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  1. Another Word Donna Love Anna Stuart - 1983-86 Philece Sampler - 1987-89 Anna Stuart - 1989-99 Amanda Cory Sandra Ferguson - 1987-93 Christine Tucci - 1993-95 Laura Moss - 1996-98 Sandra Ferguson - 1998-99 Matthew Cory Matt Crane - 1988-97 Brian Kruase - 1997-98 Jeff Philips - 1998 Matt Crane - 1998-99 Alice Matthews Jaqueline Courtney - 1965-75 Susan Harney - 1975-79 Wesley Ann Pfenning - 1979 Vanna Tribbey - 1981 Linda Borgeson - 1981-82 Jaqueline Courtney - 1984-85 & 1989 Marley Hudson Ellen Wheeler - 1984-86 Anne Heche - 1987, 1988 -89, 1990-91 Jensen Buchanan - 1991-94, 1997, 1998 Ellen Wheeler - 1998-99
  2. I think the Podcast was Brandon’s Buzz.
  3. I just listened to this interview and I loved it. Carol Roux seems like such a sweet person. I loved hearing about the early years of the show. What a wasted opportunity not trying to get her back on screen over the years.
  4. I loved the characters of Caroline, Jane and Alice. The show connected them to my favourite SB Family the Lockridges and they had so much potential. But like much of what was good about SB they didn’t last.
  5. I enjoyed Tomlin and Culliton’s era as well. From late 82 to Feb 85 there was a great balance of the past (Matthews, Corys & Ewings) and the new (Harding/Todds, Loves, Felicia/Cass/Wally & McKinnons). Then it went to hell. As bad as 85 was at least the cast and characters were recognizable. In 86 it was a constant exit of actors.
  6. I agree. Soderberg and Purser improved the show significantly and quickly.
  7. ATWT’s 30th, Another World’s 25th and All My Children’s 25th were the best anniversary celebrations by far. I don’t get why these milestones aren’t celebrated more.
  8. Paulina took her foster mother Marsha Cantrell’s last name. I have no idea why though.
  9. I am curious about this too. Christopher Marcantel was a good actor. I am interested in knowing why he was not brought back to the role sooner.
  10. Technical issues aside I really enjoyed this one. The ladies obviously like each other and were surprisingly honestly about their experience on the show and especially Joe Stuart.
  11. Another World had a few. Leon Janney (Jim Matthers) - child actor in several movies Shepperd Strudwick (Jim Matthews) - All the King's Men Hugh Marlowe (Jim Matthews) - Meet me in St. Louis, All About Eve Harry Bellaver (Ernie Downs) - From Here to Eternity, Another Thin Man Jose Ferrer (Rueben Marino) - Cyrano de Bergerac, Moulin Rouge Ann Sheridan (Katherine Corning) - Naughty But Nice, Winter Carnival
  12. I could not see them either then I refreshed the update page.
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