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  1. From interviews on the French Santa Barbara site: Ismael Carlo does say why he left but it is apparent why he did not last long... In her high petulant way she (Bridget Dobson) commenced to tell me how all her South American workers were beholding to her. How she treated them, "like children". I said to her, "I'm not a child". She got upset and started to cry. I told her that if she did not want me on the show, all she had to do was break the contract and pay me. It never happened. The Dobsons, who were the producers, where a pair of what you would call in your country aristoc
  2. I just watched the Locher Room interview with Ellen, Harley and Michael. I really enjoyed it and thought Ellen Dolan was funny and interesting. As a huge Texas fan I love it that Michael and Harley enjoyed their time on the show.
  3. I just watched the episodes of Texas where this is explained using flashbacks. Iris and Elliot were dating when she met Alex and had sex with him. Alex disappeared and she found out was pregnant. She then called Elliot, asked him to come visit her, slept with him and told him he was the father of her baby. They then got married.
  4. From an interview with Ava Lazar on the great Santa Barbara site. http://santabarbara-online.com/index2.htm You left the show before the end of 1984. What were the reasons of your departure ? With time, did you have any regret about it ? When the producers on the original show were all fired and new producers came in from New York they maintained primarily those actors they had worked with in New York. It was really not up to me to stay. Sadly I wish I could have remained on the show. By that point it was becoming fun again.
  5. I just started watching Santa Barbara from the beginning on YouTube for the first time since it originally aired. I really like the majority of the original cast and do not understand why so many were fired. Ava Lazar (Santana #!1) in particular had star potential. I suspect Mary-Ellis Bunim coming onboard a few months after the show premiered had a a lot to do with the cast changes. She left every show worse off than she found it.
  6. I believe that you are correct. Blaine was very concerned about Donna's interest in Sandy.
  7. Felicia Gallant was based on romance novelist Jacqueline Susann not Alexis Carrington. Headwriter Robert Soderberg had been friends with Jacqueline.
  8. Are the ratings no longer being posted on this site?
  9. I wonder if Guiding Light ever considered bringing Gary Pilar back as Mike since be played the role from 1963–1965.
  10. I agree completely!! She should have been there until the end.
  11. Rumour has it that he negotiated a year extension and part of the deal was that the producers fire Laura Malone (Blaine). Not sure how true it was but Laura was very vocal about how she felt Chris and Nancy turned on her for no reason.
  12. That’s because Harding Lemay wasn’t writing Liz Matthews. His writing for Irene Dailey was the version of Mary Matthews that Virginia Dwyer refused to play.
  13. I enjoy this chat. Those ladies are a lot of fun. It nice to see how close they are after 40+ years.
  14. If you have not listened to this I highly recommend it. It found it very interesting.
  15. Man do I love Linda Dano! I cannot believe that I still miss Another World after almost 22 years. Seeing her back on my tv makes me so happy.
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