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  1. Yes. Thank you for the important factual correction that had escaped my mind when I heard "shipment". But the rest is exactly as you said; we agree on the underlying point
  2. Oh they emphatically were not above doing that and that's why I stick to my belief their "experience" didn't balance their bad judgement in the numerous ways they mishandled SB.
  3. I think the first part of that sentence leaves the door open to a lot of grossness regardless but point taken. I had forgotten they had written that plot point to try and minimize the fact a crime organization does crime, which wasn't a bad call. But the things that ring in our head when you hear a mob boss talk about "shipment" is not importing keychains or fresh apples.
  4. Or he may have been around Beecroft in some capacity or have heard and handled the fallout of Beecroft's behavior at the time, even if not in a professional capacity. I think the core of my point - and where I think you were on the right track - is that he possibly could have had first hand knowledge this is true in a way he doesn't have with most record-settling done in previous hangouts.
  5. Hunter King has plenty of talent but Summer has always been and is written horribly. One minute she is a raging scheming spoiled B, the next she is the ingenue we are supposed to feel sorry for. She is a villain a minute, a whimpering victim the next. Some consistency in the characterization (which is the writers' fault) would at least a character that is so far unsympathetic to the hilt because whether she is nice or naughty, she behaves in an unlikeable manner. And we are not talking about the character changing (she "used" to be spoiled but now... or something). She literally switche
  6. I'll admit that while I am still not sold on the acting choice of playing Tara with that calm cold flat affect (potentially sociopathic?), the "Oh sweetie" cracked me up. Honestly, I wish more people would openly mock characters like Kyle and Summer who are playing make-believe adults and actually are in way over their heads. It would make it almost tolerable that most other characters seem to take them seriously. A little bit of self-aware humor would do the show some good. You can't play everything that straight when the writing is that boring.
  7. First let me say how much it gets to me when characters we are supposed to root for talk about a "delivery" problem and I know they are talking about drugs. Or when the mother of a character refers to killing people as the "line of work" of her daughter's boyfriend as if that wasn't vile. I just don't understand how that makes characters rootable. I get that's not a new problem and most of us are used to it but I still cannot. (...) That is my main criticism of the show right now. They do seem to fast-forward a few beats I wish we had gotten some satisfa
  8. I didn't comment on this because people seemed to think there was potential there and it is all too long ago that I don't remember clearly enough but, yeah, it is one of these things that do not make sense if you have any sense of history. And it is quite a sin for writers to ignore history when the show is less than a decade old.
  9. I was going by what DRW50 said earlier in the thread about having first-hand knowledge of the ladies involved. Let's rephrase my point and say he may have had first-hand or contemporary knowledge of Beecroft's issues at the time enough that he was comfortable this was the truth. I obviously have no way of knowing but I think the underlying point of what his motives might be in the context of him seemingly making an exception here stands.
  10. There have been many moments where I definitely have been frustrated with Alan and clearly some reunions he derailed with poor moderation but we should still give him credit that he is doing them, setting them up, etc. views or not. Also, and this is not a complete defense of him, but it strikes me that the fact he let her get deep onto Beecroft might because he indeed was there and saw that it was true so he was comfortable with it. Whereas other gossip he cringes at because he wasn't there, can't vouch for it and is concerning about defaming people who can't defend themselves. Not in
  11. That's a very interesting comparison actually. While Gina still had serious moments with RW (particularly early on), she did devolve as mostly a comedic character - like Cecile did. That's why I love this forum! Had never thought of the parallel but it is right on!
  12. "We'd still be on the show if you hadn't called me a racist" has so many layers of delusion, entitlement, white fragility, blame-shifting and not-taking-responsability that I can sort of see why she would vote for Trump.
  13. Yeah the preaching is a bit much - and I say that while still agreeing with her 100% and while having thought for years that Ramona's shitty politics deserve to be called out. That being said, I strongly - VERY strongly - suspect, nay know, that it is the producers who put her up to this AND are choosing to include every single of these conversations in the edit. Everyone can decide why they want to do that - overcompensation, much? - but I am not yet at the stage where I think this is Ebony being *that insufferable person* and more the production using her to make points but not
  14. It does feel that Sonny's death should have been a moment where we got to see Brenda.
  15. It was obvious it was a short-sighted mistake the minute we found out about it. I'll accept a story where their memories and personalities were switched and it is Adrienne who is alive just because.
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