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  1. The Politics Thread

    You guys are better than me. These people are truly evil and they deserve to suffer. All they care is money and using it control all aspects of life. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-02-12/trump-budget-swaps-food-stamps-for-100-percent-american-food
  2. The Politics Thread

    https://www.rawstory.com/2018/02/fox-news-host-jeanine-pirro-blames-barack-obama-rob-porter-wife-beating-scandal/amp/ The Right is going to blame anything understand the sun that happens bad during the Trump regime on Obama or the Clintons.
  3. Y&R Actress out?

    I wonder if the truth about Christian's paternity when finally come out? IMO, Nick and Sharon should be raising Christian anyway, and I find it OOC that Sharon isn't trying to be in Christian's life. Chelsea has been boring for awhile now, and MCE works best when she's playing a schemer.
  4. GH January 2018 Discussion Thread

    When did Woodpile get to be such an integral character on GH to the point half of GH is crying and wailing over him?
  5. The Politics Thread

    I admire your optimism. Trump has said and done things that would destroyed previous presidents politically, but he still has his base and conservative political machine behind him. They are in the process of destroying social programs, and deregulating everything that was created by the New Deal, the Great Society and Obama era regulations and will either privatize it or hand it over to religious organizations. The gerrymandering, the disenfranchising voters, The Senate rubbing stamping Trump's federal judges, and the SCOTUS is a heart attack or a stroke or away from being a conservative dominated court for a generation.
  6. The Politics Thread

    The Republicans know they are untouchable to a point. They know they are going to get their wall, immigration reform, Trump will be reelected, etc. The only way I see a Democrat being President in my lifetime (I'm GenXer), is the country has to be in economic shambles, and the Republicans let a Democrat win. This is a conservative country that is controlled by Republican donors such as the Koch Brothers and their ilk. Maybe that the jaded, frustrated, worn down political soldier in me (figuratively speaking), that is coming to terms being on the losing side of this war.
  7. Y&R January 2018 Discussion Thread

    I wonder how awkward is it for AH and TL to have scenes together when they are going through a divorce.
  8. Y&R January 2018 Discussion Thread

    Since when did Hillary come down with a case of baby rabies?
  9. The Politics Thread

    http://www.motherjones.com/politics/2018/01/the-trump-administration-just-gave-the-craziest-justification-for-allowing-doctors-to-deny-care-to-women-and-lgbt-people/ “In a press conference about the new Conscience and Religious Freedom Division, Roger Severino, a senior HHS official, said it was necessary to shield medical staffers who deny care on religious grounds, comparing their situation with that of Jews who were slaughtered during the Holocaust and Martin Luther King Jr. in his quest for racial justice.” So the question here is between two groups of people claiming their fundamental rights are being infringed upon. The first believes they have a right to basic health care regardless of their gender or sexual orientation. The other believes they have a right to deny them basic health care due to their religious beliefs.
  10. The Politics Thread

    Big Business is doing their part of help the GOP. https://twitter.com/CNBCnow/status/943559705888284672?s=17 https://twitter.com/CNBCnow/status/943595907395833857?s=17
  11. The Politics Thread

    I hate the GOP so much. I know it's wrong to have hate in your heart but I do.
  12. Courts gut Net neutrality laws

    It is anti Net Neutrality posts. I put pro by mistake.
  13. Courts gut Net neutrality laws

    Here's some of what the pro Net Neutrality people are saying. "It's about the free market. Net neutrality is govt. intervention when a need has not been established. More importantly, net neutrality stifles competition. Think back 15 years ago ... cell companies charges for every minute of talk time AND long distance fees. I think it was Sprint or another smaller provider that just charged a flat rate for minutes and no long distance fees. I was using AT&T and that lumbering giant only when so far as make evening and weekends free. AT&T was one of the last providers to switch over to flat rates and no long distance, which gave rise to Verizon, Cricket, and others. Bottom line, I used to pay $300+ per month for cell service, now I pay $80. That's what the free market does without govt. telling cell providers how they can offer their services." "NN is nothing more than the Dems giving something for free to their base and turning them against the big, bad corporations that want their money (while ignoring that bigger corporations are against NN). If the ISPs are abusive like the "progressives" warn that they COULD be, then they will be dealt with legislatively and they therefore have an incentive to not go down that road. NN is in the same sphere as free Obama phones... except that the cost of the heavy internet users is being subsidized by the low users instead of the taxpayers." "Consumers also pay the taxes to support the bigger government that controls these things. Consumers enjoy the technological advancements that these big, bad corporations have created for them. "Dems winning votes by promoting the possibility of monthly Netflix subscriptions jumping to $15. Dems lining up gaming nerds worried that they'll actually have to pay for hogging bandwidth. Their sheep followers are too numb in the gray matter to understand that a bigger, socialist government is expensive."
  14. Y&R November 2017 Discussion Thread

    Victoria mentioning all of those sick, premature babies to Cane, and she didn't mentioned Eve at all. I was waiting for her to do it, but nope it didn't happen.
  15. The Politics Thread

    One step closer to fascism. I don't how see how the Republicans won't rule this country for next 2 or 3 generations if not longer. https://mobile.nytimes.com/2017/11/21/technology/fcc-net-neutrality.html?mtrref=www.google.com&gwh=09C944617D7EF5D71663E6DF837B306A&gwt=pay&referer=https://t.co/IeXiBH8YFo?amp=1