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  1. I should have known the Rhodes (Rhoads?) guy would be dead in 5 minutes. He was IMO more interesting than Clyde, Orpheus, or Evan.
  2. Really a pointless marriage. They didn't even show the honeymoon, did they? Zero instances of romance. I like Jordi but the show makes him so wooden.
  3. I don't remember those moments, but the thing that stuck with me the most out of JER's 2003-2004 run was a big tree stump randomly bleeding while John and Marlena were near it. I hope that scene is on YouTube somewhere just so I know I didn't imagine it.
  4. Her delivery is so stilted, Abby comes across as a snotty so-and-so even when she's being nice. Abby and Victoria are so bad now that Lily seems warm and genial. The bitchiness is over the top and cheap. Y&R comes across more like a '90s talk show or post-1993 Roseanne than Dynasty.
  5. Ron is horrible, but is it possible this is Corday's creeping influence? He seems to only let go for short periods, and then when you're just starting to get used to it being almost decent...
  6. I'm out until Ron is fired. I've been enthusiastic about Days for months now, but it's been feeling cheaper lately, and this plants it firmly in absolute trash territory.
  7. Actors don't really even matter much on this show anymore. Half of the scenes now are people just standing around describing something that happened off-screen.
  8. Haiduk is good on prime time, but on soaps she seems to only play desperate and unhinged with a hint of weakness. I actually don't mind her Kristen unless she's waving a gun around or having an anxiety attack.
  9. Sami and EJ were terrible. James Scott was terrible. Sami was just a shadow of herself by then.
  10. That is pretty nuts... although, IMO, Jeanne Cooper looked way younger before the facelift.
  11. Jaime Lyn Bauer was 36 when Emily O'Brien was born. Days just had Kristen DiMera give birth in her actual 50s, so I don't see a problem there. The problem is Laura was institutionalized at the time, but that wouldn't stop Days.
  12. Wasn't Ava originally crazy because her father was drugging her? Then they decided to be lazy and just make her crazy, period. Like Nick Fallon.
  13. If Charlie is the rapist, it's just fast-forwarded shades of Nick Fallon.
  14. They were finally starting to conceal the lack of funds pre-shutdown. I was almost thinking that they had a budget increase.
  15. I tried to watch an ep from last month and it was virtually indistinguishable from summer 2019.
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