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  1. Didn’t Marlena just find out that Mickey is her granddaughter? She probably hasn’t had the time needed to bond and connect with her, thanks to Sarah and Xander. Man, they really are pushing greasy Xander at Eric’s expense, aren’t they? It’s Ben all over again.
  2. Gabi is the WORST but Lani is such a dumbass I’m only rooting against Gabi because she is also stupid (for Stefan? REALLY?) and Gabi is being cruel for no good reason. So Gabi basically learned nothing from her last roaring rampage of revenge and after having sex multiple times with one of those targets and still hating the other target... why are we supposed to root for this idiot again?
  3. I think that’s what happened. Ted wasn’t around for long around the winter of 1983-1984?
  4. I don’t think Ada and Rachel were original cast members. The talk about Jerry Grove reminded me of something I still find amusing while watching these 1981 episodes and having read the 1979 synopses. Ted Bancroft, Brian’s son, apparently got pistol-whipped over the head after trying out journalism got him in trouble with gangsters. The brain damage apparently led to strange behavior that culminated in Ted kidnapping a woman and taking her to a yacht, and Ted ended up committed. Now forward a few years later and Jerry Grove was now a surrogate son to Brian. Both he and Brian acknowledged at least once, with Brian actually literally telling Jerry about Ted. Then Jerry got knocked over the head, started exhibiting strange behavior, raped Clarice, and ended up committed. There were other similarities, providing my information is accurate, but I thought “... the fudge?” the first time I put it together. It was literally the same story, though Jerry had a solid six or so months of hell before he even got knocked on the head.
  5. Donna, you were doing okay in the GL thread for a minute and then you go and pull this. Please keep your postings to actual conversation and engagement with other posters! My apologies to everyone else for this post that also has nothing to do with AMC.
  6. Bernau and McKinsey were GL giants. Dusay and Raines were serviceable recasts because we couldn’t have the originals. Deas, frankly, was not worth the investment that Jill put into him and the mistake of hiring him was worse than her decision to let Frankie die on AW because the reverberations of Buzzard lasted a lot longer than Frankie‘s death did. And even that death wasn’t as graphic or as troubling as Nadine’s was.
  7. We did have both and it didn't do much for the show at all. In fact, I think the show's insistence on OTT Justin Deas hurt far more than nearly anything that wasn't all Reva all the time (though all Reva all the time, along with no one else - JONATHAN - I particularly cared about, was what finally led me to give up on this show around 2005 until 2009 when I heard Grant Aleksander was coming back as Phillip and I thought, surely Phillip can finally unseat Reva and pop-up barnacle Jonathan as the "star.") They showcased Deas far too much and they gave Dusay the wrong kind of material, because she gave some wonderful performances as Alex when she was being written and directed to BE that character. There were some times I absolutely ADORED Deas and Dusay on GL, but Deas never should have seen Lead material after Ryan's Hope and Dusay at times needed a very short leash that obviously no one on GL or AMC bothered to give her unless she asked for it. As for Ron Raines, they took the easy way out of playing to a natural bombastic ability of Ron Raines, which was NEVER Alan Spaulding's style. Alan was always subtle, a necessary quality in a man who was plotting to overthrow a tyrannical abusive father who had nearly complete control over all the family assets. I still miss the subtlety of the '70s and '80s, especially watching beyond 1997 or so. 😠
  8. Or wait until someone else posts a reply or another post, which is generally the right way to do it. I get it. I just posted an apology for a double post, which was merged into a triple post with the two posts before. *dumbass award to ME today* I guess my message is be patient. Post what you want in a single post and wait for someone else to reply to it. Or if you think of something else that's relevant to that post, you can edit that post using the edit button. I know you're eager and I know how that feels, especially since I'm a new fan of long-established soaps thanks to YouTube, Donna, but try to exercise some patience and wait for others to engage in your talking points.
  9. Tell Louise Shaffer part of the reason I taped Ryan's Hope off SoapNet was because I loved her being spoiler to the hypocritical, destructive pairing that was Frank and Jiiiiiiiiiiillian. Delia was no prize, but I still get riled up when I think of the double standard that was applied to her when Frank cheated with Jiiiiiiiiiilian long before Dee had any thought or inclination to cheat. And Jill was supposed to be some kind of liberated superior woman at the time? Bitch, please. Liberated women don't hurt other women in that way. Tell Louise Shaffer part of the reason I taped Ryan's Hope off SoapNet was because I loved her being spoiler to the hypocritical, destructive pairing that was Frank and Jiiiiiiiiiiillian. Delia was no prize, but I still get riled up when I think of the double standard that was applied to her when Frank cheated with Jiiiiiiiiiilian long before Dee had any thought or inclination to cheat. And Jill was supposed to be some kind of liberated superior woman at the time? Bitch, please. Liberated women don't hurt other women in that way. Sorry for the double posting. The original post didn't refresh. 😒
  10. Anytime they tried to give Justin Deas lead actor material he managed to ham it up to kingdom come, but I thought he was pretty valuable when he was relegated to supporting material. Unfortunately, he wasn't relegated to supporting material nearly enough to make him worth the loss of Maureen Bauer in my opinion. And I agree that Nadine was also a much more valuable character to keep around than Buzz, who Brent Lawrence actually had a reason to have a beef with rather than randomly having to kill like what happened with Nadine. I really do very much enjoy watching both Marj Dusay and Ron Raines as the '90s/'00s Alexandra and Alan, but they both play completely different characters than the characters who were originally conceived as Alexandra and Alan Spaulding. I remember when Marj first appeared as Alexandra. I was about thirteen years old and was well aware of recasting at the time, since my grandmother let me watch the show with her every once in a while and I distinctly remember being aware of both the change from Elizabeth Dennehy to Sherry Stringfield as Blake and the change from Carl Evans to Rick Hearst as Alan-Michael, but when I realized that Marj was playing Alexandra, I remember bursting out, "That is NOT Alexandra!" And my grandmother was surprised when I said that. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks Marcy Walker actually fit in well with the cast and simply was not served well by the conception and writing of the character. Then again, she was doomed from the beginning in that she was hired and then the writers were told, "Oh, hey, come up with something for this big get that will help us regain ground against the return of Luke and Laura." As if. Another character that I thought actually generated a lot of low-key chemistry with just about every other character he had any kind of significant screen time with was Patrick Cutter. I know it's certainly subjective and others may disagree, but I thought he was the only character that Barbara Crampton's Mindy registered with at all, other than MOL as Rick Bauer, but by the time he returned, it was far too late for Barbara Crampton, who'd been stuck with VI and fighting with MD for too long. I also enjoyed the cop shop scenes that the Cutter character was able to help continue for a little while after the loss of Mallet. And speaking of Vincent Irizarry's Nick, as an Alexandra fan, I was always so grateful that the show took the time and trouble to develop a warm relationship between Alexandra and Susan (practically the only thing they did develop about Susan Bates), because it would have been the easiest thing in the world for Nick and Susan to get together, Alex to breathe hellfire once again because she didn't approve ONCE AGAIN, and Nick and Susan to leave because of it. While I think Susan was always meant to usher Nick off canvas, I was so glad as an Alexandra fan that Nick and Alexandra parted ways on-screen warmly and fondly, with a real mother-son relationship. I know at least one of Alex's later absences was explained by being off with Nick and Susan, but I really appreciated actually seeing that Nick and Alexandra were good with each other, after so much time of not being good with each other.
  11. Please stop posting nothing but quotes, Donna.
  12. Sorry, but Jonathan Randall straight up sucked and the actor was nothing to write home about. I felt bad for ATWT fans when I heard they got stuck with him, and considering that show got to keep their sets to the end and got more time between cancellation and last episode, I irrationally resented them for quite a while. I might be outing myself as an idiot, but for all I’ve privately bemoaned GL utterly wasting Marcy Walker, I never really thought about who else she could have portrayed. I like Khan’s idea, or if they wanted to connect her to Roger, maybe she could have been a foster child or adopted child that Adam and Sara would have had and then come to Springfield because she found out and then was curious about the biological child Adam never talked about.
  13. I couldn’t stand Jonathan and he was yet another way I saw Reva continuing to take airtime from other characters. He never should have been brought back after we finally got rid of him and I still hate to this day he never paid for stealing Lizzie’s daughter from her. Why was Phillip wasting his time in ‘09 throwing Grady over a cliff when he should have thrown Jonathan over a cliff? While I never had strong feelings over the Otalia story one way or the other, I still think Olivia was a pretty ridiculous choice to all of a sudden go that way with her previous romantic history and I did think they were overrated to the extreme. I still wish Marcy Walker hadn’t been so misused as Tangier’s Hill. Under better circumstances I think she could have done well. She had a good vibe with the rest of the cast.
  14. The only time I really care about from what I’ve seen so far is when he was with Paulina. Jensen Buchanan’s Vicky, to me, was a complete villain protagonist and I just can’t get behind Jake and Ellen Wheeler’s Marley in 1999 because of the history there. And unfortunately the writers post-Jensen thought Jake was useless without Vicky. I liked Jake with Molly on ATWT, part of the good things Hogan Sheffer did with that show (along with what should have been a crack pairing but wound up pretty good as long as it lasted Hal and Emily). But I’m really sorry I can’t find that 1984 episode. It really was cute. Of course, I’m also sorry there’s so little of Paul Stevens’ work as Brian Bancroft before 1981.
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