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  1. Some of the left thought it would help Biden being white would help with the opposition party while ignoring that politics comes first and adjustments can be made for race.
  2. (Sarcasm) But I thought Biden being white (unlike Obama) was going help get things done with Mitch? I didn't realize that conservatives had another outlet that has its own tv show. How will it take for this one to be included in the cable network channel package.
  3. It looks like Haley Pullos has done something to her lips because they look bigger than they normally do.
  4. Because of Manchin and Simena, I can see why Mitch wasn't worried about losing the Senate. The Democrats passes watered down "bipartisan" legislation to appease Republicans without actual Republican support. The Republicans still will rail against the legislation to their voters and will leave the Democrats hanging out to dry as usual. Republicans are still in control and they don't even have the White House or Congress.
  5. They blamed Herman Cain's death on his other ailments rather than the coronavirus. Many of them still think the Covid is a joke. There was a conservative poster on another board that I go to that was trolling and "owning the libs" by saying that he went out an public without a mask on and posting photos of people not social distancing.
  6. Right wing media. It's as simple as that.
  7. It was either Van Jones or Don Lemon that called Jared the "Secretary of Everything". What's your take on President Biden meeting with rapper Ice Cube to discuss the Cube's Contract With Black America plan?
  8. His political future in the GOP is finished but he will land somewhere. Some of the left applauded him for the doing the right thing at the certification of the Electoral College when he was just doing his job. When Trump decides to run again for President in 2024 (I'm going on the assumption that he not going to be convicted and is still alive), Ivanka is probably going to be his running mate. It's rumored that she's going to run for Senator in Florida in 2022.
  9. This goes out to Marco and all of the conservatives. I know you wouldn't change a thing.
  10. You guys are just finding now that she's a Republican?? She was in the final 3 along with Elisabeth Hasselbeck (who got the job) and Rachel Campos (Real World) when the View was searching for a young conservative co-host to replace the progressive Lisa Ling back in 2003. I used to watch the View frequently back then and it's hard to believe that was 18 years ago.
  11. I'm assuming that she's looking for employment at Newsmax or OANN where the rest of conservative degenerates go to when they have burned their bridge over at Fox News and they are too toxic for the rest of mainstream netoworks.
  12. A deranged Trump supporter confronts Schumer.
  13. https://www.washingtonpost.com/investigations/2021/01/08/ashli-babbitt-shooting-video-capitol/#click=https://t.co/c33zg7aO3l The cops let this go too far.
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