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  1. I like her. For some reason, I thought she would be more successful than she is.
  2. Right Wing distraction 101. Fox News has to have something else to primarily focus besides the Trump part of the impeachment hearings. For the record, I'm not planning on watching any of the hearings (unless I'm somewhere where the hearings are being televised and I can't avoid it). https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2019/11/11/supreme-court-hears-daca-challenge-700000-dreamers/2533001001/ Trump is willing to make a "deal" when the SOCTUS sides with him over DACA.
  3. The MAGAts on Twitter are claiming they heard more cheers than boos, they didn't hear any boos at all, or the fake news media dubbed the boos in (the conservative media often dubs out any boos or jeers that Trump gets). I read that Meghan McCain dismissed the booing at the World Series as a bunch of Washington elites and I can imagine she will say something similar about this round of booing.
  4. The effort Fox & Friends puts forth to preserve their precious leader.
  5. Conservative radio talk show host and conspiracy theorist Mark propping up Trump as being white as snow when it comes to scandals.
  6. The world are already knows America is divided.
  7. I got the impression from some Lane fans that it was justified to Lily to just be paired with Cane or any white man was because CK is biracial who dated/married only white men real life. I used to partially blame CK for giving them that impression but she had more chemistry and energy with Tyler than anybody else she's been paired with. Lily was a woman in her 20s who was made infertile and saddled with late teens children who looked like her younger siblings. Good riddance to DG who wore out his welcome years ago for me.
  8. It shouldn't have been an issue between him and Budig considering he didn't end up being with her anyway. It was going to be a problem with taller actresses. Bethany Joy Lenz (Haley from One Tree Hill) was cast as Michelle when Budig left and St. Albans was the next Michelle when Lenz left. Michelle wasn't Lenz first role on GL.
  9. The next Michelle was Rebecca Budig, who is 5'1. How tall is he too be considered to be short for her??! I looked it up and he's 5'4. I guess I that could've been an issue.
  10. I'm not spooked at all. I just know who and what I'm dealing with. While I'm not a far leftist (A Bernie Bro, or a Green), I've been wanting Trump removed from office long before this Ukraine stuff even came up. I'm a get rid of Trump by all costs type of person and let the chips fall where they may type of person. You have some left leaning posters here and elsewhere have been scared to even impeach Trump (even now) because the Senate doesn't have the voter or the polls don't have enough Republican support to do it. If Trump was to get the military to destroy a city like Chicago and Los Angeles, many left wingers still wouldn't do anything because the polls don't have enough support to do anything.
  11. And just like that, Trump has won again. Rudy, the MSM and the conservative media hammer this point over the weekend and Trump will be doing rallies next week stirring up to the KAGA crowd chant something about the Bidens.
  12. Trump's twitter account trolling for a civil war
  13. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2019/sep/17/cokie-roberts-journalist-abc-news-npr-dies-75
  14. You know that Burr can attack Michelle Obama because his wife is black (sarcasm). Along with comedian Dave Chapelle going attacking the LBGT community, the Me Too and the PC crowd, conservatives have some kindred spirits within the elite "liberal" comedian community.
  15. The baby switch was the reason why I stopped watching B&B and I currently have no plans of starting to watch it again. It's just trash and full of recycled storylines.
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