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  1. The justly maligned Corinne Jacker run on AW had one plus, IMO -- the introduction of very strong black roles played by some pretty awesome actors (Morgan Freeman! Howard Rollins Jr.! Joe Morton! Robert Christian! Jackee Harry! Petronia Paley!). IIRC, they were pretty well integrated into the larger cast while maintaining their own agency and motivations as characters. Unfortunately, their storylines were not exactly gripping, and many of them were gone within a couple years. I have no idea what black viewers thought of them -- the soap press didn't seem eager to explore that angle. And I don't think AW ever had a big black audience.
  2. Hard to conceive of today -- the oldest actor on a soap appearing (a lot!) more often than their co-stars. Imagine Bill Hayes having double the guarantee of Kristian Alfonso in 2020.
  3. '70s-era DAYS: Julie & Maggie Julie & Amanda Don & Mickey Doug & Robert
  4. Several sites are reporting that Judi Evans (ex-Beth) had a horseback riding accident on Saturday, May 16, and is in the hospital with seven broken ribs, a collapsed lung, broken collarbone and two chipped vertebrae. What a tough, tough six months she has had. Wishing her a speedy recovery if this is indeed true.
  5. A little? John Black was never a Mensa candidate but Marlena lost 50 IQ points under Reilly.
  6. I would submit that OWN's Queen Sugar is as close to an old-style soap as anything on the air right now, and its Louisiana setting is an integral element of its storytelling.
  7. And yet, like Drake Hogestyn, Reinholt was enormously popular. I remember hearing my aunt and her friends talking about sexy he was. I agree that Alice-Rachel was the main draw, but I think you underestimate Reinholt's appeal to a segment of the audience.
  8. John Aprea had a stroke as well, according to Linda Dano.
  9. It was ... and yet I kind of liked her Alex Carrington-esque businesswoman incarnation, with the big hair and the big shoulder pads, the flirtation with Victor and the affair with a younger man. It was a stretch from the Julie we knew and loved but SSH played the heck out of it.
  10. Condolences to Kaitlin Hopkins (AW's Dr. Kelsey Harrison) on the death of her mother, the spectacular actress Shirley Knight. According to The Hollywood Reporter, "Knight died Wednesday of natural causes at the home of her daughter, actress Kaitlin Hopkins, in San Marcos, Texas." Among her many roles, Knight starred opposite Al Freeman Jr. (OLTL's Ed Hall) in the 1966 British film "The Dutchman." https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/shirley-knight-dead-sweet-bird-youth-dark-at-top-stairs-dutchman-actress-was-83-1133636?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social
  11. Rachel "killing" Mitch and going on trial – earning Doug Watson an Emmy in the process -- and then going to prison before busting out to track Mitch down was riveting to me as a kid. But in retrospect, yeah, it didn't do the show or the characters any favors.
  12. I was just going to pop in to write what Efulton did -- I recall Sandi Ferguson and Matt Crane speaking warmly of VW. Of course, that was some years after the disastrous early 80s, when the writing took a long and steep nosedive. I wouldn't be surprised if VW was unhappy then. Dano, Schnetzer and others used to talk about how being filmed out in Brooklyn, away from other soaps and the NYC media, made the cast feel more of an ensemble.
  13. That was the first time I'd seen Valerie Mahaffey ... she's probably better known for comedy these days but I remember being very impressed with her dramatic turn on The Doctors. I can't remember any story specifics, but I believe she played a neurotic, almost Glass Menagerie-like character, and was very effective.
  14. Thanks, te., I hadn't heard a thing.
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