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  1. It shouldn't have been an issue between him and Budig considering he didn't end up being with her anyway. It was going to be a problem with taller actresses. Bethany Joy Lenz (Haley from One Tree Hill) was cast as Michelle when Budig left and St. Albans was the next Michelle when Lenz left. Michelle wasn't Lenz first role on GL.
  2. The next Michelle was Rebecca Budig, who is 5'1. How tall is he too be considered to be short for her??! I looked it up and he's 5'4. I guess I that could've been an issue.
  3. I'm not spooked at all. I just know who and what I'm dealing with. While I'm not a far leftist (A Bernie Bro, or a Green), I've been wanting Trump removed from office long before this Ukraine stuff even came up. I'm a get rid of Trump by all costs type of person and let the chips fall where they may type of person. You have some left leaning posters here and elsewhere have been scared to even impeach Trump (even now) because the Senate doesn't have the voter or the polls don't have enough Republican support to do it. If Trump was to get the military to destroy a city like Chicago and Los Angeles, many left wingers still wouldn't do anything because the polls don't have enough support to do anything.
  4. And just like that, Trump has won again. Rudy, the MSM and the conservative media hammer this point over the weekend and Trump will be doing rallies next week stirring up to the KAGA crowd chant something about the Bidens.
  5. Trump's twitter account trolling for a civil war
  6. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2019/sep/17/cokie-roberts-journalist-abc-news-npr-dies-75
  7. You know that Burr can attack Michelle Obama because his wife is black (sarcasm). Along with comedian Dave Chapelle going attacking the LBGT community, the Me Too and the PC crowd, conservatives have some kindred spirits within the elite "liberal" comedian community.
  8. The baby switch was the reason why I stopped watching B&B and I currently have no plans of starting to watch it again. It's just trash and full of recycled storylines.
  9. I'm quite sure the Bolton or the Shaggy DA (showing my age range) as I like to call him will be okay. He will probably be make money as an overseer of Trump's various migrant and soon to be homeless for profit concentration camps or show up as a contributor on CNN or MSNBC. As an neighboring NC-12 resident, I'm not surprised that Bishop won due to heavily gerrymandered district. The moral of this story, is cheat until it finally goes in your favor. How it got to this point in NC: When Obama was elected, he used his own organizing operation (OFA) instead of the party's, which left the party machine underfunded, understaffed and with unclear future/purpose. Partly as a result, the NC Dems Party was in total shambles for much of the last decade (prior to 2018). - The Monied Right understood better than the Dems how big 2010 would be, both nationally and in NC. The off-election census years are huge for the GOP (and vice versa is true for Dems...one reason why it's so important that they get 2020 right). Take over states in 2010, wait for census results, then cement in those majorities for at least a decade. The Koch/Pope machine spent unprecedented amounts of cash in 2010 to get Republicans elected to state House and Senate seats in NC. It's certainly paid off for them. - This guy Hoffelder and his amazing (unconstitutional/illegal) computer drawing lines. Not just in NC but other states like Pennsylvania as well. What's even more amazing is that his daughter is basically single-handedly undoing all of his immoral and illegal work in the year after his death. - The complete lack of respect for the law and the voter by the NC GOP in them choosing their electorate. I stopped counting a couple years back, but back then their voter suppression efforts had been struck down by courts something like 10 times. And I know it's happened more since (like the recent NC COA ruling). Voter ID (where military ID is allowed but state student ID isn't?). Curbing early voting. Removing polling places from college campuses. And, yeah, majorly the gerrymandering. You may recall that on the day after the 2016 election, the NC GOP put out a press release bragging that black turnout was down. That was maybe of one of the most blatantly unamerican thing I've ever seen , celebrating that fewer people voted. The rise of populism and the GOP's willingness to embrace it. Hopefully the Dems find their message and their messenger in 2020. Not know-nothing populism that has infected the right, but an actual platform around helping working Americans and candidates that can sell it. All that said, NC has a Dem governor, Attorney General, and Supreme Court. Take away Tillis' senate seat and that's a good number of Dems elected statewide. New maps will be drawn in 2021...
  10. Didn't those draconian abortion bans and restrictions start in Mississippi? Now it's spread to over half of the US and counting. All it takes is Republicans gaining control of the state legislatures or the governorship and that's when they wreck havoc.There's a saying that liberal laws start in California and spread throughout, I guess Mississippi is the conservative version of that.
  11. Another marriage that wasn't what it was portrayed on social media to be. In the last couple of years, I thought she looked haggard at times but I just thought it was because of just aging. I hope her and her son can get through this rough time in their lives.
  12. It might not fully happen under Trump's regime, but America will be back under Jim Crow laws within next 10-15 years. A Pence/Kushner/Ivanka Trump regime will make sure of that.
  13. The Republicans have a found perfect propaganda machine in Twitter no matter who succeeds Trump when or if he dies while in office. Here's a tweet from Pence's twitter account.
  14. Currently GH has a memory implant storyline without 2 people who should be included in it (Drew and Kim).
  15. Trump's MO for if a recession really hits until conservatives finally make the choice to blame Democrats for it.
  16. A Republican lawmaker from Ohio.
  17. I came to the same conclusion myself. It has gotten to the point of no return. I don't believe any writer and producer team is going to take the drastic steps to improved the show. Ron did try to do that in his first year at GH and look where it got him. Plus, all of the GOAT writers are deceased and their most loyal disciples aren't exactly spring chickens.
  18. You like the Mary Sue archetype. They are the ones the writers want us to root for, " the moral compass" of the show, and they are written as justified whenever they from take things (men, jobs, etc) from other characters.
  19. If Y&R fired the "popular" recast of Phyllis in GT to bring Stafford back, I'm quite sure they will take a chance on bringing Billy Miller back if they get an inkling he wants to come back.
  20. True. It doesn't matter who is the writer as long the storylines are going to always involve one or two of either Sonny, Carly, Sam, Jason, and their children.
  21. Is Fox News considered to be a legitimate source of news information? This is not a trick question?
  22. Another lukewarm-milquetoast character back on canvas.
  23. Hasn't nearly every late 30s soap actress that gets cast on GH as a new character, should've been playing Sarah Webber?
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