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  1. Good to see Howarth way down the list for the year and hope this is a sign that Franco is on the way out.
  2. Howarth as Franco. Most useless forced character in GH history and played by a terrible hammy actor. Worst recast and reboot of all time on any soap. Most deadweight role in daytime right now. No other showrunner except Frank would keep Howarth around.
  3. What was airing on DOOL for that week?
  4. Wasn't this current report before the CBS blackout took effect in mid July? B&B's viewership was able to remain steady and they picked up nice gains in the 25-54 demo. Y&R's ratings have been dropping like a rock (every single week) since they brought back Adam in May. They even lost viewers in the first two weeks of MS's return back in June. Why is it not being reported anywhere about the ABC blackout? GH fans were complaining on twitter for this week (July 8th-12th) about not being able to watch the episodes on Directv. They were able to pick up nice gains for that week cause they had a lot going on for a change.
  5. Lots of GH fans were saying on social media that ABC isn't available to them as of early July.
  6. Cynthia Watros is doing a great job as NuNina.
  7. There were preemptions on Monday (New York Fire) and GH was the only soap impacted. Missed half the episode in the 2PM EST airing and all of NY missed the full episode in the 3pm EST airing. You should've marked that cause that's why Monday is lower than usual. Not sure how you missed that unless you just don't watch GH. There were no preemptions on Friday to my knowledge that would impact Y&R/DOOL's low numbers on that day. If there were any interruptions, it didn't last more than five minutes. Nobody was complaining on twitter about missing any scenes on Friday.
  8. If there is only one positive from Jill Farren Phelps returning to GH, it would mean we would finally be done with Howarth and Easton's carousel of characters. She would kick them out the door in a budget slash and you can take that to the bank. She doesn't like any pets from other soaps unless they are her own pets from her old soaps. Jill would send a message loud and clear (ASAP) that Frank's OLTL pets are finished on her watch. Franco will be killed off. Finn will be written out as apart of Hayden's return.
  9. Frank is out? Phelps is back? Source of rumors? I don't believe he is going anywhere. I would be shocked if they went back to her.
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