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  1. Vet actor returns to Days

    I’m looking forward to seeing Matt Ashford as Jack again.
  2. Most Ridiculous Soap Moments

    Alan and Hope on Guiding Light, maybe?
  3. Former MLB Cy Young winner Roy Halliday (1977-2017)

    You’d think he wouldn’t be as loved in Philadelphia as he was and is, but everyone I know around here has been hit unexpectedly hard by this news. Awful news. I feel terrible for his parents, his wife and sons losing him at probably the worst time of year. Not that there’s ever a good time to lose a loved one. Rest in peace, Doc. May you be breaking faces in Doctober forever in the afterlife.
  4. Y&R November 2017 Discussion Thread

    Just proves people are far more stupid and far more easily entertained by nonsensical drivel than they used to be.
  5. Y&R: October 2017 Discussion Thread

    I already miss Sally and Kay.
  6. GH: October 2017 Discussion Thread

    Who is “u” and why do you think we care what you told them?
  7. "Sister Sister" could be getting a revival

    I’d be here for Sister, Sister if Tim Reid and Jackee were involved. Loved Ray and Lisa.
  8. DAYS: October 2017 Discussion Thread

    I’d be okay with Paul simply disappearing rather than draw this thing out and throw him under the bus for either Will or Sonny, neither of whom behaved well during their marriage (which was just as premature as any marriage in this day and age with both parties involved under the age of 25). Then again, I do remember what Ron did to my beloved Patrick and Robin. Be wary, Days fans. Be wary.
  9. Soap Stars - Where are they now?

    If she messes up again, I’m sure this poor gentleman will be the first in line to make sure she never has an opportunity to do it a third time. What a heartbreaking situation, all the way around. No winners indeed.
  10. Soap Vets That You Never Got Their Appeal

    Don’t know if he’s considered a vet, but Chandler Massey is pretty high up on my list. For the life of me, I don’t see what’s so appealing about him. Maura West is another I’ve never understood. To this day, I have never understood why Guiding Light felt it needed Kim Zimmer back in 1995.
  11. They bring Will back alive, but Jack has to still be a ghost? Bleh.
  12. Most Ridiculous Soap Moments

    Speaking of babies, three particularly notorious late-in-life babies come to my mind. GL's Reva gave birth to Colin after a well-publicized menopause story. And as much as I love the Carl/Rachel story on AW (she paid forward to Carl the gift of redeeming love Mac had given her), that entire story with the twins was pretty ridiculous, considering it was about thirty years after the birth of Rachel's first child.
  13. Will Horton vs Jason Morgan

    I don't really care about either character. I'm less likely to pop in to either show with those characters back.
  14. Doctor Who

    Peter Davison didn't say he was less than thrilled. He expressed one thought that worried him while expressing approval of the person they cast. And he's apparently been run off Twitter by abusive Doctor Who "fans."
  15. Guiding Light discussion thread

    I didn't send anyone a message, and I do appreciate the videos provided, but I also wish there was a limit to how many can go into one post or one page. It's only happened to me a handful of times, but I've also had this thread crash on my iPhone 7 before. Again, I do thank everyone who goes to the trouble of posting videos for our viewing pleasure, but I wish we could get some actual discussion of those clips back up.