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  1. SOD: Best & Worst - 2017

    Yes ghost Stone was a vision of Sonny's when Sam shot him and he was stuck in that pit? Warehouse? Whatever it was. You would think since MS doesn't act anymore he would have some standards since he doesn't need the money, but I guess not. Although I will say MS and MB still have an easy friend chemistry.........Sonny just doesn't even deserve to see "ghost" Stone at this point, but that is another post.
  2. GH: July 2016 Discussion Thread

    Oh their work might be better or improved I don't see much difference but I FF A Lot so maybe I am missing something. I was just LMAO at someone being the "new" Vanessa Marcil or Sarah Michelle Gellar. You don't become famous being a soap star these days and she isn't that fabulous...I prefer Molly Burnett as Maxie over her...........but I liked her work on days too.....Different tastes I guess. I mean, if VM didn't bring back any viewers her last return ( and she did bring some for certain period ie SnB's wedding and even for her brief comeback for the NB, but I attribute that to all the old people they brought back not just VM/Brenda) BW isn't going to do anything to get viewers. At least Brenda is a veteran, mostly well liked character (or was) . CJ/Claudette is just wasted space........
  3. GH: July 2016 Discussion Thread

    Walking into this thread after a long while only to see someone compare Bree Williamson to my Vanessa Marcil and walking back out...................She is not VM (see picture in my avatar lol) and she is certainly not SMG.......Watching Brenda throw bread rolls at Carly and nearly push her over the edge with the whole Michael thing is way more entertaining than BW has ever been and even I can admit her returns kinda sucked, but just no.....
  4. I think Drake is great, he doesn't and hasn't needed to improve. Not everyone's goal is to be a realistic and serious master actor. He is there to entertain and sell his story. Through the years he has sold the most outlandish material with the straightest of faces all the while being one of the alltime most popular DOOL stars. Now I admit he is no Rick Hearst, and lucky for him he isn't. He's better than Rick Hearst and many other emmy winners. Now better at what is the question, but whatever Drake is better at is better than being good at whatever it is Rick Hearst is good at. This is just like comparing William Shatner to Patrick Stewart and listening to the PS fans go on about what a great Shakespearean actor old Patrick is, and yet does that matter? William Shatner is the legend, the icon, the man. With one raise of an eyebrow Drake sells a scene. I don't know he needs to be cast in Macbeth or Hamlet, but if I were casting a soap Drake would be right up there towards the top for who I can count on to do the job. Unlike certain daytime emmy legends, he also hasn't been fired from every soap in the land. As for some of the others mentioned, people like Brandon Beemer and Ryan Paevey are also actors who are good at doing what they are good at: walking around with no clothes. I would take either one of them as my leading man over pudgy, bloated emmy winner Tyler Christopher--who often looks swollen and suffering from an allergic reaction to medication. They're selling fantasy, not starring in the latest oscar art film. Nobody is asking them to be as good as Helen Mirren or Daniel Day Lewis. That's fine you can think that but I'm sure others think otherwise. Drake is hot ass garbage as an actor. There's nothing great about his one note acting. Oh, Drake is no master thespian and I think he knows that, but he is entertaining and he does drive stories. He has some charisma for sure or he wouldn't have lasted this long. His "acting" to me is much more fun to watch than those who are trying to be academy award winners with their fake tears and deep emotions. He just is what he is and owns it. I would include my girl Vanessa Marcil and Maurice Bernard on this list because they used to be good. MB phones it in and VM couldn't have looked less disinterested if she tried in her 2010 return. When she returned for the Nurses Ball she seemed to actually care more. And of course, Tony Geary who checked out of GH in about 1996
  5. My parents divorced after 25 years after knowing one another since junior high. I always knew it wasn't the greatest marriage and they mostly stuck together because of kids and familiarity of one another. I wasn't shocked at all when they told me they were divorcing. In fact, they probably would have been happy and healthier divorcing early because even kids are aware if there is tension. Not saying this is the case with LW or anything just that it does happen a lot. My husband's parents divorced after 20+ years as well. He left the minute the youngest finish high school and married his secretary lol! I don't think it's that uncommon. I applaud those who can co-parent successfully and still like one another after a divorce, but I sorta of think it's really hard and rare. But, hey, Brian Austin Green just knocked up Megan Fox and they are still divorcing so who knows?
  6. In the mid 90's I thought there were a lot of good finds on GH-Jonathan Jackson, Amber Tamblyn, Sarah Brown, Vanessa Marcil, Michael Sutton, and, yes even Steve Burton even Tyler Christopher and Rebecca Herbst were great finds in the later 90's. Post 2000, I am drawing a blank Chad Duell maybe? Jason Thompson? Days-Jensen Ackles was good find in the 90's. More recently Kate Mansi and Ashley Benson and both actors that played Chad (Sorry totally blanking on their names right now Casey Dedrick?) I thought Jay Kenneth Johnson was a good find. I thought the young Ciara was great Lauren Boles (sp?). Freddie Smith and Chandler Massey were also decent finds. B&B- Karla Mosely
  7. Yes I can! My issue was that Marlena had a stank attitude the second she saw Jenn. She did treat her like she would Nicole and this was before she realized that Jennifer had made poor judgement with Eric. I was taken aback by it bc they dont have bad blood between them. I dont even recall them ever interacting much but Marlena just took one look at her and it was as if she hated her and had no use for her being there. After she learned Jenn spent the night with Eric, this would have been justified but she was nasty from the beginning BTW, is Andre gone from the show? Is Thao still around or was Andre being arrested what seemed like months ago, his final scene? I honestly dont even see where they can go with the character bc he was used as a scapegoat to give Hope a get out of jail card. The only role he could serve is to terrorize her and the Bradys and the show really doesnt need more misery I didn't get the Marlena/Jenn hate. I always thought they had a good relationship. I (although the show doesn't expositive on this) chalk it up to being kinda wtf are you doing here and the pain of having her son go to jail. It might not be right, but as a mother I could see her taking it out on others. I guess it was odd seeing as Marlena is a more calm and understanding character.
  8. Re: Brady's raped. Marlena was too. Although not a Brady back then and not technically a Brady she was also a victim of rape by Liz Chandler's father Kellam way back in the day. Although I think it was an actual decent story. Have not seen it so can't comment.
  9. GH- Brenda, obviously is my number 1, Jax, 90's Sonny, Robin, Stone, Lois, Ned, Lucy, Lila Days- Marlena, John, Carrie, Eric (Jensen Ackles), Stephano, Kristen AMC- Kendall (As played by SMG), Erica, Julia, Noah, Dmitri
  10. Soaps worst recasts

    That was Steve Wilder who replaced Mark Valley. I thought his name was Steve Wilder, but couldn't remember. I remember him showing up on Melrose Place and I was like seriously. Stephanie Cameron was no Missy Reeves but Wilder was horrible and for him to just show up in a shower scene that Mark Valley started and he ended was so weird.
  11. Soaps worst recasts

    I guess Charity Rahmer is a given? Anyhow on GH Bransford, Leslie Kay as Lois, Danica Stewart (I believe) as slutty Maxie, the girls that replaced Gia and Kristina (not Lexi Ainsworth) the other one. I can't recall their names. Days Stephanie Cameron as Jen and the guy who replaced Mark Valley as Jack. Steve something?
  12. Melrose Place

    1. Exactly. Sam was the worst character ever created. Even Kyle's brother in Season 7 is more interesting. If she was supposed to be the replacement for Jo, they misfired horribly. 2. I think others mentioned there were some back 'n forth contract negotiations with Marcia Cross? I always thought it was ironic how by the time she became an "official" castmember in season 4, she had already outrun her usefulness. 3. Yeah, I couldn't believe how Allison was able to hit the bottle and Jake barely flinched. I liked how Allison eventually went back to D&D, for all of two seconds. 4. Yup. haha 5. It was. Once again, Matt in his own storyline island, with no cute boyfriend (although his boyfriends were always mental hotheads) or the adorable Mara Wilson to make him interesting. Small sendoff for poor Jane. Gone are the days of someone getting a promotion or whatnot, and everyone from the apartment complex coming over for an impromptu party, complete with balloons and cake. Season One was adorable... I like how Soap Opera Digest once described David Charvet's MP run.... "from the moment David Charvet joined Melrose Place, he looked like he didn't want to be there." So true. Sam was dead weight. She was riding off her success from Swingers. She was less bad ass than Jo at her best when Jo was getting beat up by Jake's brother. Marcia Cross way outlived her usefulness. Why negotiate? Syd was a way bigger loss. They should have given more money to CTS or Grant Show, although I am okay with Jake's exit. Alison in season 5 is an utter disappointment. I don't understand why they just didn't have her and Billy ride off into the sunset. It's not like Billy did anything worthy after season 5. Amanda never really had a true rival (even though she always beat Alison) after season 5. I think their rivalry was special because of the love triangle and the points where they are friends. Poor Matt. I like him in second viewing. He deserved a better storyline alway David Charvet always seemed too young and out of place with the rest of the cast although I like Sydney and him together. So did Jenn, Billy's soulmate.
  13. Melrose Place

    Okay just finished season 5. I had no idea it really was. I remember it being bad, but it's awful. The only mild entertainment is Taylor. I mean David Chavert is funny for different reasons. 1. wtf is this Billy/Sam/Dad thing. No one cares 2. Why did Kimberly go into re-mission only to die? 3. I totally forgot Alison was back on the sauce and Jake was just cool with it? They are one of the worst married couples ever. Truly Her and Amanda and her being back at D&D were a bright spot. I liked them as grudging friends. 4. This show is just a hot mess and it gets so much worse in the second half. 5. Did not recall NLG on the show at all. And that Matt/storyline was so weird. At least Billy and Alison got a small send off. I know they showed up at the airport with Jane, but it was like here's a banner and see you later. Lol
  14. Eden and Cruz as #1? Interesting. Ej and Sami ahead of Bo and Hope and John and Marlena? Okay. At least J&M and Sonny and Brenda were included. I am okay with the list, but two SB couples included seems odd. Especially when some soaps had none.
  15. Post Season 4 Brandon and Kelly became self-righteous and annoying. I will always think the show jumped the shark once Shannon left even though Val was a good addition. And I agree Dylan was so out of place after high school like he had no direction. Just him and Kelly were boring. They needed a spoiler and Val was no Brenda in that area. Val's best pairing was David by far maybe because they were dating in real life. BAG sure knows how to score the hot ladies (TaT, VM, Megan Fox) and he grew up good looking. Anyway I stopped watching sometime after 6 and tuned in when Vanessa Marcil joined the show. I liked the character of Gina (but I like VM reading the phone book soo...bias), but the never fleshed her out enough to be a good Val replacement. Her and the charming Daniel Cogsgrove were bogged down with such transparent 'we are the designated losers' in this love quad it was just lame. Did anyone believe Kelly was going to marry Matt ever? I didn't even believed she liked him much. I thought VM and LP had okay chemistry, but Idk VM has chemistry with most people. I liked her and David better. What I find interesting is that she asked to be let out of her contract because she was so miserable and said it was a mean girls club and she was treated poorly. Although I'd be angry too if they made me Donna's sister. Like seriously VM is Hispanic and couldn't look less like Donna if she tried. They showed her mother and she was clearly not Hispanic so that made literally no sense at all. And then they kill Dr. Martin off? I didn't get the point? Overall though I think they wrapped the serious up well. Much better than Melrose's swan song.