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  1. Soap Hoppers

  2. Characters with multiple backstories

    I think Michael explained that he had John, Clara and himself change their name from Garrison to Hudson to distance themselves from his father. It was a bit of a stretch.
  3. Characters with multiple backstories

    I don’t understand your point about Jake McKinnon. Jake interacted quite a bit with Vince and his cousins from the moment he arrived in Bay City. And Vince, Kathleen, Cheryl and MJ were in Jake and Marley’s wedding party. M.J. also sang at the wedding.
  4. Another World

    I think his character's name was Father Pete and he offered counsel to Brett Gardner (Colleen Dion).
  5. The soap opera writers' discussion

    I believe that Joseph Gallison (Bill Matthews) and Carol Roux (Melissa Matthews) left Another World in 1969 on their own accord. I read that Agnes Nixon brought Joesph Gallison to One Life to Live. When Somerset was created TPTB wanted Bill and Melissa & and Sam Lahoma to anchor it. Apparently Joseph wanted to join Somerset but he could not get out of his OLTL contract so they killed Bill off. Then Carol Roux was unhappy and left after 6 months. I wish someone would do an interview with Joseph Gallison about his great soap opera career. I am sure he has amazing stories.
  6. The soap opera writers' discussion

    Robert Cenedella killed off Bill Matthews and Lee Randolph. You don't kill off the next generation of the core families. Sigh
  7. Another World

    I remember reading an interview with Donna Swajeski where she said the Vicky/Jamie/Lisa triangle would have turned out differently if Joanna Going would have renewed her contract.
  8. Another World

    One of many mistakes...
  9. Another World

  10. Another World

    I didn't mind Vana Tribbey and I think I would have liked her more had she been given time in the role. Corrine did a few things right - created the Morgan's, Thomasina, Cass, Julia Shearer and ALMA RUDDER! She moved Quinn into the forefront and gave Ada and Liz lots to do. But those are the only positive things I can remember about her tenure.
  11. Another World

    I loved Jennifer Runyon as Sally. I wish they could have enticed her to come back instead of killing Sally off. I thought December 1980 - November 1981was pretty good. L. Virginia Browne refocused the show on the Ewings, Cory's and Matthews. I initally liked the return of Steve Frame and think it may have been a bit more successful had the show properly recast Alice. Both Nancy Frangione and Susan Keith were amazing as Cecile. Laura Malone should have been a leading lady on the show until it's final episode. The conflict between Sandy and Jamie was wonderfully written. Marianne and Jamie had so much potential as a couple. Then Corrine Jacker came along...
  12. Another World

    I am one of the few who liked Rhonda Lewin as Vicky. I think she should have been given more time. But then we would not have been given the amazing Anne Heche so I guess it worked out. I think Heche came into her own as Marley during the rape storyline. Which was also around the time the stupid wig disappeared.
  13. Another World

    Yes he left Another World to create Somerset.
  14. Another World

    I am curious as well. He seems to have continued on with many of Agnes' sorties and characters. However, I do think he did longterm damage to the show by killing off Lee Randolph and Bill Matthews. Those roles could have been recast if the actors did not want to continue or return in the case of Joe Gallison. Lee and Bill should have been driving story throughout the seventies and had the next generation of Randolph's and Matthews.
  15. Another World

    According to The Another World Homepage he last aired on September 20, 1985 and Wikipedia states that he died on June 4, 1986.