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  1. Good for Quinn telling Eric off for choosing that old slut over his own wife. Quinn had one little affair. It’s not like she bends over and plays guess the Forrester or Spencer or Deacon or Nick or Oliver penis the way old Brooke does.
  2. The problem is Phyllis used to fight for stuff that mattered a bit more. Like her granddaughter Baby Lucy who had been sold into an illegal adoption. Now she’s stealing phones to get to the bottom of her daughter taking a great job that’s probably a dream job for Summer. Her real problem is that her daughters a wimp who couldn’t stand up to Tara or even tell her mom that Tara had threatened to take Harrison away from Kyle. Is it worth getting to the bottom of? Sure. Is it worth numerous scenes, drawing Billy into it and acting like the world has ended? No.
  3. Who’s going to have the first baby boy named Spencer?
  4. Phyllis is acting like her dotter was trafficked to Italy instead of accepting a great job in the industry. Also who was she making a drink for? If I was a customer watching her shake the shaker like it was Nicks penis and had to wait, I’d be pissed.
  5. I find Eric dictating Carter’s personal life to be very cringeworthy. Carter needs to tell Eric, Ridge and Brooke to get stuffed.
  6. Quinn has definitely upped her sex game with Carter as her lover. I hope she gets a great divorce settlement too.
  7. The only good line of the week so far has been Eric. “Carter’s on top of it.” Yes he is Eric, and perhaps under it too.
  8. I don’t like her either but you are right . Things are falling flat with the storyline. I’m guessing Summer will be back. Kyle likes getting engaged and married so I’m predicting he will ask Tara. I see Summer walking into the ceremony a la Phyllis style and stopping the wedding.
  9. I was laughing. Hope chasing the bus, Baker stopping the bus and giving the friendliest of signals after being grumpy with them and finally Liam getting off the bus. Now if only Katie can do the same tomorrow for Bill.
  10. Glad Tommy is out of the cage but aye yi yi. First off, the police chief goes around to cells to harass the prisoners? Why didn’t Hope call the police so they could have been present for the rescue and perhaps question Justin? Why is Flo forgiven for all the crap she pulled? Where is Eric? Some follow up please, is the man up to his ass in martinis? Couldn’t he have stopped in to see his great grandson?
  11. Catching up now. Why must we listen to Nick praise that idiot Summer? The girl is a moron who has had all her jobs handed to her because of her last name. Someone needs to tell Nick that Summer spread her legs for old Uncle Billy. Of course he would only be mad at Billy even though she chased him like a bitch in heat. Speaking of Uncle Billy, why was he allowed at Harrison’s sip n see? I would have rather Tara rip him a new one than pretend to be composed but I guess that’s her game. Adam and Chelsea are breaking up for good (supposedly) I bet he hits the sack with Sharon within a week or two. Unless- would they let him hook up with someone new? Maybe Sally or Imani? Nothing says let’s get over our daughter moving away by humping like a couple of animals.
  12. So will Hope get Thomas out or are they having cage sex?
  13. Pet peeve, I know they never mention using the bathroom but how is Thomas handling his potty needs? Is Justin bringing him food?
  14. That sanctimonious slut smirking at Quinn and Eric! And that rat Paris ruining her bosses life. How DARE Eric question Wyatt and Flo? Eric knows what it’s like to cheat, he needs to forgive Quinn and throw that slut and rat out of his house and life and company. Instead he throws out his beautiful wife. The guy that plays Justin is a good actor. He looked so cold at the jail. I’m enjoying the storyline other than seeing Liam so often.
  15. Probably not. The last time I remember the pool mentioned was when Mia pushed Lola in. They used that rooftop bar for summer scenes but they haven’t even used that in awhile.
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