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  1. I'll take dark over yellow or ultra-bright (Y&R post 2011) any day. On the other hand, when the show was darker before, the sets were more detailed and HD wasn't a thing.
  2. I felt like Greta was going to be a big character like Marlena or Hope. She had the potential. Then it was over.
  3. Martha Madison was 29 when Claire was born onscreen. Still, they did absolutely no favors. I'm too young to remember, but I don't think Hope needed a kid either.
  4. As a non-regular watcher of GH, this is something I've actually appreciated: whenever I tune in for a week (once or twice year), there are like two or three completely separate sets of characters that don't overlap throughout the week and it's almost like 2-3 shows in one. Huge contrast with Y&R where it's the same people over and over. I don't know if it's still like this, because I haven't seen it in a year or two.
  5. Ravi could have been (or was) the best thing about the show. They totally blew it.
  6. RA might not have been bland if the writing didn't suck, but he sure he didn't light a fire under anything. I wasn't watching when Schmidt was onscreen.
  7. I like the original Melinda better. The current one seems younger, and doesn't have any snark in her delivery.
  8. Y&R really is worse than it ever has been. It's not even just a trashy, annoying thing where every character is awful but you can still watch it if you hate yourself... it's just pointless and boring. It makes Sally's "boring" Y&R seem like a daily cliffhanger fest.
  9. Cady's lack of real expressiveness (IMO) giving the impression of life to a character like Jennifer, who used to be so full of energy and expressiveness, is really damning to Melissa Reeves. Is there a really awful acting coach that Melissa and Freddie Smith have semi-recently used, or what?
  10. I am, as well. I had to give up on Y&R, and I've never regularly watched B&B or GH. I can't remember the last time I wasn't watching a soap... maybe in 2010-2012 when I couldn't tolerate Days, but I was checking out some of the others, if I recall. I'm not surprised at Camila's crap. She has kind of way too enthusiastically portrayed Gabby as a sociopath, to be honest.
  11. FS' acting abilities disappeared. He was fine before 2015.
  12. Even his voice is OTT. He uses this gruff grandpa voice all the time now, where his delivery used to be a little more natural. He just hasn't been the same since the RoboJohn story. Or maybe I paid less attention in the past.
  13. Yep. The rest of the show is watchable in a way that the other soaps aren't anymore. It really does get hurt by the bad parts, though. Is it just me, or has the music improved somewhat?
  14. TBH I like Philip's hair more than Jake or Chad's. It's not great, but at least it's not that hair-hat-structure thing where they used a whole tub of hair concrete or whatever. I've never been into the overly sculpted male soap hair, though.
  15. Lucas looks terrible in that last shot with Philip. That is NOT a haircut he had a decade ago.
  16. Thorsten Kaye as Ridge has to be the oddest casting choice ever.
  17. I rarely watch Y&R at the moment, but I won't watch it at all if they pull this crap.
  18. Mealor always seemed, like, spring-loaded or something. I felt tension in his expressions and mannerisms, and his almost overly-enunciated delivery. Yet, he also lacked energy.
  19. Was never a fan of Mealor. I go back and forth with HK, but I mostly haven't liked her.
  20. Oh... that, too. I meant in regards to her cheating on her husband with a second castmate. Mark Valley?
  21. Wasn't there more than one incident with Missy Reeves?
  22. She has been awful since the early 2000s. I blame the writing.
  23. Justin Gaston playing Chance was a [!@#$%^&*] breath of fresh air. It almost felt like a soap opera for two seconds. Stitch coming back is excruciating, as they've been on that whole "Bring 2013 back" kick for a bit.
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