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  1. One I read about, but never saw was Samantha on OLTL. The original actress, Julie Montgomery, left the show, and had her in a car wreck. She woke up with plastic surgery with Susan Keith in the role, who was a miscast. The writers then wrote that Sam didn't like her plastic surgery and found a different surgeon. She had another plastic surgery, and was back to being Julie Montgomery again.
  2. Tina Sloan (Lillian) said that GL actually planned to put Ed/Lillian together and only the tsunami-sized backlash after Mo's death changed their minds. I can see arrogant JFP smirking and rubbing her hands and putting all this together, then cursing the fans when her ideas went up in ashes. The network or P&G must have stepped in.
  3. Thank you. Yes, I see McTavish didn't come until the next year on OLTL. Although, both stories (GL/OLTL) were under JFP's watch. I wonder if it was JFP's idea to make Rachel a killer, because on Y&R Hilary was made a killer under JFP. The Amelia/Rick/Maureen interview should be interesting. I know JFP loved Lucy/SS so I wonder if it was her idea to cut the Gilly/Alan-Michael story or the networks. I do think I read a rumor Patrick Mulcahey quit over them not letting him do the David/Bridget story.
  4. Wasn't Megan McTavish also the one that had Roger blaming Gilly for all the problems at WRCW, so she quit to work as a personal assistant to Griffin, who she almost had an affair with until he turned out to be her father? Yuck. Then not long after she went over to OLTL and made Rachel a killer out of nowhere.
  5. Laurel was pointless, but the culmination of her death, and Janet revealing Jason as a homophobe wanting to kill Michael Delaney on the witness stand was well done. You know, its funny. You go back and watch episodes in the late 80's and Jack actually seemed to have a personality back then, after Travis left so went his personality. Nick Davis and Mike Roy were my favorites for Erica, but Dimitri was okay, aside from when he helped Kendall track down Richard Fields, and he went downhill after that whole Maria affair disaster. They almost turned him into a villain in 1997.
  6. Cady McClain on some of the behind the scene politics of 2006, which lead to the pancake death "I made the mistake of saying what I wanted. Sometimes with a show, you've got to smell the atmosphere, and you've really got to consider the politics, and see what is happening. It's taken me a lifetime to learn this, but I did not recognize there was much heavier network influence at the time, that was playing heavily into the politics behind the scenes. So when I was taken to lunch, I was asked "What kind of stories do you like, Cady?" and I was like "You're asking me?" Instead of saying what I should of said, "Whatever she wants to write is going to be great." What I did end up saying was "I like social justice storylines. I really loved anything what Agnes was doing in the 80's with AIDS and homelessness." And I just watched the writer that shall not be named look at me like she wanted to kill me because she had a story already. It just didn't enter my little pea brain that I was making that story go away by what I was saying. I didn't even realize I had that power at that time. I had no idea. So, that became a very difficult year because I think she was very angry with me, for ruining this great story idea that she had, and I got the brunt of that, and I've talked about that before. I don't think it was right or fair personally to take your anger out on an actor, but I've seen it done before. If somebody doesn't like you, and they have to write for you, that's going to be a tough year for you, and it was for me. I literally had to do a "I wanna kill myself" story for three months straight. And going to work, and doing monologues about how much you want to die is really hard on you personally. We play on a field of emotion, and you can't help when you're doing a very difficult storyline everyday, to take some of that home with you. After three months, I began to get angry, as anyone would that would be forced to do something that was really painful. It almost felt like torture. That's not a good feelings, and you get snarky and bitchy and angry yourself. Then I had an epiphany, which was "Cady, just let it go. Just shut up, and go do your job. Just entertain people and don't let this get to you." By the time I had made that turn, I had a conversation with that writer that did not sit well with her. It wasn't like I was an a-hole, I was saying "Could you please consider..." I was polite, but I wasn't totally in line, which is what you have to do in a job like soaps where they are writing a script five days a week. Its an enormous undertaking for writers. So, by the time I had my epiphany, she had already made up her mind, and poisoned pancakes was going to her final word on the subject. Which I have had to live with ever since." Full interview https://www.soapoperadigest.com/content/cady-mcclain-guests-on-digests-podcast/
  7. 2010 was actually the first time Guza wrote S&B as an actual bonafide couple, if you think about it. 1994-1995 was Labine. During his first stint in 1996, Sonny was with Lily and Brenda was with Jax. S&B had longing moments, but they weren't together that year. I seem to remember Jax's first wife that also had a history with Mac (who he somehow knew from Australia) was suppose to be a Cassadine, but none of this was further explored after Guza left. Guza was gone most of 1997 to do Sunset Beach. This was the year of S&B cave sex and subsequent reunion along with Tinman. Guza came back in time to write Sonny leaving Brenda at the alter, and Brenda's subsequent breakdown. Guza also wrote Brenda's 1998 reunion with Jax up through her death. Then when VM returned in 2002, Guza reunited her with Jax and the fake marriage to Jason. S&B didn't have much going on during this time aside from the amazing grace montage and the goodbye kiss on the docks when she was leaving. And I feel like he only put them back together in 2010 because he wanted to do the Dante triangle/reveal that got axed.
  8. Gloria Monty on the Luke and Laura rape 🤐 In September 22, 1998 SOW. Gloria said that she helped to create the scene and she directed it, but didn't write it. She says, "I refuse to call it rape. Someone told me that sequence would never fly today because women are different, and they would object to it. That's nonsense." She said she intentionally directed it to have what really happened to Laura vague in the audience's mind. "You heard her scream 'No, but we cut away before. You didn't know what ultimately happened, except that they had sex. I wanted the audience to wonder, 'was it a rape?'" She says the truth came out later in more subtle scenes and THOSE are the ones she wrote, rather than the rape. She says that these later scenes were overlooked. "After the seduction, Luke went to see her in the hospital. He brought flowers and she smiled and said, 'Thank you,' and, most importantly, she accepted the flowers. She acted as if nothing had happened. She could have looked at him the way that she did and accepted the flowers, if she thought that what had happened was a rape. The night of the seduction, this man had one day to live. He was going to die. She came into the disco, and he kept telling her to go away. In an emotional sequence like that, if she had started running out and he caught her and dragged her back, then I would also say it was rape. But if the man says, 'Get out, get out, please leave,' and you stay. . . then you're crossing the line."
  9. Yes, I liked they had Remy's mom come by for the Jesse return. Did they ever bring up Creed Kelly though? Wasn't he the one originally thought to be behind Jesse's death?
  10. What is the tea with Rebecca Budig and Paulo Benedeti?
  11. Yup. Jill Farren Phelps really decimated the Gannons when she took over in the late 90s. I think she was also the producer who put the kaboosh on the interracial pairings of Alan-Michael/Gilly and David/Bridget on Guiding Light too.
  12. TC Warner interviews Lorraine Broderick
  13. Yeah, I think this was when Adam had some get rich scheme (I think? I don't remember the motivation really) where he faked his death. He somehow got kidnapped and held hostage by Billy Clyde and Christina Baranski, while Adam's wife, Erica was sexing up Mike Roy in the Chandler Mansion.
  14. I agree. They should have continued with the Pierce and Janet story instead.
  15. True. I think in 1982 it was really close between GH and AMC though it was the closest GH came to losing the #1 spot until Y&R in the late 80's.
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