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  1. Good Lort with Phyllis’s antics in that ugly one shoulder dress in that ugly hotel lobby. Nick started to call her out on her insecurities but she fake cried her way out. Why isn’t she in jail for theft by now? It makes me mad that Sally stayed at her stank hotel instead of going to the Athletic Club. What’s Kyle going to do with a love child? I want to like this latest Adam but they aren’t doing him any favors with the current storyline.
  2. Flo kissing Brookes ass is not a good episode. If Katie wants to accept Flo, she can. Brooke has never cared about boundaries concerning Katie and her husband so who cares what Brooke thinks?
  3. I admit it’s not entirely fair that my disdain for the characters seeps onto the actors. However, I don’t see a problem with the criticism of a one dimensional actress. MS with her constant grimacing, wild hand gestures (remember her cawing like a bird in the hotel lobby?) and of course the whispering for emphasis.... it gets old. I had to chuckle at getting called a mean girl for bashing the ultimate mean girl. Phyllis has gone after Cricket, Sharon, Abby, Victoria and now Sally. The hotel lobby horny villainess thing is stale. If we are stuck with Phyllis I wish they’d write a new chapter f
  4. Why is Wyatt trying to shove the disgusting Flow down the Logan’s throats? They don’t like her, she is a baby thief. They do not need to forgive her. Wyatt has no business dating this idiot.
  5. That would be so much better than weeks of Liam begging Hope for forgiveness, Steffy apologizing, Vinnie being vague with Thomas.....etc
  6. I simply can’t stand her or HK, their acting, their characters....etc GT was much better in the role. HK can’t play anything but dumb. She is dreadful, I wish she’d get another prime time gig just to get her off the show but I doubt anyone would hire her.
  7. I need Nick to get over humping Skeletor! Enough is enough. He needs a good woman. Not the whispering mess. She’s going to get the hots for Jack again.
  8. Old Phyllis is jealous of Sally Spectra and I love it! MS’s plastic surgery is not flattering. Is Chelsea wearing an adult diaper? There is nothing interesting about this storyline, I wish Phyllis would be murdered. We haven’t had a good murder in a long time and it’s kind of overdue. How long are they going to keep shoving this horny old goat down us poor viewers throats? She’s repulsive.
  9. Yes, thats why the Jack doppelgänger story on Y and R always irritated me. People know their partners scent, feel....etc
  10. My dvr was also skipping episodes. My guess was some of the episodes showed as repeats since they were scheduled during the impeachment. I’m disappointed with the Adam and Sharon stuff. I know why they are doing it but that doesn’t make it good. Glad to see Amanda and her birth mom again. Hope to see more. What are they going to do with Chance? Will he die on assignment? How nice of Phyllis to defend bullying because her daughter used to be a bully.
  11. I definitely prefer the clean shaven and nice haircut versions of Ridge and Nick Newman. I never felt that strongly about either Ridge actor. Some of the storylines however! Ridges absence when Stephanie was dying. Brooke mistaking the young Oliver for a 60 year old man. I could go on!
  12. I didn’t watch today’s episode but I haven’t been too impressed since her return. The whispering and gesturing is distracting.
  13. Vinnie used the word fetal which caused Thomas to get suspicious. So I guess we know where this ride is going.
  14. For awhile she was constantly wearing the cold shoulder dresses. I guess someone thinks this look is sexy. I think she looks ridiculous but I preferred her dress to the green thing Summer had on.
  15. Oh good, another week of Hope, Steffy and Liam. We haven’t seen enough of them.
  16. Good to see Theo back! We need a slightly bad boy. “He has your dimples” How long are Nick and Phyllis going to be an item this time around? It’s about time for another break up. Why so much Victoria and Billy? He’s moved on! Donny Boaz says they aren’t recasting Chance but I am wondering if they are trying to get Temp Chance back?
  17. I get they want to throw the actors together but an affair would make more sense than Sharon working with Chelsea. I know she got her degree in counseling but as far as I remember she has no experience working with stroke victims.
  18. Good lord that cabbage patch faced looking Uncle Billy humping Summer taunting Sally. I can’t wait for the idiot to be knocked down several pegs. Kyle even told the dumb pig to leave Sally alone. What in the hell am I watching? Why is Sharon providing counsel to Chelsea? God what a terrible storyline.
  19. How dare that old whore Brooke go after Steffy? How many times did Brooke not know who her baby daddy’s were? She spread her legs for her own son in law! She’s ridiculously invested in Hope being with that scumbag Liam. Ridge needs to put his old whore to pasture and get with someone new. I think he should bang Donna for shi#ts and giggles. I’m glad Paris stood up to her nasty sister.
  20. Danny Boaz is leaving. The article says Chance won’t be replaced, he simply won’t be there anymore. That doesn’t make sense since the couple is embarking on a surrogate storyline. https://tvline.com/2021/02/01/young-and-the-restless-donny-boaz-leaving-chance-last-episode/
  21. Devon and Elena are a beautiful couple. Cant stand Summer digging up stuff on Sally. Summer who slept with her Uncle Billy when he was with her mom. She is way scummier than Sally faking one little illness to keep the Grape around.
  22. Love how these storms trap people together.
  23. Lol! You’d think Carter would notice something is awry but no. At least he has someone looking out for him.
  24. I’ll take it. At least Jack and Sally have a bit of life in them. Chelsea raging within about Sharon is not interesting to me. I’d also like them to crossover Bill Spencer from the Bold and Beautiful and get with Victoria. It’s time for her to have a love interest that isn’t Billy and her feud with Phyllis is dull. Also, are they dropping Amanda’s story? I really liked her mom and sister, there’s more that could be done.
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