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  1. I think they were both awful but things happened under Guza. They had events and the show wasn't as dreadfully boring as it is now. Sonny/Carly weren't written great, but I never found them as dull as I do at this point. By the end Guza was a hack, but he did write some good stuff (Clink/Boom, Brenda's 2002 return, early Carly, the Cassadines reappearance etc). I don't think the show fell off the rails until about 2005/2006. The only thing I liked about Ron was his 50th anniversary stuff. And that was probably just from the nostalgia of the returns and the Nurses Ball coming back. So if I am choosing the lesser of 2 evils it would be Guza with an EP like Wendy Riche that reigns him in.
  2. I think people are acting appropriately skeeved out by Tony/Kristen now. Whether it was Andre or not, people were not grossed out at all by the fact they got married in 1994 or 1995. It was hardly mentioned but I always thought it was super creepy whether or not they were actually blood related. It was just weird. Weirder than John being a priest or devil possession? Probably not, but strange that it was played as a lovestory, at least on Tony/Andre's part.
  3. I would guess Sarah to be about 35? So older than linsey but younger than Sarah should be. Sarah's age doesn't really bother me when I don't feel like she has a huge or memorable past to draw from. She was basically a fairly blank slate character that hadn't been seen or really mentioned in over 2 decades. I would have to agree that EM and MM's Brady and Belle seem too old especially when they reference past stories like Sami selling Baby Belle on the black market when MM and AS look they same age. Really Brady, Belle, Paul, and Will should all be close to the same age but they are clearly 15-20 years older. It's an odd choice. Honestly I think AS and Christie Clark look a lot younger than EM and GV.
  4. When the most exciting thing about the show to me was Lucy mentioning she wants to re-launch Deception, you know you have a writing problem. In regards to Sam, you really can't tell me she is this bad ass chick when she needs to be saved by Jason every 5 mins
  5. I find Eric Marstolf very bland. Roark Critchlow's Mike was the definition of bland Chase and Nathan from GH. All those bland guys on GH in the mid 2000's that Maxie and Lulu dated : Jesse, Cooper, Logan
  6. This isn't at all racy in the explicit sense, but I always thought it was so scandalous and hot that John and Marlena just had sex on a conference table fully clothed with an open door. Who knew Doc was so kinky? I thought the scenes were Brenda and Jagger first had sex on GH and she pulls out a condom were pretty racy, but I was young and would have to see it again. There was also a Jax/Brenda kiss scene that was banned in Canada because of very obvious tongue action in 1998. I think it was when she proposed to him when she was nuts but I can't remember now. Didn't the entire CBS lineup start showing male butts for a minute? That had to be kind of racy.
  7. They should have made Avery Morgan's but whatever. To me, Sonny as a character was overall more weakened by his womanizing ways and getting everyone pregnant than the mob nonsense. I always thought 90's was a fairly loyal guy and apparently he learned nothing about safe sex from the death of his best friend from AIDS. Stupid decision for the character. I am sure Guza and MB thought it made Sonny look manly but it makes him look like a joke. It is kind of weird Shawn and Belle only have one kid. Almost all days big couples have two except John and Marlena. But they have been basically off screen since Claire was pretty young so Idk. The Tyler/Pocket story is one of the worst ever. What a silly loose end to just leave hanging and never mention again. And Phillip still has no kids.
  8. Sharon and Sami from Days were both unnecessarily saddled with too many children very young. Sami was a grandmother by the time she was like 35 lol. But someone like Carrie had her one and only child off screen. Weird. The problem with Sonny on GH isn't really the amount of kids (which is excessive) but the time frame. For the first 7 years on the show he remained childless (except for the Lily explosion baby) and was basically in love with the same woman. Then from 2000-2010 he impregnated Carly, adopted Michael, had Kristina, impregnated Sam, had Morgan, impregnated Claudia, and found Dante. That is a ridiculous amount of baby/child stories to give a character in a 10 year period, especially with his revolving door of female partners. I would never had made Dante his son, certainly wouldn't have given him Avery, and have no idea why we are watching Sonny and Carly have a kid now.
  9. Stefano would be my guess too. But Sonny Corinthos has to get some award 1. Dante 2. Lily's dead baby 3. Carly's dead baby 3. Kristina 4. Morgan 5. Sam's baby 6. Claudia's baby 7. Avery 8. Carly's current baby plus Michael That's a lot too and I am probably missed some and unlike Stefano all but one of these kids happened on screen.
  10. Agreed and she was a Sonny and Jason apologist long before the entire town was. It's not like it was a new personality trait. And I don't think she stopped being their apologist when they met Carly. She just didn't like Carly. I get it. I don't like Carly. Anyway, I think Scrubs was a pretty well crafted romance and had 2 good actors in KMc and JT and they actually had chemistry with another.
  11. Lol. I secretly loved Jason and Robin in the 90's. Those ads about the boy with no past and the girl with no future. Loved it. I was however grateful that an adult Robin was able to stay from a dangerous relationship that was done and move on with someone who was basically a good person. It was one of the few times a gh leading lady returned to the canvas and moved on from her most prominent love interest with no looking back.
  12. I was surprised by the Jax/Hayden reveal until I thought about it. She is totally his type. Although, pause, they met in Rome. Either Rome is the ultimate GH off screen hangout or Jax/Brenda were a thing up until recently? Because I doubt Jax is just hanging in Rome, not seeing Brenda, and learning Italian and meeting petite brunettes.
  13. Robin and Patrick for GH was the first I could think of and I didn't think they were that great, but they had chemistry and a pretty good build up to their romance. Emily/Zander, Kate/Sonny, Lulu/Dante, and Maxie/Spinelli all started out really well, but became pretty crappy after good beginnings I also thought Belle/Shawn and Chloe/Phillip were decent as teens in the early 2000's on Days Leo/Greenlee on AMC That's about all I could think of and that list isn't great
  14. Jax/sonny/Brenda is probably the best triangle I ever saw on soaps right up until VM/Brenda left the first time. After that it became redundant. And then there were all the years they just told basically told the same story with Carly instead. I never really got into fanwars because I genuinely liked both S/B and J/B as couples. I lean more torwards S/B but I liked J/B enough to say they are easily one of my top 10 favorite soap couples of all time. Clink/Boom is just good soap. Too bad Guza felt the need to re-do every few years in case we forgot. One that hasn't been mentioned that I loved was John/Marlena/WN's Roman. It was so soapy and you felt for all parties involved. Plus it created years of story. Early Bo/Hope/Billie was good too. It a shame JER decided to make all his triangles so lopsided in the mid 90's. Carrie/Austin/Mike is the only triangle of that era that was balanced and Austin/mike are both pretty lame.
  15. I loved the show back in the day but had no real attachment to LC, so I thought I 'd like the reboot fine. Turns out everyone else is boring AF and Lauren sorta held the show together. I think now that reality tv is so prevalent the contrived meet ups and scenes are now just more fake than they were 10 years ago. Also, Stephanie's face is just super weird now.
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