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  1. I don't remember that, but I remember when she was a fashion designer.
  2. Telfer used to look like a Boston terrier. Sometimes the hair makes the man. JKJ doesn't even need a cut, per se, just some styling.
  3. MBE had the same basic haircut for like 20 years. Too bad I always thought it looked like a scoop of ice cream, or Donald Duck's butt.
  4. I'll dissent: Drake's natural hair sticks out like a huge sore thumb. 95% of that cast has gray hair. His dye job was bad, but is the same also true for everyone else? The thing about Drake's mullet, to me, is it seemed like TOTALLY normal TV hair until the '90s were almost over, but everyone else being clean-cut and cropped really drew attention to it.
  5. I didn't care for her until ORK's short last run. Claire as narcissist and then psychotic really left a bad taste in my mouth.
  6. It's not so much that she's leveled her as she's turned her into a beige lump of clay. Her Australian accent is screaming to come out. I didn't realize ORK was that young, but even she was too old... SORASing gets weird when it's kids of SORASed kids.
  7. The darker, the better, IMO. It looked bright and harsh in 2012. Does anyone remember when it was pee-colored?
  8. This is doo doo. They need to be banned from giving Sharon a "love interest."
  9. He wasn't even half as good as Roger Thorpe or John Dixon.
  10. Will needed to be a total [!@#$%^&*] and they kept him painfully clean.
  11. I find her acting style really tiring and unnatural.
  12. I thought Ravi was fantastic and I'm almost dumbfounded by his being wasted. The Juliet story was the last time I didn't fast-forward Goddard.
  13. Chad might be the only male DiMera that Kate hasn't slept with. Did she ever have sex with Tony?
  14. I never liked James Scott's accent as EJ DiMera. It seemed fake, and apparently his real British accent isn't the one he used on the show.
  15. I'm trying to just fast-forward stuff I want don't want to see instead of avoiding the show entirely. It's getting there, though.
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