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  1. I was going to say in the most petty visual way when SH wears her hair like that she gives me ED vibes, so I liked it better. At least she's entertaining. Outside of the Jack/Gwen scenes the Jen phone call scenes made me laugh because Jack said "love you too" when Jen didn't say she loved him at the end of the call, so it was a funny mess up to me. It was clear they messed up the last part of the convo and just didn't care to re do it.
  2. Idk. I like Abby and Gabi teaming up. I thought they were fairly entertaining or will be lol
  3. Ugh that's a horrible thought. I don't think any of them are in danger except possibly Ingo. Jax is pretty useless and IR's views really seem to make him unpopular. As far as MB, I don't understand why he would do that. Even in good fun (which it isn't), after NLG said she was offended, delete the video, apologize to her privately, and move on. Don't double down on it's a joke crap. MB has said a lot of questionable things to his female co-stars over the years and they still seem to praise him up and down, which always seemed false. And yet I don't think he would openly make fun of
  4. Perhaps. I never really thought about it. You could be right. She looks noticeably different from her stint on Las Vegas to when she appears on GH and I don't think it was more than a year or two apart in time. I think there is a point when Brenda is in Rome having the same conversation with her movie star boyfriend for the 100th time that VM mentally checks out and is counting down the days until her contract was up. She had some moments with MB/Sonny, but it's almost like the story was never about Sonny/Brenda it was about Brenda and everyone else. Anyhow, I thought she loo
  5. Sonny and Emily were bad. I don't necessarily think there was no coming back from that though. It was generally something that happened that was never spoken of again once they broke up. It was very creepy, but it's basically all but ignored now. I thought her and Nik and all their stupid romance stories were more obnoxious. But Soily was obviously more reviled and offensive. Anyway, I think Emily/NL were fine and there is still a place for her on the canvas, but, oh well, it's not to be I guess.
  6. It was a brief article in SID, but it really did seem like she was happy and moved on with her life completely. It's a shame because she was such a likable actress. Very relatable. She had a warmth that KS/Maxie never could have. i miss Georgie way more than Emily. And I even liked NL as Emily more than most. I think the biggest problem with Emily is that her and Nik were so forced. I don't think NL is that bad. She's nothing special, but she's pretty and likable enough.
  7. I found a fairly recent article about her. She lives in Aspen with her husband and runs a bar. She quit acting, but perhaps she might come back. It really seems like she has a career though in the culinary industry.
  8. I never thought her facial work hurt her performance, but maybe? It was jarring especially for someone so gorgeous naturally. I thought it was more a lack of energy. She played Brenda like she was clinically depressed for most of her stint. She used a lot of weird mannerisms she didn't use in the 90's. I think it was just a combo of a lot of things and it was almost like VM forgot how to play Brenda. I still liked some of it, but I can see how non fans would hate her entire return. By the time VM appeared on 90210 the show was awful, but she looked very pretty on it. I honestly ca
  9. The fact they did not tie Cooper Barrett to Brenda and Julia is practically criminal. I still don't understand why he had the same last name and no one noticed.
  10. I mean you are talking about Days. At least Susan/Kristen were both played by ED. This is a show that made us believe DH could be WN's Roman. C'mon. DH is physically nothing like WN (he is literally inches taller lol) and I have to believe Marlena knew the difference and just didn't care lol.
  11. Vanessa's pretty vocal about how awful her experience was on 90210. I kinda liked Gina. I thought she was pretty good with Luke Perry, but I cannot fathom under any circumstance that she was Donna's sister. I mean, c'mon lol. To be real, Vanessa generally plays some form of Brenda in every role she plays. I don't think she has a ton of range. She is just very good at playing Brenda. I feel like Josh works pretty steadily. He just replaced Armie Hammer in a JLo movie. He is not a great actor, but he is very good looking and has a great screen presence.
  12. I almost think you don't realize how good a Marcil or Duhamel is until they leave and you watch Greenlee and Sonny/Jax struggle to find chemistry with anyone lol. It's almost sad how good I thought MB and RB were and then I realized it might of been the people around them that were good, not them. VM and JD were good on that awful show Las Vegas too. They definitely (outside of James Caan) were the most charismatic members of the cast by far. But even Marcil couldn't rise above 2010 GH writing, but I think she still had some charm. She just looked very lost in her performance.
  13. Lol. I really liked John and Marlena in the 90's so I have a pretty good memory of their stuff. I want to say that the house Roman bought back then was not the same set and they showed it from the outside or something and it didn't look right either. It's not like they used the new set or non set or whatever because 99% of Marlena/Roman scenes occurred in the penthouse or in Marlena's sweet bedroom at the Dimera Mansion. I actually really liked the Brady house and wish they would have kept it for Sami to live in or something. Like how they brought the loft back for Brady. I thought the l
  14. Okay. I block out basically everything Josh Taylor as Roman but I just remembered him buying it back during the quest for Marlena's love in 1998 ish. It's the same episode he goes into a random burning house to save a child or some nonsense. And Marlena was all impressed, but like not enough to stop wanting John lol. So he could have sold it afterwards to Lexie and Abe, but I seriously can't recall that. And Lexie and Abe are so inconsequential this whole exchange could have happened in one scene and I missed it. ETA: All I kind find out from the internet is that Lexie and Abe
  15. Marlena's penthouse had a bedroom bigger than my entire house I feel like. I loved that it had stairs that went somewhere too. Roman/Marlena's house. The one that had in the 80's and 90's. I know Abe and Lexie lived there but I don't think we were supposed to think it was Roman and Marlena's old house. Just a house the Carvers lived at. Unless I missed something it was just the same set, but a new house
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