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  1. So Hillary said she won't commit to backing Sanders. He must have f*cked her over more than I realized. I knew there was bad blood but d*mn.
  2. I think at this point we just have to hope to all that is holy that Biden can take on Trump. It's obviously not going to be anything like a fair fight with the voter suppression efforts going on.
  3. I agree. Getting bills passed will likely be just as hard as it was for Obama, unless by some miracle we win the Senate. At this pint stopping our downfall is all I care about. Sure, I'll vote for Warren in the primary if she is still in it, but I will vote for the nominee whoever it is when the time comes. These Bernie Bro types are out of their minds and they clearly don't care who they hurt. They will flat out tell you they want things to go to hell so that other people will suffer.
  4. Normally I wouldn't quote him, but my lord. Have we ever been cursed with a worse leader? If we have at least they didn't have nukes at their fingertips.
  5. Yes. I am so sad about this. The amount of destabilization and civilian death our government has caused in the middle east is unconscionable. What is happening right now is nothing short of a pissing contest. I'd love to hear one person in the administration explain the goal. Blackmail and division possibly. I'm far from a ME expert, but I imagine the economic consequences of taking out Dubai would have far reaching effects to say the least.
  6. Sort of because I think she has a serious mental illness. Wasn't she raised in a cult? Add to that the sexual abuse she suffered, I do feel bad that she has suffered so much trauma. Also being followed and messed with those Black Cube people probably did not help her stability. That had to be scary as hell. I do wish she would STFU about Iran though. For the candidates who didn't take PAC money, isn't the ability to raise funds an indicator of their popularity, organization and chances for winning? I'm not saying it is, but asking the question. I tend to think that at least in the case of KH there were problems in her campaign that led to the meltdown and failure to raise more money. In the case of Corey Brooker, well speaking only for myself, I wanted no part of his love train. Screw that to be blunt. Maybe Biden will choose a person of color to be his running mate. I think anything other than a straight white male would be nice. At the same time I'm with the people who will vote for any democratic ticket.
  7. Which one do you mean? I can't. 😂 Not that's it's really funny, it's just the absurdity of it all.
  8. Yes. I've thought about this too. Republicans are terrible for science. This is one of the awful consequences of this administration that falls through the cracks with all of the other insane things going on daily. Meanwhile all of the violence going on during this holiday season makes me feel like things are completely OOC. A car bombing in Somalia that killed nearly 80 people and injured over 100, continued bombing in Syria, the stabbings and other attacks on Jews in NY and now a church shooting. Maybe things were always this bad, but it just feels worse to me right now. Maybe it's just how instantly the news is carried due to social media that makes it feel overwhelming.
  9. This is so gross and yet they are throwing their money away, so there's that.
  10. That really was disgusting. I can't imagine what it's like to have the former governor of your state publicly talk about your daughter's hymen. The invasion of privacy alone is enraging. Yes. You just know that this guy will do it again. What a travesty of justice.
  11. I can't believe she is still in the race. I swear Satan himself could run and get 2 or 3 percent in the polls.
  12. I think Yair makes some good points here. It's just weird to me that a nation we have accepted the travel ban and what is happening on our border. Not that everyone has by any means, but sometimes I feel like the nation as a whole is sleep walking into destruction. Maybe it's more that people are overwhelmed. I don't know.
  13. Some Democrats are, just as the left in Britain is rotted through with anti-semitism. This is a problem that is not specific to one party or political ideology. It's truly bizarre to watch these groups play your lot is more anti-semitic than your lot. There is plenty to go around. It's a hate that has run through the millennia and thanks to Trump it has been normalized again. It's not the least bit surprising to me that it has had a resurgence in places like Germany and Eastern Europe. You don't go from a Holocaust to everything is right as rain in a lifetime. I admit I wouldn't have thought it were possible for the temperature to rise so quickly in The States. That video yesterday of bystanders in Jersey City blaming the Jewish victims for their own shooting and saying it was good that four of them had died...damn.
  14. Or maybe it's like Burt Reynolds and Loni Anderson and he cut ties coldly because he found someone else. I think we will find out sooner than later what really happened.
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