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  1. Yeah I just briefly looked at some recaps and it was mentioned in August 2007 and not mentioned again (in recaps at least) and she and Shawn were gone by March 2008. They have put use to her work as a lawyer quit a bit, so it's fine. I think she would have been useful as a nurse as well.
  2. Soapcentral's bio on her says she was a former nursing student, so I guess. I have no memory of that, but it lists her as a former university student then as a former nursing student, so it must have been after her first foray in college. I guess it could have been around the time she and Shawn had no money?
  3. I definitely see IR as being on the chopping block. He's on, but he doesn't really make an impact. There is no inkling the show is re-pairing him with Carly and his Nina stuff was a bust. I can see keeping him around for the Nina/Mike stuff, but not much longer. The show had no problem canning him in 2011 when he was in the middle of several stories and we knew a lot less of his off screen personality. I would absolutely keep him over Easton, Howarth, and Mathison as Drew because he's Jax and has all this history. Unfortunately he's been pretty useless for years riding of late 90's
  4. Both Carrie and Belle are odd choices as lawyers, but I buy both of them now. Carrie never seemed terribly interested in studies or school and I don't think she went to college for long, so it's a weird career turn around. I thought she was as believable as Billie, Kate, Sami, Austin, etc at Titan in the 90's doing whatever they did. Belle at least was portrayed as super smart and studious until she got married at like 20 and then bemoaned how her and Shawn had no money despite both rich parents and the fact she made no effort to get a job lol, but I could see her and Shawn pul
  5. I agree about the "famous" storylines. I don't like supermodel stories or singing stories much. You are subjected to lots of iffy singing or a suspension of disbelief that all the towns need models to promote their singular cosmetic line forever lol. Outside of B&B, which is in LA and is about fashion, it rarely makes sense. I prefer doctor/cop/lawyer to working at the family business on Days though. Has there ever been a good business story on Days? Maybe some Vivian/Kate/Titan stuff in the 90's, but I can't think of anything else in recent memory. Bakery
  6. A boutique seems more like Chanel's vibe, but maybe it would be too similar to Gabi Chic? I am glad Chanel, Allie, and Tripp have goals, unlike Claire/Ciara who seem aimless. I don't think ID sings, but when is the last time Claire mentioned her singing career? Allie seems like someone who would be very good at counseling. I could see her easily transitioning into that role. Honestly even someone like Claire could become interested in mental help because of her previous mental health issues (ala Kim), although she seem less suited for that, but it would give her something to do besid
  7. It's is weird Marlena treats family members (including her husband) and close friends. It's always been like that though. Laura and Kim used to treat people even though I can't recall what Kim was (social worker or licensed therapist). The only other psychiatrists on this show I remember were bad guys. But this show has never been great with the accuracy of the medical field or any field of work really lol. Honestly, instead of making both Carrie and Belle lawyers, I may have made one of them a shrink. It's actually weird none of Marlena's kids or grandkids ever showed any in
  8. I liked her too and thought she did well with her screen partners in general. Sometimes she just would act so cutesy, but I think this is/was her first tv job so she had time to improve. She definitely had enough it factor to keep around for awhile, but I guess that's the gamble Days took when they knew she had something else booked that was just pushed back.
  9. I have no idea what is going on and don't care about either of them, but nothing is more petty than tweeting about someone coyly then identifying them less than an hour later. Just say who it is or don't. Is there even a point lost in all the unnecessary name-calling? I loved JR and his TV guide stuff. Whatever happened to him?
  10. I mean it really shouldn't matter who Ben killed or when Rafe knew Paige was his sister-the fact he killed more than one person is probably reason enough for Rafe, the police commissioner, to stay away from deep chats with Ben. But Rafe is dating Ava and talking about how he tried to force Ciara to eat peas-when Ciara was a teenager on screen when Hope/Rafe were together. So, in conclusion, Rafe is just an overall idiot.
  11. I know Luis Alcazar was referred to as an international arms dealer and Sonny was in a tizzy about guns on the streets of Port Charles back then. He probably does force everyone to sell his coffee though. I think he makes a lot of money off his casinos as well and the bulk of his money and power came from inheriting Lily/Lily's father's money and empire.
  12. Sonny/Jason import/export illegally and money launder through their legitimate businesses. Sonny/Jason's rivals are generally the drug smugglers or arms dealers. It will probably never be clear what it is, but it is clear what it isn't (arms/weapons, drugs). I personally hope it's imposter handbags lol.
  13. Kate is ridiculously bad at playing a blind person. She's basically made a dumb screw up with every person she's interacted with. Why are we wasting Tony and Anna on Kate scenes? Are these Andre mentions an anvil or something though? Also, it's clear EJ knows what's going on with Sami/Lucas. But what I don't get is why John/Marlena wouldn't tell Roman about the Lumi stuff. He's her father and was concerned. It's weird they didn't just tell Roman their concerns or what Marlena saw.
  14. I thought Paulina was just going to re-name it, but now it almost sounds like she's going to shut everything down and make it like one big box store or something lol. I am not sure anyone including the writers even know at this point. Salem might just only have a Target to sit in front of after Paulina is done lol
  15. Yeah, that sounds right. What was Miguel doing all that time? L&B wasn't a thing nor were Sonny/Brenda really in early 1994. I don't want to slog through you tube or my edits, but Lily didn't become a backstory for awhile after that. Karen and Jagger aren't long for the show either at this point.
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