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  1. Sadly, the drama on this thread is more entertaining than the show itself nowadays. SC Boards wouldn't have any of this LOL.
  2. A kind person on Twitter reached out to me and I told them to just upload to the main 1994 folder and that I'd rely on the community to figure out the original air dates.
  3. Y&R's first HD episode aired on June 22, 2001 I believe and was simulcast in Fullscreen SD and Widescreen HD until 2012-2013. Unfortunately HD recordings of the early 2000s are close to impossible to get as owning the proper equipment to record them at the time was too cost-prohibitive for the average soap watcher.
  4. I only started watching bits of DOOL because of Tamara Braun, and I agree that the colour-grading on that show is definitely way too warm/yellow LOL. Apparently only CBS can hire decent colour-graders.
  5. I've felt this way about GH's colour-grading style for YEARS (it wasn't this way pre-FV). It has infinitely more sets than Y&R, yet it is a very cold soap visually. He should take notes from Brenda Dickson.
  6. It's so hard to take anything Peter says seriously when the acting is so ridiculous. Like, today, he just intermittently out of the blue, takes on some sort of really bad imitation Martin Grey-esque manner of speech to go along with his other typical weird acting idiosyncrasies? For why? Where did that come from? It's like he's trying to be commanding and grand in the style of a classically trained thespian reciting Shakespeare on stage. But he doesn't actually have the faintest clue what he's doing and is just trying out random ideas on the fly. You're not getting knig
  7. If they were a spice, they would be flour.
  8. I'm convinced that he got lost on his way to a Shakespearian Theatre Convention and ended up on the parking lot of the GH soundstage instead.
  9. Even in 1996, Virginia Benson's set wasn't really trailer-park per se (at least to me), however nor it was a nice condo. It was however rather homely and modest. Looking later in the clip/episode, they also completely overlooked the fact that it was Detective Felix Piser who Bobbie hired to seek out Carly that brought her to Port Charles, not Frank Benson. Carly convinced Piser she would give him money in exchange for his silence so she could scope out Bobbie's family (she believed they were loaded as both Tony and Bobbie were both in the medical field).
  10. Oof I completely blocked that out of memory LOL. But yeah, where that storyline was concerned, FV's version of Lena's death goes against how Bobbie explained to Nikolas in 1996 how she died and why she felt abandoned by her.
  11. Ugh what I hate about Frank's one-off episodes is that he has a tendency to retcon a whole bunch of things that goes completely against things that were previously addressed on-screen (I'm still not over the Carly's journey to Port Charles re-write leading to Nelle meeting her from a few months ago). In this case Mikkos being abusive to Kristin is news to me considering how Alexis described the dynamic to Helena in 2004.
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