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  1. I am not going to turn this into a bash-Wright post because I really don't have a personal investment in it, but the last interview I posted of her a few days ago did shock me in terms of open hatred for the show and disrespect for the fans. To get back to ATWT though, Moore has always shown appreciation. When she was "big", Meg Ryan used to ban questions about it altogether although I don't know if that's still the case.
  2. Emily is another character I agree shouldnt have been killed, rationally speaking, but I hated everything they had written for her so much that it is not as triggering for me. I suppose reworking Georgie in would be easier for GH that resurrects characters often more than for others but the longer we go on... How few of current GH viewers would even relate to Georgie being alive. And not to be cynical but "that GH would never be the place for her to break out.". Shouldn't that be what producers want for a younger actress? One how is talented enough - and she was doing fine - but probabl
  3. Not really. Bringing Bill on Y&R is the thing that weirds out the Y&R continuity. But they could write Bill out and revive Brad and it wouldn't make a difference to B&B's logic. Brad exists in a parallel irrelevant world. Of course Don D. would NEVER go for that; Bill S. is 10 times more fun for him to play than Brad was.
  4. That's the beauty of movies, TV, soaps. The meeting between an actor that has "it" or some form of "it" in the right role at the right time. Other more talented folks never found the right role for them to shine or didn't have that little extra or were sunk by bad writing. It is not always fair or rationally explainable but generally when we see it, we know it and that was the case here. That's why it was obvious he wasn't recastable.
  5. Well to be fair, some of the things, as documented recently on the SB thread, Wright said about her time on SB were pretty cross-the-line horrible. Moore never spoke of it that way. Softening with time is good and I take it but there is a reason for which the bar is higher for Wright.
  6. 100% agree with that. Don't misunderstand my point: I was critiquing the overall AMC take on more fantastic stories but I fully agree that I am perfectly comfortable with the show taking a lot of story license to repair that kind of damage so I was fine with it in isolation. Suspending disbelief for the sake of the show is our eternal fate as soap fans
  7. On the other hand, it is probably easier to explain to your husband why you decided suddenly to go "au naturel" than to explain to your wife why your manhood suddenly shrunk by several inches.
  8. Yeah I never took her discomfort with her own work at having anything to do with the show. She speaks openly and warmly of her time on ATWT - get Meg Ryan to talk about hers and see what she says in comparison. But she is, like so many actors/resses, self-conscious, tough on herself. And even if we liked her work then, she has obviously grown as a woman and actress. Meryl Streep once said in an interview that she cringes when watching herself in "French Lieutenant's Woman". I mean even the most talented of performers are tough on themselves!
  9. One of the most infuriatingly bone-headed and short-sighted choices by a HW of the past twenty years. And quite the mystery *why*
  10. It is my understanding. And they didn't tell her so she was pissed because she thought they had a proper story for her AND she didn't think putting Cliff/Nina back together was fair to the character evolution they had tried to play. I don't know if she feels that way but while I can understand that logic at the time, giving fans closure that way was probably the right thing to do even if it wasn't great writing.
  11. The host is a "huge daytime fan" but she doesn't know there are still four on the air every day? Urgh. This is why daytime soaps can't win.
  12. I actually realized that THREE of the four Thornes (instead of two of the three) are very pro-Trump since I had already memory-holed the awful Ingo R. stint and he is too. The other one is Jeff Trachta who has written a song about how awesome Trump is. I mean...
  13. The only reason the character took off like he did was specifically because Duhamel was popular. The upside/downside of taking that risk would have been absurdly skewed to the negative and it is not like Leo was essential to the canvas.
  14. That is 100% the story I was thinking of. "Scent, feel" is the nice way to put it. There is one very concrete piece of evidence one man is not the same as another man that no facial plastic surgery can do anything about. Well, as someone with a track record myself, I can see how she could get confused between people she had casually. But Ridge? She must have had sex with him a gazillion times. NO WAY would she not know.
  15. I don't want to be crass so I am going to put this delicately. It is not so much the age difference that really ticked me off. It is that, as someone who has had sex with more than one man, there is a trope in soaps that I will never wrap my head around which is "confusing one man in bed for another" - whether it is throught plastic surgery or the kind of Brooke/Oliver confusion. No man - and no manhood - is the same. It would be really unlikely for someone to confuse a lover for another one, even for a quickie in the dark, especially someone Brooke had had sex with many times over decades
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