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  1. lmfao yikes. still can't fathom how SC has such a large user base.
  2. I'm a little confused about Brooke's disdain for Deacon this time around. Deacon was around back in 2014-2016 and managed to form something of a relationship with Hope and mend fences with Brooke and they were all in a better place for the most part.... Are they pressing the reset button on that the way they did with Sheila by overlooking their previous stints just a few years ago?
  3. For those who have an appetite for a 2.5h interview, SJB talks about the issues surrounding her career and her ex which gets very honest and very raw. CW: Sexual Assault, Grooming, etc.
  4. Per Mike Dobson, this cue is called "The Hunt", which was used often used not only for Victor when it was introduced in 1999, but also quite frequently in the Megan/Tony storyline. I think this was the last time it was used.
  5. I don't mind having the Vault shared - in fact, it opens up more opportunities for potential contributors! It's part of the reason why I had the idea of purchasing a OneDrive business account - to break down the cost barrier of accessing these episodes and making them more accessible to soap enthusiasts. Additionally, because OneDrive isn't primarily a video streaming/sharing platform like YouTube, it is much less likely to be flagged by the copyright police. That being said, depending on the mode of communication, use your judgment. As long as there aren't potential powers that be that are lurking in Soap social media groups, sharing the link is completely fine. On the other hand, it might not be the best idea to directly provide the link on the B&B official YouTube channel in the comments - Casey Kasprzyk is very active on that account so really Gilson is just shooting themselves in the foot. But if you want to deter commenters from purchasing episodes from Gilson in a discreet manner, just do something along the lines of "I can provide access to the same episodes for free, unlike Gilson. PM me for details via (insert platform)". Also, Gilson seems to be quick at deleting my comments LOL so don't directly reply under him.
  6. You can always do the following: Gilson Seraphim: I have Y&R 1998-1999, pm me for details. And respond with the following: "Or you can access them here for free *paste vault link*" It's a sure-fire deterrent.
  7. To piggy back off this, there was an another clip of this scene uploaded years ago on YouTube that I can't seem to find anymore - but during the jacuzzi fight, there was an alternate cut that showed Lauren underwater going directly to breathe air from the jets while Sheila was trying to drown her. Would that cut have been shown on Episode 1998 or was it only available in select countries?
  8. Ditto. I didn't like OG recipe Sonny but I found MB infinitely more fascinating to watch as Mike, and I was hoping and still hoping that there's traces of Mike in him. I also adore Cynthia Watros as Nina, but it's going to take a lot to write her out of the corner she's been backed into.
  9. Aww shucks, I'm so happy of the activity that the Vault is getting thanks to so many resourceful members of the community, without them the vault would be nothing! I would like to give a special shoutout to @BoldRestless for always keeping an eye on it for me when life gets too busy. I couldn't do it without them or all of you!
  10. There were a few women in the turn of the new millennium that I suspect had blepharoplasty (Eileen Davidson between 1999-2000 and Hunter Tylo somewhere between 1998-1999). I've mentioned this on the B&B thread a while back, but the most noticeable blepharoplasty was probably Katherine Kelly Lang in late 2001, along with mild skin tightening. The below images were both taken between July/August 2001.
  11. This is the old link. Here's the most current one! http://bit.ly/3kMIjRN
  12. Thanks to @BoldRestless and their hard work in auditing large files, around 900 GB has been freed up! Uploading can continue, though I will continue to look out for a long-term solution. Thank you to all contributors for making this happen - I didn't think that over a year later that I would have to potentially get a second account to split up the soap vaults. You're all champs!
  13. Thanks to @BoldRestless and their hard work in auditing large files, around 900 GB has been freed up! Uploading can continue, though I will continue to look out for a long-term solution. Thank you to all contributors for making this happen - I didn't think that over a year later that I would have to potentially get a second account to split up the soap vaults. You're all champs!
  14. Ehh thankfully 2007 was a blip in my memory but if it recalls: 1) "Out of the Ashes" was a huge sweeps marketing event surrounding the explosion of a retreat (Clear Springs by NVP Retreats, a partnership with Nikki, Victor, and Phyllis. It veered on GH Guza-era camp (and poorly done at that) which had no place in Y&R. All I remember is Nikki losing it over Victoria's ugly handbag. She was pregnant with JT's baby and went into a coma because she got hit on the head by a foam brick lmao. 2) Nikki was in a parking lot and was about to get robbed at gunpoint. Victor came in and did a few headbutts on the culprit but shortly after started experiencing extreme personality changes (being unusually mellow, giving Jack favours at Newman, and making paper snowflakes and hiding them in his desk). One day he started hallucinating and attacked Nikki but she was able to calm him through it, and at that point found out he had epilepsy. Not sure how they resolved that one. 3) Mmm wasn't much paying attention to this storyline but on top of taking advantage of Victor's epilepsy, he and Nikki of all people were running opposite each other for state senate (yes, you heard that right) and he was doing really shady things to get ahead. Aside from the above, 2007 Y&R also gave us: Pheila (more on the tail end of 2006) The infamous reliquary storyline which Joshua Morrow never fails to sh!t on. Dru falling off the cliff Phyllis faking a back injury and staying at the Abbott house with Jack and Sharon to avoid prison time for perjury (not sure how she got out of that) Sharon and Jack Bratty Noah Horrible MTV style background music Kevin and Colleen getting locked in a freezer by Jana and saving her life Cane Ashby Lily and Amber rivalry over Daniel (the writing for Amber really bugged me on Y&R as I found her characterization super campy in comparison her first run on B&B) Daniel's pr0n addiction Extreme Catwalk Victor and Sabrina? Niktor breakup and David Chow (which I thought was a strange name for a character played by Vincent Irizarry) Ji-Min and whatever storyline he had - but he was very good with Jill
  15. Hey everyone! Just giving you a heads up that the Vault is currently full. I'll do my best to come up with a quick/temporary solution to clear up space over the next 2-3 days, and maybe a more permanent solution in the next few weeks (I'm thinking of maybe splitting Y&R and B&B into separate vaults). I'll give everyone a heads up when it's ok to start uploading again.
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