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    Celebrities on Soaps

    Crystal Gayle appeared on AW a bit later, in early 1987. She was menaced by the Sin Stalker and her week-long role culminated in her singing the new AW theme at Felicia's restaurant, along with her duet partner Gary Morris.
  2. teplin

    Y&R: RIP Kristoff St John

    Yes, it's one of the most disgusting, despicable aspects of social media. I've never been a Y&R viewer but I certainly knew of Kristoff and was always impressed with how he carried himself in interviews. I also appreciated the cultural significance of his role on the show. He was obviously much loved ... I hope he knew that. RIP.
  3. teplin

    RIP: Candice Earley

    The only time AMC ever held my interest was during the days when Donna Beck was center stage. Billy Clyde, Estelle, Phoebe, Edna, Benny -- such wonderful, Dickensian characters, and Candy Earley's performance was the grounding element that kept the stories real and relatable. RIP.
  4. teplin

    Another World

    Same here. I never entirely bought Carmen as iris but I came to enjoy her very much. It was stupid to get rid of her when (and how) they did. She should have been there until the end.
  5. teplin

    Santa Barbara Discussion Thread

    Indeed. I remember watching it and wishing that it was still Lane Davies playing Mason.
  6. teplin

    Another World

    The show didn't come right out and say so, but it was pretty obvious Sylvie was intended to be Jewish and that wouldn't have sat well with Iris, either.
  7. teplin

    OLTL Tribute Thread

    I agree. I think a similar dynamic was in play with Susan Seaforth Hayes and Jim Reilly on DAYS.
  8. Kale Browne was married to Raiders of the Lost Ark star Karen Allen for 10 years, with whom he has a son, and was allegedly sleeping with producer Jill Farren Phelps at one point.
  9. teplin

    Another World

    I agree. I was very young, but I don't remember being upset at all that Mary Matthews was killed off -- certainly not like I would have been if DAYS had offed Alice Horton at that time. I think Courtney's Alice was the linchpin of the Matthews family. Her natural warmth and charisma somehow made the dull-as-dishwater male Matthews', Jim and Russ, a bit more interesting. With her gone, they just receded into the woodwork. (Bailey was okay opposite Laurie Heineman, because her nervous energy helped animate him, but his teaming with lackluster Janice Lynde was a bust.) It didn't help that the Matthews' that came in the wake of Courtney's firing, like Susan and husband Dan, were also boring. I loved Beverly Penberthy's Pat, but she had a different kid of dynamic with her family members than Alice. I still maintain that what Lemay did with Rachel, Mac and Iris was the best soap material I've ever seen, but getting rid of Courtney was a huge, huge mistake.
  10. DAYS shares its first episode in honor of today's 53rd anniversary. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3CkmIDZuteA
  11. "My mom was my biggest cheerleader. In NYC, she picked me up during rainstorms from my art classes; and in Los Angeles she was in attendance for every little league baseball game I ever played." Seeing Iris Carrington at a little league game would split the universe in two.
  12. teplin

    Soap Stars - Where are they now?

    Park was in episode of Lifetime's creepy "You" series in the last week or two,. playing the father of the leading lady.
  13. teplin

    Greatest Soap of All Time?

    Harding Lemay's AW will always be the pinnacle of soap production for me. I only wish it had proved more influential -- but no soap ever followed his lead into sophisticated drawing-room drama.
  14. teplin

    Days: RIP Peggy McCay

    I was happy that she was honored with Lead Actress Emmy nominations in 2013 and 2015, even though the genre had long turned its back on meaningful intergenerational storytelling. I hope we can get an on-air tribute to her before the show goes off the air for good.
  15. teplin

    Days:October 2018 Discussion Thread 🍂 🎃

    I'd prefer most everything about the last 10 years or so to be played differently, TBH. I certainly liked Maggie as den mother more than what came afterward. But I take my soap pleasures where I can get them nowadays, and that pretty much comes down to the occasional appearances of the Salemites I've "known" for decades. Kudos to Deidre Hall for whatever magic she's employed to keep Marlena relevant and (relatively) front burner for 42 years.