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  1. Greg Abbott is playing hardball. Florida and Texas in a race to the bottom as usual.
  2. AOC's Republican challenger.
  3. In addition to deflecting and burying the lede, you're making stuff up because I never said anything about the bill being six trillion dollars in order to count. If I did, you should have no trouble finding it. You said I don't care about what is in bills either but you went BSC when I brought the $15 minimum wage being left off the table, and the issues with the reduction and ending of unemployment benefits. To their credit, the Democrats are attempting to address the unemployment situation with this bill. You don't have to "educate" me either. I'm good. I go on other site's political forums too such as the one I will post a link of. I would say it is mostly liberal but there's posters from the various types of the political spectrum. From the alt right to the f--k both the Dems and Pubs types. https://www.thecoli.com/forums/higher-learning.12/
  4. Nice try but I didn't vote for Bernie and that's on record too and you should already know that since you see and know it all. I also see you are burying the lead (you have a tendency do that) and making what I said all price of the bill when that isn't the case. You have already proven you don't care what's in these bills and long as they pass.
  5. Yes you can dig up that post, my post on what I said in context of passing bills too or any post for that matter. You can decide then if I'm a right winger like Joe Rogan or a Young Turk like you said I was. I'm my own my man and I march by the beat of my own drum. I already heard about 1.8T between and 2.3 T that quoted by Biden but the 2.0 T is being floated out there too.
  6. Biden's top line is rumored to be 2.0 T which is closer to Manchin and the Republicans top line of 1.5 T than 3.5 T. Much of the narrative has been about how much is costs (which is always the case when it comes to Democratic sponsored bills) than what is actually in it or what will be left in it when it passes. More from AOC.
  7. Centrist? Manchin and Sinema aren't centrists. It seems like they are winding down to "save face" mode.
  8. Despite some black men have grievances with feminists, the LBGT community and some white liberals, Black men are still voting for Democrats at an high 80%+ percentage rate. I guess that will more or less remain that way unless something out there mirrors a Nixon's Southern Strategy along in addition to voter suppression that causes at 50% or more Black men to leave the Democratic party.
  9. Some in the media are spinning this recall as a "success" for Larry Elder. To average person this looks like Elder only lost because he didn't win SF but in reality he only got 43% (currently 46) of 36.7% who voted for yes for recall and 16% of the total vote.
  10. As mentioned and predicted, the Beltway is lashing out against the Democrats. Kasie Hunt is a former MSNBC anchor who recently joined CNN.
  11. Me Too didn't "need" McGowan but they didn't mind her co-signing on whatever she was saying at the time that they agreed with. She hadn't been relevant in the public eye since the mid 2000s. Now her antics are being used to by the Right to paint the Democrats as being hypocrites.
  12. McGowan was useful a weapon for #Me Too movement targeting the likes of Cosby and Trump until she went down the Q rabbit hole and started peddling conspiracy theories about Biden and the Democrats
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