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  1. Perhaps I'm thick, but doesn't this indicate that they'll tape July around April 2020? That would be huge, but...
  2. Oh my god... can Ron do anything besides have bad recasts wave guns around?
  3. I never thought he was dead. That would be crap. Why not just make Clyde the real killer? Ben can be redeemed, and Jordan doesn't have to be trashed. I always thought Clyde was going to be revealed as the fire starter.
  4. I have nothing against RS, but they really need to quit recasting iconic characters.
  5. Days last felt entertaining to me during the Brady/DiMera Ireland storyline from '08. The story itself ended up not amounting to anything other than the unfortunate death of Shawn Brady, but the pacing and direction made it watchable. Even more watchable was Marlena's revenge on Stefano during the same story. I haven't felt anything that intense on the show in years.
  6. I'd still like to know where Kristen stuffed that unruly mane when wearing the mask.
  7. Totally reminds me of 5-6 years ago when I stopped watching it. No fun in watching nearly every character act selfish and jerky 5 days a week. It's worse now because Adam is the only story and they've managed to run a new, compelling actor into the ground in less than a month. Nobody wanted a rewind to 2013, Josh.
  8. Like, she's never killed a person. But we're supposed to take her gun-waving and murder threats seriously. She is less dangerous than Hope.
  9. Kristen as Nicole isn't working, IMO. None of Kristen's writing is Kristen-like. We're supposed to believe she would be this openly unsubtle and unhinged? Stacey Haiduk was better on prime time. She plays Kristen like she played Patty, but worse. AZ's acting is the worst it's ever been. I think I would rather again see snot running out of her nose than the crap she's been doing.
  10. Someone always comes in and stops a catfight before it can even start. Lame.
  11. I always thought RKK Bo and Billie doing it in the shower on Days in 1994 was pretty racy.
  12. Will shouldn't need an alter to be wild... the writers forget daily that he is Sami's (and Lucas') son. He should be an ass, a thorn in everyone's side, but one with whom the viewers could still identify. CM could still smirk as he acts out selfish, destructive acts.
  13. I can't believe Jess Walton still has that awful haircut. Cane being written as a prick on purpose was good.
  14. He can come back to be Brady. He isn't/wasn't Rex by a long shot.
  15. I don't like it becoming The Adam Show, but the guy can act. I guess I'll be sick of him shortly, though.
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