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  1. jam6242

    The Doctors

    I want Carolee to go off on all the adults she knew previously, and to make new friends. None of them showed any real concern about her disappearing.
  2. jam6242

    The Doctors

    There used to be civilians wandering around the hospital in the earlier episodes we’ve seen. Plus, patients going in and out of the clinic. I love the background players, especially Big Joe and Nurse Wheeler (who used to side-eye everybody). Lately, I’ve been enjoying Nurse Ursula (Mercedes Ruehl), who seems to disapprove of the gatherings in front of her desk.
  3. jam6242

    The Doctors

    After Mona and Jason is Nola. I think the next one might be John Shearin (soon to be Mike), although the resemblance isn’t great. Then, Sarah, Luke, Jerry, and Penny,
  4. jam6242

    The Doctors

    I'm very much enjoying the Kyle/Maggie story. I found their attraction very natural; not forced at all. This is probably the first story that is strictly Marland's own. I'm glad he gave Lydia/Maggie something to do other than being the gossip and recapper.
  5. jam6242

    Days: December 2018 Discussion Thread ⌛🎅🎄🎁

    I got emotional too, especially when "The Most Beautiful Girl in the World" came on. I knew Bill had recorded a song but I expected it to be a generic one like we've been getting the last few years. Made me think of watching with my mom, and telling her that Doug was right whenever he sang that song to Julie. I'm so happy that Susan received this tribute, not only for my enjoyment, but because I'm sure this made her and Bill happy. I know there have been times they must have felt that their contributions have been forgotten. They've had a good year, and as Susan has said, it wasn't posthumous!
  6. True. After seeing spoilers and the article in the latest SOD, I think it will be good. Should be flashbacks on December 11. I do appreciate that the anniversary is being acknowledged by the show.
  7. @DRW50 Definitely Teri. I remember this commercial. Thanks for sharing.
  8. I was wondering the same thing. I hope someone can tell us. ETA: Someone who is very familiar with this story thinks that the older woman was the minister's wife. He thinks this picture must have been from a rehearsal. Adam's girlfriend at the time, Roxanne Carey (Martha Galphin), was Julie's maid of honor in the aired show.
  9. jam6242

    "Secret Storm" memories.

    Article re efforts being made to improve the ratings, from 1972.
  10. jam6242

    Soap Hoppers

    @slick jonesI found this in a June 21, 1965 (Mon.), newspaper. Pamela appeared in a few episodes of GL (character name unknown).
  11. jam6242

    Proposed Soaps Over The Years

    I don’t know about writing for soaps but I recognize Fred Mustard Stewart’s name as a novelist, whose books were made into films and mini-series. “The Mephisto Waltz,” and “Ellis Island,” come to mind.
  12. jam6242

    The Doctors

    Liz Hubbard was pregnant at this time (I think the baby was born in September) so that’s the reason John and Althea’s story is sort of on hold.
  13. I think Althea had five brain surgeries in total, if you count the exploratory procedure she had between the two full surgeries she had during Nick’s last visit (adding to the two she had prior to 1976).
  14. A couple of items I found on newspapers.com, regarding the Julie Jamison Hillyer trial. The first is from the December 2, 1968, The Daily Herald (Provo, Utah), and discusses the episode that aired on November 8, 1968. The second is from the November 22, 1968, San Antonio Express (Ann Flood and Laurence Hugo are pictured).