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  1. I love that Deacon is back and that Hope can be in a story that doesn’t involve Liam troubles.
  2. Damn, I don’t watch for a few days and I miss out!
  3. I hope it’s a not another week of Phyllis raging against Sally for helping her daughter land a great job that she was too dumb to go after herself.
  4. Adam and Sally are darling! Phyllis stomping around in that chartreuse satin dress in that small space was hilarious. The ballroom is now open. Thanks for explaining it I watched most of it and still didn’t understand it.
  5. I don’t understand why Eric supposedly wants revenge. Quinn did him wrong but was going along with the divorce and not making trouble. Unless Eric spotted her with Carter unbeknownst to the viewers and is planning to out them both publicly after sabotaging her chances with Carter.
  6. It is too rushed. I get they want to set up Shelia vs Quinn but it bothers me that Quinn had to run back to Eric without a second thought to Carter. Quinn’s not a gold digger, Eric’s family treats her like crap, no reason to go back. I hope Justin returns soon.
  7. Finn replying to Shelias text with a heart was the equivalent to sending her a bouquet of flowers, a teddy bear and a balloon that says “I love my mommy” I hate that Quinn went back to Eric.
  8. I think these Billy scenes are foreshadowing something bad happening with Ashland. Wish they would call Kevin to help find Mariah. He’s smarter than the entire team involved. When Tessa was looking at Ben hugging Abby I couldn’t tell if she was thinking “this guy is up to something” or “ should we order pizza?”
  9. The living situation makes no sense. Paris has a good job and could find an apartment. Speaking of which why the hell was newly married Steffy at work while Paris and her boobs were at the beach with Finn? I can already see Finn confiding in her that he wants to get to know his new mommy but Steffy has forbidden it.
  10. Maybe, Phyllis is a bit too obsessed with her.
  11. Drama much Brooke and Ridge! Shelia hasn’t shot anyone in ages. Give Finns mamma a chance.
  12. I’m so happy Sally is landing on her feet. Phyllis can choke on a bag of dicks in that ugly green shirt.
  13. I guess Phyllis has to put the final nail in Taras coffin regarding her finances. After that maybe they can put her on the missing Mariah case cause that’s ones going too slow. I’m ready for Imani to work with Amanda and take on some cases or do something more interesting than discuss Sutton.
  14. The choices for the wedding weren’t good. Hopes dress was terrible and Paris’s want much better. These ladies have great figures, it shouldn’t be difficult to dress them. Brooke looked nice in her sparkly number. Thomas’s plus one was his man bun.
  15. I didn’t need to see him on the couch with a blankie over his nether regions!
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