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  1. Paul Rauch & others in a #MeToo #TimesUp era...

    The only thing I’ve heard rumored about Paul Rauch is from when Maeve Kincaid committed the unspeakable offense of letting her hair gray naturally. This from an EP who kept an aging (yet fantastic) Douglass Watson front and center on Another World after green lighting breaking up Mac and Rachel only to immediately move him on to someone in Rachel’s age range rather than his own. Rauch was a jerk and an idiot, especially in his refusal to evolve along with the rest of us, but was he guilty of any actual wrongdoing other than a lot of questionable decisions that hurt shows? I’m asking because I honestly don’t know and hope to be informed, because I HATED what this idiot did to GL. But destroying my favorite show does not mean he deserves to be swiped with the me too hashtag.
  2. Guiding Light discussion thread

    Ouch! My heart breaks with all the Bill hate! No, I’m kidding. There are a lot of great points being brought up regarding Bill Bauer and his many weaknesses. But I think if Bill and Bert would have ever had some kind of real sitdown or even blow-up fight between 1977 and that awful story in 1983, it might turn out that Bill might have some major things to forgive. Even by today’s standards, Bert Bauer was not a good wife to Bill. She constantly spent money they didn’t have, she nagged at him, she belittled him both to his face and behind his back to his own family, and she made his life as much of a living hell as he made hers. That’s what I would have found so fascinating if only Bill would have been written to stay in Springfield after his resurrection, especially after having spent well over a decade with a woman who seemed to be completely unlike Bert. I would have found it very interesting to watch Bill reintegrate and get to know the warmer, more sympathetic, wiser, and more wonderful Bert who was only starting to emerge around the time Bill disappeared. I remember a line Sean Kanan’s AJ practically snarled at Carly a few years back in General Hospital. “Why couldn’t you have built me up instead of constantly pushing me down?” Bert kept Bill on the ground a lot during their early days, and according to what I’ve read, Bill responded almost immediately and very favorably when she finally started showing him some affection. It wasn’t enough to get him off the alcohol right away, but there were other reasons at the time that Bill was hitting the sauce like there was no tomorrow. Guiding Light was so good at exposing uncomfortable truths, especially at the time, and I think it would have been wild for a completely different (and better) Bert and a completely different (and better) Bill confront the fact that, whatever the hardships and however they remain tied together by their family, they became their best selves once they weren’t shackled together anymore. And think of the shockwaves that would have gone through that Springfield if Bert and Bill did file for divorce, but Bill stayed in town and they wound up making peace and becoming good friends as Bill re-entered.
  3. Days: June 2018 Discussion Thread

    Neither is the gentleman in that particular picture.
  4. "The Conners" Discussion Thread

    Comparing an ahole like Roseanne to a monster like Kevin Spacey is apples and oranges, in my opinion. That said, I think it’d be hilarious to get Plummer in a cameo as the doctor breaking the news to Dan and family that Roseanne didn’t make it through her knee surgery due to complications.
  5. Another World

    I was just watching the episode when John died and I have a question. Were John and Pat becoming close again leading up to his death? It looks as if (from the AWHP, anyway) they both had horrendously bad luck with romantic involvements that weren’t each other. I wish there was more footage of John available. By the time he died, he seemed like a pretty great guy, from what little I’ve seen of him anyway.
  6. 2018 Daytime Emmy Awards Thread

    Finally, Greg Vaughan gets an Emmy. Now when is Sharon Case’s turn?
  7. 2018 Daytime Emmy Awards Thread

    You ready, guys? Hahaha.
  8. Overrated Vets

    I might get skewered for this, but my vote goes to Elizabeth Webber on General Hospital. Reva Shayne hadn’t been all that and a bag of chips since 1989. I agree with the choice of Buzz Cooper. I wanted more Bauers.
  9. Another World

    I don’t think Spencer and Justine ever lived in Bay City. The Harrison men, all three of them, came to Bay City from Boston. I think it was first Ryan, then Grant, then Spencer. But you’re right in that it makes no sense Spencer never had a reaction to Rachel’s resemblance to Justine, except that history didn’t exist until the Justine travesty actually started. I think Carl had some comment around the time he found out Ryan was his son about how “like” Rachel was to Justine, but my mind might be making even that up.
  10. Another World

    The most of I’ve actually seen of Willis so far (yet hope springs eternal) is the temporary Iris attacking him because she couldn’t get at the already-dead Janice after Brian (the Only Sane Person in Bay City for several years) told them what happened in St. Croix. Was Willis recast at some point? Maybe if so, a softer actor would have necessitated a change of heart in the character?
  11. Another World

    There was Tracy, who almost raised Matthew with Russ until Mac decided at the last minute he wanted to raise Matthew himself. *facepalm* MAC... really? Back to Tracy, Jason Dunlap was apparently responsible for her death because he was trying to kill Russ but got Tracy instead. I’ve read that Sharlene (played by LH) was afraid of him, but he also couldn’t bring himself to hurt her either... it was all pre-reformed Willis’s fault, he was the one who told Russ about Sharlene’s past and then had the nerve to be remorseful about it only after the irreparable damage had been done... Seriously, what was up with that generation of Frames? Even Jamie barely escaped that legacy of blaming everyone but themselves for their issues.
  12. Another World

    I’ve been reading the AWHP recaps and watching the 1979-1982 episodes available on YT, and I’ve got to say, Russ treated Sharlene very badly (not that her worthless brother Willis - were there ANY Frames other than Steve and Frankie and Dean who didn’t blame the world for their problems - or spineless Sharlene herself helped matters any), but his life just got worse and worse afterwards. Did he really have two wives pass away one after the other? I’m not sure I even want to watch the hatchet job they’ll do to poor Russ to justify poor pathetic heroine Sharlene keeping Josie from Russ, given I’m already seeing it being laid down pretty thick with Sharlene vs. Rachel regarding Sharlene’s crazy sister (ran in the family) Janice, who tried to kill Mac (and Rachel and Mitch). I’m literally stopping myself from yelling at YouTube, “Screw you, Sharlene! And your brother Jason too!”
  13. Doctor Who

    Good luck, David. I’ll check this out for him despite the fact that I LOATHE Lena Dunham. Christian movies are probably preferable to working with good ol’ Lena.
  14. Front burner to forgotten

    I always kind of felt bad for the AW fans who came to ATWT about Jake’s death, which really served really no purpose, especially since he had found happiness again with Molly. At least neither ATWT nor GL killed Cass Winthrop during any of his appearances.
  15. Classic GH Thread

    BYE Guza and BYE Tony Geary, who cheerled him all the way when it was Genie who kept Geary relevant past his - what was it, six month contract? ETA: Substitute stronger language for BYE