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  1. I read somewhere that Harding Lemay toyed with the idea of bringing Bill back as having lived in Europe as a gigolo. Not sure how true it was though.
  2. I wish I could find the interview with DePriest, John Whitesell and Donna Swajeski (she worked at NBC then). They talked about how the were resetting the show around 3 families (Corys, Loves and McKinnnons) and Cass / Felicia. They literally bragged about how the cast was almost completely different. Found it! https://classicsodaw.tumblr.com/post/162125238869/classicsodnews-another-world-makes-its-move
  3. 1985 was definitely a mess which was so unfortunate because 1984 was one of my favourite years in AW's history. But at least in 1985 we had our favourites onscreen. 1986/1987 saw the elimination of the Matthews, Ewings and Hardings. In my opinion the show never truly recovered from Margaret DePriest's first stint.
  4. There was a scene where I think they said it had to do with Vince wanting a boy and when they had a girl they decided to keep the name that was already chosen.
  5. I rewatched the Clown Puppet Murders a few years ago and it sill holds up!
  6. Sven Peterson terrified me as child. Alma Rudder (Elizabeth Franz) on Another World was pretty scary too when she was dressed up as a doll and torturing Blaine Ewing (Laura Malone).
  7. Don’t get me wrong. I loved 76-79. But for some reason i really liked 1984. The show was back on track and was a nice mix of the old and the new.
  8. Now those years are something I would binge!
  9. 1981 is pretty good. 1983 - 85 very good. 1984 is my favourite year and I watched from 1976 until the final episode.
  10. Rhonda Lewin played Vicky after Ellen Wheeler. I really liked her (I think I am the only one) and thought she should have been given more time in the role. However, if that happened we may never have had Anne Heche! At around the same time Rhonda Lewin was hired Nicole was recast with Lauri Landry. I really liked her in the role then both Nicole and Vicky disappeared without any mention. Both roles were recast months later. It was rather strange.
  11. Another World did a great job recasting female characters. Some roles were recast with actresses who were as good as or better than the popular original actress. Victoria Wyndham / Robin Strasser (Rachel), Anne Heche / Ellen Wheeler (Marley/Victoria), Anna Holbrook / Laurie Heineman (Sharlene), Irene Dailey / Audra Lindley (Liz), Beverly Penberthy / Susan Trustman (Pat), Carmen Duncan / Beverlee McKinsey (Iris), Nancy Frangione / Susan Keith (Cecile), Amy Carlson / Alexandra Wilson (Josie), Mary Page Keller / Jennifer Runyon (Sally) and Susan Sullivan / Judith Barcroft (Lenore).
  12. I believe Sean Kanan left the second time because he criticized Ron Carlivati on Twitter. He said something like he did not return for relish and panic attacks. There was a bit of back and forth and then AJ was dead.
  13. I just watched the December 24, 1985 episode of Another World. While overall 1985 was horribly written this episode was very good. All of my favourite families were represented - Matthews (Liz, Sally, Kevin), Corys (Mac, Rachel, Ada, Nancy), Ewings (Larry, Clarice, Catlin), Loves (Peter, Donna, Bridget, Marley), McKinnons (Kathleen, MJ, Jake), Hardings (Thomasina, Carter) and the friends (Cass, Felicia, Wally, Dee). Sadly within a year most of these characters would be written out or recast. In 1986 there was an interview with Margaret DePriest, Donna Swajeski (an executive at NBC at a the time) and John Whitesell where they bragged about refocusing the show and pretty much changing the majority of the cast. They had no idea what an embarrassment of riches they had with the cast and characters that were there. Ironically it was Swajeski 2 years later who brought the show its last period of stability and respect.
  14. Marty rape was really difficult to watch. Sadly it happens all too often on campuses.
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