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  1. Jean Passanante looks back at her career

    Now that JP is officially gone, I thought now would be a good time to look at her GH tenure, what she did right and what she did wrong. What she did right: She undid the destruction of the character of Anna: Having Anna kill Carlos was a dreadful mistake because not only was it out of character, but it also took away any ability for the viewer to root for her. As we all know, daytime viewers take issue with rooting for murderers, such as Julian, Sonny, Ava, etc. She created some good characters: She brought on Curtis, who has chemistry with everybody, Andre, who is really good but presently way underused, Griffin, and Valentin. She forged some connections between the characters: Nina was very isolated character before JP's arrival. Love or hate Nina, she is better involved with some of the other characters on the canvas now. There was better attention to friendships and relationships than prior to JP's arrival. What she did wrong: The mob went back to being front and center. Probably not her fault though. She just followed orders from above. Sub-par mystery/adventure stories: Any writer for GH after the 80s has to be able to do mystery/adventure stories because viewers expect them, but unfortunately, as a traditional P&G style writer, JP had trouble with this. Her Nelle story was boring and the "big reveal" was on par with a Scooby-Doo cartoon. I still complain bitterly about her Hospital Serial Killer storyline, which not only was sloppily written, but necessitated the departure of Richard Burgi as Paul, which was a bad move for the show. Not one compelling medical story in two years: As a show that it titled "General Hospital", one would think that an occasional riveting medical story would appear, but neither JP nor the head writer who preceded her managed to do that. With JP, we got Tracy having worms, Dr. Finn with some sort of weird invented disease, but since he was a character no one gave a damn about, it really made no difference, and of course, there was Sam having the cat-poop disease. Even Anna's cancer was a miss. I am well aware that it is easier to be the critic than the artist and I am also aware that there are contracts and guarantees for a writer to juggle, combined with massive network interference. While I would not label JP as a hack like so many other posters here will, as can be seen from what I have written, I give her tenure at GH mixed reviews. I have a feeling she probably could have done better if she was given more of a free reign, but, that cannot be proven now and really doesn't make a difference. Nonetheless, despite some of my criticisms, I do wish JP a happy retirement and a long life of health and happiness. I do think that she did her best in a tough environment. I'll give her that much.
  2. GH: October 2017 Discussion Thread

    I actually thought the 10/11 episode was pretty good. Genie Francis looked beautiful, and to my own surprise, Maura West's performance as Ava actually made me feel sorry for the character, something I never EVER thought could happen. However, I still think the writers made a mistake letting Ava take the bait from Valentin on the reconstructive surgery and shafting Nicholas. It's just another thing that loyal viewers will never forgive and forget. If Ava would have stayed steadfast despite her temptation, I think more viewers would have eventually came to like the character due Maura West's incredible acting skills. With the choice the writers made, I'm not so sure.
  3. GH: October 2017 Discussion Thread

    A viewer wouldn't even know that the two men live in Port Charles for how often they are seen, so yeah, this will be an offscreen story alright--and yet another opportunity to tell a good story lost. Perish the thought that any time is sacrificed to mourn Morgan's death almost a year later.
  4. GH: October 2017 Discussion Thread

    Yes, however, on the 10/4 episode, I do wish Laura would have pistol-whipped Valentin for calling her daughter a "bubble head". For that alone, Valentin should have been bloodied and sent on another field trip to St. Petersburg. And, I usually don't like violence.
  5. September GH Thread

    I know I'm angry. They touted Mr. DePaiva's return all over the place, and this annoying, creepy doctor that we barely see is what we got? When Jelly took over for Mr. Carlivati, they promised to feature the hospital more prominently. There is no doctor or nurse on the current version of this show that is front and center, and if that in itself doesn't show that this show is off-center, nothing does.
  6. Anne Jeffreys Has Died

    I loved her as Amanda Barrington on "GH" and enjoyed her in her role on "Topper", too. Too me, she looked the same on both series. Her beauty and elegance were timeless. May her soul rest in peace.
  7. September GH Thread

    Unlike some other viewers, I have found the St. Petersburg intrigue kind of interesting, but, there are a few things that don't make sense. More observant viewers on other sites have pointed out that Ava should have recognized Sonny's telephone number because she herself would use it if there were issues with her daughter with Sonny. That one got by me, but my big question is, they are pumping up this character that Steve Burton is playing, most probably Jason, with a horse tranquilizer and he could withstand it like Superman? Are we supposed to believe that it was "the power of love" that keeps the tranquilizer from taking effect? Will this character be the one who will eat poisoned pancakes and still live to tell about it?
  8. September GH Thread

    I remember reading it here somewhere. The member had said RM has Parkinson's Disease. I don't remember who it was that wrote it though.
  9. September GH Thread

    Okay, so now we know that Franco is not Jason's twin. While the lady playing Franco's adoptive mom did a good job, it would have been so much better if Robin Mattson playing Heather was involved in this revelation, but I think I read here that Robin Mattson has health issues that prevent her from appearing. What a shame. Speaking of Heather, did anyone else notice the last name of Nelle's former fiancee that drowned? It was GRANT, same maiden name as Heather. Could it be?
  10. Jean Passanante looks back at her career

    While the interview was gracious and non-confrontational, I remain convinced that besides GH's falling ratings, the ugly confrontations that JP had on social media contributed to or even forced her "decision" to "retire". I will give Ms. Passanante credit for one thing. I have seen interviews with other soap writers through the years, and many times, it seemed to me like the interviewers had to remind the writers of what they actually wrote. Ms. Passanante seemed to have a good handle on the stories she wrote or had a hand in, years later. As for her GH tenure, I don't think her biggest blunder was the Julian/Alexis thing with Julian holding a knife to Alexis's throat. The backlash on that one remains, but I think her biggest GH blunder was making Paul Hornsby the hospital serial killer. I hated the whole story and its conclusion absolutely sucked. It was written sloppily from beginning to end, a real stinker.
  11. 2017: The Directors and Writers Thread

    Actually, I didn't make that assumption initially, but you may be correct. However, given Ms. Bloom's background, who's to say that the network didn't bring her in to replace Mr. Varni or Mr. Valentini rather than Ms. Altman? Time will tell. It is clear, though, that things can't go on the way they are. The ratings are too poor for that.
  12. 2017: The Directors and Writers Thread

    My question is, if she's "in", then who is "out"? I will be watching the Director and Writer's Thread here closely.
  13. GH: Dear Shelly Altman wish list

    Dear Ms. Altman, My wish list for you is as follows: I wish you would read, re-read, and then re-re-read your predecessor Doug Marland's 10 Rules for How Not to Wreck A Show, paying extra attention to the parts about respecting and researching a soap's history, and then, proceeding accordingly. I wish you would write a good medical story compared to what you and your former co-headwriter provided us with. Tracy having worms and Sam contracting the cat poop disease did not win any accolades for GH. Check out what your predecessor, Claire Labine did with HIV AIDS and breast cancer to learn how it's done well. Regards, Victorlord75
  14. September GH Thread

    You mean the same way John McBain went off on a special mission and was never seen or heard from again and never mentioned again by anyone?