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  1. I’ll take it. At least Jack and Sally have a bit of life in them. Chelsea raging within about Sharon is not interesting to me. I’d also like them to crossover Bill Spencer from the Bold and Beautiful and get with Victoria. It’s time for her to have a love interest that isn’t Billy and her feud with Phyllis is dull. Also, are they dropping Amanda’s story? I really liked her mom and sister, there’s more that could be done.
  2. What a boring week. Steffy needs to lie and say the baby is Finns.
  3. Please let Jack and Sally fall in love and get married. We need a soapy story and this would fit the bill. Sally could boss around Scummer and Vyle. Scummer could call Flo in L.A. and cry her tiny eyes out.
  4. I loved LSV on Guiding Light. On Bold he’s kind of dull. Agree about Paris, she livens up the dullness. The wigs are distracting. Both Zoe’s and Steffys.
  5. The last thing GC needs is Wyatt and Flow. Awful couple. Don Diamont should return to Young and Restless. He is a great actor, still handsome and is totally wasted on B and B. The character is a prop for the two dolts that are his sons.
  6. So based on the preview for this crossover event with Summer showing up, it looks like Flow is going to spill the tea on Sally? Flow the disgusting baby thief? She should mention her past and see if faking a disease is worse than signing fraudulent adoption papers for a baby she knew was stolen. It just pisses me off that this pig is still on the show. Carter wants to marry Zoe why? She’s not a warm person and she isn’t even that nice to him. Hope is crying again. How long will this last? She looked so good some years back with her shorter hairstyle. I think
  7. I am sick to death of the ever horny Phick. Perhaps her messing with Victoria will put an end to them at least for a year or so. Viewers deserve a break. People looking shocked at a perfectly healthy looking Chelsea. I like Amanda’s mom and her daughter. I hope they stick around for a bit.
  8. Why is Kyle so rude to Billy? Is it because he used Summer like a $2 hooker? That makes sense but they never mention the summer that Summer chased Billy all around while he was doing her mom.
  9. The bandage looked like an 80s headband but the knit hat is even funnier to me. Like it’s a sterile hat that holds your recent surgery together. The worst part about it is the days long conversation he’s having with Hope.
  10. Zoe is awful. Pure trash. Although when Mayas younger sister Nicole came to town we thought Maya was mean to her. What’s Paris going to say “You’re not Zoe, you’re Zach” Liam acting all shocked. How did that happen? Well Liam, remember where you put your penis after the mannequin mix up? I am enjoying Thomas, not his presence but his hats and bandages.
  11. I’m in the minority but I’m enjoying it somewhat. I think it’s getting better. There are certain characters I prefer to see. I like Nate and Elena and hope they keep them around.
  12. Such a shame because both are gorgeous ladies. The lips look like it’s uncomfortable them to talk.
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