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  1. Thanks, te., I hadn't heard a thing.
  2. Has anyone heard of any backstage issue or problem with Bryshere Gray (Hakeem)? It's very strange that his role has been downgraded so much in the aftermath of Jussie's departure. Logically, his role should have expanded -- but it's nothing more than a glorified cameo at this point.
  3. I could see Doug Watson paired with Susan Sullivan (Lenore).
  4. My assumption was always that VW's late-in-life Brit accent was a character choice reflecting Rachel's closeness with Carl. But it wouldn't surprise me if it was a combination of boredom and a passive/aggressive stab at NBC.
  5. What a talent. I have a couple of collections of his music. I was not aware that he also scored The Doctors until I was watching one of the Retro episodes and immediately noted his distinctive touch. RIP.
  6. Thanks, Jason. Seems Doug (Brent) was a cad!
  7. Those scenes really jumped out at me, Deidre was much more antagonistic than Marlena should have been. It made me think there might be something to those rumors. But then again, Dee was much more antagonistic toward "Hope" than she should have been after the time jump. So it could be just bad acting choices (and a lack of direction).
  8. I appreciate their historical importance and I enjoyed them in DAYS of yore, but they've been written so badly since CM's return that I don't think it's a bad thing for them to go. It's obvious that someone -- and I don't believe it was Ron -- wanted to neuter them of any sexual component that might offend homophobes. I wish both actors the best.
  9. One actor has already revealed his firing ... and that of his scene partner. I see this is already old news in the Spoiler forum!
  10. I picked it back up again during its last six months and I agree with you, rlj -- headwriter Pam Long had transformed it into a completely different show and I found it quite enjoyable.
  11. I understood the logic of introducing Texas characters on AW, but it was mostly annoying to me -- the exception was Kevin Cook's flirtation with Pat Randolph, since it gave Beverly Penberthy something to do. I watched Texas for one reason: Beverlee McKinsey. Unfortunately, the show was not worthy of her talents, and the fact that her character was shoehorned in was all too evident.
  12. Anna Holbrook (Sharlene, AW) has a small role in tonight's season eight premiere of Homeland on Showtime. She looks great.
  13. Sorry, I just clicked "quote text" and didn't pay attention to the quote attribution. I know you and I are in agreement on LH's talent!
  14. I would gladly watch Leann Hunley "go on and on" for hours. There's a reason she's one of the very few Emmy winners the show has produced in 55 years. It's true, the writing does her no favors these days -- but she was one of my favorite characters of the 80s. I always love seeing her on screen.
  15. I never saw much of her work but I read a lot of her interviews and she seemed like a great lady. I hope her post-soap life was filled with love and light.
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