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  1. I'm pretty sure Wayne's Roman is at least partly responsible for my love of plaid. Too bad it looks like shite on CM.
  2. I spent several months watching 1994 DOOL. I noticed plenty of flubbed lines even back then, which blows me away, as they had a Budget.
  3. WTF? I must not have been watching the show during this time. I definitely took a hiatus and missed Shawn Christian's exit. I could have sworn I was tuning in again by the following summer, but who knows...?
  4. She was awful as Lizzie Spaulding on GL. She just plays herself.
  5. All this time I've wondered why they haven't taken advantage of CM's smirking and make his character a trouble-making prick. You see soap writers twisting a character to fit an actor's limited range all the damn time. Will is just a smirking blank canvas with nothing drawn on him due to gayness.
  6. That's quite a bit more than I watch.
  7. DH, KA, and SN are all horrible at being brainwashed or playing doppelgangers. Don't use a fake accent if you're going to dip in and out of it every other word. DH as Hattie is the worst, because Hattie was supposed to be ugly as [!@#$%^&*] and DH just plays as herself with a surly tone. Didn't Andrea Hall wear a prosthetic nose in addition to sounding nothing like Marlena?
  8. Personally, I have nothing against his weight. For me, it's more his lack of energy, and the distractingly bad hair/clothes. I think they put more makeup on Galen Garing than some of the women, yet FS always looks pale and unhealthy.
  9. FS looked handsome again for like 3 episodes in the summer.
  10. Sonny used to project a much more energetic, fresh, youthful, yet still boring vibe like Evan. If I squint hard enough, I can imagine Evan actually is 2012 Sonny.
  11. I've mentioned this before, but like you, found little discussion. It's possible most people with more than a surface interest in soap operas associate this problem more with Days of Our Lives, but that was already over a decade ago when it came out about Days not even having acting coaches, and all soaps, especially Y&R, are now very obviously affected. I rarely watch B&B and GH, but I believe this is why so many DOOL and Y&R actors have irritating, repetitive tics, and why some episodes are way better (or worse) than others.
  12. I can't bring myself to watch it. My oldest sister watched it semi-regularly from the early '80s, progressing into daily watching by 2000. Until 2018. Now she hasn't seen half of 2019 and doesn't keep up with spoilers.
  13. I have to believe he's being styled by the same person who works on Melissa Reeves. Do they not realize how bad they're being made to look? Sonny should be dressing like Evan. It's how he used to look. Instead, he looks like a marmot.
  14. I don't even remember Chelsea having claws. I was not watching in 2011-2012. I'm not surprised by the boredom; she's among the worst, IMO. It's like 2013 won't die, but it's only the parts I want gone that remain.
  15. Indeed. Sounds like somebody bought a Fender Rhodes (or a convincing digital facsimile).
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