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  1. Yup Forgot Laura. I couldn't find any evidence Julie was raped, but Susan Martin said she was until it was revealed she just had sex with a random stranger (her husbands brother lol) in the park. I would agree Hope was raped by Stefano who knew she was not in her right mind. By John? Neither were in there right mind so both were kind of raped. I feel like all days heroines seem to be constantly menaced by men especially Marlena and Hope in the 90's.
  2. Days does seem to rape all of it's leading ladies. Just off the top of my head Maggie Marlena Liz Kayla Jennifer Sami Stephanie Jan Ciara Kim, Adrienne, and Billie were sexually abused as children. That's a good chunk of leading ladies throughout the years. Much more than GH. BTW, Marlena was only raped by Kellam. Don never raped her unless I am completely forgetting something.
  3. I forgot about Megan Ward's perfect bob as Kate. I really enjoyed her as Kate. I will never understand the need to recast her with a way too young Kelly Sullivan.
  4. Funny, I think BH is one of the few cast members that actually always tries even with crap material. Mo has been checked out since about 2005. The last time I remember him trying at all was Soily and his bipolar storyline. It's startling to watch a clip from say, 1995, and see the difference in his acting. With KeMo, I am not sure she was ever checked in. I think her 'acting' style is just monotone with zero energy, although I think she was better on PC. SBu is clearly just there for a paycheck as well. Besides a little spark with the early Liason pairing I don't think Steve has shown signs of life since he and Brenda were 'married' in 2002. Steve actually is good at comedy.
  5. This really is the best hair. I am totally not biased. I coveted this hair when I was 14 and I am a blonde girl. So pretty before she did whatever she did to her face.
  6. She's been committed to the flannel for awhile it seems... The basic button up The blazer/hoodie A little denim with the flannel Just the scarf today....
  7. Lol! I personally think DH has had horrible hair most of her Days run. I only liked 1996 (I refuse to believe they are extensions-and then she went and cut it all off!!!), 1998, and 2006. Exhibit A What is this soccer mom hair here? Good hair here why did you have to do this? Okay we are getting better... Then the messy bob years.... I hate her look at her own wedding until this.... And that was the last time Marlena had good hair. Deidre Hall looked so gorgeous in 2006.
  8. Yeah it was a stupid feud. Fans took stuff way out of context. I don't think Jen Lilley meant anything by it. I actually really liked Jen Lilley's Maxie. Better than Kirsten and I loved Kirsten as Belle.
  9. I believe so. When Jen Lilley posted some stuff about Maxie vs. Theresa and started a twitter war with Kirsten, Farah jumped in and had Kirsten's back so it seems like they are friends again. But that was like 5 years ago, so who knows.
  10. Lol I just watched 1992 as well. I literally forgot Austin was a talented musician playing the piano around town. Also PM and LR as siblings is a little incestuous. They are creepy close. I mean, I know LR and PM had a thing, but they were OTT with their closeness in the beginning. Austin under PM wasn't dumb, but when PM came back he just didn't fit the role anymore. He hasn't aged great, but he is still good looking. It wasn't that. Maybe I just got used to AP in the role
  11. I miss the penthouse so much! It was such a great set. Early 90's Days is a drag. There isn't really a noteworthy story after the Cruise of Deception until J&M's Affair. Isabella' death is okay I guess, The tale of 2 Romans stinks, Kim's MPD is bad, Bo/Carly/Lawrence was boring, J&J's wedding was good but their story wasn't, and even the Affair story was kinda of random in build up. John and Marlena barely interacted and Roman and Marlena generally seemed okay, and then bam one person falls in a pit and John and Marlena are in love again. I thought Days was really good through Aremid so early 1996, but I don't think Days really fell off the rails until 2001 or so. It was still watchable but the entire show was really watchable (every story) until 1996. I can't even remember the last story on Days I thought was good. Maybe the Kristen return and Brady/Kristen? Same with GH, I find 1993-2003 to be very good (1995-97 was the best), but GH fell off the rails around 2005 with the ascension of Jason/Carly/Sonny and I like those characters (especially Sonny). GH still had some water cooler moments up until 2010-11, but Days and GH were what I adored as a kid and would cry when my VCR didn't record. Such a shame.
  12. Meh...until the Pit 1992 on Days was a snooze. Roman's Mrs. Doubtfire undercover operation was lame.. But I did giggle at TM's Carrie being all sexy and acting like she was hitting on John, although I don't think that was the emotion she was trying to convey.
  13. I remember her being killed off by young Nicki Alamain in a fairly demeaning way. Hit by a statue I think (I was going to say Elephant Statue but that was a more recent plot involving Eric and Melissa Archer's character) You would think she may wanted to work with her husband too, but I think they only had a couple of scenes.
  14. I think the ship has sailed on a Roman/Marlena/John triangle. In 1997, sure WN would have been great. Even in 2006 during the Alex North storyline if Wayne played Roman it would have been viable. But now I think John/Marlena are endgame. I am perfectly fine with that, but I don't see why Wayne couldn't return as Roman and Josh reappear as Chris. I have bought a lot more crazy crap from Days. I don't think she ever said who made her time unpleasant but she did say she was treated poorly (I have my suspicion it might have been Michael Sabantino?). Also, they promised her a huge storyline and instead Lisanne Gardner was a pretty awful character.
  15. Because it makes Belle/Shawn and Brady/Theresa related and they both have kids? Listen, I am willing to completely overlook that if they make John Roman. I would also welcome a Wayne return. Did they even ask WN back in 1997? Or was he doing PC back then?
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