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  1. A couple of items I found on newspapers.com, regarding the Julie Jamison Hillyer trial. The first is from the December 2, 1968, The Daily Herald (Provo, Utah), and discusses the episode that aired on November 8, 1968. The second is from the November 22, 1968, San Antonio Express (Ann Flood and Laurence Hugo are pictured).
  2. The Doctors

    Oh, I hadn’t heard about the Hubbard Squash reference. Too funny! How suddenly could Julia have quit if she was a contract player?
  3. The Doctors

    The soap press at the time reported that Julia left because she felt that she had outgrown the role. I do think TD squandered her the last few years by not having her drive her own stories. Penny should have stayed in medical school. She turned dumb under DePriest. TD didn’t seem to know what to do with its young female characters, in general. Toni and Liz were in a similar situation. I believe Marland’s complaint about LH was that she refused to say the lines as written. It’s too bad because I’m finally liking Althea again for the first time in years. She’s much better when she’s not moping, getting hysterical over a man, and/or recovering from brain surgery. I don’t understand why Althea wasn’t the first choice to be Acting COS, with her long tenure, plus she’s been a department head.
  4. DAYS behind the scenes, articles/photos

    I recently got dinged on one that I've had up a few years. Just some Doug and Julie scenes from 1993. Don't know how Sony found that one since I did not mention Days in my description.
  5. The Doctors

    We’re still seeing Big Joe. The lack of medical stories started prior to Marland. Aren’t Joan Dancy’s OD and Althea’s multiple brain surgeries the only ones we’ve seen at Hope Memorial in 1976? Rico was never seen treating his own patients.
  6. A few months ago, Bill Hayes tweeted dates for Doug and Julie appearances for the rest of the year. SSH is going to be in more episodes than usual in December, so she's at least getting that. My hopes aren't too high that she won't be doing something silly, since RC is the HW (unless Sheri Anderson was consulted more than she normally seems to be).
  7. I would love to see any scenes between SSH and Denise Alexander again. Loved the Julie/Susan rivalry. I'd like to see scenes during Julie and Doug's affair before he married Addie. I would also like to see the scenes with Julie, Addie, and Doug, at the hospital when Hope was born. I remember Julie telling Doug at the hospital nursery that Hope should have been their child. Really, I would just love to see Julie's entire story from SSH's arrival, until Doug and Julie's second wedding in 1981. It all fell apart for Julie (and Doug) after that. Thanks for posting the new synopses @JAS0N47
  8. Days: RIP Peggy McCay

    From 1969, Peggy as Iris Fairchild on GH. This was the first role I remember seeing her play.
  9. Ratings from the 80's

    I believe it was because of Steve and Kayla's wedding, in late July 1988.
  10. DAYS behind the scenes, articles/photos

    I think this was something put together by some of Bill Hayes' grandchildren for his birthday. There are some brief Doug and Julie scenes from the late 70s included.
  11. Days: August 2018 Discussion Thread

    I think the purpose of Julie being so hateful to Gabi IS to make Gabi more sympathetic. I wish they would stop wasting SSH’s few appearances on that nonsense. She still has some good moments, such as Julie’s talk with Ciara about rape. I wish she had been more involved in the mini-story re Eli’s baby. We didn’t even get to see her reaction to the baby being named David.
  12. The Doctors

    Yes, he was his replacement. I "live" tweet while watching with some friends. You should have seen our comments about The Boy, lol. Carolee's relationship with Billy is wonderful. She treats him better than Dan does.
  13. Days: August 2018 Discussion Thread

    @vetsoapfan I find it hard to believe myself. I always thought they stopped interacting because Deidre or tptb don’t want to remind people that Marlena is a peer (age-wise) with Maggie and Julie, not Hope, Kayla, and Jennifer. Marlena and Julie rarely interact either and I know Susan and Deidre are still friends.
  14. Days: August 2018 Discussion Thread

    Deidre's fans claim that she and Suzanne had a falling out in real life and that's the reason they are rarely in the same scenes, or interact if they are.
  15. Soap Families Who Actually Look Related

    I remember when Kristian Alfonso started on Days that I thought she was perfect to play Julie's sister. Never mind that neither Hope nor Julie looked like their mother.