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  1. Yes, I remember that she did now that you mentioned it. Carrie somehow arranged for Eve to find Carrie's earring in Justin's bed and Eve told Jackie about it. Jackie left town shortly after that. I know Eve was around when Jackie's plane crashed, so Janet must have returned for a while.
  2. Looks like it was Yates’ decision to leave. He came back in January 1982, and Janet Grey was written out with him. I do remember Ben and Eve reconciling. Eve wasn’t doing much around this time except working in the book store.
  3. I think Kathleen Cullen was pregnant in real life around this time too.
  4. Definitely seems out of character. Ben always seemed very gentle. Trying to remember if this was when Amanda was wearing big bows in her hair and acting like a young girl.
  5. Unfortunately, Ben did rape Amanda. This synopsis was from the first week of Oct. 1981, so this occurred that week, or the last week of September.
  6. Update from the Retro rep. She also said she would be interviewing the following actors today for the behind-the-scenes material and promos: Jada Rowland, Liz Hubbard, Kim Zimmer, Jennifer Houlton, Richard Niles, Anna Stuart, Marie Foster, Thor Fields, Count Stovall, Eileen Kearney, Brian McKeon and Patricia Hayling.
  7. The weekend episodes are from earlier seasons. Not positive but I believe the Saturday episodes are a different year than the Sunday episodes.
  8. Noon - 1, Eastern Time.
  9. The rep from Retro TV posted this elsewhere today.
  10. The show also wanted to cut their guarantees in half and told them there would be no story for them. I believe that Brian Frons, who was then VP of NBC daytime, was behind a lot of this, and then Maggie DePriest didn't want to write for them.
  11. @Brolden I believe the May 28, 1990, pre-emption was because of CBS coverage of an NBA Eastern Conference playoff game (Detroit/Chicago).
  12. @slick jones I think that might be Susan Oliver in the photo for Diane McBain's listing.
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