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  1. DAYS: November 2017 Discussion Thread

    I find myself resenting the hell our of Adrienne and Justin on behalf of Lucas. I'm happy to have Eve back. I'm hoping Ron actually knows what to do with her, but she's off to a good start. The Marlana and Sami scenes have been good. It's nice to see them supporting each other and on good terms.
  2. Y&R November 2017 Discussion Thread

    I hope so. Things need to be tightened up a bit. Anyway, I think Mal's version of Y&R is ok so far. One day one episode takes some getting used to, but I don't hate it.
  3. The Politics Thread

    I think it's pretty clear I was speaking in terms of sexual ethics. I have no idea if he even used his phone for any of this and it's frankly the last thing I care about when our government is awash with predators.
  4. ^ People knew all that when he was elected. To me, that's the most disturbing part. Not enough people cared that he was a sexual predator and a racist. Those things go together quite often it seems. Anyway, that's why I fully expect Moore to be elected. It's sick and disturbing, but I don't know what we can do about it.
  5. The Politics Thread

    As far as I can see this guy did nothing wrong. Well, maybe he exercised bad judgement in letting a partner snap a pic. Still, he didn't rape, assault, grab or harass any woman, man or child, so he doesn't deserve to be lumped in with all these predators we're dealing with right now. My goodness. We have these predatory men in every branch of our government. The President has endorsed a pedophile for the Senate. We are facilitating the starvation of Yemen and turning a blind eye to the ethnic cleansing of the Rohingya. If I still believed in god I would expect judgement day to start any second now.
  6. The Politics Thread

    Yes. I will definitely volunteer to do that in 2018 and 2020. Even if Omaha is hopeless (hard to say due to annexations) I think it's good for people who want to vote to feel that they exercised their power. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2017/nov/21/germany-political-crisis-uncertainty-europe-macron?CMP=twt_gu Is Merkel going to survive this? I don't keep up with German politics.
  7. The Politics Thread

    I'm really concerned that we are in big trouble here. In some ways, it's almost impossible for me to imagine democratic backslide in such an open society, in 2017. Yet here we are with people ok with a pedophile taking office as long as their agenda moves forward. It's sick. As for Leeann's allegations, I'm not sure what to think now. She was convincing in that Trapper interview. What about the other woman who came forward. Is she credible?
  8. The Politics Thread

    And Hatians have lost their protected status https://www.npr.org/2017/11/20/565569368/u-s-cancels-program-for-recent-haitian-immigrants-they-must-leave-by-2019 This is such pointless cruelty.
  9. The Politics Thread

    Yes, I think he was overall a good president when it comes to policy. In retrospect he made mistakes on criminal justice and welfare reform. Still, the me that exists in 2017 would not vote for him in the primary. I'm past giving quarter to any man (or woman for that matter) that is sexually aggressive. Paula Jones is the one I am pretty sure is telling the truth (although sadly I believe them all) and I'm not ok with the person who is at the top of our government being a predator. Now we know that Clinton, Bush and Trump all were/are to varying degrees. Shameful! I'd say that the extreme hatred of the Clintons came from the rise of conservative talk radio and Fox. Plus, unlike the Obama's, the Clinton's always seemed surrounded by dealings that were just a little shady and they were smug about playing the technicalities. "I did not have sexual relations with that woman" Debating the meaning of the word "is". It gave the conservative talk shows just enough fodder. And let's not forget that Hillary did not fit into their little box of what a First Lady should be. Still, I've never seen anything like the hate for them it in my life time. The sheer obsession is so far out of proportion to anything reasonable. Even now when they will never be in power again they are a lightening rod.
  10. Vanessa Marcil Expecting

    No, I meant it would have perhaps been wise to use one. Not that she did. It's her business, so I'm just saying generally there comes a point where that would be smart, imo.
  11. Vanessa Marcil Expecting

    At 49 she can't be using her own eggs, so it seems that risk is at least not in play. At six miscarriages a surrogate seems wise.
  12. He' been a bit off for quite awhile.
  13. Vanessa Marcil Expecting

    I hope it happens for her. Six miscarriages is heartbreaking.
  14. GH: November 2017 Discusion Thread

    The was a semi lapsed viewer and the Jason story grabbed my attention and brought me back. I watch the rest of the show too, but I do credit that story with re-energizing the show.
  15. The Politics Thread

    That just makes it more frustrating to me. I hate going down there knowing there isn't a chance in hell I'll be picked.