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  1. I seem to be in the minority here but I am really upset about Julian leaving. I get that he was written as a secondary character for a while but I love WdV and I think it was more due to the writing than the character. But they have written him in a corner so they clearly have wanted him out from before the quarantine. All the other names mentioned in this thread can indeed be trimmed out. It wouldn't be unheard of for long-time actors who are known as "pros" to quit on a tantrum when their significant other is fired so you are forgiven for speculating. PMV on Anoth
  2. To be fair, Marty's butt is *literally* how he got the role. And we shall leave it at that.
  3. All I remember from that era of male-butt-showing on butt was Mark Collier's Mike on ATWT.
  4. I liked Katie and Simon well enough but the entire Lily/Simon love affair they started with just never rang true to me for reasons that shall remain unexpressed out of respect for Martha Byrne.
  5. There is an implied read in here lol
  6. No need to apologize at all; it is on me that I took it to mean more than what you were saying. I am not going to lie: I love BTS gossip and I was excited at the thought since she *did* get screwed over which was doubly weird considering she had also a primetime career so you would have thought they'd try to capitalize on it. But she is a pro so you're right. She probably wouldn't.
  7. Both your and the post a month ago had given me the impression there was more explicit knowledge that she would have harsh things to say. I mean, the way they treated her was BS but so was other veterans and it wasn't speculated other veterans would "spill T". So I thought I had missed some fiery interview or something and I was interested. If it is just speculation based on the fact they didn't treat her very well, then: indeed they didn't but I hope we get to hear in an interview, spilling T or just sharing her experience like many of the other actors have, including some that were mist
  8. You know it is funny because I have been thinking of TT a lot in the past month (and even rewatching her rape SL episodes) because Kamala Harris reminds me so much of Jessica. The DA thing, the way she dressed, the mannerisms, the voice... I mean, I am sure it is just me but she has been on my mind. So catching up with the forum and seeing TWO different people mentioning TT being bitter on the thread since I last read it makes me want to ask what the story is. What's the deal with TT and ATWT? Is there a post or an interview ya'll can point me out to catch me up on that because all t
  9. I have always wondered if they were already together then - based on Friends' Joey's theory about actors with chemistry are the ones who want to sleep together but haven't yet. Cooper could have been such a tedious ball of nothing if Weatherly hadn't been so damn charming.
  10. I certainly don't think they are bad actors at all - they have proven that in the past. But it is pretty clear that they had totally given up by then. Don't know if they knew already they'd be fired but even if it was just the stage where they simply hated the material (as they told the story on the podcast) and felt uneasy about their standing, you can see it and feel it on-screen and that's not fair on the viewers.
  11. People tend not to give it credit that it managed to build a much younger audience for soaps that anyone thought could be achieved already by that time. Considering how much hand-wringing there (rightfully) is even more now about the aging demographics of soaps, it always surprises me that not more people have tried to study why it comparatively caught the imagination of many young people at least for a while, despite being cheap and not particularly well-written. I guarantee you that there is a cohort that came of age around that time that still remembers things about Passions, even if
  12. I think the thing that people liked about Passions was that it had a twinkle in its eye. It knew what it was - I mean the premise of the witch stuff was pretty much a giveaway this wouldn't be Shakespeare - but it had fun with what it was doing so the cheapness of it all was forgivable. It was charming trash. But then the novelty wore off and people stopped judging it on a scale. Because people started caring about the characters and taking the stories involving their favorite characters seriously, TPTP had to ramp up the rascally silliness to try and distract from the frustration fans wer
  13. I was a bit harsh and petty. It is true that I have tremendous respect and appreciation for someone who still celebrates his beginnings and he does have talent. And more importantly your point about directors is key. THIS should have been their job to channel his energy and talent in a more subtle manner. That they didn't and it ended up being too much was as much their fault as his. I fully agree with that. Setting aside the energy, I thought he looked good even thicker (and it is not even that bad).
  14. Really? Seems so strange to me that they would kill her before Lucinda got to find out. I question the writers' judgment in this case personally I say that with all due respect but having the son in the background doing whatever and interrupting was just very distracting. I mean, we all have family members who can't help themselves but at least Christine Tudor lovingly hinted at her husband to buzz off after five minutes of him trying to insert himself into the interview.
  15. Talking about losing characters early.... Was there ever a story for why Neal was written off so fast? I mean I know ppl said MKA only wanted to stay short-term but it feels so weird they would build up this big story of her being Lucinda's sister while building an unknowing rapport with her and then would kill her before we got some closure on that? That can't possibly have been the plan all along...
  16. I mean I suppose I don't want to read too much into it but between his fondness for writing women obsessed with a man and the fact he neglected to build female characters a life outside of their romantic life, I am starting to suspect there is something to my supposition that Reilly was a bit misogynistic, at least in his writing.
  17. I am going to be honest: I know I am in the minority but I loved the Mindy vs Alex story up until the point Bev left. Yes, Alex was being vindictive but it seemed understandable and it was fun and well-acted by everyone involved and it led to one of my top 5 favorite scenes in soap ever which is Alex telling Billy in the restaurant (and that marvellous eyeroll when Fletch reads her the riot act for doing it). The latter version with the recasts end up retreading the same soil over and over and over and being tedious. But I didn't agree with Bev on whether the story worked! I guess it is test
  18. And they really didn't listen which kind of bears my point lol
  19. To be fair, in real life, most of Harmony would have been committed and/or in prison. But I agree. It wasn't nearly as endearing as Reilly seemed to think it was (and Lord knows he had a thing with writing about women obsessing over a man)
  20. I loved me some Sarah Buxton a lot. Everything about the stories she was given was highly ridiculous and she sold it so well and felt so likeable and vulnerable - maybe it was her experience selling horrible writing with fun performances at Sunset Beach. I will always wonder what happened behind-the-scenes that prompted them to put the kibosh on her Venice return so quickly.
  21. Fully agree on every point. I could write an entire book on how I believe soaps glamorize toxic relationships and have influenced generations of women to see behaviors that are extremely unhealthy as "romantic". Theresa's notion of fate was obsessive stalking and Ethan wishy-washiness should have been read as him not being that into her. If this had been real life I would have recommended they see other people.
  22. We know she hated how vindictive Alexandra had turned in the last year of her run with the Mindy storyline and that played some minor part in her deciding it was time for her to retire. The question, though, is did she ever say something? She had interviewed many times that she was not interested in influencing the writing on any show she has been on. Her job was acting whatever is written for one and her acting was just her job, for two. Would it have influenced the writing if she had said something? I dunno but I doubt it. They didn't listen to her asking for a lighter schedule so I dou
  23. 100% agree on Scott Holmes and 1000% on Aidan. I have a lot of loathing towards SB so I find him instinctly objectionable because he is such a bad actor. The other names are not bad actors per se. They're just serviceable. As PJ said for instance, Doug Davidson can act. He can be quite good at times. He is just a nothing of a character (in the past 35 years at least) As for ATWT's Jack, I agree that on paper, he could have been one of those. But aided by the fact MP is a good actor and very charming and by the undeniable chemistry between him and Carly, he managed to elevat
  24. I feel some of the names mentioned are too defined to qualify if I am honest. Of course, despite darn generously co-sharing credit for the idea with me, I am not the arbiter but I was thinking of soaps casting moderately good-looking embodiments of the shrug emoji. So I don't think folks like John McBain qualify because, as much as I disliked him, I can describe his character. I don't *get* why he was a leading man but he was too polarizing for what I was thinking of. Meanwhile, good luck trying to explain what DOOL's Eric or YR's Paul or GL's Frank (all good choices) are about t
  25. It could be that his wife had him ask for a breakup in his new contract, sure, but still I can't help but think that even if they wanted to break them up, there was no need to so thoroughly trash the character of Sheridan in the process. They could have come up with a magical storyline like a "Pushing Daisies" (the TV show) type curse where if they touch each other, they die or something. It would have forced them away from each other, would have provided a compelling romantic way to break them up while leaving them to go do other storylines and pairings (while keeping a sense of longing in
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