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  1. The media ignoring her comments about Trump's state of mind.
  2. Mitt is already getting the McCain treatment by some of us on the left. They are saying that it took guts to do that, he would've been a good president, he's one of the last true members of the "real" GOP, etc. Donald and Don Jr. have already went on the offensive on Mitt. Here's Trump trolling but I believe he's seriously about installing his children as next in line for the presidency.
  3. https://www.vanityfair.com/news/2020/02/trump-plots-revenge-on-bolton-impeachment-enemies With Senate Republicans on track to acquit Donald Trump on Wednesday, Washington is bracing for what an unshackled Trump does next. Republicans briefed on Trump’s thinking believe that the president is out for revenge against his adversaries. “It’s payback time,” a prominent Republican told me last week. “He has an enemies list that is growing by the day,” another source said. Names that came up in my conversations with Republicans included Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler, Mitt Romney, and John Bolton. “Trump’s playbook is simple: go after people who crossed him during impeachment.”
  4. The right leaning Hill with this op-ed blaming the House on why impeachment failed. https://thehill.com/opinion/judiciary/481015-how-the-house-lost-the-witness-battle-along-with-impeachment
  5. Jamey also championed some actors and actresses that some soap fans hated on a personal level for arbitrary reasons..
  6. I haven't what much of the impeachment hearings, but I see that my local Fox channel isn't showing the hearings.
  7. It probably would have crashed or be worse off than it is if the Federal Reserve wasn't pumping Wall Street to prop it up. I wascan imagine what Fox News and the conservative talk radio would be saying if Obama was propping up the economy by the pumping into Wall Street. https://wallstreetonparade.com/2020/01/federal-reserve-admits-it-pumped-more-than-6-trillion-to-wall-street-in-recent-six-week-period/
  8. You could be right but they have already given him enough unchecked power as is. I just hope I'm still alive when he finally dies. Breaking news. Now back to our regular schedule programming, the Bernie and NYT bashfest.
  9. I doubt there will be a succession of states to split from the USA. All Fox News and the rest far right media with some help of the MSM like the NYT with paint those states and the Democrats as being sore losers and they will cave. Fox News and conservative talk radio whether you like it or not control the narrative in this country. If they say 2+2=5, then 2+2=5, no matter what the facts are. The GOP has successful created a reality in which they can do anything they want to do and they will always have 45%-55% of Americans there side no matter what. They control 75% of the branches of the government, all of the government agencies, most of the media, and all of big business. I told a cousin of mine last night that Trump has no intention of ever leaving office if he's re-elected and there will be Trump dynasty. He will either run for re-election until he dies for by repealing the amendment that abolished term limits (The GOP will probably have control of 3/4 of the 50 states to do this).. If Trump can't change the term limits, he will just name one of his children as his successor (probably Ivanka) and they will be elected President. The Presidency will be passed down from Trump to Trump for at least the rest of the century. My cousin didn't believe this and he said there will come a time when enough is enough. I said it's been past way time for that because Trump keeps getting away with stuff just like Bush did and for his misdeeds.
  10. And so the cover up begins. It's not that I expected Trump to be removed anyway but the depths that GOP will go to exonerated this bastard has no bottom.
  11. Stories like these are basically the Kavanaugh Hearing 2.0 - so-called moderate Republicans will express fatuous concern for the situation and then will, of course, do nothing. https://www.cnn.com/2019/12/25/politics/lisa-murkowski-senate-impeachment-trial/index.html
  12. For those that are interested in what was Trump ranting and raving about during the impeachment vote.
  13. I saw it. Brook-Lynn called AJ a drunk and a loser. That was just Frank projecting his feelings about AJ. Why is there a need to have Sonny, Carly, Jason, and the Corinthos clan involved in every story line on the show.
  14. I don't know why I thought she passed away in the early 2000s instead of 1998. I watched my share of Family Matters and the TGIF shows when they aired.
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