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  1. A deranged Trump supporter confronts Schumer.
  2. https://www.washingtonpost.com/investigations/2021/01/08/ashli-babbitt-shooting-video-capitol/#click=https://t.co/c33zg7aO3l The cops let this go too far.
  3. Trump is trying to get mail in votes tossed out, if he succeeds he will have won in some states and it could overturn the election. Plus Republicans are attempting to do in local and state races too. Some states still haven't certified their votes or haven't officially finished counting. If there was a way I successfully stay away from all sorts of political news for the next 2 months, I would but my paranoia and my professional life won't let me.
  4. Just a little hot air from Pompeo, nothing more.
  5. Trump's trying to do that as POTUS to remain there the rest of his life. It takes 37 or 38 states to overturn the term limits amendment and it isn't far fetched that Republicans will have that control over that many of the states.
  6. Trump and the GOP have already gone all in on stealing the election, the only question remains is how are they going to do it.
  7. I guess they are talking about Trump's plan to attempt to get the GOP electors to vote for him instead of Biden if he can't get his way in the courts. Which of course, would throw this country into total chaos. Which side to do you believe will be told to stand down and quell things.
  8. Donnie should take Jared's advice but I suspect he will attempt do whatever it takes to steal the election. In lines on what Lou Dobbs was rambling about.
  9. If Biden can close this election out, I will give you credit for being steadfastly optimistic no matter what. You're a better man than when it comes to doing that especially now.
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