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  1. Lol! I don't think locking your twin in a sanitarium and taking over her life is merely creative. But okay......I honestly can't tell if you are being serious or sarcastic. To be fair, she wasn't crazy when she was murdered.
  2. Has Sami ever taken anything ever as a rational adult? That's part of her 'charm'. There is a reason they call her hurricane Sami. Oh man that child was obnoxious. I wish she said to Sami, "I really wish DJ lived" every time Sami messed up Or "maybe it was a mistake to name you after my crazy twin". Thanks. For some reason I thought she reappeared more at the hospital during the Mike/Craig/Ali etc stuff.
  3. Okay, fair enough. I think there is something in Sami that craves Marlena, Roman and John's approval. I think Belle is Marlena's favorite by a mile, but she has taken a lot of crap from Sami and just took it from her for years and always tried to defend her. I think Marlena loves Sami very much, but I do think she likes Carrie as a person more as a friend as well as a defacto daughter. I don't think Marlena gives a [!@#$%^&*] about Cassie. She is Kate's daughter anyhow. Sami is more of a heroine now, but she did a lot of crappy things for years and blamed it on Marlena, John, and Carrie most of the time. I am not going to say what Marlena/John did wasn't awful, but Sami spent YEARS being mad about it. I guess my bottom line is if the only bad thing was Sami drugging Austin that's one thing. She was a messed up kid and MarDevil told her to do what she could for Austin, but Sami did numerous bad things after. I totally understand not being a Marlena fan, but I don't think it's fair to blame Marlena for Sami's bad decision. But YMMV on this.
  4. Umm.....Sami is the main perpetrator here in this situation. MarDevil didn't tell her to drug Austin. She did that on her own. I like Sami a lot, but the devil didn't make her do all those bad things. I enjoy AS and Sami and always have. She does to this day have a habit of blaming others for her mistakes and Marlena/John were her main scapegoats in the 90's I don't think Marlena's Psychiatry skills really have anything to do with the situation. It wasn't Marlena talking to Sami it was MarDevil. And Sami is her daughter so again it's just two different things. I don't think Marlena is better or worse than most tv shrinks though. It is bizarre she shrinks her close friends and family. I don't think being a Marlena fan hasn't anything to do with my comments. I am a Sami fan too. I like her by far the best out of any of Marlena/John/Roman kids except maybe Carrie, but it's been years since Carrie was a true factor on the show.
  5. Whatever happened to Nurse Lynn? I remember her drugging Laura and then I don't remember anything after. I mean, what didn't Sami try to blame on Marlena or John lol? It was bad advice, but Sami's always been one to hear what she wants to hear and run with it. But it was reinforcement enough to convince Sami it was a good idea. I never really 'got' Sami's plan because it wasn't to get pregnant. It was to sleep with Austin and he would know she was better than Carrie? That's a dumb plan, Sami. That was a weird time where AS was gone (due to backstage stuff with RKK and her mom) and I would assume JER probably wanted her more involved in the possession than she was, but it was all very dramatic when she came back in time for the wedding. It moved so quick from the Possession to the Carrie/Austin/Sami stuff into Aremid. JER was pretty good at flowing one story into the next.
  6. MarDevil gave Sami the advice to do whatever it took to get Austin, so I guess? Sami was already pretty nutty over Austin, but after that discussion and encouragement from Lucas she decided to drug Austin. So MarDevil gave Sami bad advice, but Sami made her own stupid decisions in that regard. It's not like Sami was close with Marlena back then or ever listened to her, so I am not sure if MarDevil's advice made a difference one way or the other.
  7. Lol! I am sure Ron will have some tongue in cheek casting comments if Never Say Never ever gets made. Julie/Doug appeared for Tom's funeral and Hope/Gina's reappearance, but they had nothing to do with the Possession. The main players in the Possession that I recall were John, Kristen, Father Francis, Gabe the Angel, Mike, Carrie, Stefano, and Caroline but everyone else knew and were only mild to moderately concerned lol. Sami wasn't even around. She came back like the day after it was over to interrupt Carrie/Austin's wedding. Haha! I love those scenes after the Gemini twins landed or whatever and Belle and Shawn D were explaining it to their parents and John, Marlena, Hope, and Bo could barely keep a straight face or take them seriously and were all secretly thinking they raised two idiots for children. I think Deidre was supposed to play it low key. I don't think she was immediately supposed to lose her [!@#$%^&*]. I assume she thinks Doug is crazy still but we will see how it continues Monday. But Deidre played the whole episode low key with her odd reaction to the movie and her disbelief the affair would be portrayed in it. John was the one immediately losing it over the thought of it, which, again, in reality the Possession would only be vaguely touched on at the most in SAMI' s story.
  8. I think it's cool Ron used Doug as the devil. Really random, but cool they are using the Hayes for something substantial. It's a full on geriatric devil possession, but that's fine. They all seem up for it.
  9. I was literally about to make a joke about how Johnny could watch the Never Say Never: The Deidre Hall Story for inspiration, but I refrained. Thank you for making that joke! I mean Sami will love a movie about her and totally thinks she deserves it. Also, Marlena, umm one of the most important moments of Sami's life was catching you banging John on a table. OF COURSE that would be in the movie lol!
  10. For sure both would, but Marlena's life is more complete. Not like she's dead or anything lol, but Marlena and John will end up together regardless and honestly they should make it about the entire family. Anyhow, I think it would be more interesting for Johnny. If he didn't know about the Possession I assume he doesn't know about Marlena's marriage to Don, her dead son, her twin sister, the Salem Strangler etc. It would be a cool nod to Dee's 45 years, but this is more than enough. And just Sami shooting Alan's balls off is worth a movie, tbh lol. I mean out of all Marlena/John/Roman's kids Sami has the most interesting life but how would they even end it lol? Again, I am nitpicking, but it would just make more sense to choose someone in their 70's as opposed to someone in their 40's.
  11. I am assuming Dee was playing it like she misheard him and that's he's mentally ill. I don't think even Marlena would automatically jump to the fact that he's the devil since no one has literally mentioned it in years until today. I love that John kept his priest collar. It makes sense, but it's just so weird because no one has mentioned this stuff in so long. How does Marlena being possessed by the devil play in to the Sami Brady life story that much? She was out of town most of it as a runaway. Johnny should really make Marlena's life story not Sami's since Sami is only like 45 and it's more interesting.
  12. That was a good episode. I loved it! I think we all knew what was coming, but I enjoyed the surprise ending a lot and all the history talk between John/Marlena.
  13. It sounds like tomorrow will be good too, so I am really not sure why they don't mix it up. I get that these stories shown today intertwine, but they may need to mix it up a bit. I think it might be a matter of them switching gears for the fall and tying up some loose ends on some stories.
  14. All the characters they used today were the interesting ones (except maybe Lani/Eli). I don't know why the show doesn't mix it up by using a variety of good characters on different days. It's like they do the B stories some days and A stories the other days. Like JER did except his B stories were better and I think Chabby and Cin are considered A stories lol Raven Bowles is really pretty and she dresses really well always.
  15. I know. I feel like you have to actually buy the physical DVD on amazon and it's not cheap. I wish I could find it elsewhere because I remember really enjoying it and ASJ's abs before I knew how much he sucked as a person.
  16. I think Nadine would have worked better with someone like Spinelli and I believe he lost his virginity to the crazy sister Jolene. Night Shift Season 1 was a really weird show that didn't really follow real GH at all and had strange storylines like the fake Brenda Barrett patient that was burned that never went anywhere lol. Season 2 was so much better.
  17. Yes. Nadine's sister was a killer on Night Shift. I do think it was an odd pairing for Nikolas. It was so unlike anyone he ever dated and TC was over it lol. I don't think the actress (Claire Coffee) was bad though.
  18. Can you imagine watching the spinoff and trying out the main show and this is what you get to see? Talk about a loss of momentum.
  19. The shame is all the characters and actors have a rich history and had great chemistry especially JkJ/NB. A lot of it is the writing (I can tell Ron barely cares about this story), but the actors just aren't sparking like they used to. Plus, I feel like Brady and Phillip are treating Chloe like a possession they get to have instead of someone they love.
  20. I think she only spoke out about Mo regarding salary disparity. I think she said she made half as much as Benard and Burton. So I don't think it was anything personal against him. The only person I can recall her calling out on GH as far as actors is Vanessa. You are probably right about moving Jason away from Carly to Liz. But I do think MB/SJB had better chemistry than SBu, so, again, I just don't think it was personal. I think they were shifting the story due to the massive bomb of Sonny/Hannah.
  21. I agree 100% about SBu not having the right to stop a story because of his preference, but did he actually stop it? He actively played against it, but his leaving the show stopped the storyline. It didn't change because the show gave him another story. It changed because he left. But maybe I am wrong since they were starting to set him up with Liz. In another pairing of Jason's that never truly was. Ugh, I am sounding like a Jason shipper, but I don't think Guza would have stopped for him if he remained on the show. Regardless, I agree with everything else you are saying.
  22. I am going to imagine it wasn't good. And Wally Kurth called it 'bone-chilling' because he was so horrified by it lol I don't think Freddie is that bad. He had some good moments, but I believe production tried to steer him toward his stronger suits when he wasn't acting disinterested or bored. I don't think they were stifling his creativity.
  23. Do you get the feeling that Freddie wasn't allowed to be 'pissed off' because he was awful at it and production was just being nice in telling him to tone it down? Lol He was being passive aggressive about the recast's writing, but if he wanted the role than he should have just taken it? Freddie doesn't bother me as much as his wife does. She seems so fake. I am sure she's a nice person, but there is nothing genuine about her that translates on camera.
  24. I am sure I brought this up before but is there any chance this was an Ingo/Jax story that Jason was inserted into when IR became..........problematic? It would make more sense to me overall. Jax/Carly grow closer, Jax finds Sonny, lies about it, and it all comes out at the wedding. Britt/Jason remain together, but have problems because Britt misunderstood something and slept with Jax. It did seem overnight for me for Jason to change his feelings. Carly I get. It's in her cannon to want to be with Jason as endgame even if it's shifted throughout the years. But SB has always played Jason with antipathy toward any Carly pairing. That may be a SB choice, but this all seems weird.
  25. Thanks! I feel like something did shift in the storyline. It looks like we are supposed to root for Jarly and Nina/Sonny for real. Maybe it's to make the love stories all more well balanced like you said? I honestly think Carson, Jarly, and Nina/Smike are bad, but Jason/Britt is good and I would assume we will eventually go back to Carson. Is it possible Britt is pregnant and it could be a whose the daddy story with Jason/Jax? That's a lot of kids to bring to GH in a year though.
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