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  1. The Republicans will do anything to discredit Fauci just because he is in favor of vaccination. It's beyond the pale. I very much doubt that someone at his level is involved in these run of the mill experiments. Meanwhile, would these same people even care or raise a fuss if they couldn't drag his name into it? If Nancy Mace really cares why not introduce legislation to make it illegal? I agree. I don't care much for Alec Baldwin on a personal level, but I hope he is being looked after carefully and getting immediate mental health care. These monsters always target the vulnerable.
  2. I agree. WTF? I wouldn't give Trump the benefit of the doubt on this and I can't give it to Biden either. Some of these folks made the trip all the way from Chile apparently, so I can only imagine how futile it all seems being put on a plane and sent back in hours. Isn't there some temporary program for migrants when their home country is in disarray? Yes. There should be some international effort to rebuild Haiti, led by Haitians and funded by the international community. It probably won't happen, but it should.
  3. This is such backward thinking by Manchin. As if children should be punished because their parents can't/won't work.
  4. I hope you're right. I feel so much disdain for anyone who isn't rowing with the team at this moment in history. The last thing we need is this 3rd party bullshit from people on the left.
  5. I wish whoever took the video of that woman coughing had punched her in the face. Of course than that person would be the one charged with assault. I am just so tired of these nut cases.
  6. Clickbait on Netflix was surprisingly good.


    1. victoria foxton

      victoria foxton

      I did enjoy it too. I did find that the true culprit came out of left field. Poor Nick.

  7. I suppose I still do to some extent. I resent them deeply while still feeling a bit sorry for them. I think I used up all my hate on Trump. Now I just see these antivaxx people as brainwashed and lacking in brain power. Ingo sounds unhinged. His post was pretty out there.
  8. I've always liked the character, but I'm long over it. Once the Trump stuff started I was out.
  9. That's exactly how I see it. It is terrible for the people of Afghanistan, but it was arrogant of our government to think we could fix it.
  10. Way to go Netflix. I hope they shamelessly recast or replace anyone who doesn't toe the line.
  11. ^ It will be interesting to see how things play out. Maybe they will just let him plead down to a small charge. It does seem like there should be a consequence of some kind for being involved with terrorizing people in this way.
  12. Here is a more succinct article. It lacks a lot of the drama and detail of course. Needless to say the Chinese government will stop at nothing to bring "criminals" in the U.S. back to China. Bringing that one man's elderly father across the world as a hostage is next level determination. https://nypost.com/2020/10/28/private-eye-busted-in-chinese-government-plot-is-ex-nypd-sergeant/
  13. I'm not sure I believe he didn't know what was up either. If you read that story, which is a hell of a slough, he makes some jokes about being sent to China.
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