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  1. Oh my god, Summer got ugly! Her hair looks horrible. Someone so young shouldn’t look like a hag.
  2. I’m in the minority, although Monique took it too far, I thought Candiace brought it on herself. One of those loud mouths that talks trash and then turns around and cries victim after the fact. I suspect Karen and Ray are fine. Real Housewives most likely keeps her busier than La Dame and I think this is a storyline he agreed to for a boost. I could be wrong. That restaurant business was so awkward! Those girls are in no way ready to “own” a restaurant. Jamal seems to have no connection to the girls or to Gizelle. They do not seem like a couple. At least her dad spoke up although after he excused himself. I think they should bring in some of the other baby mamas to film.
  3. Tried to watch Friday’s episode. I found it boring and deleted half way through.
  4. Maybe I’ll watch the Secrets Revealed. It’s on my dvr but I hated this season. I didn’t even watch part 3 of the reunion. Was there anything worth watching on part 3? Too bad Teddis demise occurred after the reunion filming.
  5. That piece of crap Hope, has no business stealing all the Forrester children. She is pretty’ gutsy considering she is Brooke’s bastard child and her former brother in law is her daddy. 🤮 Liam is a lily livered coward. Ridge needs to knock his punk waffling ass out. Thomas should gut him like a fish. Steffy needs someone to stay with her and Kelly while she detoxes. She doesn’t need her daughter to be in the House of Whore.
  6. I read that Teddi was launching an investigation into her own company but then the news hit that she is getting fired and I can’t find the article about her saying she’s not running a starvation ring. The news of her firing brought a real smile to my face! I didn’t even watch pat 3 of the reunion. This season was awful. Potomac was so good. I enjoyed the entire hour. Regarding Ashley’s marriage having its own identity. I don’t think a man allowing his wife to be with another woman levels the playing ground or is somehow equal to a man sleeping with another woman. Shamari from RHOA said she and ( bell, biv or devoe?)used to have an open marriage but she was only “allowed” to be open with other women. I’m guessing Ashley is trying to save face. Nobody was surprised that she allowed threesomes. I don’t think the lead up to the fight was fight worthy although Candiaces theatrics are irritating AF.
  7. Another good episode. Karen on the fireball🤣 I am guessing that Ashley and Michael have an agreement. She’s pregnant again so she must be okay with his antics. I doubt we’ll see the fight next week. It will probably start at the last minute of the show.
  8. Watching the BH reunion. Rinna does seem like she would be okay with her gross brats having an eating disorder. I hope they quit showing footage of them, they are not like the Hadid girls or Kyles girls. They appear lazy and dumb.Oh my god, I’m so sick of Rinna cracking up over her dumb antics. Teddi is so boring. Her Easter egg colored hair looks stupid.
  9. ^^^ I agree, they could at least limit the reunions to one episode instead of dragging it thru 3 parts. Potomac is still my favorite. Why are they going back in on Michael? Is it because of the past alleged butt grabs? I remember him telling Ashley he didn’t wants more kids in the earlier seasons but she persisted and got her baby. She can’t really be upset now that he doesn’t want to spend time with the baby. New York- Dorindas overreaction to the mention of Tinsley was ridiculous. So glad they fired her. Personally, I’d like to see Jill and Bethenny back.
  10. Thanks, I remember the Peloton commercial. Did the final Sally scenes air?
  11. I finally watched part one of then BH reunion. When a season is as bad as this one, they shouldn’t do a reunion. I can’t stand Teddi and I think her clothes are ugly but Sutton having disdain for someone’s clothes when she dresses like she does is laughable. She’s almost as boring as Teddi. And what an uppity bitch pretending she can’t pronounce Buca di Beppo. Kyle is a horrible actress and should be fired immediately. Rinna is a horrible actress and should be fired immediately. As if Hamlin would bother with the lock on her shoe! I can take Dorit, Garcelle, Denise and even Erika if they get her away from the yucks.
  12. I cant seem to warm up to the Liberty Biberty guy. Speaking of commercials is that Dr. Penny in the “We don’t have to cook anymore” commercial?
  13. Hope is the worst dresser. They should call her line, No Hope For the Future if Hope is the Designer.
  14. I despise Summer. Please kill off the character and no stupid twin in a year! This Adam stuff is boring. So is Victoria yapping about him. The Phyllis story is beyond dumb. I haven’t been missing much.
  15. GL was my favorite. Started watching it after school. Beth, Phillip, Rick and Mindy were the popular foursome at the time, I watched till the end. Loved Josh and Reva driving off. ATWT- Late 80s. Lily and Holden. Tonio Reyes and Meg. Caleb and Julie. Emma Snyder, Lucinda....etc Capitol - a summer vacation soap. I like the Cleggs. Brenda and Jordy were my favorites. Bold- watched off and on since the beginning. Loved Stephanie Forrester amd Sally. I enjoyed seeing a couple classics with them this past summer. Young and Restless- I remember being home sick from school and Nikki was rushing a baby Victoria to the hospital (I think) watched on and off and then got into it again when Michael Muhney and Billy Miller were on. I watched this last Friday’s episode but am not watching every day.
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