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  1. If GH really wanted to give Sonny and Brenda a baby they could say they slept together after they kissed in 2003. They met up afterward or something and slept together. A lot of these random babies happen off screen. Or it could be an SORAS'ed kid from 2010 which is more likely. Joss was a baby in 2010, so that would mostly fit the timeline. Although literally the last thing Sonny needs ever is another child. I do wish they would have given S&B one before he got every random woman in town pregnant. I would easily sacrifice Dante, Kristina or Avery for an S&B baby (especially Kristina). Well, I mean technically they should have found and actress that looked like CC since she was there first. Seriously, Laura Wright fits the bill. Someone that looked like Vanessa in the 90's? I always thought Hunter Tylo looked a lot like VM before all the work they both had. I really don't know. I think NLG would have made a good Julia recast honestly. I wish they would have made it more clear that VM was obviously Hispanic. I wish the woman who played Veronica was at least Hispanic, although the actress did look like her a bit ( I can't for the life of me remember her name). I am sure GH could have found an actress that looked like VM to play her sister in the 90's. The one thing GH has proven is they can find and hire anyone that resembles VM regardless of acting talent.
  2. I remember using them with WN's Roman sometimes but not to the degree she does with John. This going to sound really weird but she also has a different way she cries only with WN's Roman. If you watch the affair storyline it's something I always notice. I don't find DH stiff really but sometimes Marlena and John scenes in recent years come off stilted I guess. Like maybe they forgot their lines or messed up blocking. Because they probably did. It's strange for me to describe because I don't find them as a couple unnatural or weird, in fact I love them and think they have great chemistry, but sometimes their scenes just don't flow right. Anyway, clearly I love DH/Marlena if I have given this much thought to her performances. Carry on Marlena and your moans!
  3. Oh, I agree about the moans and gasps. They have gotten progressively worse. It's an odd choice to say the least. I don't remember it being as noticeable to me until the late 90's and her and Drake now just seem to use it in all their scenes. Now I am used to it but I never got DH's motivations for making it sound like she was in a porno. ED is just a better actress, but I will say that ridiculous material helped not hindered her. She was dead boring as Kristen before she became evil.
  4. Deidre is definitely the more watchable and charismatic actress. I think the OTT is a JER thing as well, at least in Deidre's case. You can see a shift in the way she plays the material of, say, the affair to the way she starts playing things from Maison Blanche on forward. But to be fair the material was ridiculous. Suzanne has always been way OTT and hysterical to me in her acting, and while I didn't mind her as a talk to and Alice's support she could have been given at least 1 story by JER lol. I like her as drunk Maggie right now. It's not good acting, but if I was offended by bad acting I would have stopped watching Days ages ago.
  5. I think DH/SR can both do good work. I think they both just tried to embrace the camp of JER's era and basically just never tried stopped. I have to believe they are aware they aren't doing master acting. DH relies on really annoying ticks like gasping and moaning with John and Suzanne just acts for the people in the cheap seats in all her scenes. I think DH put some effort in the 90's up until she realized the Possession was not going to win her emmys. I can't remember really ever liking Maggie, but she never bothered me much either (aside from the Daniel/Melanie stuff)
  6. Ignore. Tell me more about Willow and Diane being related🙄
  7. So Julie Williams just doesn't exist either in your world? I don't even know why I bother.....I was speaking about Kin in the role.
  8. Sonny deserves his place on the list. I don't even like his character anymore, but he's been the face of GH for about 20 years now, like it or not. And I don't like it. Scott is to me like the 3rd wheel of a triangle. He's basically Jax. Scott is not the longest running daytime character. Marlena and Maggie on Days have been around longer. Leslie Charleson is the longest running GH cast member. These are just facts.
  9. Genie deserves respect. I don't question her as #1. Scott just never did anything for me. I would never consider him a top 10 GH character. I don't really consider him that awesome. Robert is way more iconic, but maybe Scott is better than I think.
  10. Hmm... Guza not liking CC explains a lot Because I feel like Guza would have wanted MORE ways to talk about Brenda. What didn't he like about her? I would be interested to know. The only quip I have with CC is she looks nothing like VM. Even if they had different mothers..just no way, but that's not CC's fault. I mean, the whole faking of Laura's death was kinda of a dick move to Nik, so I agree with Sly.
  11. I would swap out Scotty with Robert easily and ditch Alexis for Robin. Robin is a legacy child of a super couple that has lived with HIV for 20 years and we watched grow up. Alexis? Played Dobson once and gave birth to Sonny's most annoying child.
  12. No comment on Passions, but I actually do love the "This is what's left of John and Marlena" scene. Kristen stomping on the photograph was pretty awesome. I actually felt bad for Kristen and I felt at that point John and Marlena were just being a**holes about their feelings. Like, dear God, just be honest with one another and Kristen. J&M were just being bigger jerks by mooning all over one another in private, but staying silent.
  13. Yeah it's a shame she wrote Julia out. Paul and Jenny I can understand, although Paul should have been brought back way earlier when they brought back an aged up Dillon. I think Julia just got lumped in with all the bad things GM did during her return. I always assumed CC left on her own because her exit was fairly abrupt. I remember Jenny giving birth and Ned and Lois being involved. I guess they were always in Port Charles just not onscreen. I liked Sly and Lucky's friendship.
  14. Did Crystal Carson leave on her own or was she fired? I really liked Julia/Ned/AJ. I just got the feeling they didn't know what to do with the character. They were invested enough to give her a sister, but then nothing. Julia was really someone I felt needed to be on the canvas in the 90's, if for nothing more than to tell Brenda what bad decisions she was making. I wonder if CC just didn't want to come back full time because even when she did recur in the late 90's I felt they wanted to tell more of her story (implying she and Jerry were a couple offscreen, her being intrigued with Luke, her affection for Jax, her relationship with Ned). Maybe they just scrapped it when VM decided to leave. I could have possibly shipped a Jax/Julia relationship after Brenda died. At least she had a brain unlike Chloe.
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