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  1. I like her more and more all the time.
  2. Yes! This is a good start. If they get fired I hope every one who can will donate to help them. We need leaders now who will try to get people motivated to oppose what is happening to these children. I don't even have any good ideas on who could do it, but I'm hoping someone will rise to the occasion.
  3. ^ I'm starting to feel like we are in the Soviet Union. I get that things aren't as bad as that, but the corruption, lies and denial of reality is off the charts.
  4. I'm with you, especially because people have been saying this for over 50 years now. Sadly, as I get older it seems clearer to me that while power is bound to shift, injustice is not going to be eradicated any time soon. I'm surprised about the poll you mention though. I do always think of young people as more open and accepting on the LGBT front. It seems like there are more parents open to raising children with less rigid gender identities than when I was a kid. But what do I know? I'm don't know many teenagers and I'm living in a strange little corner of the world.
  5. This is just so sad. The people who are trying to help are being turned away because of course hurting these children is a feature not a bug. Someone who matters needs to call a national day of protest ASAP, even if all people do is stay home that day. We should be bringing the country to a stop until these kids are out of the camps.
  6. I love the way these judges are looking and speaking to the government lawyer like she is an idiot. How embarrassing for her. Also, I can't believe this is real life.
  7. We need some kind of national day of protest, which I don't say lightly. It's not every day that I'm willing to risk jail or getting my ass kicked by the police, but we have to take a stand.
  8. I'm sorry to hear that. It really is hard living with Trump's instability and evil. It's an awful combination. I can only assume that the people in charge who are beating the war drums have a financial interest in perpetual war. How strange to think that Trump is the one who called off strikes on Iran 10 mins before we hit them.
  9. But let's not call them concentration camps because reality upsets some people.
  10. The weird thing is that Trump blew the drone incident off as an accident. If he wanted to escalate that was a strange thing to say. At the same time, I won't surprised to wake up to find we have attacked Iraq for no other reason than Trump felt like it.
  11. Yes they are. Anyone who feels uncomfortable with that term should be uncomfortable.
  12. Yes, I found it. Plus this thread. My God.
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