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  1. You know Days is on its last legs when Julie Olson Banning Anderson Williams Williams Williams is labeled a prude and a Puritan, lol. Although I don't think it's prudish not to want people having sex on your desk, whether you dislike them personally or not.
  2. Sven even got my dad watching a soap for the first time.
  3. The only soap villains who really scared me were Jonah Lockwood/Keith Whitney (played by Bruce Martin) on The Edge of Night, and Sven Petersen (Roberts Blossom) on Another World.
  4. Pictures from Days’ 5th anniversary party.
  5. She’s not dead as of the March 1978 episodes. They recently mentioned that she moved back to Germany and couldn’t be located (Erich was having surgery).
  6. @slick jones I found a blurb that said Sam Schacht played "Larry" on LIAMST.
  7. @slick jonesDon't know whether this is any help, but I found a blurb re Balaban being cast in "You're a Good Man Charlie Brown," from 1967. The blurb said that he had previously been on EON. No mention of ATWT though.
  8. @slick jones @Paul Raven I found an article from July 1968, regarding a play in which Ebert was appearing, that stated he played (past tense) Chuck Ryan for three years (but didn't give specific dates). Didn't find anything re Balaban or Chastain.
  9. There was a Mike (Randolph) and Molly (Ordway) on Another World too.
  10. @slick jones Is that Lydia Bruce with Bill Lipton?
  11. I agree about Hope, although the writing isn't the only problem. I don't know what is going on with KA. She just seems so remote/emotionless most of the time, and then she seems to be flirty at inappropriate times.
  12. Yeah, that was awful. Poor Robert Clary had to sing for them! I wonder what he thought about that? I was more interested in the CBS soaps in the 80s and 90s, but that gradually waned too. The soaps started copying each other too much, and not in a good way (e.g., Reva being cloned on GL; I'm surprised that JER didn't come up with that one first). I mostly stopped watching soaps all together in the late 90s, then a co-worker got me into watching Days again, around 2006. I've stuck around out of habit since then, but they've almost lost me. I'm barely watching now. I was not familiar with Ron's prior work, so I tried to give him a chance, but I finally had to admit that he's terrible. I'm afraid we're stuck with him until the end though. I don't know how soaps will ever again attract the new audience they need to survive (and they've alienated many of the old audience). There are just way too many other quality options now.
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