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  1. I thought both Jen Lilley and Molly Burnett were solid replacements and I know that's unpopular. Kirsten has had issues for years and I am not sure where they stem from, but she doesn't look healthy now. She certainly looks better than she did a few years back when she looked like she weighed 90 lbs, but she has been off playing Maxie for years now. I really adored KSt as Belle on Days, but I have been over Maxie for awhile and I don't think KSt is that great that she's irreplaceable I'd give Maxie/KSt a rest for a year or so and then re-evaluate. Maxie has burned through so much story and so many love interests it is just a lot. She's on possibly her 3rd child with a 3rd man and she has no real established true love on the show. It's a lot for a 35ish year old character.
  2. For someone that clearly needs her roots done it's a bold choice lol. I can't believe the hairstylists didn't give her some temporary root touch up spray or anything.
  3. Sonny has a kid with Alexis and got her daughter Sam preggers Brooke on B&B has kids with Ridge and Eric Mimi on Days has a kid with Phillip and Rex I am sure there are many others those are just off the top of my head.
  4. I think it's a yellow/golden blonde base with platinum highlights? Which doesn't really go together because of one being a warm tone and one being a cooler tone so I think that might be the problem.. It looks muddy sort of. It's a shame because LW has really nice hair. She just probably needs to pick a warmer, darker tone overall. But her hair color is the least problematic thing about Carly lol
  5. I was talking about when they were SORAS'ed. I think Phillip and Shawn D were juniors and Belle and Mimi were sophmores, but then they all sort of became the same age. I distinctly remember Shawn D having a motorcycle when he first appeared and driving it and Belle was only SORAS'ed to 15.
  6. Is that definitive? I thought PM's Austin referred to Billie as the younger sibling. LR looks older than AP, but KA's Billie looked younger. I think they were intentionally vague about it after PM left.
  7. I think it was more about Carrie/Sami than Austin in general. Anyone with moderate chemistry with CC and AS could have played Austin. He had a variety of hobbies and jobs, but did he really have much of a personality? It is a clear case of all the characters around him (Carrie, Sami, Kate, Lucas, etc.) doing the heavy lifting while Austin was...there. Being dumb. I really never got a sense of Austin's personality with either PM or AP in the role. Hell, I am not even sure if Austin is older or younger than Billie lol. And while Carrie/Austin were super popular they haven't really stood the test of time. By the time they got married the writing was already geared toward Carrie/Mike. Another bland leading man under Roark Critchlow.
  8. Maybe it's pre-shutdown stuff? Idk, there were rumors two GH actresses tested positive and 1 was strongly hinted to be KeMo not sure about the other one. Honestly, who knows? But that makes sense. Hope she is okay as well. I am trying to imagine LH as Sam. It's hard to imagine. She is a much higher energy actress, but I like her so I am interested.
  9. Weren't there rumors that she had tested positive for Covid? Maybe that's why.
  10. I am sure MB had a heavy hand in it all, but at the end Ron's GH was a mess. He built a show around a disgusting DID story with a recast character no one cared about. He was weirdly attached to making his Oltl actors into other GH characters. By the time he was done I thought it was a good decision. Marginalizing Sonny/Jason/Carly and the 50th was great, but other than that I don't think he did anything special for GH. I think he's a better fit for Days. As far as KA, I have never liked Hope. It's crappy to her fans that she won't make an exit after almost 40 years, but I don't necessarily fault her. It's her choice to leave. If she felt like it wasn't a good situation then it was time for her to go. Hope's been basically useless and highly paid for a Days actress for years. Should she shade Days? Probably not. It afforded her the ability to live comfortable and basically retire. But.....she was a cheerleader for the show for years and years. I don't think she should have to be offscreen for 5 months and she has every right to be offended but this is a show that fired the DH's, so is she that shocked lol? But again she has every right to decline the contract. It's kinda sad because I think KA/Hope is sort of rudderless without Bo. In a way that I feel like other female leads are not. I feel like Marlena or Nicole or Sami can be used on there own in a way Hope never really was. Besides being a cop.
  11. Josh Taylor is just a horrible recast. Roman is so much more than JT ever could be. WN was funny, charming, and had a definitive personality as Roman even if that personality was a jerk a lot of times. Drake's Roman had different and unique characteristics, but what are JT's Roman's characteristics? He runs a pub well? He had decent chemistry with Kate? He used to love Marlena a lot? It's a shame because the Roman Wayne created was anything but bland and now Roman is practically a non-entity. You could completely replace him with John in every aspect in every story and no one would notice.
  12. Haha! The only person dressed vaguely summer-y was Claire, but I feel like Days gave up trying to be seasonally appropriate with their wardrobe years ago. I would laugh if the boy's name was Wilson. I was thinking more like Adrian. Just because Days loves to name their kids after dead people.
  13. GH has a lot of these leading men: Chase, Griffin, Nathan. They were/are all fine, they just are kind of the same character. Days has Rafe, GV's Eric, Shawn, Austin etc who are all pretty bland, but perfectly acceptable. Even though Days John fell for the pillow baby thing I don't agree he's bland. His character is pretty interesting. He was just exceptionally dumb in the mid-90's.
  14. I am not sure why anyone thinks Hunter King owes the public anything. If she was assaulted or there were other issues it's her choice. I absolutely believe her, but she has a right to her own privacy. She never leaked anything as far as we know and said zero about it publicly, so we all should let her be. If the circumstances advanced her career, so be it. No one deserves to uncomfortable or violated in a workplace and I would hope she did what was best for her MM can troll all he wants. I loved him on Veronica Mars, but he's been notably problematic on all his shows, so where there is smoke there is fire .
  15. I agree 100%. It's not that he's not attractive, but he's not as dreamy and hunky as EJ or Austin or Brandon or Rafe. It worked well with Sami because she also didn't fit the female lead role the way Carrie or Marlena or Belle did until Days made Sami the main heroine. He probably was effected the most long term by the show's EJ/Ejami obsession, but it could easily be righted now. Lucas is charming, funny, has important relationships with the current cast, and never phones it in. There isn't really anyone for him to pair up with in the current cast besides Nicole (and Sami), but he's not related to Sarah technically, so they could pair him with her. Maybe it'll make her more likable.
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