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  1. Another World

    I have been rewatching episodes from 1983 and they are even better than I remembered. Felicia / Cass / Cecile. The introduction of the Love family. The Alma Rudder murder. Nasty Jeanne Ewing. Faith Ford and Mary Page Keller as recasts for Julia Shearer and Sally Frame. 2 characters that never should have been killed off. Mac and Rachel reunited. Liz, Brian, Vivien, Larry, Clarice and Ada silll being featured. Maisie, Lily, Quinn and Gil. So entertaining and fun!
  2. Another World

    He did then I think she was on her own for a bit. There was such a revolving door it was difficult to keep up with who was writing.
  3. Another World

    Dorothy Ann Purser then Richard Culliton / Gary Tomlin. The core families were front and centre - Corys, Matthews and Ewings. The Loves and the McKinnons were being fleshed out. There was diversity with Quinn, Lily and more. Great young characters and actors that were tied to the older characters - Nancy, Perry, Ben, Marley, Thomasina and Carter. The vets were used effectively - Mac, Rachel, Ada, Liz, Clarice and Larry. Exciting new and newish characters were mixed in - Catlin, Cass, Cecile, Sandy, Felicia, Wallingford, Donna, etc. If Allen Potter and Richard Culliton / Gary Tomlin could have remained for a few years I believe the show would have been ratings hit again.
  4. Another World

    The fall of 1983 through the end of 1984 is one of my favourite periods of Another World.
  5. Another World

    I enjoyed the Edward Black / Steve Frame story with David Canary in the role and with return of Alice and Sally as written by L. Virginia Browne. The problem was the casting of Alice and then the horrible writing by Corrine Jacker.
  6. Another World: Whatever happened to the Matthews family?

    I would say Robert Cenedella began the destruction of the Matthews family by killing Lee Randolph and Bill Matthews. Those 2 characters should have been leads for decades to come. However, Harding Lemay put the nail in the coffin by killing Mary Matthews, John Randolph and Steven Frame. And having Jacqueline Courtney replaced. Horrible decisions will long term effects. L. Virginia Brown did an excellent job slowing rebuilding the family by bring back Alice and Sally. During her tenure we had Jim, Liz, Alice, Pat, Russ, Sally and Marianne. I would have loved for her to have a longer tenure as head writer. Richard Culliton and Gary Tomlin also tried to bring the Matthews family back into focus with the return of Jacqueline Courtney, Sally being front and centre and Liz as a key supporting character. Unfortunately they killed off Julia which was a stupid move IMO.
  7. Another World

    Man I love this thread!
  8. Another World

    I am loving this discussion. Please keep it going!!
  9. Another World: Whatever happened to the Matthews family?

    I agree Harding Lemay began the decimation of the Matthews family. I am watching 1981 episode of Another World on Youtube and the Matthews family was made strong again by head writer L. Virginia Brown. Russ, Pat, Liz, Jim (although rarely seen) were still with the show when she took the head writer position. She brought back Alice and Sally (the wonderful Jennifer Runyon) and put them front and centre. Unfortunately Corrine Jacker soon takes over as head writer and the less said about her the better.
  10. Another World

    Then again many characters should never have been killed off - Mary Matthews, Steve Frame (twice!), John Randolph, Julia Shearer, Sally Frame, Quinn Harding, Ryan Harrison, Bridget Connell, Frankie Frame....
  11. Another World

    Killing off Lee Randolph and Bill Matthews was very short sighted. They should have been very important long term characters.
  12. Another World

    Cathy Greene was the first Sally and was a good child actor. I really liked Jennifer Runyon in the role. You can see her work as Sally on Youtube. Mary Page Keller was beautiful and talented. By far my favourite. Taylor Miller could have worked out as Sally but the writing was terrible at that time. She also admitted that she has some issues behind the scenes that did not help. The character never should have been killed off. It was a very bad move.
  13. Another World

    Hey everyone. I noticed that several people have questioned why Chris Robinson was not a recast of Willis or Vince Frame. I remember reading an interview with him and he said the show originally wanted him to be a recast of one of the Frame brothers from the 70s. However, he wanted them to create a new character for him so he became the never mentioned before Jason Frame.