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  1. I think SSH's reason for going OTT is much like Strasser's. Reilly said he couldn't write for SSH -- meaning her character was too intelligent for his dumbed-down plotting -- so when he eventually brought her back she determined she was going to give him the cheap theatrics he adored. And she's never looked back.
  2. Marlena's ex-priest son is now based in Africa, which was where the priest in The Exorcist movies first encountered the demon that inhabited Regan McNeil. It would be nice if Greg Vaughan came back to play some role in this.
  3. I was so excited when Malone was announced as the incoming HW, given what he did during his first OLTL run. Boy, was I disappointed.
  4. Ray Liotta was asked about his time on AW in a Rolling Stone interview publicizing his role in the Sopranos prequel: Sometimes, actors who come out of daytime soaps talk about the discipline it gave them. Did you pick up anything from your days on Another World that proved useful later in your career? I remember when I got offered it, I was like, “I don’t want to do a soap opera. I want to go and do a Scorsese movie.” But I got Another World six months out of graduating. It happened really fast. It just so happened it was really, really good training. These were unbelievable people I was working with, these great stage actors, really seasoned, and our producer made sure they would be free to go and do plays when they wanted to. So I learned a lot being around them. I really liked it. It didn’t bother me at all.
  5. Because I thought your comment that "Stock footage of Paris really gets some people going." was at least partially in response to my post about "A real, live outdoor scene." If it wasn't, my apologies.
  6. I was referring to the Carver-Price scene. https://www.instagram.com/p/CTBHzSSlArL/
  7. She rips off whatever's hot at the moment, so yes, today it would be a Chicago Fire/Med/PD theme. A few years ago, it would be flash-forwards and backwards a la This Is Us. A few years before that, probably zombies to ride on the coattails of The Walking Dead.
  8. Wow, I never thought I'd see this again ... the infamous scene where Linda takes Mike to bed to prove to him that he's a "real man." It plays on a whole different level for me know that I know Wesley Eure is gay.
  9. I agree that they took Cecile too far over the top; the queen bit was ridiculous. However, Nancy Frangione was so good with comedic elements that I forgave it. Every interaction she has in this episode -- with Rachel, Ada and Donna -- are pure gold. I'd love to see the next episode with her and Vicky getting into it. Also, this reminds that as increasingly goofy as the Red Swan storyline got, I was thrilled that it got Vicky Wyndham so much air time. Her scene with Carmen Duncan, even though it wasn't the real Iris, was layered with meaning and emotion.
  10. To be fair, the show asked viewers to make the same leap in 1984, when Tony/Andre and Roman both wore masks that also magically altered their heights, body types and voices.
  11. Aww, I always liked Neil, from his early days as somewhat of a cad to his star-crossed romance with Liz. Once Gloria Loring left, it seems the writers lost interest in him, except for the ridiculous affair with Maggie and the reveal that Sarah is his daughter. He was ushered off the canvas soon after that, and by that point, I didn't much miss him.
  12. That's now how I remember it, though it could be my memory that's faulty. I remember Mac and Iris sitting together in the hospital, and Mac overcome with joy at the birth of Amanda, and just blurting out how happy he is to finally have a daughter.
  13. I would argue that Don was A-level in the mid-to-late 70s, both before and during the time he was paired with Marlena -- Jed Allan was somewhat of a fixture in those Daytime TV fan polls. But he was mostly an afterthought once he and Marlena broke up. I thought he had great chemistry with Suzanne Rogers for the brief time they were paired, and also with Ann-Marie Martin's Gwen Davies. But yes, CC was such a great role for him, being fired by DAYS worked out for the best.
  14. I think they did a pretty good job of keeping Donna's edge throughout her relationship with Michael. Maybe that's more of a credit to Anna Stuart than the writers, since Philece Sampler's Donna was a whimpering, simpering mess. Sadly, Donna mellowed too much (for me) when paired with Matt.
  15. I thought Josh paired pretty well with Catherine Mary Stewart's Kayla, thought that seems so odd to say now that he's played Kayla's brother for so long.
  16. That entire week of shows was riveting to me as a teen. I had no idea who the Strangler was so the suspense was great, I loved Patty Weaver and the songs she debuted (I even bought her album) and the costumes and production were pretty cool. Only negative was the Melinda Fee was so miscast as Mary Anderson that I didn't care what happened to her.
  17. My sense with Joshua Fallon was the the show was trying really hard to position him as the new leading man, so they played him heavily with their most popular stars. He also got a fair amount of screen time with Julie, for rather contrived story reasons. A lot of people here like him, but I found him very off-putting. (He was a fair sight better than the next guy in the role, however.)
  18. Was the remodel acknowledged on screen? I hate when a set is completely overhauled and the characters don't seem to notice.
  19. I really liked her energy, which was completely different than anyone else on the show, and I am sad to see her leave. I hope she will be back sooner rather than later (and I hope the same for Suzanne Rogers).
  20. I always thought Marci was basically auditioning for indie film projects in her first DOOL stint. She appears to have given up on that ambition and has adopted a more traditional soap acting approach. I think she's overdoing it a bit at this point ... but that may just be my reaction to how differently she's playing it.
  21. Some really incredible black actors were on the show during this brief period. Too bad the writing sucked.
  22. Isn't that Giancarlo Esposito as the young criminal?
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