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  1. She does, lol. I think she also looks more like Lindsay Frost.
  2. Maggie and Sarah had a conversation when Sarah first returned in which they implied that Neil had died. Something about Neil being proud that she had become a doctor. I remember being annoyed because they seemed to cancel out Mickey raising Sarah.
  3. Mary Frann remained close friends with SSH and Suzanne Rogers until she died. And Josh Taylor was in love with her. So she obviously got along with some co-workers.
  4. Supposedly, the app for Roku is going to be available on Monday (4/12). Not sure about the timeline for the apps for other devices but the previous service had several options.
  5. Thanks @DRW50. I didn't know that Martha had been in a sanitarium.
  6. Yes, the second one is from April 19. Not much happened but Craig Huebing was the guest star. Well, now it appears to be gone. It was up last night! Maybe they meant to air it over Retro before uploading it to the site.
  7. They only have two 1963 episodes up right now and neither have that title.
  8. I think a couple of years later.
  9. I thought everyone was a bit nonchalant about little Debbie's death. I did enjoy the episode though. I thought Fred J. Scollay stood out among the regular cast (no surprise). Nice surprise seeing Robert Mandan. Not sure daytime TV was right for Jock Gaynor, though he did have presence. Was impressed with the sets. Hope we see more of the early episodes.
  10. Hated Melinda Fee. I wasn't a big Mary fan in the first place but Melinda's version was awful. Very one-note. So I wasn't sad when she was murdered. Karin Wolfe was actually my favorite Mary.
  11. Wow, didn’t know (or remember) that Texas got a two-hour finale. The Doctors had to say goodbye in 30 minutes, after helping lift NBC to the top in the 70s.
  12. Yes, when Dr. Lang was supposed to be recording his dying statement, the actor turned off the recorder. Agree about Marie Wallace.
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