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  1. ABC was coming on strong and AW & DAYS were both, quite frankly, in terrible creative shape -- I'm not surprised they experienced such a ratings drop. But I am surprised about Texas beating AW, especially given that Texas was up against GH and GL.
  2. Ciara got fired by her Uncle Roman for never showing up for her waitress job. She has no skills, no credentials and apparently, no ambition. Which can only mean that she'll next get a job as CEO of a DiMera company.
  3. Nothing would surprise me, but I imagine Vicky Wyndham would have walked if that came to pass ... and that, for me at least, would have been the end of the World.
  4. Well, the star power of David Bailey would have ensured a hit! /s IIRC, Beverlee McKinsey had decided to leave AW and TPTB reconfigured their Another World: Houston plans to make the show a starring vehicle for her, keeping her in the P&G family and giving Texas a better promotional platform – McKinsey's Iris was insanely popular. But it was the "love to hate her" quality that clicked with viewers, and that was lost when she was refashioned as a romantic heroine for Texas.
  5. AW's Sven -- the actor (Roberts Blossom) played it very creepy.
  6. I fail to see how either of those developments is a "huge shake up."
  7. True -- but the few weeks he was actually in charge were pretty great.
  8. teplin

    OWN: Queen Sugar

    It was a great kickoff to the new season. I've long maintained that this show is the closest thing we've got to old-style daytime soaps, before Dallas and Dynasty and the go-go '80s led every show to focus on outrageously wealthy characters and increasingly outlandish plots. Everything that happens in this show seems like it could and would actually happen to these people, and the consequences for them, their family and their community are finely observed. It reminds me of the way Doug Marland built his canvases -- and this season's plot about Nova's book (and the impact it will have on the people she loves) calls to mind Jamie Frame's notorious novel on AW. I also love the way this show looks, from the lighting that beautifully highlights every shade of skin to the artfully composed shots of bucolic Louisiana. My only frustration is that I can't seem to convince anyone else to watch it!
  9. I came here to post the same thing! Jacker did terrible damage to the show but I appreciated that she introduced these characters and gave them agency. And the actors were, by and large, wonderful. It was sad to see so many of them leave so quickly after Jacker's departure. AW tried again in the '90s with the Burrell family, all of whom I liked, but it was half-hearted at best.
  10. That's quite a list! Hard to quibble with any of it, I'd just sprinkle in a few behind-the-scenes developments, e.g. the hiring, departure and short-lived return of Harding Lemay; the disastrous expansion to 90 minutes; the endlessly revolving door of writers and producers in the last 15-20 years; pressure from NBC to make the show more compatible with DAYS; and Beverlee McKinsey's decision to leave for TEXAS (and not come back in the wake of TEXAS' cancellation).
  11. Jordan's son. Rafe is watching the baby while Jordan is locked up. I, too, would like to see Bonnie on screen to liven things up. It's odd, I think a lot of current stuff is intriguing on paper -- Hope attracted to another man, Lani growing attached to a child not her own, Will's brain tumor, Gabi & Stefan's hate-fueled relationship, even the Haley-Tripp-Claire triangle. But it all just falls flat on screen, hampered by first-take performances and momentum-impeding actor guarantees. And where the heck are John & Marlena ( 1 and 4 appearances, respectively, in April) and Susan Seaforth Hayes?
  12. Julie was raped by Larry Atwood in 1978 and was suspect #1 when he turned up dead.
  13. What if GH's Luke Spencer had been killed off after a few months, as originally planned? What if Beverlee McKinsey had gone back to AW after she left Texas? What if the O.J. trial hadn't been televised?
  14. Vicky Wyndham's 20-year perm was ... something.
  15. I think TPTB have demonstrated time and again that they really don't care what Thaao wants, so not bringing back Tony -- which is a smarter choice, storywise -- mystifies me.
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