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  1. I dont know how this taping schedule can save them money when every badly-received story or character/actor bleeds viewers.
  2. Their exit was so low-key, it didn't even occur to me that they were supposed to be "gone" until like last week.
  3. I don't think the show has been this obnoxious since Bonnie Lockhart was hogging up the screen. And we only thought the production couldn't get any worse then.
  4. Yuck. Not looking forward to her being really mediocre and runningeverywordtogetherinasentencereallyfastlikeit'salloneword.
  5. I always liked GT, just not as Phyllis. I'm not sure why they keep casting her as somebody unhinged, when her onscreen presence screams "with it."
  6. Stefano giving Andre a pass for killing two of his children is unforgivable and more boneheaded than just about anything else on the show, ever.
  7. But obviously, he didn't die. Did Stefano actually kill anyone? He ordered assassinations from time to time, I believe. Usually a nothing character.
  8. Did Stefano ever kill anyone who wasn't also bad or a day player? I can't recall one death.
  9. I fast forward as soon as Cane and his darty eyes are on my screen. Why am I watching this crap again?
  10. Nate is about as attractive as a UTI. Like, are they telling the guy to look dour and irritated 24/7? Plus, his personality is akin to an after-school special.
  11. I found little fault with Heroes until the season 1 finale. Joan of Arcadia was IMO really good until the start of the second season. I don't remember much about the S1 finale, so that may be telling. The decline of The X-Files saddened me the most. It was really fantastic until the awful first movie and the much-worse seasons that followed.
  12. I never thought I'd look forward to her return. I liked MM initially. Days eats actors for breakfast.
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