian's life.
  3. Twists You Hated

    I was not aware of that at all. I don't want to derail the subject of this thread, but, while I like the character of Alexis, am I the only one who sort of viewed her as a copycat character of Norah Buchanan on OLTL (at least initially)?
  4. Twists You Hated

    Your memory is far better than mine concerning the Cassadine hospital takeover story, that is for sure. For the most part, Richard Culliton was a pretty good writer, but for some reason, GH wasn't a good fit for him. I think he was the one who created Miranda, Jax's ex., the same Miranda who was terrified of Stefan--though no one ever bothered to address why!
  5. Twists You Hated

    What I was trying to say was that I resented them making the solid, reliable, always dependable Dr. Hardy look like an incompetent who then died of a heart attack as a result of over-worry. In my opinion, it would have been more satisfying to me to honor Steve Hardy's legacy and find a more insidious way for the Cassadines to take over the hospital. That way, the members of the Hardy family would also have had a reason to despise the Cassadines, not just the Spencers. They did have Audrey hold a grudge for a little while, but they didn't do much with it.
  6. Twists You Hated

    The way I remember it, Luke's physical therapist, Natalie Dearborn/Natasha was written to be spectacularly campy. How many times did she need to borrow a coin to make a sinister phone call from the hospital lobby, for example? How many times did she and Gregory meet at a park bench to make their evil plans? I wish they would have kept Natalie on after the whole spy story ended, instead of conveniently and quickly killing her off. I found Melinda Cordell's performance as Natalie more amusing than irritating. The GH twist I never forgave GH and Guza for was out of nowhere, placing GH in a financial crisis which precipitated Steve Hardy's death by heart attack. That then gave the Cassadines the ability to "save" the hospital and re-open it. To me, as a longtime viewer, I found it very hurtful that the hospital was anything less than perfect under Steve Hardy's watch. I know it's all just a fictional story, but I hated the back-handed character assassination of Steve Hardy. I would have been more accepting if they simply said that the Cassadines poisoned Dr. Hardy, offscreen of course, since the story was brought on by John Beradino's passing.
  7. Classic GH Thread

    Thank you for letting me know! I have never seen the scene on YouTube anywhere, but I remember a wonderful scene where Gail ripped Tracy a new one for goading Lee into taking a drink at The Floating Rib. It was Jessie who caught the moment and alerted Gail to Tracy's shenanigans. In my opinion, the Marland era, and the Falken-Smith era before the Ice Princess nonsense began was when GH was at its best under Gloria Monty.
  8. General Hospital September Discussion

    There has been a whole lot about the baby switch story that is ridiculously contrived. However, it isn't the mob or gun violence, so I'll take it!
  9. Classic GH Thread

    Wow, that Monica/Gail scene was incredible! I don't remember any of this part of the story between Monica and Gail! My question about the scene was, was Douglas Marland writing the show by this time?
  10. RIP: Susan Brown

    I enjoyed Susan Brown's performance as Gail on "GH" so much. To me, she embodied what made actresses of the 60s popular: a somewhat breathy speaking style, and a quiet elegance that is so endearing. May she rest in peace.
  11. Prisoner: Discussion Thread

    I am surprised that this thread didn't get more attention here, especially with so many soap experts on board! I love the fact that all 692 episodes of "Prisoner Cell Block H", as it was known in the U.S., is available on YouTube, as well as some really good score music used during the course of the series. The series finale, IMHO, was spectacular.
  12. General Hospital August 2018 Discussion

    I agree about the reruns. I have a sinking feeling though, that with the current version of GH being what it is, Franko will end up being the hero who will connect with Ryan, due to them both being abused, and that Franko will save the day. I feel sick even writing this opinion, but there's no denying a pattern....
  13. General Hospital August 2018 Discussion

    I'd be more apt to think that if Mr. Valentini would get the boot, that they'd put Barbara Bloom in his spot. I think Mr. Tomlin should stick to directing. As for Michelle Henry or Mary-Kelly Weir, I have no clue about the extent of their contributions to the current state of GH, for better or worse. That said, though, I really don't think Mr. Valentini is going anywhere unless he chooses to quit. If he didn't run for the hills after the well-deserved lambasting he got for firing Genie Francis, he may never unless the show gets cancelled!
  14. Y&R: Josh Griffith is back (confirmed)...

    After years of reading soap message boards, I don't think anything I've ever read rings more true than this short, simple statement.
  15. General Hospital August 2018 Discussion

    I'm betting it is probably Valentin's hand, though, I like your options much better!