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  1. I have not been terribly happy with Marlena since James Reilly shaved 30+ IQ points from her, but i loved her and Dee Hall so much in the early years that I still root for her. I only saw bits and pieces of the Maggie-Daniel stuff, but it didn't damage her in my eyes -- again, the wellspring of affection I have for her dates back decades and is not dependent on what the writer du jour does with her character. I wish Doug & Julie got better material, but I will watch anytime one or both are on. I'm glad all four are still there, and I would rather watch any of them before the current crop o
  2. Agreed, I thought they were terrific together. Jed Allan made it work with just about everyone -- Deidre Hall, Susan Hayes, Suzanne Rogers, Anne-Marie Martin, Gloria Loring.
  3. I totally agree. Here's a perhaps even more unpopular opinion: I liked Shawn Christian as Melanie's dad.
  4. I saw all of this play out intermittently, whenever I had a day off from school. I remember Laura putting Jennifer on the bus -- it was a rare location shoot. Not exactly glamorous, the location being the interior of a bus. I thought the ideas behind the Julie story were quite intriguing. A woman who had traded on her beauty, or at least benefited from it -- just about every man in Salem was after Julie at one point -- facing the loss of what she considered her most precious asset. A psychiatrist who magnified rather than allayed her patient's fears and insecurities. Because I saw relatively l
  5. I don't know why he declined, but he had a long and varied career after AW. I last saw him on Showtime's Shameless last year. Check his IMDB page.
  6. In a few more years, DAYS SORASed Hope and Melissa, which effectively ended Doug & Julie's (and Mickey & Maggie's) reign as romantic leads. Hope & Bo helped fuel a ratings renaissance, so you can't really say it was a bad decision for the show -- but it was certainly a blow to a legion of Doug & Julie fans.
  7. One relatively inconsequential one that nevertheless bothered me was smart, sophisticated socialite and career woman Gwen Parrish Frame returning to AW for a week as a homicidal country bumpkin.
  8. I was a kid so I only watched during school vacations. I didn't know any BTS stuff but it was clear that something was different about the show in this period -- and not for the better. I loved Trish and Mike -- and Trish's singing! -- but the stories were ridiculous.Margo was a simpering ninny. Mickey & Maggie were a bore. Rosemary Forsyth's Laura couldn't hold a candle to Susan Flannery's. I really liked Don & Marlena but hated Donna and everything that came in her wake. Doug & Julie were ill-used. I don't even remember Kate Winograd or Joanne (Barnes?). Josh Taylor was very appe
  9. Trust me, it reads better than it played out on screen.
  10. Yes, Anna was great as Toni, but she owned Donna from her very first scene on AW ... the perfect marriage of actress and character. And she got more beautiful as she grew older!
  11. Given Julie's reaction to Gwen, I'd venture to guess there's some connection between Gwen and the Hortons (or, at least, the Devereaux branch of the Hortons).
  12. Soaps used to have a lot of these characters and they're one of the many things ti miss about the good old days. Among my favorites: AW: Vivien & Louise The Doctors: Martha Allen DAYS: Robert & Rosie OLTL: Wanda (in the later years, when her storylines dried up)
  13. Nurse Linda Metcalf! For some reason, I thought she was long gone by 1980. I loved her.
  14. Elizabeth Ashley played Emma Frame on the show for few years, but I think she would have been even better as Cass' mother. Might have had to tone down the Southern accent a bit, though. Then again, maybe not -- it could have helped explain his attraction to Souther belle Lila.
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