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  1. Now? There is too much water under that bridge. In the 90's? Absolutely. They should have made it a Jax/Brenda/Sonny like triangle where there were two root for couples and the audience would be divided. But JER didn't do those types of triangles. They was always a villain and an eventual destined winner. I am a firm believer of J&M as the endgame, but I think I would have enjoyed Roman/John/Marlena much more than all the Kristen nonsense. Not that it wasn't good, but it made John and Marlena both look dumb for a long time. It also made Marlena look a little pathetic. Was her plan just to pine away for John the rest of her life if she didn't figure out Kristen's schemes? Were John and Marlena just going to both be miserable because Kristen and John shared a child (which J&M also shared)? That makes zero sense lol. Roman would have made sense and been much more organic and believable. I also was never a big fan of the Stefano/Marlena obsession. Wanting to kill her? Sure, but being so desperately in love with her was just weird. He's a supervillain. At some point wouldn't he just cut his losses? He could get other women. Paris was really good and all, but it was never a characteristic I enjoyed about Stefano. So glad they randomly brought that back currently...
  2. Not about him and Hope at all, but, yes, literally Sami/Carrie/Austin drama could have kept him going for years. Plus, Stefano things. I would have been okay with him and Billie or Kate though. Even him and Kristen honestly. Anna coming back would have been the best.
  3. I mean, I have always heard NBC thought Deidre Hall was too old for Drake in the 90's and that's why Eileen came in, but I still think NBC thought she was a viable character. I do think Reily just adored Marlena and played her more front and center than any other head writer would. And obviously in the end John and Marlena are what the audience wanted. Again, they were in no rush to pair Marlena with anyone else so why not have Wayne around? By the time Roman returned in 1997 even if it was Wayne it was too late. The audience was already way too skewed on J/M's great, soulmate love. I think it would be interesting if Roman and Marlena tried again, but Belle not being his and all the Stefano craziness that had occurred made them just realize they couldn't recapture what they had. Roman could have veered off into other stories and Marlena could have been inserted into Kristen/John again. It could have kept Roman viable as a character and made him less "man scorned/left brokenhearted" like JT's Roman became. I guess it would limit the crazy Marlena stories if she had a love interest, but it would have been a better ending for Roman and Roman/Marlena fans which did exist. And I do think Roman was needed during the Carrie/Austin/Sami mess. Things were too tenuous between John/Marlena/Sami that someone needed to check Sami that she cared about. And he just looked like a crappy father for being MIA for all that Sami/Carrie went through. It's hard to believe that a man that lost so much time with his children against his will would just willingly decide to take a super dangerous, undercover mission and not be heard from for 4 years.
  4. Wayne was fired They said there was no story left for him I heard Marlena and John were a no go so they tried to find someone else because Deidre looked too old . And Dee Hall is my goddess but she does look a little older than John.
  5. I thought the show went hard with John and Marlena after Maison Blanche IMO The Possession was a love story. I never thought Kristen and John were a lovestory. Weird because I get it, but Isabella was very extra and too white hat. Like it's great in the lexicon of John's story but she was never going to be Marlena and they were always trying to make her John's great love
  6. Wasn't Whitney the one the show kept saying was just like Marlena even though they weren't that similar outside of them both being blonde and doctors? Rebecca and John was such a random pairing. It's like the show didn't really know what else to do with John and they were just waiting for Eileen or to see how popular John and Marlena would be. I honestly am not sure what the plan was with John. I think the writers still hadn't settled on J&M being endgame. It's weird that after Isabella he slept and impregnated Marlena, slept with Rebecca, slept with Kristen and offscreen got Paul's mom pregnant in like a year's time lol
  7. I wouldn't be against killing Carly off honestly. I was never a huge Carly fan, so LW's deviation from the actual true version of SJB's Carly doesn't seriously offend me, but I am not sure why they even keep LW around. She plays Carly like a loud soccer mom. She has no romantic chemistry with MB and it's not like she is an amazingly stunning beauty of anything (although she is attractive). She seems like a cool person IRL, but she lacks any vulnerability and warmth onscreen. She's just a very cold actress and it doesn't work well for the character of Carly. But to be honest, I am used to her and, like I said, there are many characters that I would ditch before her. I do think Carly and Jax make a good couple and they actually have chemistry. But the bigger problem is I like CarJax, but it's been well over a decade since I shipped a character or couple on GH, so I don't really care who ends up with who.
  8. I would send Sonny to prison or kill him off. I would have him quit the mob and send him to Rome with Brenda, but that seems like too happy of an ending for him and frankly, Brenda deserves better lol. I would keep Jason and give him his memories back Have him repent his sins and start a new life. Even though I personally like Sonny better, I think Jason is probably the more important character for GH. And poor Monica needs one of her kids to survive. Aside from the poor life choice of marrying and procreating with Carly. I think Jax is fine. I don't think GH uses him well at all. He's a pretty good catch and he is basically been marginalized for Sonny his entire GH career. I could take or leave Lw's Carly but I prefer her over 75% off the cast. There is something inherently unlikeable about Laura Wright though. I am honestly not sure if Sam or KeMo has a lot of fans. It seems like it and I am not sure why. She's attractive but I have never seen an actress look like she was phoning it in more than her. She is so monotone and boring.
  9. I mean obviously making Sonny/Jason/Carly the leads of the show was, and continues to be, a huge problem. Sonny, Jason, and Carly are all fairly good characters on paper, but they are really meant to be supporting characters. I could go on and on with how the show botched Sonny as a character in general. He was a villain. Yeah, he was a pretty decent guy sometimes and really loved Brenda, but he was still a criminal. Giving him endless amounts of children and selling him and Carly as a great love story is just a weird choice. How many women can say Sonny/Jason are good men who did some bad things and we as an audience are supposed to just buy this crap? It's a description I'd buy in 1997, but not in 2019. At the end of the day Carly, Jason, and Sonny are bad people. Its fine if they have friends/lovers who see them as good people or at least having some redeeming qualities, but an entire town including the mayor and police commissioner should not be their cheerleaders. Honestly, I am not sure where it went wrong, but I think pairing Sonny and Carly was a big part of it. And I also think it's very strange the show never had Jason regain any of his Q memories. That couldn't have been the original story plan. And pairing JaSam forever and ever is just boring. I know Sam has tons of fan, but she is just one of the worst characters ever to be a lead.
  10. I would keep all of the above and possibly Jax and maybe Carly? Sonny can leave, but I actually maybe the only one who likes him still. But I am very fond of the 1993-2000 era so perhaps I am blind.. Sonny could have an epic going out story by going to jail, dying, or giving up the business to be with Brenda and I think I would be good with that. The ultimate ending to Sonny occurred in 1997 when he left Brenda to go on the run. The business he loved so much cost him the love of his life. End of Story. The last 20 years of romanticizing the life of Sonny and his whores has been the ruination of GH. And Jason as a hero/hitman hasn't helped, but I digress..
  11. Lol I can't even name 20 characters on current GH. I can't think of a single, non legacy character that's been introduced in the last 10 years that's been any good. Ava? I honestly can't even think of a legacy character introduced that has been interesting. I would easily argue GH needed a time jump or reboot before Days. They both suck, but at least I know most of the characters on Days
  12. Brenda's breakdown story is probably my least favorite Brenda story ever (yes, including the Balkan). The actual breakdown is very cringe worthy acting wise and I hated that Sonny leaving her basically led her to spiral into a mental breakdown. Though I did like the way it brought her and Jax back together. I think if Vanessa had not left the show they would have kept her with Jax for awhile, although I assume Sonny and Brenda were always the endgame. I don't think VM leaving would have effected Carly's airtime or story. She could have had a legendary love/hate relationship with AJ for years. In fact , thinking about it, Vanessa staying would have probably helped the show stay on track. Sonny/Brenda/Jax and AJ/Carly/Jason seemed to be the more appropriate triangles and losing both VM and KMc at nearly the same time sorta left SB's Carly as the only viable younger leading lady so she got all the story instead of just leading her own story which probably indirectly caused Carly to become the lead she is today. I think Brenda/Jax/Sonny are legendary and Carly/Sonny/Jax can't even hold a candle to that triangle, but I am not sure either pairing would be anywhere close to viable today. Maybe Brenda/Jax? The only way I see Brenda and Sonny getting back together is as an endgame pairing when GH ends which I am here for. Jason and Brenda were going to be paired in 2002. I heard the same thing @titan1978 did. Sam's story back then was basically a slightly reworked version of the Brazen/Sonny story they planned before Vm left. I always wonder how Brenda having Sonny's baby and falling for Jason would have effected the show. I assume it would have ended at some point with Carly/Jason and Brenda/Sonny. It was always a missed opportunity to not pair Jason and Brenda but the timing was never right. Jason and Brenda always had a weird almost sexual energy to them even when they were bickering and fighting and I think Sbu and Vm play off each other well. It's one of the few times StoneCold's lack of emotion and SBu's bored acting choices actually worked in a pairing. Oh well it was not to be. But seriously I could think of 10 characters to drop from current GH just to bring Vanessa back. Watching Brenda in super long sleeves cackling, making out with Sonny, and fighting with Jason is still more entertaining than anything on the current show
  13. I think she's been doing this for awhile now. Maybe a year or so. I mean someone in the family has to work....
  14. That's so sad. I really loved TC as Nik and addiction is such a horrible disease. This sounds like he is hitting rock bottom. There may be more going on than we know and it may be financial, but I would think he would be okay considering where he is living and the fact he worked steadily for 20 plus years. Even if he has been struggling with addiction since he was a teen, it seems to have gotten much more serious in the last couple of years. I don't remember hearing about him having issues before Days (which doesn't mean they didn't exist he may just have been more functioning). I really hope he gets the help he needs for himself and for his family.
  15. I am pretty sure Jax did not take over Deception. Katherine was still running Deception when Jax hired Lucy and stole Brenda away from Deception to have them both work at Jax Cosmetics. And that's where Lucy/Brenda worked until Brenda had her breakdown. I am not really sure what happened to Jax Cosmetics.. I assume Jax still owns it?
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