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  1. I came to the same conclusion myself. It has gotten to the point of no return. I don't believe any writer and producer team is going to take the drastic steps to improved the show. Ron did try to do that in his first year at GH and look where it got him. Plus, all of the GOAT writers are deceased and their most loyal disciples aren't exactly spring chickens.
  2. You like the Mary Sue archetype. They are the ones the writers want us to root for, " the moral compass" of the show, and they are written as justified whenever they from take things (men, jobs, etc) from other characters.
  3. If Y&R fired the "popular" recast of Phyllis in GT to bring Stafford back, I'm quite sure they will take a chance on bringing Billy Miller back if they get an inkling he wants to come back.
  4. True. It doesn't matter who is the writer as long the storylines are going to always involve one or two of either Sonny, Carly, Sam, Jason, and their children.
  5. Is Fox News considered to be a legitimate source of news information? This is not a trick question?
  6. Another lukewarm-milquetoast character back on canvas.
  7. Hasn't nearly every late 30s soap actress that gets cast on GH as a new character, should've been playing Sarah Webber?
  8. I believe most people already knows that MS is polarizing but the notion that GT was universally accepted and beloved as Phyllis isn't true.
  9. I can vouch for that. I know another soap opera forum would constantly bash GT as Phyllis on her acting tics and Phyllis being involved in multiple storylines.
  10. No one has yet to mention that this is another failed pairing for Melissa Ordway.
  11. He not from Parkland, that's a parent of Sandy Hook shooting victim. That's very sad. I remember one of Sandy Hook victim parents saying the reason why she didn't kill herself after the death of her child, was because of her religion and her other child.
  12. Some people are outraged when women are pregnant on soaps in general. I know about women having children in their 40s . I have a cousin who had her first child when she was 43 (she had another when she was 45) and a my sister-in-law was 44 when she had my niece. There's a theory that soaps prefer to having older parents having babies because it's easier to SORAS them.
  13. They are the "hip liberal" couple though. I haven't never bough into what they tried to sell themselves as.
  14. Another menopausal pregnancy. Why couldn't they just go the teen pregnancy route with Joss and Oscar instead.
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