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  1. I am pretty sure Jax did not take over Deception. Katherine was still running Deception when Jax hired Lucy and stole Brenda away from Deception to have them both work at Jax Cosmetics. And that's where Lucy/Brenda worked until Brenda had her breakdown. I am not really sure what happened to Jax Cosmetics.. I assume Jax still owns it?
  2. I am very unclear about what Deception is/sells. Wasn't it just fragrance back in the day? Is it a makeup line too? A spa? And whatever happened to Jax cosmetics? Didn't Lucy run that too?
  3. Nina is just a crappy character. I think CW is trying to figure out how to play a basically lame character and MS was just distracting us with scenery chewing and hammy performances. That said, MS had better chemistry with Ingo and JPS. I think I might prefer her Nina, but I think Nina is wholly unnecessary and can go anytime. CW just doesn't click with any of the cast members and is pretty painful with Jax, which is surprising, as I usually think he has pretty good chem with his leading ladies. So I think CW is a good actress-she just really can't rise above this awful character. It's not like she's getting Annie Dutton material here.
  4. I have to agree Guza's GH is miles better than GH now and that's saying a lot. By the end he was out of ideas and plagiarizing himself. Even though a lot of his stuff in the end was bad, at least stuff happened. Nothing ever happens of GH anymore. Guza was at least good at big events. I honestly think GH was pretty good creatively until about 2003-2004. The Courtney/Jason/Carly/Sonny stuff was overkill and that's when I feel like the mob glorification really began. Obviously, Sonny/Brenda began the Sonny is awesome narrative, but the Carson early years really took that to a new level and pushed the Jason is a hero hitman agenda that still haunts us today. I agree the show was a little meandering and very dreary. It was really heavy watching all of those death, cancer, accident stories right in a row. There wasn't a whole lot of romance either. Kevin and Lucy are the only couple I can think of that were light hearted and happy. Luke/Laura and Ned/Lois were together at this point I think, but both couples had a lot of back and forth between them. Sonny and Brenda had broken up and were being awful to one another plus we had to watch them with Lily/Miguel, the q's were upset about Jason, everyone was sad about Stone. It felt like 75% of the characters were miserable for several months, but I will say the Labine era and early Guza was probably the last great era of the show. I also think that Labine had a pretty solid idea where she wanted to go with Bobbie, Jason/Robin, Sonny/Brenda/Lily before she left. Some of the Luke/Laura stuff he probably took in his own direction and the Ned/Lois/Jax stuff which had to change because RS decided to leave. So basically, I thinking all he changed was bringing the Cassadines back, inserting Jax into Sonny/Brenda, and writing Lois off. Every other story seems firmly in place and I can't think of any stories that suddenly shifted direction when Guza started.
  5. I would be sad if GH got cancelled. Yeah, it's basically unwatchable now, but it gave me some great memories as a kid/teen. It gave me my favorite soap opera character of all time: Brenda Barrett. It gave me Sonny and Brenda-who I was obsessed with in the 90's. I don't watch regularly, but there is something comforting for me to see Sonny, Carly, Jason et al if I want to at 2pm everyday. I honestly think GH should do a time jump like Days and just drop 75% of the cast. The show isn't aggressively bad it just so boring. I don't know I just hope there is some way to fix it before it's gone forever
  6. Liked that episode too. Sarah is such a dud. So boring. Elizabeth makes her interesting. And RH is so beautiful. Julia and Brenda were adorable and Jax and V were cute too. I felt like they were going there but didn't? NLG looks better now than she did 20 years ago.. And the Stefan, Luke, Alexis, Katherine Bell stuff is basically zzzzz.. Although MBE looks amazing. Even though Jax and Brenda did nothing of importance that last scene was very sexy and intimate. Why can VM sell all the scenes in 1997 but is awful in 2010?
  7. Yes! I remember Sonny and Sean? his bodyguard talking about Barrett industries and I think Sonny actually called Brenda off screen to talk about it and it went nowhere. It's a shame because even though the characters weren't the best it would have tied the story together better
  8. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNpPbmgIPSTE0P4nHXwHrsg For those who love Julia it looks like Crystal Carson has uploaded most , if not all, of her scenes as Julia including the late 90's stuff on you tube . GH saddled her with Bill for too long but she was enjoyable with both Ned and AJ. It's so strange to me they basically got rid of her and never brought her back considering she had strong ties to a lot of characters that dominated the mid to late 90's. I didn't like Bill and Julia together because he seemed too old for her although I am not clear how old Julia is. Did they ever establish that? She can't be more than 5-7 years older than Brenda because they had clear childhood memories and interactions together but she acted like she was in her 30's. Plus she's only 2 years older than VM. Anyway, Bill sucked but Jenny was my least favorite Eckert. She was the worst. Hated her and Ned. Hated her and Paul. Hated everything about her. I liked Sly though. They should have brought him back as a teen to be in the Lucky/Liz/Emily/Nik teen scene
  9. Thanks! I really enjoyed this episode even though nothing truly important happened. So many good characters. The Q's!, Alan's increasing drug addiction, Bobbie being a good friend, Emily and Monica having a true heart to heart, SJB's Carly and her schemes, Aj, Keesha, and Julia (love Julia!). The weakest link was Jax and Brenda who were pretty boring and having the same conversation about Sonny they have in various forms for the next 6-9 months ( who am I kidding they have this same conversation about Sonny in various forms for the next 20 years) The Q's add so much. It's weird because I remember thinking 1997-1998 was a mess for GH at the time except for Carly/Tony/Aj/Jason. Mb had left and the Brenda breakdown story was awful and Port Charles had just started so things were a little weird, but the show was actually good. Also I wished they kept CC as Julia-she was great. And young Amber Tamblyn was great as well. I actually want to see the next episode
  10. I think they were both awful but things happened under Guza. They had events and the show wasn't as dreadfully boring as it is now. Sonny/Carly weren't written great, but I never found them as dull as I do at this point. By the end Guza was a hack, but he did write some good stuff (Clink/Boom, Brenda's 2002 return, early Carly, the Cassadines reappearance etc). I don't think the show fell off the rails until about 2005/2006. The only thing I liked about Ron was his 50th anniversary stuff. And that was probably just from the nostalgia of the returns and the Nurses Ball coming back. So if I am choosing the lesser of 2 evils it would be Guza with an EP like Wendy Riche that reigns him in.
  11. I think people are acting appropriately skeeved out by Tony/Kristen now. Whether it was Andre or not, people were not grossed out at all by the fact they got married in 1994 or 1995. It was hardly mentioned but I always thought it was super creepy whether or not they were actually blood related. It was just weird. Weirder than John being a priest or devil possession? Probably not, but strange that it was played as a lovestory, at least on Tony/Andre's part.
  12. I would guess Sarah to be about 35? So older than linsey but younger than Sarah should be. Sarah's age doesn't really bother me when I don't feel like she has a huge or memorable past to draw from. She was basically a fairly blank slate character that hadn't been seen or really mentioned in over 2 decades. I would have to agree that EM and MM's Brady and Belle seem too old especially when they reference past stories like Sami selling Baby Belle on the black market when MM and AS look they same age. Really Brady, Belle, Paul, and Will should all be close to the same age but they are clearly 15-20 years older. It's an odd choice. Honestly I think AS and Christie Clark look a lot younger than EM and GV.
  13. When the most exciting thing about the show to me was Lucy mentioning she wants to re-launch Deception, you know you have a writing problem. In regards to Sam, you really can't tell me she is this bad ass chick when she needs to be saved by Jason every 5 mins
  14. I find Eric Marstolf very bland. Roark Critchlow's Mike was the definition of bland Chase and Nathan from GH. All those bland guys on GH in the mid 2000's that Maxie and Lulu dated : Jesse, Cooper, Logan
  15. This isn't at all racy in the explicit sense, but I always thought it was so scandalous and hot that John and Marlena just had sex on a conference table fully clothed with an open door. Who knew Doc was so kinky? I thought the scenes were Brenda and Jagger first had sex on GH and she pulls out a condom were pretty racy, but I was young and would have to see it again. There was also a Jax/Brenda kiss scene that was banned in Canada because of very obvious tongue action in 1998. I think it was when she proposed to him when she was nuts but I can't remember now. Didn't the entire CBS lineup start showing male butts for a minute? That had to be kind of racy.
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