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  1. I wonder if more was planned but just never panned out. Seems odd to throw that scene in at the end of their investigation just for them to never really communicate again.
  2. In ep. 273 around 12 minutes in, am I reading this scene right in thinking a romantic interest was hinted between Stephanie and Conway Weston, the private investigator - at least on Conway’s part. Was this ever explored further?
  3. Heather Tom as Katie works a lot better for me than the Donna recast. She plays a different Katie than the original for sure, but it’s not such a huge departure. I can still see Katie in her, just an older, more experienced rendition. At least her backstory wasn’t completely thrown out and rewritten like Donna’s.
  4. That makes sense. Maybe a dedicated streaming site of their own would be better than YouTube.
  5. Too true. It wouldn’t surprise me to find out the whole page was managed by interns. What I really don’t get is if they can work out the rights to share the old episodes on YouTube, why can’t they put them on Paramount+ in HD with the rest of the seasons? Makes no sense. Unless they just don’t want to put in the effort. Thank you so much!
  6. No, B&B did not air on any weekends in 1993. I must have screwed up the weekend filter when I was running those dates. For 93 the only preemptions should be: 1/20 - Clinton Inauguration 3/18 - NCAA sports 3/19 - NCAA sports 9/6 - US open 9/10 - US open 11/25 - Thanksgiving. Episodes aired on all other weekdays. Sorry for the confusion! Let me know if you run across any other mistakes. The spreadsheet should be simple to make changes to, but I’m happy to post an updated version with corrections once we nail down all the dates.
  7. I know I’m in the minority here, but I think she show is fine right now. Not as great as it could be, but it doesn’t deserve to be cancelled. I’m watching the first few seasons for the first time, and yeah, it’s obvious a lot more thought was put into plotting long term story arcs and character development compared to now. It’s just a different kind of show today. It’ll never be B&B from the 90s written by Bell Sr. again, but it’s still entertaining in its own way. I always have fun and look forward to watching every day, so I can’t really ask for much more. I’d miss it if it was off the air. I just wish they would write better stuff for their non-white cast and use Shelia to her full potential. I want to see her go batsh*t crazy.
  8. Oh well, it's not like it hasn't already been released on DVD for a decade. Or like the fans haven't archived the first 1200 episodes on their own. They should just make whole seasons public as they upload.
  9. Thanks! I saw the 1995 preemptions listed that way on the Y&R list posted earlier, but the ATWT list only had Jan 24th preempted for "OJ Simpson opening statement [listed in Adirondack Daily Enterprise]." I wasn't sure which one to go with. The B&B imdb page lined up with the ATWT list there but also had the 26th preempted.
  10. Thanks for letting me know! That means at least one other date has to be wrong since we know the last episode # for that year was definitely 1947. Was there a different OJ preemption I missed?
  11. @Robert2021 Download link for the episode guide: https://www.mediafire.com/file/5d5oggnap1rqkec/B%26B_EPISODE_GUIDE.xlsx/file
  12. It’s undeniable and really sad that non-white actors are extremely marginalized, not just on soaps but TV/film in general. The only soap I watch regularly anymore is B&B, and despite the fact that more diverse actors are being given more to do on screen, I still feel like those characters aren’t being written authentically. The white characters are still getting the real story, while the other characters are simply there so the show looks more “woke.” I want to believe it’s a step in the right direction, but I know if the media attention ever moves away from BLM, things will go right back to the way they were. I would honestly rather have an all white cast than a diverse cast that story isn’t written fairly for. The last black character I remember getting any genuine kind of spotlight was Maya on B&B when she was revealed to be trans. But even that was just a gimmick on the heels of the Caitlyn Jenner controversy. After the boost that story gave the show wore off, she was relegated right back to the back burner. The solution is more diversity in the writing team, but that’s a whole issue in and of itself.
  13. Ugh, sorry about that. I’ll try to share it a different way when I get home this afternoon. I would post it directly to the vault, but for some reason I can only download files and not upload to the drive. If nothing else works, I’m happy to email you a copy.
  14. Finally finished with the episode guide for the vault! It took a lot longer than I thought it would and a TON of research, but I'm 95% sure I found all the correct air dates/episode #s. The only dates I'm not positive about are the 1987 Iran-Contra & 1995 OJ Simpson preemptions, and there were a few other dates between January - April, 1991 I had to do some educated guess work for. Thanks to @BoldRestless for links to the Bell script archive, ATWT & Y&R episode lists to compare against. Those were so much help! For the "season info" column, I know everything from Season 18 on is correct from dates on the official B&B Youtube channel and Paramount+. For early seasons, another fan told me the season start date used to be the show's anniversary week in March vs the start date they use now at the end of September. As far as I could gather from the classic episodes on Paramount+, the earliest season we know of that started in September was season 11, and the last season with any confirmed dates available that started in March was season 9. So I wasn't sure which season (9 or 10) was supposed to be extended to September, but I went with season 10 for the sake of not leaving anything blank. Take this column with a grain of salt for now for anything before season 18. The spreadsheet is divided by tabs at the bottom for each year. Tabs highlighted pink indicate a complete year in the vault with no missing episodes. Boxes can be clicked next to each episode to add check marks, and boxes for all episodes not checked will automatically be red so we can easily see at a glance what's still missing from the vault. There's also a drop down box for each episode to choose the quality of the video so if anyone has the same episode with better quality they'll know they can still share it. I got it up to date for all the English episodes in the vault as of today. The finished product is attached to this post for anyone who wants a copy (or if someone wants to post it to the vault for everyone to share). It's an Excel file, so you need Microsoft Office to open on your computer, but it should be fine for the vault. I hope you guys find it useful! B&B EPISODE GUIDE.xlsx
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