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  1. The hotel "story" is awful. Abby is insanely grating and one-dimensional. Griffith thinks business runs on nothing but spite.
  2. I would be thrilled to see some '70s episodes. I have seen enough shoulder pads and big hair.
  3. RW eating food with his hands is one of the most agitating things on television. So, somehow they're still shooting alternate takes with different lines, and taping more scenes than they can even use? WTF?
  4. I had to look this up. I can't believe he was on the show four years. Mind-blowing. I thought it was maybe 1.5.
  5. RSW reminds me of a fish gasping for air sometimes. He does too much mouth-acting. But yeah... at least he tries.
  6. The most recent Princess Gina was definitely a needle in the neck.
  7. I didn't know anyone got rehearsals on this show.
  8. I bet Adrienne's not dead (or it's Bonnie, but hey, she's not really dead, either!), or there was a third car responsible for the accident, or both. Every story on this show is a free play.
  9. Need another clean-cut soap guy like I need a hole in my head.
  10. I'd rather rip off hangnails than watch medical drama on a soap opera.
  11. 99% of the men look like they went to Wal-Mart for the same identical haircut.
  12. Oh my god. I was really done with Chloe when she was in an accident and faked her death because she didn't want Brady to see her disfigurement.
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