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  1. ghfan89

    Classic GH Thread

    ‘General Hospital’ To Broadcast Classic Sonny & Carly Episode https://www.soapoperanetwork.com/2018/11/general-hospital-to-broadcast-classic-sonny-carly-episode
  2. ghfan89

    Twin Peaks

    Russ Tamblyn playing another Dr. Jacoby (an obvious reference to his TP character) on GH back in 2000
  3. ghfan89

    AMC Tribute Thread

    One of the episodes SL submitted for when she won her Emmy:
  4. ghfan89

    Non-romantic Supercouples

    Jesse and Jenny, AMC
  5. ghfan89

    General Hospital August 2018 Discussion

    I thought Sarah Brown's best chemistry was actually with Sean Kanan rather than either Benard or even Burton.
  6. ghfan89

    When real life gets in the way

    Do you remember what he said the original story plan was by any chance?
  7. ghfan89

    All "Unmasked" Moments in Soaps

    AMC did a storyline around 1995 where Janet hired an actor to wear a mask to look like Will Cortlandt. The unmasking scene is around 25:35 Another GH one, Robert takes off his asian mask and reveals to Sean he's alive. FF to about 3 minutes in
  8. ghfan89

    AMC Tribute Thread

    1996 wasn't Broderick's first attempt at science fiction. LB also did that whole Damon Lazzare hypnotizing Silver story in the late 80's. Although you maybe right about it being network mandated given the popularity with DAYS at the time.
  9. ghfan89

    AMC Tribute Thread

    I never cared for Laurel, but I thought her murder storyline involving Jason, Michael etc was well done. I was watching some of those episodes and it's like two different shows. This was a good story, but then you had the Jamaica stuff with Noah/Julia/Mateo/Hayley/Taylor which wasn't interesting at all.
  10. ghfan89

    AMC Tribute Thread

    SOW at the time said that Nixon and Mctavish did not agree on the direction of the show (whatever that means) but didn't get into any other specifics. As for Washam (and Broderick), they both left AMC around the time when McTavish was promoted to headwriter.
  11. ghfan89

    AMC Tribute Thread

    The thing I had trouble wrapping my head around during the original Kendall storyline was as to why Dimitri would go along with helping Kendall track down her rapist father, knowing how much it would upset Erica.
  12. ghfan89

    Twin Peaks

    Not sure where to post this on the board, but this seemed like a good thread for it: "I really like soap operas," says Lynch. "I got hooked when I was printing engravings at art school. This lady I was printing with was just completely addicted to two particular soap operas - Another World and The Edge Of Night - so I got hooked as well. I dug them. The frustrating thing about them is that they draw the smallest torments out forever. It works, but it´s frustrating. It think ours will be a hair less frustrating. We´ll see. We may fall into the same thing." http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:TGMYskjdFo0J:ncadjarmstrong.com/year-3-postmodern-moving/david-lynch-twin-peaks.docx+&cd=1&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us
  13. ghfan89

    Last time a newbie impressed you?

    I enjoyed the actress who played Rosalie on GH. I don't know why they got rid of her.
  14. ghfan89

    Classic GH Thread

    One that stand out in my mind is Luke running through the amusement park through rides and obstacle courses from the bad guys from one reason or another. Anyone remember where that is from?