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  1. Another World

    I am one of the few who liked Rhonda Lewin as Vicky. I think she should have been given more time. But then we would not have been given the amazing Anne Heche so I guess it worked out. I think Heche came into her own as Marley during the rape storyline. Which was also around the time the stupid wig disappeared.
  2. Another World

    Yes he left Another World to create Somerset.
  3. Another World

    I am curious as well. He seems to have continued on with many of Agnes' sorties and characters. However, I do think he did longterm damage to the show by killing off Lee Randolph and Bill Matthews. Those roles could have been recast if the actors did not want to continue or return in the case of Joe Gallison. Lee and Bill should have been driving story throughout the seventies and had the next generation of Randolph's and Matthews.
  4. Another World

    According to The Another World Homepage he last aired on September 20, 1985 and Wikipedia states that he died on June 4, 1986.
  5. Another World

    Does anyone know if Paul Stevens was let go or if he had to quit due to his health?
  6. Another World

    Who were the pregnant women Michael, Mac and Russ abandoned? They were unaware that Nick, Sandy and Josie’s mothers were pregnant when their relationships ended.
  7. Another World

    Was Jason mentioned before his arrival in 1987? I thought that the show wanted Chris Robinson to play one of the Frame brothers who had already appeared by Chris wanted to play a new character so they created Jason.
  8. LATEST RATINGS: December 25-29, 2017

    Can you please post the ratings here? Last week I could view them on my iPhone and now this week I cannot again.
  9. Another World

    Why weren’t you the head writer!?? ?
  10. Another World

    I also liked Olivia. She had so much potential.
  11. Another World

    While I enjoyed Donna Swajeski’s four year run as head writer it was not amazing. It was a relief to have one vision long enough for storylines to actually play out. 1989 and 1991 were two of my favourite years in the 23 years I watched Another World. I loved that she kept Rachel and her children / stepchildren front and centre. She built a new generation of Frames. Donna, Felicia, Jake and Cass had storylines. She created some great characters - Frankie, Lucas, Lorna, Paulina, Ryan, Grant - and couples - Felicia & Lucas, Jenna & Dean, Ryan and Vicky, John & Sharlene. I thought she wrote incredible returns for Kathleen, Carl and Cecile. I’ve watched the episodes from the 25th anniversary and Mac’s death multiple times and they hold up well. On the flip side the show could be quite boring under her pen. She botched the opportunity to rebuild the Matthews family with the return of Russ, the introduction of Olivia and the revelation that Josie was his daughter. Why were the Matthews doomed!!?? Sigh.
  12. LATEST RATINGS: December 11-15, 2017

    Can someone post the ratings here since I cannot view them?
  13. Another World

    I could not agree more!