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  1. Soap Stars - Where are they now?

    Kasi Lemmons was also on Another World for a short time -- I believe, as a girlfriend of Reuben Lawrence.
  2. DAYS: January 2018 Discussion Thread

    Lani and Eli are dull as dirt. JJ ceased being interesting the moment he joined the police force. Hopefully, his new career choice will light a fire under the character (and the actor). I like Gabi more than most others here, but not enough to care one whit about this story.
  3. DAYS: January 2018 Discussion Thread

    This. I assumed he'd do some things f I really wouldn't like, but I never thought I'd be so bored with his stuff. Certainly, Ron's not being helped by a larger-than-usual collection of charisma-free actors, but I can't believe this is really his vision playing out on screen.
  4. Another World

    Yes, that character was badly conceived, badly written and badly played by John Considine. He might as well have been twirling his mustache every time he was on screen, he was so over-the-top eeeevil. That made it hard to sympathize with Mary and her choices, even though Denise Alexander had audiences in her pocket from day one in her previous soap roles. I think Alexander made the best of what she was given, but the show really failed to capitalize on her appeal.
  5. DAYS: January 2018 Discussion Thread

    Of course -- I'm enjoying them more than anyone who's staying.
  6. Carmen Duncan's Iris on AW. I eventually grew to like her but she was so different from Beverlee McKinsey that I never really accepted her as the same character. She was like an Iris from a parallel dimension. And I agree with the poster that said Jamie Lyn Bauer's Laura Horton -- weak, whimpering Jamie Lyn was nothing at all like Susan Flannery's strong and uber-capable Laura, or even Rosemary Forsyth's more stoic interpretation of the character.
  7. GH Actress Demoted

    Disgraceful. I hope it does stir up a hornet's nest.
  8. Another World

    Only if there had been a recast -- David Bailey's Russ was stultifyingly dull. Your theater department would have really gone nuts over Harding Lemay's 70s-era AW.
  9. Another World

    I'd argue that the 1979 reveal that Iris was adopted by Mac was a development that furthered story and character, eventually propelling Iris to stories -- and a series -- apart from Mac. I do think the 1988 "fix" was entirely unnecessary.
  10. Another World

    ABC was firing on all cylinders at the time and AW was as dull as Ada's dishwater. It really was a slog to get through most days.Really, all I cared about was Vicky Wyndham and even she was saddled with dreck. It's no wonder the show sank in the ratings. AW would get appreciably better by the mid 80s, but it was too little too late for lapsed viewers.
  11. Soap Stars - Where are they now?

    Chris McKenna (ex-Joey, OLTL) is in the midst of a story arc on Major Crimes.
  12. DAYS: December 2017 Discussion Thread

    Ditto. When I see Maggie, I see the woman I first "met" 40 years ago -- beautiful, honest and heartbreakingly vulnerable. That character has been done much disservice by writers over the years, but Suzanne Rogers is still here, still giving it her all, and I am always glad to see her. Same with Doug and Julie. It's difficult for newer viewers to understand how spectacular these characters were in their heyday and why longtime fans have such affection and goodwill for them -- but trust me, our devotion is justified. I realize that does nothing for people who only know the Maggie of today, however.
  13. Days of Our Lives General Discussion

    I appreciated JER's mastery of "make 'em wait" plotting and the way he built things up to a huge climax. I didn't even mind his fake reveals so much. But I hated that every character lost about 50 IQ points from the beginning to the end of his reign. (Marlena was especially affected.) I think one of the reasons JER couldn't write for Matt Ashford and Susan Hayes was that those actors can't play dumb very well. (Hayes finally gave in and adapted to JER's style in his second stint, to her detriment.) I think Kelker-Kelly was a great replacement for Reckell, to my great surprise. I thought Reckell was darn-near irreplaceable. Mark Valley was no Matt Ashford -- but JER wasn't writing Matt Ashord's Jack, anyway. Valley filled the plot slot JER assigned to him. I do agree that JER at his worst is better than anything we've seen in years -- though a part of that does come from the much, much, much higher production values during the JER years.
  14. Soap Stars - Where are they now?

    Chris McKenna (Joey - OLTL, Mark - YR) guest starred on the 10/16 episode of FOX's Lucifer. https://auscaps.files.wordpress.com/2017/10/lucifer-303-13.png