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  1. Ugh, somebody must have flagged him. I keep forgetting there are people with no lives who live to flag videos for copyright on YouTube. I have a lot of his clips up until when he started uploading direct digital versions of the clips he used to record the screen off of. Hopefully he resurfaces and is a lot more subtle.
  2. Yay you found my twitter! Enjoy this goodie!
  3. I like MS and I think she can be a great actress, but I really couldn't stomach seeing her in that scene with Christine. Her acting choices and mannerisms have literally thrown all the character development that Gina Tognoni made out of the window and practically regressed to 2012. Michelle just doesn't fit in this role anymore. Gina would probably have delivered the wit and sarcasm without swinging arms, being loud, exaggerating whispers, and over-enunciating "Cricket" with finesse and conviction.
  4. I personally feel like while Sheila's 2005 storyline was executed well, it was very cartoonish in the writing itself. It just didn't make sense that all of a sudden she would redevelop an obsession over Scotty while most of her life before then was around raising Mary/Erica whilst supposedly raising Massimo's baby. And Sheila during her 90s run on Bold sort of humanized her in a way while raising hell. 2002 was mildly cartoonish, but the context of where the story came from at least made sense.
  5. I find myself really missing Gina Tognoni in scenes where Summer is concerned. MS and HK have more of a sisterly chemistry than it is maternal. GT really nailed the maternal role in Phyllis where Summer is concerned.
  6. I too think Sandra Nelson portrayed a deliciously evil Phyllis. With all this SN talk, here's one of the gems I grabbed from YouTube back in the day. Gotta love her screaming through the elevator at the end LOL. I personally wouldn't have minded Michelle Stafford back in the role of Phyllis, my biggest problem was how it played out. Gina didn't deserve to be pushed out by an actress that left their originating role twice and the whole debacle just left a sour taste in my mouth (although I blame Anthony Morina for that, not MS). I, too was exhausted by MS's portrayal as Phyllis by the end of her run because by that point, all I feel I got out of Phyllis was coming off as obnoxious and smug - not qualities I necessarily like to see in a character all the time. I will say that when challenged and when the writing warrants it, Michelle Stafford can be extremely versatile as an actress. I was watching a few clips of the short-lived Aaron Spelling primetime soap Pacific Palisades (the role that caused MS to leave Y&R the first time). There she plays a good-head-on-shoulders type character and is incredibly refreshing to see compared to her Daytime roles.
  7. Also quickly threw together a comparison clip of Sharon and Phyllis' stairwell confrontation comparing Michelle Stafford and Gina Tognoni. I will have to cut Gina some slack since she didn't have the experience of taping scenes leading to the buildup, but she did pretty well for starting raw. Best experienced with a set of headphones or earbuds.
  8. Glad I could help, @BoldRestless! On a side note, I'm not sure if this counts as "old" per se, but since many of us are mourning the firing of Gina Tognoni from the role of Phyllis, I thought it would be in good taste to commemorate her work by posting one of my favourite scenes from her run as Phyllis. I f-loved GT's chemistry with Sharon Case. Kind of makes me wonder how Michelle Stafford would play off these scenes.
  9. Right? As if 2013 was a good year, but it wasn't! I vastly enjoyed 2017 and the first half of 2018. If they want bring back the show to the previous era, they should aim for the 1999-2001 era.
  10. Haha thanks! The one thing I noticed while editing these scenes is how short they were (although it does work in my favour since I don't have full length cues), and also how fast they were running the lines - perhaps it was the director's choice. The entire time I was editing this I was envisioning all the music used during the teen Glow by Jabot era, so I had to use Billy and Mac's piano cue. 😉
  11. Done! Thankfully it was my day off today. I also added a few more things to make it feel more like a Y&R compilation clip. Enjoy!
  12. I'll be on the GH teen scene soon enough! And I'm so glad you're willing to help! My personal Y&R music sweet spot is Ed Scott's 1999-2001 era. In terms of editing and usage, it offered the right balance between the older and newer cues. It was also very easy to get a good chunk of a cue when the last scene would fade to black and show "senior executive producer, WILLIAM J. BELL", etc. There were a hand full of 1994 episodes posted on here too that had amazing stereo sound so I'm definitely referencing those as well. Haha I'm glad you're a fan of my work, and I'm glad the psychology of Y&R's music is working on you! Just goes to show how influential Y&R's rich music history really is. If I had the necessary experience and education, I would work by Mike Dobson as Y&R's assistant music director (or something like that) in a heartbeat.
  13. I totally get what you mean! When I get a chance, I just might! Though if I do enough of these, you may start to notice that I'll start recycling cues from my library since I only have so many haha, but it seems do-able. Although some cuts might end up being awkward and ironically, in terms of camera work and timing, GH is currently closer to Y&R's pre-2012 camera style than GH currently is. But I'll see what I can come up with haha. Edit: I totally misread your comment, I thought you wanted me to do Y&R's teen scene but I guess I looked over "GH". Yes, that's do-able too! I'm glad you like it! I'm about to get really technical here, so feel free to read the whole thing below when you have time. 😂 I took the full episode of GH and spliced it to include just those scenes using Adobe Premiere Pro as well as inserting the background music. The first thing I do is edit GH's audio in Adobe Audition by minimizing the existing background music and maximizing the vocals through something called Center Channel Extraction (the center channel carries most vocals and the left and right channels carries most background music and noises). It isn't always a perfect solution, as prominent instruments like strings and percussion can't always be minimized (or in the case of extracting background music, maximized), but thankfully most of GH's background music nowadays are artificial non-melodic synths that always seem to have this ominous industrial feeling which I always thought was too cheesy. Grabbing background music is another task in itself. The first method is me collecting several episodes and splicing parts of music together to re-create as much of the cues as I can. This also isn't easy since decent quality video and audio from older videos are incredibly difficult to come across (also very difficult to find in Stereo sound). I'm sometimes forced to use fuzzy-sounding VHS quality audio as evidenced in some of my cues in the video above. The second method I use is filtering using the Center Channel Extraction method, but this time bringing down the center channel. The fact that Mike Dobson was given a go to start using older background music in the newer episodes has been a godsend, as grabbing cues from them have been much easier. It still isn't perfect, but it at least gives me something to work with. TL;DR, the audio editing happens on Adobe Audition while the video editing happens on Adobe Premiere Pro. I'm really glad you guys find enjoyment in these, as Y&R's background music has been a huge part of my life growing up (strange thing to say, I know). I'm loving the encouragement and I'll keep doing these whenever I can! As well as potentially sharing some of the episodes and clips I've been talking about down the road. 😉
  14. Alright, Vimeo is my last hope!
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