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  1. Rhonda Lewin played Vicky after Ellen Wheeler. I really liked her (I think I am the only one) and thought she should have been given more time in the role. However, if that happened we may never have had Anne Heche! At around the same time Rhonda Lewin was hired Nicole was recast with Lauri Landry. I really liked her in the role then both Nicole and Vicky disappeared without any mention. Both roles were recast months later. It was rather strange.
  2. Another World did a great job recasting female characters. Some roles were recast with actresses who were as good as or better than the popular original actress. Victoria Wyndham / Robin Strasser (Rachel), Anne Heche / Ellen Wheeler (Marley/Victoria), Anna Holbrook / Laurie Heineman (Sharlene), Irene Dailey / Audra Lindley (Liz), Beverly Penberthy / Susan Trustman (Pat), Carmen Duncan / Beverlee McKinsey (Iris), Nancy Frangione / Susan Keith (Cecile), Amy Carlson / Alexandra Wilson (Josie), Mary Page Keller / Jennifer Runyon (Sally) and Susan Sullivan / Judith Barcroft (Lenore).
  3. I believe Sean Kanan left the second time because he criticized Ron Carlivati on Twitter. He said something like he did not return for relish and panic attacks. There was a bit of back and forth and then AJ was dead.
  4. I just watched the December 24, 1985 episode of Another World. While overall 1985 was horribly written this episode was very good. All of my favourite families were represented - Matthews (Liz, Sally, Kevin), Corys (Mac, Rachel, Ada, Nancy), Ewings (Larry, Clarice, Catlin), Loves (Peter, Donna, Bridget, Marley), McKinnons (Kathleen, MJ, Jake), Hardings (Thomasina, Carter) and the friends (Cass, Felicia, Wally, Dee). Sadly within a year most of these characters would be written out or recast. In 1986 there was an interview with Margaret DePriest, Donna Swajeski (an executive at NBC at a the time) and John Whitesell where they bragged about refocusing the show and pretty much changing the majority of the cast. They had no idea what an embarrassment of riches they had with the cast and characters that were there. Ironically it was Swajeski 2 years later who brought the show its last period of stability and respect.
  5. Marty rape was really difficult to watch. Sadly it happens all too often on campuses.
  6. If I recall correctly Kathleen Widdoes was in a play during the final weeks of ATWT. However, there could be more to the story. I was also sad that we did not get a few last scenes with Emma.
  7. Beverlee Mckinsey was one of the reasons I got hooked on Another World in the mid seventies, I never thought I would ever accept anyone else as Iris but Carmen Duncan won me over. RIP.
  8. It definitely looks like her.
  9. Peggy Sloane was Another World's last good head writer. I wish she had stuck around for more than 2 years.
  10. Rachel and Janice fighting in the pool! Mac, Mitch, Willis, Gwen, Brian, Vivien, Russ...
  11. Jason Frame told Nicole that he and her mother Elizabeth were friends when he worked for the Love's as a horse trainer. The Love children thought their mother had committed suicide. However, in 1988 they found out that Reginald killed her as Jason was blackmailing Reginald about it. I just watched these episodes on YouTube. Peter was the first to show up as an employee at Cory Publishing. In the beginning he and Cass had a bit of rivalry over Sally Frame. Then Donna, Perry, Nicole, Marley, Victoria and finally Reginald arrived in this order. Here is Anna Stuart's first episode. She shows up at 32 mins. So many of my favourite characters are in this episode. It also the first episode where Peg Murray (Olga AMC) was filling in for Connie Ford as Ada. 1983 and d1984 were such good years for the show. I rewatched what is available of these years on YouTube last year and they hold up very well. It is so frustrating that it all went to Hell in 1985.
  12. Yea I think the story would have gone on if Joe Breen had remained in the role and Doug Marland has not died.
  13. It sounds like a lot of you did not enjoy the Scott Eldridge story. I thought Marland told a great story for Lisa by using a gap in time where she was off screen. He really mined As the World Turns' history.
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