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  1. Lord yes. That would be the cleanest way out of the increasing chaos.
  2. I'm almost starting to believe that the tide is turning and 45 might have to pay for some of the crimes he's committed.
  3. Yeah, I think we saw last election that there are people on the far left who want to burn it all down just as much as the right does. I'll never understand that mentality, especially not after the last three years of madness.
  4. Right. It was very weird, especially because he looks like Trump so there is no way I believe rumors Barron isn't his. I think Trump is simply that disassociated emotionally from the kid.
  5. ^ Yeah and it's not like Trump is alone here. I never truly understood how many dumb ass people are out there until he was elected (not that I think I'm any kind of genius). People actually held a straight pride parade, for the love of god!! Every day is a new low for Trump and our nation as a whole. Even once he's out, we all know how many of these hateful idiots are out there now.
  6. We should all be used to it, but it's impossible. It's unreal how stupid he is.
  7. #AnyCause8/31/19 😉 We need to be rid of him ASAP and I don't care how.
  8. No worries. I'll do it!!
  9. The reports of all of these white nationalists who have been stopped from mass shootings is just terrifying. It's great that they are being caught before they kill anyone, but it just seems like there is an endless supply of these bastards.
  10. That's for sure. I'm so sick of the insanity. Maybe we'll get a Biden/Warren ticket. I could easily get behind that.
  11. Isn't that the truth. For all we know we'll have nuked several hurricanes by then. 🙃
  12. I had no idea that Fox dominated the news to this extend. Jesus take the wheel.
  13. Please let her hold on. Well, not most baby boomers I'm guessing. I suppose rich active traders could make quite a bit of money repeatedly buying and selling the same stock in this type of market, but I'm hardly a cheerleader for those folks.
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