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  1. I never understood Mitch with anybody, except maybe Janice. Contra seemingly everyone else here, I thought Espy was a block of wood on screen. Good looking, yes, but just a painfully bad actor. I felt bad for his scene partners, who had to do all the heavy lifting in every scene. I saw zero chemistry between him and Wyndham, and him and Dano. He must have been popular, though, they kept bringing him back.
  2. I wouldn't call her a "hit" recording artist, but I bought and very much liked Patty Weaver's album circa 1982. .
  3. I don't think VW bothered to submit herself for Emmy consideration after a certain point. It wouldn't surprise me if that was the case with Beverlee as well -- I don't know how any Emmy voter could have looked at a scene with her and thought, "Nah, she doesn't merit attention." If not, it's an exact double.
  4. I think this late-70s look worked well on her. (Wish I could find a better picture.)
  5. I think SSH's reason for going OTT is much like Strasser's. Reilly said he couldn't write for SSH -- meaning her character was too intelligent for his dumbed-down plotting -- so when he eventually brought her back she determined she was going to give him the cheap theatrics he adored. And she's never looked back.
  6. Marlena's ex-priest son is now based in Africa, which was where the priest in The Exorcist movies first encountered the demon that inhabited Regan McNeil. It would be nice if Greg Vaughan came back to play some role in this.
  7. I was so excited when Malone was announced as the incoming HW, given what he did during his first OLTL run. Boy, was I disappointed.
  8. Ray Liotta was asked about his time on AW in a Rolling Stone interview publicizing his role in the Sopranos prequel: Sometimes, actors who come out of daytime soaps talk about the discipline it gave them. Did you pick up anything from your days on Another World that proved useful later in your career? I remember when I got offered it, I was like, “I don’t want to do a soap opera. I want to go and do a Scorsese movie.” But I got Another World six months out of graduating. It happened really fast. It just so happened it was really, really good training. These were unbelievable people I was working with, these great stage actors, really seasoned, and our producer made sure they would be free to go and do plays when they wanted to. So I learned a lot being around them. I really liked it. It didn’t bother me at all.
  9. Because I thought your comment that "Stock footage of Paris really gets some people going." was at least partially in response to my post about "A real, live outdoor scene." If it wasn't, my apologies.
  10. I was referring to the Carver-Price scene. https://www.instagram.com/p/CTBHzSSlArL/
  11. She rips off whatever's hot at the moment, so yes, today it would be a Chicago Fire/Med/PD theme. A few years ago, it would be flash-forwards and backwards a la This Is Us. A few years before that, probably zombies to ride on the coattails of The Walking Dead.
  12. Wow, I never thought I'd see this again ... the infamous scene where Linda takes Mike to bed to prove to him that he's a "real man." It plays on a whole different level for me know that I know Wesley Eure is gay.
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