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  1. DAYS behind the scenes, articles/photos

    I always thought JA could act. He was just wasted on Days. And he was so dreamy to me at 15. Like, so hot, but as an adult I realize Eric was dull AF and annoying. His Fauxman/Marlena pimping was obnoxious. I love when Eric tried to fight John and John was basically saying I am not going to fight you (because clearly I would win) and Eric kept swinging... It was a waste of time and talent. He so much looked the part of Sami's twin and Marlena's child.
  2. DAYS behind the scenes, articles/photos

    As a straight female, I was really excited for this potential story. And then nothing....I think Eric being gay/bisexual would have made great story. Marlena accepting it, but Sami and Roman struggling and Eric struggling with himself. Better than the JA pairing with Nicole.
  3. DAYS behind the scenes, articles/photos

    I know this is from 2 years ago and no one cares, but I always thought they were going to make Eric gay/bisexual and just backed out. I think there was some fan speculation at the time agreeing with that theory too.
  4. Classic GH Thread

    While not to hijack a GH thread, but when DH returned to Days in 1991 she literally had her own wardrobe credit. I can't remember the store's name (somewhere in the OC I think) it actually said wardrobe for Deidre Hall provided by.....lol. She wore the same pink suit for like 2 months back then, so I wouldn't brag about providing wardrobe for her...
  5. General Hospital July 2018

    It's really sad the last month's thread was only 5 pages and like half of it was talking about JL's awesomeness as Ryan/Kevin and Brenda/Jax/Sonny. The show is not even mildly watchable, but I do like KFC's biscuits.....
  6. GH: June 2018 Discussion Thread

    Jax lived in the Penthouse in the PC hotel his entire first run. Maybe he did again when he returned a year later? I can't remember. I liked that set. BTW, I think Ingo is still attractive, but he was smoking hot back than as was MB....This is pretty much toward the end of round 1 of S/B/J as Brenda was only making sporadic appearances while VM was filming "The Rock" and pretty close to reuniting with Sonny.
  7. B&B: June Discussion Thread

    She was on Dance Moms since the beginning since she was a kid. She never was the best and she definitely..um..grew up, but Dance Moms is the show with Abby Lee Miller and launched the 'career' of Maddie Ziegler the star of all Sia's weird videos. It's a pretty good trashy show, but Nia was never the real star or anything. She would not be in even the top 5 of the cast members I would cast on a tv show. Ha! Ha! You beat me too it. I always felt bad because she was the least talented and she didn't really have the body type for a dancer. I think she also sings. I mean, she had an endearing personality on Dance Moms, but it doesn't translate well to acting I guess.
  8. GH: June 2018 Discussion Thread

    I have zero problems with Brenda having an affair with Dante in the past. How would that be her fault? She said more than once Dante reminded her of Sonny, it makes sense. That's why I don't get VM wouldn't play the Dante/Brenda thing. The baby? Okay. An affair who cares? Her next return she made it seem like she had sex with Michael and gave zero effs who knew (and the writers left it ambiguous IMO if it happened or not) This was literally a plot twist that wrote itself. J&B having a child. Carly and Sonny having to deal with that. Perhaps Brenda's child being a match for Joss when she needed a kidney. Brenda deliberately hiding Jax's child instead of the Balkan just telling her it was dead. It would have been great material! I would completely accept this retcon right now and make Alec Jax's. I really enjoyed S&B's wedding as a stand alone couple of episodes, but seriously there was no need to marry them to divorce them in 5 months over essentially nothing-her lying about the baby being Jaxs would have made a hell of a lot more sense than the way they broke CarJax and S&B at the time. Plus, it could have given us another teen on the canvas now besides boring Joss and Oscar.
  9. GH: June 2018 Discussion Thread

    I have stanned her since I was 10. It's habit. I still love her. I just ignore all the bad like a delusional fan. She was kinda funny in 2013 when she fake seduced Michael and Carly lost her mind. here is the link. There is the bonus of shirtless 1996 Ingo in there and the hilarity of little Brenda breaking up the fight lol. At like the 2:20 mark I think VM saw GH was a steaming hot trash pile and just decided she wasn't going to play it-and she left anyway, so why not make her? It was a little too messy to make Brenda the mother of Sonny's grandkid, especially since anyone who returned to see her (all 200 of us) probably were S&B fans. I suspect it would have cause ratings to dip. Probably more risk than reward. I think me and Bob Guza were the only two people on earth that thought VM and DZ had chemistry. It was dumb to whine about a secret and then make it a big nothing and saddle Brenda with a kid that belong to a random. The drama would have been it being Jax's baby. That's such an obvious storyline I can't believe it didn't happen. This would have effected people so much more! I am not sure Brenda as a character was ruined as much as VM played her so oddly. In 2002 she was a hot mess too, but VM still played her with some spark and charisma. She was okay in 2013 too like she at least had a pulse, but I think she now plays off LW, IR, KMc, etc better than MB although she is miles better with MB than any love interest Sonny has had since Sarah Brown's Carly.
  10. GH: June 2018 Discussion Thread

    Considering MB's height he should be lucky VM is short and GH kept casting Brenda lookalikes for the next 10 years to pair him with. Is TB shorter than MB? I always thought they looked the same height. Ingo and LW were the two tallest people on the show at one time besides JT's Patrick lol. There is a scene in 1996 I think where Sonny punches Jax and Ingo literally has to bend down to take the punch. The scene never fails to crack me up because Jax could easily physically beat Sonny up. Anyway LW still having a job is a testament to here having power at GH. She isn't the worst, but she certainly isn't anything special looks, charm, or talent wise. They just literally have run out of women to pair Sonny with and heaven forbid Sonny is single ever. S&B were once my favorite soap opera couple and now I am like meh unless it's the last episode I don't really want Brenda back in that orbit. Brenda just gets more and more tainted every return. Carly can have him. It's a containment thing to me.
  11. GH: June 2018 Discussion Thread

    LOL! The height difference or lack there of makes them seem so physically off, so I agree with MB there. If they had chem maybe I would ignore it. I think both MB and LW have big egos, tbh. Wes Ramsey isn't attractive, charming, or a good enough actor to be randomly cast in a parking lot in such a large role. I get you for sure. I remember him gushing about VM in 2010 and it was odd because they never really gushed about one another in earlier eras when they both were super popular. I felt he immediately grabbed onto the idea that S&B were going to be super popular again so they are now besties in real life too. The minute VM was out he was all over KSu. I get it. He's got a family and bills to pay, but I think MB and LW wield way to much power at GH. For some reason I thought LW and MB were always friendly, but preferred not to be paired with one another.
  12. GH: June 2018 Discussion Thread

    But DZ being on correlated to MB being on a lot too back then. Haven't there always been rumors of discord between LW and MB? Like I feel that MB has been pretty vocal about not liking the Carson pairing with LW. As long as he gets airtime I don't think he cares. He was fine with VM and talking her up when she was on and eating the show with him. Same with the actress that played Kate/Connie.
  13. Shocking Deaths and Surprises

    Lol! I remember it was a Friday cliffhanger for Clink Boom and I was sure Lily would survive somehow. It was a long weekend. I had no idea that Lilly Melgar was leaving/fired (I can't remember which). I was shocked! on Monday when it was revealed she was really dead. I also remember even at 10 being like "ugh we are never going to hear the end of this from Sonny" lol. Little did I know......
  14. Soap Stars - Where are they now?

    Yes. They did. Very obnoxious to the viewer who just wants to watch the skating, but they don't really bother me. Tara and Johnny were very good in 2014, but they have gradually progressed into campiness and gossip and I am not sure what they sound like to regular fans or watchers, but they talked almost through entire programs. Tara is actually the one that never stops talking. I work in the figure skating field, so by the Olympics I had seen most of these programs a million times, so I could tune them out because I knew what elements were coming next. Anyway, rumor has it Johnny is very jealous of Adam and his attention he is getting. BTW, random fact, but most figure skaters I grew up with watched soaps. We had very odd school/skating schedules so I was often getting off school/getting ready to skate or vice versa when soaps were on at my house. Most of my skating friends watched Days and/or GH, while most my 'regular' friends were like what are you talking about? Marlena who?
  15. Soap Stars - Where are they now?

    This is neither here nor there on a soap board, but I used to be a competitive figure skater for years. Outside of Johnny's annoying personality, he actually has relevant things to say in regards to skating, while Scott Hamilton used to grunt and scream a lot and used the same phrases for every. single. skater, so Weir's actual commentary doesn't bother me that much. Scott Hamilton is just a more likeable personality, though. NBC got so much positive feedback from Johnny and Tara Lipinski's 2014 Sochi B feed commentary (the one that showed every single skater in every discipline on the old Universal Sports channel) that they fired Scott and have continued to use Johnny and Tara, although Scott was doing some commenting in Pyeongchang this year. I wouldn't be surprised if Adam starts commentating in the future, though.