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  1. I really wish Chicago Hope was streaming somewhere.
  2. Well, I thought I was out, but they’re pulling me back in. Where Jackee goes I will follow. I still live in hope that more of her time on AW will magically become available to view.
  3. What’s so bad about Candace Owens? She’s an outspoken conservative black woman who seems to deal in tough love to her community. I think she’s wrong or misguided sometimes (especially on the abortion issue, but I understand why she feels the way she feels while completely disagreeing with her), but there are a ton of people far more hateful than she is. Then again, a lot seems to go over my head, because I’m still trying to understand why so many seem to think Peter Bergman is a racist.
  4. Plenty of "Trumpsters" wear masks and plenty of Trump haters do not wear masks.
  5. How was TP not a generic pretty boy who just basically growled or screamed his first year?
  6. I like how it’s all jokingly blaming the Chinese Communist Party yet it’s actually the truth... We haven’t seen one classic episode worth a damn during this pandemic and now the shitshow new episodes are back? Boo!
  7. Michael Muhney is an [!@#$%^&*] and a misogynistic predator, but how exactly does one exonerate themselves of those particular charges?
  8. I’m not sure why, but I never got over JJ’s Lucky treating his mother like garbage and the pleasure he took in his cruelty. I was happy to see him go because I could never like him after that. The recasts (but especially Greg Vaughan) made me not want the character to die for real in another fire and I was pissed when JJ came back only to almost immediately level another misogynistic, self-righteous nasty little diatribe at yet another woman he was supposed to care about (granted, Elizabeth deserved his anger more than Laura did, but he was still a worthless prick in those scenes just like his half-brother was).
  9. It’s amazing how quickly my request for some more Iris/Brian footage was granted, lol. May have been only 30 seconds or so, but it’s new to me! Strange seeing Brian worked up like that in a personal setting. By ‘81, it seems (to me at least) that most of his intensity was reserved for his professional life (and even that was toned down compared to what he seemed like from what the recaps from ‘77 through ‘79 tell us). Anyone remember anything from 1982? I know he ran for Mayor, but sadly we seem to have less in the way of video clips and recaps from that year.
  10. This is a kind of random thing to want, but I’ve always hoped and continue to hope that more footage of Iris and Brian will surface. I can’t see the Brian of 1981 tolerating Iris the way the recaps claim he did in their earlier days. And the recaps seem to imply Iris chased Ted (the first one) out of town.
  11. Agreed. My apologies for causing some discomfort. It honestly was not my intent.
  12. Eh, the things he actually says can be ridiculous enough. No need to make stuff up and feed into the “fake news” narrative, even if the White House Press Corps would never dare treat Bush or Obama the way they treat... the current office-holder. (It is SO hard despising the guy yet knowing he is pretty much right about the media.) Meanwhile, I could believe that Joe Biden actually did a double shot of bleach and realized it didn’t work before he put out that idiotic tweet. We are so screwed...
  13. You do realize that, as asinine as what he actually said was, he didn’t actually say that?
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