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  1. They were finally starting to conceal the lack of funds pre-shutdown. I was almost thinking that they had a budget increase.
  2. I tried to watch an ep from last month and it was virtually indistinguishable from summer 2019.
  3. If they can bring back [name character here, any character], they can bring back Nick Fallon.
  4. That's the problem, she was a brand new character and not Rosanna at all. ATWT was pretty hard to watch by then.
  5. I really did not like CM's Rosanna or Kelly. Didn't see any of her work on AMC.
  6. This show is rice paper thin. It's thin like NY pizza.
  7. Honestly, there's very little to fault with MM's appearance compared to like 95% of the male cast having the same worst hair cut I've ever had.
  8. Been waiting for it since her name appeared on one of the doors in Rolf's Not Dead Warehouse.
  9. I would be down for this. As a late '80s/'90s kid, Brenda Epperson was Ashley to me. I do prefer Eileen, but honestly, Brenda's version seemed more solid than Eileen post-Days.
  10. This is good news. Please don't make him relapse or become debilitated in a bad story, please. Please?
  11. When did KA's acting style become cold and hard? She was still softer when she was re-introduced in 1994. I barely remember any stories with her from the mid '90s or early '00s, aside from Princess Gina, Zach, Larry Welch, and a few cop-related things.
  12. I really, really preferred Heather Lauren Olson as Jan... but I'll take it.
  13. They are actually consistent, for once. Allie and Ciara were both born onscreen in 2007.
  14. I never liked Austin Peck's looks or the demeanor of his Austin. He was like a doofus, not a hunk. IMO, he was closer to Ed, Edd n Eddy than Muldoon's Austin.
  15. Maybe I forgot she was leaving. They went too far by writing her as an attempted murderer. ReRon took 3 women and made them murderous (Gabi, Claire, Eve).
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