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  1. I have not seen the Another World episodes leading up to the launch of Texas since they first aired. I just remember really not liking the 1.5 episodes in general. I completely agree with you about Lee Paterson. Kevin is constantly miserable. I guess that is the point since he wants to get out of his marriage to Reena and return no Bay City. I also find that in his scenes with Elizabeth Allen (who I love!) he relaxes and shows some warmth. It's too bad there is not more of that. I have not seen these episodes yet but they sound great. I am looking forward to them.
  2. I just watched the first 10 episodes of Texas after not seeing them since they first aired when I was 8 years old.I have to say I really enjoyed them and Iam looking forward to the next batch.I’ve read on this message board how the original setup was weak but I have to disagree.The original families - the Bellman’s (Striker, Victoria, Reena, Kevin, Samantha & Bart), Marshall’s(Kate, Mike, Justin, Paige, Dawn, Courtney, Ginny & Steven), Dekker’s (Maggie, Max, Rikki, Terry & Elena), Wheeler’s (Alex, Ryan + soon to be Iris & Dennis) and the Wright’s (Billy Joe & Nita) were int
  3. I recently rewatched 1981 on YouTube and I thought the setup for Steve’s return was well done. Alice had returned to Bay City with Sally then got engaged to Mac. Jamie felt that he had been replaced at Cory Publishing and in Mac’s life by Sandy. Rachel was debating moving away with Mitch and was not happy about Alice and Mac being together. Steve returned and caused drama for all of them. If George Reinholt and Jacqueline Courtney had returned as Steve and Alice I think it could have worked. Corinne Jacker replacing L. Virginia Brown as head writer soon after Steve returned wrecked thin
  4. Valid points. I only remember Judy Dewey and Anna Stuart having snarky interactions. I don’t recall scenes between Laura Malone and Anna. There may have been but I don’t recall.
  5. I would disagree. Both of Blaine’s brothers were in in Bay City. As was her best friend Sally, ex husband Jamie, in laws the Corys, rival Donna. Blaine had many storylines before Sandy and could have after Sandy if the writers wanted to write it.
  6. Liz “Let’s get back to The Doctors” Marie “I was talking about The Doctors”
  7. Nicolas Coster - Robert (AW) & Lionel (SB)
  8. I think the called Marj Dusay when Charles Keating was fired and Ms. Wyndham called in sick. They did not end up needed her though.
  9. Ava Lazar was my favourite Santana as well! I definitely agree with them! There is a long list of reasons why but at the top are getting rid of what was left of the Lockridges and Andrades and focusing too much on Cruz and Eden.
  10. John Hutton's Peter Love was interesting and somewhat popular The recasts and writers changing Peter's personality really ruined the character. I liked all 3 Nicole's. I never understood why Lauri Landy only lasted a few months.
  11. When I rewatch episodes on YouTube I am shocked at how boring many of them are. I like the cast though. Two of my favourite soap stories are from Texas - Hi-to-pah and Ashley getting washed away in a flash flood and being returned to her family at Christmas by angel. I was only 10 years old when I watched those stories so... Thanks. I remember Billy Joe but I have no memory of Nita. Ricky Dekker!
  12. Hey Texas fans I am hoping you can help me out with a few questions I have. Was Nita Wright (played by Ellen Maxted) Billy Joe Wright's (played by John McCafferty) wife or sister? And how was the character written off the show? How was the character of Maggie Dekker (played by Shirley Slater) written out?
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