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  1. This headline makes me so happy. I know he's actually still conning his followers out of money, but still.
  2. I hate him so much. He just has to stir things up on the way out. Even if it was an Israeli operation you just know he signed of on it.
  3. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

    1. DRW50


      Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you and yours have a great day.

    2. kalbir
  4. Congrats! That is great news.
  5. A little silly given how many men in Trump's cabinet were from Harvard and Yale. It just goes to show how little respect people like Rubio have for their target audience. They just assume people will swallow this kind of nonsense. Of course, too many of them do.
  6. What the f^ck is wrong with people, I ask you? We are in life and death circumstances and you have people giving you grief over jalapenos.
  7. This is a nightmare and no other country will stop it because China is too strong. Plus under Trump China was basically encouraged to keep up the good work.
  8. I thought he was going to get it when I saw he was in that video face to face with Mark Meadows and no mask.
  9. I had no idea Ed Norton is so smart. The whole thread is a good read.
  10. At least one of them is doing the bare minimum here. I think what it comes down to is a lot of these people were always authoritarians. Trump has given them the opportunity to present their true colors. While I've never liked the republican party, if someone had told me so many would prove to be anti democratic traitors, I wouldn't have believed it.
  11. People have been warned over and over again not to gather for Thanksgiving, so I have a hard time sympathizing. People just will not listen to reason of their own accord, so states with decent leaders end up with rules and mandates. Those of us with bad leaders are hunkering down for the super seeder events that Thanksgiving, Christmas and NYE are going to become because people won't do the right thing and stay home.
  12. The ultimate irony to me is that these gun toting militia/patriot types have been on guard against a threat to our democracy for decades. Then one actually comes along and they f*ck up the "mission". Trump is making a pathetic attempt at a coup. Meanwhile, all these "my freedom" idiots manage to be on the side that is trying to overthrow democracy. It's unreal.
  13. Every single one of them should be fired and shunned.
  14. I'm sorry to hear that. Will keep your family in my thought. These people are despicable.
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