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  1. Rey has become such a selfish jerk! And how does he not realize it was cuckoo for coco puffs Chelsea that poisoned him? He’s not all that smart these days.
  2. This ! I’ve fast forwarded countless episodes of Liam begging Hope for forgiveness. He slept with Steffy, he may have fathered a baby out of wedlock, he didn’t make their flight to Catalina, he ate the last vegan McNugget.....etc I’ve earned this!
  3. Yeah if you want to get picky. Chelsea’s done a lot herself. She raped Billy, she’s a con...etc Her and Adam were decent together at one time but the sun has set on their day in the sun. I find it opposite I think Victoria is the one scared of Lily. All she has is her job and fighting for attention from daddy. Lily is a young successful woman with a handsome lover.
  4. I like Adam as well and think the actor is easy on the eyes and does a good portrayal. What I haven’t liked is Chelsea in her diarrhea colored track suit for months plotting against him when he hasn’t really done anything terribly Adamish in a long time. At this point I am ready for him to become Sharon’s new lover. I wanted to love Rey but their love is too new to be this stale. Victor, your brought Chelsea Lawson here to destroy Billy Boy so you need to take some responsibility!
  5. Why does Faith need a kidney? How would planning Summers stupid 2nd (or 3rd?)wedding to Kyle help cheer her up? I like Karla Mosley as Amanda! Oh Roger Thorpe, Alan Spaulding, James Warwick.... I miss the villainous men of yesteryear.
  6. I’m just seeing the dress now. Holy ugly! What a good idea for Quinn to tell Shauna she had sex with Carter. Why doesn’t Quinn just give Eric an old fashioned blow j? It could bridge the gap.
  7. Yes. They both expressed guilt. She felt bad and said she couldn’t believe she cheated and he mentioned Eric being like a father and Ridge a close friend. She told him he should get back with Zoe as a coverup. Then their passion got the best of them and they started to make love again.
  8. I had to lol at Liam practically fainting at the Vinny montage. Quinn and Carter are sizzlin!
  9. I haven’t watched Fridays episode yet but I’m excited to have Quinn back on. It’s my understanding that John McCook is semi retired so breaking Eric and Quinn up makes sense. I loved LSV on Guiding Light. I would much rather have him be front and center for the long haul vs this constant Liam drivel week after week, year after year. For the love of god who cares about Hope in her Little House on the Prairie dress and Brookes opinion about her a Liam?
  10. I have been banned from another board for being too “mean” about Stanford and Hunter King. There was a divide during the Lola vs Summer time period and people got worked up about it and they came down on the anti Phyllis people. I don’t see what’s terrible about criticizing an actress that dominates a show. But if it’s not allowed here I can tone it down. I like being able to discuss the soap since almost nobody in my personal life watches anymore. Something I find extra irritating are the constant scenes in a hotel lobby that doesn’t look the least bit luxurious. I know that’s no fault of
  11. Thanks, I forgot about that. Agree, would rather see something along those lines and not “I was horny because he had his shirt off”
  12. I found Phyllis much more tolerable when GT played her. Prior to Phyllis going into coma land, I don’t remember hating her so much and I found the stories more entertaining. I find nothing entertaining about her storylines at present time.
  13. Agree. I wish Cricket would run Phyllis down with her car, kill her and drive away laughing. I am so over the over sexed old bat dropping her stank drawers for Nick, her one bony shoulder poking out and her whispering. I don’t love to hate her, I just hate her. I sort of like Ashland Locke but they went a bit overboard with the Jabot stuff. Kyle comes across like a kid. Why didn’t they bring back Blake Hood? He was more age appropriate and could portray an adult man instead of a man-boy.
  14. I think a Carter/Quinn fling could make me tune in more often. Is Eric withholding the dick as punishment or is he having some impotence issues and doesn’t want to admit it? They can make this a decent story if they choose. For once could Liam not be long suffering and sweating Hope over something that he has control over?
  15. Oh Liam. Will we ever get a break from him? I’d rather watch Detective Baker have a love interest.
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