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  1. She's been filming multiple Hallmark movies in Canada. I am not sure if that delayed things or that was always the plan when she signed on, but I assume she will start filming soon. Looking at the announcement it was kinda vague as to when she started right? Late 2020 so that could mean the next few weeks or literally Dec.31st lol, but I don't think she is filming yet so I would assume the very end of the year or 2021 instead. They possibly could have pre-taped stuff but she wasn't in the Day of Days advance promo.
  2. I get the feeling the show had a strong idea for Dev but it hinged on Dante or a backstory with his parents. I am thinking they may have wanted to make him Sonny's son possibly with Brenda and someone realized that was stupid and/or VM said no and then FV had no idea what to do with him, sent him off for a bit, and then just decided screw it and killed him off. It's weird because the show seemed very into him in the beginning. Dustin lasted longer because of Dante, I think. He was always basically a throw away character, but when DZ decided to come back they made it more. With
  3. It looks like John might do that tomorrow in regards to Jan? I don't mind this Jan story, but it's so rushed. Or not even rushed, just Jan spending a lot of time doing a lot of nothing and she just amped it up to 100% crazy town overnight. This story truly could have played out for much longer and would have taken years in the Reily era. Plus, Phillip has been oddly misused in all this. Are they playing a triangle right now? Because neither Phillip nor Belle seem that interested in each other. Days has a wealth of history to play with this, with long term characters, and it f
  4. DAYS Joey Johnson Stephanie Johnson Andrew Donovan Noel Curtis Carrie/Austin's unnamed child Sydney Dimera Johnny Dimera Nathan Horton Chelsea Brady Days has a ton of hardly/never used kids out there GH Serena Baldwin Tommy Hardy Elizabeth's mom-probably not legacy, but we deserve to see her once. Sarah Webber
  5. I agree. I am not sure how I want Steve to play this, but not like this? Arguing with John, steadfastly believing his son who has done wrong before, and arguing with Kayla just doesn't seem like the right angle to go with. Kayla having Allie wait for Tripp before getting DNA results does feel like we are marginalizing the victim. Again, obviously, there is something coming up to change these feelings, but it feels really unfair to Allie. But at this very moment we have no reason not to believe Allie's version of events. All that being said, MBE and SN always deliver great, believable
  6. I honestly think Steve is being a jerk. Especially with Kayla being a rape victim. We have no reason not to believe Allie (even though I know there's a twist). I feel like she is being unfairly forced to talk to her believed rapist all the time. But I do think MBE and SN do real conflict very well, much better than supervillain/brainwash nonsense.
  7. You're right. I did like Jax/Alexis. I was always bummed they never went there with them. I do like them as friends and they hardly ever acknowledge it now.
  8. Casting him as Mike Horton would have been a great idea. He even had that same surfer vibe that MTW's Mike had. I found Daniel more offensive than Rafe or Eric. SC played Daniel almost smarmy and above everyone else. Plus he looked dirty like he didn't bathe a lot. I just think he was destined to fail when he started wooing his completely age inappropriate patient Chelsea and then his other patient, her grandma Kate. And then he got that annoying writing treatment where everyone said how awesome and amazing he was. Daniel was just always a no for me. I would c
  9. Are you talking about Daniel Jonas in general or Daniel/Melanie as father/daughter? I pretty much hated Daniel as a character, but I think SC and MB played off one another well. That whole mess with Daniel's paternity then Melanie's was awful and I think saddling Melanie to Daniel made her less popular lol. But, if we are specifically talking about SC/MB's chemistry and relationship as family, I think they were decent together and fairly sweet. But if you are talking about liking Daniel himself that is an unpopular opinion. I do remember hearing he was popular online on faceboo
  10. I loved Jax for years and IR's politics don't bother me as much as they (rightfully) bother other people. I can get past that. I would agree with you that Jax has been useless for years. I don't think it's necessarily Ingo's fault. GH has never given the character of Jax much more to do besides rescue women in bad relationships and hate Sonny. His pairings are generally lackluster and LW's Carly is the only woman besides VM I can remember him having chemistry with. Ingo/Jax is definitely someone who is still employed because people remember his 1 great story in the 90's. Watr
  11. I actually do think EM brings more humor and a bit more charm than GV does (I did like his Lucky on GH though). I do think EM does tend to have some chemistry with his female leads, but his romantic partners are so random (Melanie, Chloe, Nicole, Madison, Kristen, Theresa, Arianna Sr., Eve, I am sure I am forgetting people-that's a lot of interests). I don't even know what I would call Brady's type except a female that's pretty and willing lol. I also appreciate the fact that EM's Brady is more believable as John's son than KL's Brady was. Like seriously, how did Isabella and John have a f
  12. Totally get what you are saying, but will disagree. Brady being an addict is a big thing. But Eric also became an addict that actually killed someone under the influence. Obviously not a sex addict (which I think Brady is more of a 'love' addict than a sex addict). I wouldn't call Eric reckless, but both Brady and Eric make dumb, irrational decisions a lot. I find both GV and EM to be competent and attractive, but they pretty much both follow the role of bland leading man. I actually thought JA/KL's Eric/Brady, respectively, were much further apart in personality. Jensen's Eri
  13. Best GH's Sonny/Brenda/Jax obviously is my favorite. I loved both couples even if over the years it got played out and adding Carly to replace Brenda was not the same. It was must see tv when I was young. Days Roman/Marlena/John I get the thought Roman got trashed for it, but I still felt for him even though he was kind of an ass. He was never not the wronged party in that triangle and they never should have gotten rid of Wayne. Plus it gets major points for the years of story it inspired all over the canvas HM Carrie/Austin/Sami Marlena/John/Kristen
  14. Yes, he does. My biggest problem with Brady is he and Eric fill a very similar purpose and there isn't enough difference between them in personalities. Brady's personality is ill-defined. He's good sometimes, but bad other times according to different writers whims. And it's not like he's a gray character-he just seems bipolar with his personality traits. And opposite of Belle, Brady is given ALL the love interests despite none of them really sticking except this Kristen thing which will always be idiotic. I mean, the woman once told him she was his new mommy lol. I would say most o
  15. Yeah I think so lol. What a huge letdown for Shelle fans. I felt bad for them. Listen, MM/Belle is fine. I think Shelle should be on the canvas. They definitely belong in Salem. I am just saying that I think there have been major missteps with characterizations, aging, and casting with both Shawn and Belle. And Days being so locked into the Shelle pairing hurt both characters in the long run. I think Belle and Shawn could have been much more than they are, but it is what it is. Days has bigger problems. I do agree with others that MM is very good with family scenes
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