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  1. sivad40

    The Politics Thread

    For those that believe that conservatism is going to die out when the boomers are gone.
  2. sivad40

    The Politics Thread

    The conservative media is loving this.
  3. sivad40

    The Politics Thread

    I agree with you. When Lieberman dies, the beltway will praise and deify him a figure who crossed the political aisle .
  4. Griffith was the writer that killed Billy and Chloe's daughter Delia and the Billy and Adam showdown that led to Adam's death.
  5. Messa fans are worrying that JG might kill Tessa off or break up that couple. They are going through JG's past storylines on Days and Y&R in order to predict what he might do when he starts writing for Y&R again.
  6. You do have a good point that. The early 2000s was a perfect time to usher in the next generation of writers that was outside of soap opera circles but they chose to go the some chose to go the nepotism route (Days and B&B) and other just recycled writers.
  7. Yes, he is. Y&R is just having a rotation of mediocre and washed up writers continually destroy the show in their own way.
  8. sivad40

    B&B December 2018 Discussion Thread

    There's some Brooke and Hope fans on another forum that are upset that Tylo has came back and immediately got an "love interest" and story at the expense of other actresses (mainly KKL but they threw in RS and CH for good measure) on the show. They said Brooke is being saddled down with Ridge and KKL deserves a new love interest because she's left the show. These are the same people that have said over and over the past 25 years or so that Brooke is the love of Ridge's life and now they want to her have new love interest because Taylor has one.
  9. sivad40

    Gay Characters in US Soaps

    Isn't Bill Spencer's sister a lesbian?
  10. sivad40

    The Politics Thread

    Trump's response.
  11. sivad40

    The Politics Thread

    You know (maybe you do now) I don't care what Newt says but at least 40% of the country cares and they get their talking points from him and the rest of the conservative media like Fox News and talk radio. I go back and forth with conservatives on another board and that's the talking points that they are using. The GOP would see it as a victory if it was a 50/50 split in the Senate with Pence being the tie breaking vote. The more Democrats in the Senate will give Senators like Susan Collins less of a cover when it comes to voting anti GOP legislation. I know the Democrats being in control of House makes a big difference , and the GOP does too despite whatever the media says. It's the reason why he fired Sessions (and to change the narrative of the GOP losing the House), removing Rosenstein from overseeing the Mueller investigation and is making these moves to derail the Mueller investigation during this lame duck session of Congress before the the Democrats take over the House. Rosenstein, with the confidence of a Dem house behind him, could have felt comfortable releasing very damning Mueller related info that would have spilled over into congressional investigations. If the GOP won the House, none of this happens and the GOP Congress can continue to erode the investigation from the inside out.
  12. sivad40

    The Politics Thread

    The other side is claiming victory because they increased their numbers the Senate (Newt Gingrich gave Trump an A+ when he compared to the GOP midterm House losses compared to what Clinton and Obama lost in the midterms) so they can pack the courts with conservative judges, won some governorships in the Northeast, and beat they Beto, Gillom, and Abrams. The Senate can vote down and Trump can just veto anything the House passes. Trump can just blame the House if the economy starts to slow down.
  13. sivad40

    The Politics Thread

  14. sivad40

    The Politics Thread

    https://www.rawstory.com/2018/11/voters-turned-away-because-voting-machines-were-locked-in-a-closet-in-detroit-precinct/ GOP is pulling out of the stops to endure that they keep control of the House.