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  1. Thomas Ian Griffith and Mary Page Keller (Catlin and Sally, AW) are writing a new CIA drama, The Translator's Daughter, for NBC.
  2. Ditto. I hated it when Jim Reilly treated Maggie like a piece of furniture and deducted 50 IQ points from Marlena. But this feels even worse. On the one hand, I'm thrilled to see Julie on screen more than we have in years. But I hate that viewers who don't know the real Julie – who didn't see her progress from troubled schemer to romantic heroine to high-powered businesswoman – are labeling her racist because of the way Ron is writing her.
  3. Bouncing back from the removal of your heart is a tough one, but I guess Jack survived the removal of some vital organs. Still, I'd be happy to see Barash back as a completely new character. He and Camila Banus definitely have chemistry, but I never bought him as the son of Stephano and Vivian -- to me, he comes across more as a Midwest insurance agent than a man who controls the DiMera and Alamain legacies.
  4. Deadline posted a (short!) article on Sheffer's death yesterday: https://deadline.com/2019/10/hogan-sheffer-dead-at-61-1202749875/
  5. Were it not for Julie, Maggie and Marlena, I'd never bother with this show. None of them have been treated well story- and character-wise for the last 25 years, but they are my link to the glory days.
  6. Marlena's possession was really the end of Days for me. Oh, don't get me wrong, I watched it every day. It was so audacious, I just couldn't believe they were going there. But it destroyed all of my investment in the show and its history, and in Marlena, who had always been one of my favorite characters. It was clear, especially in the denouement to the storyline, that nothing that happened on this show mattered. And don't get me started on the Salem Stalker -- Reilly didn't even bother to try to make any sense of that. Marlena murdered all these people, but she didn't really, but we saw her do it on screen and the "victims" were buried before they were magically transported to a tropical island. Was everything we saw the Stalker do just a figment of Marlena's imagination? Were the victims also hypnotized so they just thought they were being murdered by Marlena? More importantly, why do I bother with questions about this idiotic tripe?
  7. Alla Korot (Jenna, AW) was on last night's episode of Rescue 9-1-1.
  8. Sheffer's reign was the first and last time I watched ATWT with any regularity -- not every day, but enough to keep up. I loved Rose and I liked what he did with Barbara. At the same time, I understood the objections of long-time viewers and I've always felt that both he and Guza were embarrassed to write for this medium. He sounds like a great (if eccentric) guy IRL, though. RIP.
  9. Cass & Kathleen are one of my all-time favorite soap couples. I came to like Frankie Frame a lot but I was rooting for Kathleen when she returned. Alas, it was not to be.
  10. Sometimes on the same show: Paul Rauch presided over the glory days of AW, then let it all fall apart around him after Harding Lemay left.
  11. Great article. BTW, Slesar's $350,000 salary translates to $2.2 million today -- which seems like a bargain considering his achievements.
  12. Y&R viewers -- was Stacy's performance more layered than her Kristen has been thus far? She just seems so "hard" to me in appearance and manner. Eileen's Kristen did a lot of despicable things, but I always felt that Eileen let us see the psychic wounds that were driving Kristen. I haven't seen this with Stacy. (To be fair, Eileen played the transformation from good girl to bad girl, so she had a history Stacy doesn't.)
  13. Former "All My Children" star and Hallmark Channel host Cameron Mathison has revealed he is battling renal cancer. https://www.cnn.com/2019/09/10/entertainment/cameron-mathison-cancer/index.html
  14. Agreed -- I still think Marlena's best pairing was Don. Though she was pretty much a different character back then, before she was lobotomized by Jim Reilly. I remember this period as being terrible -- and it pretty much was, but I kept watching because of the characters. Doug & Julie, Don & Marlena, Neil & Liz, Marie, Alex, Tom & Alice, Trish, Wesley Eure's Mike, Barbara Stanger's Mary and yes, Josh Taylor's Chris ... I loved 'em all. Thanks so much for posting this, DRW50.
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