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  1. I mean, I have no idea if that's the case with Frank/Vanessa but it seems like it. You know Guza would have camped out in Vanessa's back yard to get her back if he could have. Frank just seems indifferent. But her stock was a lot higher back then too. LW's Carly in general doesn't bother me. She just comes off loud and obnoxious. I didn't have a huge attachment to Carly to begin with even with SJB so it's not as jarring. I liked both TB and SJB and Carly as a character should be a lot more interesting than she is. But LW seems like a great team player, loyal, attractive enough, and honestly always tries. Her lack of chemistry with MB bothers me more than Sonny and Carly. They are fine, but they should be so much better. But then I hate when they pair Sonny with some young petite brunette, so I guess I am okay with it. Carly could do better though. AH and her messy hair bother me. And I liked her on loving. She is the KeMo of Y&R. Boredom is their acting choice...
  2. Stefano definitely changed gears away from Marlena about 15 to 20 years ago, but I can still buy it? He was obsessed enough to kidnap her a billion different times so I'll give it a pass. I think Deidre Hall still looks stunning and Jarlena were great today. Ridiculous and OTT with a side of bad acting, but their scenes were still good soap to me. I squealed in my living room over John's dialogue and obviously I could tell it's a show on a shoe string budget but John and Marlena still resonate with me as a soap viewer.
  3. Cin stans definitely hate Marlena and John for some reason. I think Ron wants to feature John/Marlena and it has to be a Marlena in peril thing because, at this point, Jarlena have certainly outgrown any third party interferences that aren't wacky or villainous and it's all Ron knows how to do. Can you imagine him writing a serious cancer story or something? On Days now? I think it's weird to think Days became "The Marlena Show" after she joined because I only really think she was super heavily featured was in the mid 1990's. She was always a lead but never overtook the show like Reva or Sonny did on GL or GH. I know SJB has/had issues with GH, but I don't really think Vanessa does. I just don't think there is much interest on either side. FV doesn't seem to want her and she doesn't seem to care. When is the last time the show even mentioned her? She seems perfectly content to just do a Lifetime Movie a year and raise her kid. I am sure she will come back one day if only for the end. Laura Wright fills that void fine and I guess it's sorta a merger of the two parts, but not the good parts of Carly and Brenda lol. Not anything that made them unique. LW plays Carly like a soccer mom and that's fine, but it's not Carly. And her and MB just really have no romantic chemistry.
  4. I heard the Elizabeth thing a long time ago, but I think it was that she was going to be the long lost daughter, not Sam. Not sure if it's true or not. The VM one was just a rumor. There is no real evidence to suggest that Brenda was ever going to be Oscar's mother. I think the show just didn't know who the mother was going to be and fans speculated. Just like they are with Dev now even though we have no indication Brenda lost her son in Turkey lol.. I have always wondered though if Cooper Barrett was supposed to Julia/Brenda's sibling or Julia's son. Or if they just randomly named him that.
  5. I actually really liked Alexis and her relationships. I liked her with Ned, I liked her with Jax, and even liked her with Sonny. But then I saw NLG's twitter and it colored my entire view on her and her character. She's a reason stars shouldn't have social media. Her and CC both just seem like drunk crazies and it stinks because they are good at their jobs. But saying all that Alexis really isn't all that necessary to the canvas on GH. The list of people I'd get rid of before her is pretty long though. I did enjoy her this week when she told Sam she was an idiot. It's weird Days seem to struggle with SORASing while other soaps do an okay job at it. I can't think of an instance where GH hugely threw me with SORAS the way Days has.
  6. Well that really stinks that Guza was outnumbered. It really was a quick drop of Jason and Liz that's for sure. But I get the decision to change up Ric, not because he was a FOJ, but because the story probably would have been better with Brenda and then she left. But in all these years I am surprised none of Lily's relatives popped up to get revenge. Besides the useless kid Migel and lily had and he just was as lame as his parents.
  7. Hmm.. that's so interesting he clung to Robin. I wonder why? Didn't Kmc say specifically she did not want Jason and Robin when she came back? I think there was a plan to pair Liason in 2002 but then I think Guza became infatuated with the idea of Jason/Brenda and we got Courtney in the interim. And what about Ric? He was clearly supposed to be Lily's brother and they just completely changed that. He had flashbacks of a car blowing up. Never explained lol. Wasn't there always rumors of a Liason pairing and it got nixed by Frons? Idk what's real or fake with the Liason/Jasam stuff though.
  8. That's all super interesting thanks! My memory about some of the 2000's is off. I am much better at the 90's. I am surprised SBu was so powerful back then. It was before Jason was the savior of upstate New York, but I guess this was probably back when MB was off the show and they needed a mob lead. I don't think ALW or Courtney is the worst. They just made her out to be the most awesome thing ever. She was fine with AJ. Zander and Gia were just much more interesting but probably because they weren't shoved down our throats. Gia being Sonny sister would have been such a fascinating dynamic. I actually would have really liked to seem them play that instead of Sonny's blonde perfect sister.
  9. Why was SBu against it? Robin and Jason were good, but not a supercouple or anything lol. I assume that means it was something personal and that is pretty unprofessional. I remember them chem testing Robin and Nik and Brenda and Jax being super fan girly about it and all for it and thinking it was a little bit of an extreme response to Nik and Robin having lunch at the Outback lol. I was open to it. It was becoming increasingly obvious Jason and Robin weren't compatible anymore. I heard the Gia sister story. I think that would have been good. I loved MR as Gia. But wasn't she recast around the time this would have happened? I don't recall the new actress being very popular, but I don't think the show put much effort into Gia after MR left. And, I guess ALW isn't really popular either, but Courtney was pretty decent when she was married to AJ. I am not sure why they didn't have Zander be Carly's brother? It really wouldn't have changed much except it would have been creepy to chem test them like they did with TB's Carly. It would have made him more important to keep on the canvas though.
  10. This is purely my speculation, but I think they would have let an S&B baby live. And Jason and Brenda would have been a minor thing and in the end S&B would end up together. I think Jason and Carly could have ended up together too. Him and TB's Carly had good chemistry. And Michael would have been just raised by them. Sonny and Brenda having a kid would have negated needing Michael to be the child that ruled Port Charles. Although a Sonny and Brenda child probably would have ate the show even more lol .I always thought it was so obvious and odd SBu played against him chemistry with SJB. I don't know what that deal was but wasn't he super invested in his pairing with KMc? Yeah casting was rough at that time. Didn't Rena Sofer leave rather abruptly too so Ned wasn't doing a whole lot either? And I am sure it didn't help when VM quit then unquit screwing up the S&B happily ever after. Thanks for breaking my teenage heart so you could have your nervous breakdown story, Vanessa! And I am sure it didn't help that the girl that played Miranda didn't work out and neither did the girl that played Gina Cates. The thing about Guza is he was really good at big events but stuff did fall into his lap. The Sonny, Lily, Jax, Brenda stuff. The Laura/Nik stuff, some really good casting finds in SJB and TC. But he also did tweak things right like moving Jax to Brenda when Rena quit and I think he paced things pretty well. And honestly the Carly/Bobbie story was the best story at the time. The baby Michael stuff was by far the best stuff to come out of 1997. I am not defending him because he spent years ruining GH but I think Guza was okay until 2003.
  11. I always thought some of that Cassadine stuff got pushed back because of Genie Francis and her maternity leave that lasted really long. I heard about Miranda being a Cassadine, but wasn't there a lot of stuff just dropped back then that wasn't Cassadine related also? Like Mac having some backstory with Jax and the family? And the entire Dr.Dorman murder, drug stuff that lead to Lily's father could not have been the original plans. I feel like the show was really messy for a bit and Guza probably didn't even know where he was going with it. Also most of this stuff happened when PC premiered so I am not sure if GH got all the attention it should of. I think they were going to pair Jason and Brenda before Vanessa left, but I don't think it was going to be endgame or anything. I think Guza wanted to do it since 1998-they interacted a ton after Sonny left. I have heard this story for years-I don't know if its just on other boards or if it originated with a KeMo or Guza interview or if it's some S&B fanfiction- Sam basically just took Brenda's place in the story he had planned. Brenda sleeps with Sonny, there's a who's the daddy with Jax, Brenda ends up with Jason and they fall in love. I would think a S&B baby would have probably made it and in the end S&B would be together. I mean, it makes a lot more sense with Brenda in the role. I definitely have an old SOD or SOW somewhere that Guza said he did not expect Vanessa to leave and he had a ton of story planned and had to change a lot. So knowing Guza, he just thought I'll hire another petite brunette and no one will know the difference as was his MO in the late 90's and early aughts.
  12. Yeah I kinda forgot about awkward in between aged Shawn. I remember seeing him and Brady and Belle as kids but I can't recall seeing kid Phillip at all. I maybe would have waited a couple of years to age the whole crew because the adults had so much story but like I said my bigger problem was them going from teens to a bunch of people that wanted to settle down and have kids at age 20. I guess that happens on all soaps, but I don't remember seeing the late 90's teens on GH being that obsessed with marriage and babies when they were in their early 20's. Nicole and Brady were whatever. I am honestly pretty indifferent to all his love interests. But I liked Brady/Chloe the best probably. They had good chemistry but they were a little too cheesy with the singing and the cancer and scarred face lol. I liked Nicole/EJ. It was miles better than Sami/EJ, but I loathe that pairing. I'd rather she end up with Rafe than with EJ.
  13. I love we all can agree Victor Webster was super hot, so I let that all slide as far a SORASing. Because Nicky Alamain was always a strange choice for a character to bring back. So glad he was able to met Melanie lol. I mean it's bizarre we have never seen Andrew Donovan but we brought back Eve? That seems like a weird missed opportunity. It's like on GH where we have never seen Tommy Hardy, who is a dr. or Liz's mom. Does poor Liz's mom even have a name?
  14. I don't think Belle being SORASed as a teen was that bad. It was more after. It's not like John, Marlena, and Kate and Victor looked too young for that. And hope was very young when she had Shawn. And I think Shawn D was ready to be aged. I think they just burned through a ton of story with Belle/Shawn/Phillip moreso than Carrie/Austin/Sami. Belle was married twice and had a kid by the time she was what 22 or 23? It was too much. With Carrie/Austin/Sami it was a lot of airtime and focus but it was really only one storyline thread. Sami and lucas scheme. Carrie and Austin stay apart over and over. Maybe her affair with Mike should have had more story, but weren't they both leaving at the time? Idk with Belle I feel she went from teen to a 30 year old super quick without anytime to be in her 20's. With Sami I felt she did a lot more until they saddled her with 1000 kids. Also I agree about Nicky Alamain but that actor was super hot. I do think they de-aged Nicky once CC came back as Carly but I could be making that up. I mean, if I can't remember he probably didn't do anything important.
  15. EM is too old but he reminds me of Drake in his mannerisms. It's always jarring when both Eric and Brady look older than Sami and it's not like AS looks super young or anything. I think Belle was aged up way too much as well because now shes Sami's contemporary basically when Sami kidnapped her as a teen and her conception was a narrative on the show for YEARS. But Paul is the worst. He should be around Belle's age, but is Will's but they in theory were born at similar times? Idk, once I start on this line of thinking and get to EJ my brain just starts to hurt. Kyle played Brady like a selfish, spoiled brat which probably is all writing. But his incessant whining about Isabella was OTT. And I will be honest, him and Chloe singing was just a lot. When they broke out singing the Sound of Music-I get second hand embarrassment just thinking about it still.. I also don't get how Brady had a vastly different childhood experience than Belle. Poor Carrie really had it the worst when you think about it and she ended up okay (for soap standards)
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