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  1. I remember that last episode like it just aired yesterday. 1982 was a horrible year for my family and my mother and I cried like babies watching that last scene. We loved that little soap. Was Joel Walker (Charles Hill) related to original characters Bart and Samantha Walker and then also Reena and Victoria?
  2. I think Sally and Jamie did actually go on a date when Julie Philips or Jennifer Runyon was playing Sally. I thought it was gross and was glad it did not go any where.
  3. Wasn't Johnny Perkins on Santa Barbara the heir to a kingdom? His mom Amy was impregnated against her knowledge somehow at the dentist office or something? lol. It hope I have it mixed up because that is kinda bonkers.
  4. Ruby Wright (Alexandra Neil) and Mark Wheeler (Michael Woods).
  5. Chris Rich was asked back for the 25th anniversary episodes in 1989 but declined. Not sure if he was asked back again for the Maggie story. The talk at the time was that P&G refused to let her return for the final episode as they were still pissed that she got one over on them at GL.
  6. Who is the lady on the far right in the group photo? She is the only one I don’t recognize.
  7. Me too! I had very high expectations and they were not met.
  8. ugh. I have been mostly enjoying the show and am not looking forward to a new possession story. But I will wait and watch before passing judgment.
  9. Do you guys think someone will be possessed or it is just a reenactment as part of Johnny's movie? I assumed it was part of Johnny's movie until I read this thread.
  10. I would love to know what was planned as well. Especially about Anne/Frankie.
  11. Never mean!? Pat Randolph would like to have a word with you.
  12. Yes to all of these people!
  13. Donna Swajeski had a storyline that moved Kathleen into Grant’s orbit. However, Julie had already extended her contract once and wanted to get back to her life in the west coast.
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