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  1. Thanks, I was thinking the strike went further into the fall than it did. Stan Albers as Josh first showed up around March of 1988 ( the second time, the first time he was on the show as another character in 1985. )
  2. The whole "Sally the Waitress" and meeting Dave story, along with Travis faking a kidnapping for insurance, was stuff that happened during the writers strike. I'm not sure how much of that was originally planned out by Broderick.
  3. That was when Damon Lazzare and Goldie Kane were hypnotizing Silver to kill Erica. It was around fall of 1987.
  4. I'm going through some of my uploads, and these are some beautiful scenes with Erica and Nick. She tells him about her father issues. Thank you, BlueRose8506 for originally uploading this.
  5. Yes. David/Lanie was started by Broderick, but continued with Depriest. They were still around after that, but I think Agnes's next attempt at a young love story after she returned was Emily Ann and Joey, which also coincided with the return of Billy Clyde.
  6. Cindy/AIDS and the Laura hit and run stories were under Lorraine Broderick. 1981–82 Agnes Nixon & Wisner Washam 1982–86 Wisner Washam 1986–87 Wisner Washam & Lorraine Broderick 1987–88 Lorraine Broderick March 1988 – August 1988 1988 Writers Guild of America strike August 1988 – January 1989 Lorraine Broderick January 1989 – March 1989 Lorraine Broderick & Victor Mille
  7. Yes, Mark was on the show through at least December 1988. The 'real' Silver came on the show as Noelle in 1987, then died May of 1988. So Mark was actually on the show before, during and after Silver.
  8. It didn't make much sense, so I am not surprised. I do know HamiltonBernique has the climax of the Lars Bogard story up. It was during that yacht party where they were celebrating Jenny and Tony's engagement and he fell overboard. Edit: Found it, Lars goes overboard after a fight with Palmer, falls in the water with an American flag toward the end of the video
  9. They sort of brought the Nazi thing back in 1998. Palmer was hiding a bunch of Nazi paintings. Anyone else remember this?
  10. Now that you mention it, Gloria did get more material under McTavish.
  11. One I read about, but never saw was Samantha on OLTL. The original actress, Julie Montgomery, left the show, and had her in a car wreck. She woke up with plastic surgery with Susan Keith in the role, who was a miscast. The writers then wrote that Sam didn't like her plastic surgery and found a different surgeon. She had another plastic surgery, and was back to being Julie Montgomery again.
  12. Tina Sloan (Lillian) said that GL actually planned to put Ed/Lillian together and only the tsunami-sized backlash after Mo's death changed their minds. I can see arrogant JFP smirking and rubbing her hands and putting all this together, then cursing the fans when her ideas went up in ashes. The network or P&G must have stepped in.
  13. Thank you. Yes, I see McTavish didn't come until the next year on OLTL. Although, both stories (GL/OLTL) were under JFP's watch. I wonder if it was JFP's idea to make Rachel a killer, because on Y&R Hilary was made a killer under JFP. The Amelia/Rick/Maureen interview should be interesting. I know JFP loved Lucy/SS so I wonder if it was her idea to cut the Gilly/Alan-Michael story or the networks. I do think I read a rumor Patrick Mulcahey quit over them not letting him do the David/Bridget story.
  14. Wasn't Megan McTavish also the one that had Roger blaming Gilly for all the problems at WRCW, so she quit to work as a personal assistant to Griffin, who she almost had an affair with until he turned out to be her father? Yuck. Then not long after she went over to OLTL and made Rachel a killer out of nowhere.
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