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  1. i would not be least bit surprised if this was true.
  2. Exactly Khan. Soaps need multi-generational characters and supporting actors. Bridget had an important role to play as the one constant in Vicky's life and she also had great relationships with Donna, Michael and especially Jake.
  3. She fired Barbara Berjer (Bridget) and David Hedison (Spencer). Among many other short sighted and disastrous decisions.
  4. I have listened to and read many Harding Lemay interviews. This was the first one where he came across as humble and not arrogant. I wish the interviewer would have spent some time asking about Mr. Lemay's 1988 return. Other than the the interview was great.
  5. Did Terry Davis and Tony Crag leave on their own or were they let go?
  6. Rumour has it that Chris Goutman wanted Beverlee McKinsey to appear in the last episode / scene but Proctor and Gamble squashed it because they were still pissed off about how she left Guiding Light.
  7. I wish the Dobson's had been given more time when they finally returned. I agree they made mistakes (the biggest being the firing of Carrington Garland) but I really think they could have turned the show around if given the chance. I also really wish they would have been able to write the ending.
  8. Thank you vetsoapfan! My god Beverly was negative in that interview. I am surprised Harding Lemay did not have a plane fall out of the sky on Pat's head after it was published.
  9. Are you able to post the article here? I would like to read it.
  10. While Corinne Jacker was a horrible head writer she did create some good characters - Cass and Stacey Winthrop, Henrietta Morgan, Thomasina Mason and Alma Rudder who was one of my all time favourites. After rewatching many episodes on YouTube from the eighties i have realized that December 1982 through February 1985 is really a great period for the show. If you have not done so I encourage you to watch.
  11. I recently stumbled across this article. I had no idea Beverly Penberthy was so vocal when the was written out. Good for her! She is completely accurate in everything she says. Paul Rauch should have done more to keep her in on the show. Corinne Jacker made many mistakes during her one year as head writer. Writing out Pat Matthews Randolph was her biggest mistake of all. Here is a link to Pat's final episode. Coincidentally it is also Kyra Sedgwick's first episode as Juia Shearer.
  12. Ada did use Hobson as her last name until she died. I liked L. Virginia Browne's stint as head writer but killing off Charlie Hobson was a mistake. He and Ada were so fun and cute together.
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