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  1. Well, it wasn't as bad as The Boy! That's faint praise though, lol.
  2. This is a synopsis of what was happening on Days during Abe's first appearances in 1981. David was on the run after being framed for shooting Alex Marshall. Abe was trying to catch him and Julie/Doug/Val were helping David hide. The blackmailing fugitive who had David was Nick Corelli. We had not yet seen Roman.
  3. @JermsieHorgan's character on The Doctors was Dr. John Morrison, a psychiatrist who was married to Althea and was desperate to hold on to her. Some consider John a villain but I don't, lol. He kept things interesting anyway.
  4. This is from two essays that were printed in Newsday (Suffolk, NY) newspaper in 1973, debating the pros and cons of soap viewing.
  5. I agree about Patrick Horgan. He was always a delight to me. On The Doctors, he often had to talk to himself or a prop, rather than another actor, and he was still fun to watch.
  6. I'm glad he's enjoying doing this story. Interesting that the writers and producers consulted his son. I wonder whether they incorporated anything they learned from him though, lol?
  7. I'm trying to find other roles. She was friends with Lydia Bruce and her husband. Did theater with them and even lived in the same apartment building.
  8. Interview with Bill Hayes re his part in the possession storyline. https://soaphub.com/days-of-our-lives/bill-hayes-loving-killer-lines-being-back-in-the-days-limelight/
  9. @slick jones Re The Doctors, you have a clinic patient named Mrs. Greenway listed for the 6-5-69 episode. She's actually in the 6-6-69 episode, which I watched today. Sounds like Maggie is calling her Mrs. Greenlay, but the closed-caption shows it as Mrs. Greenlee. Anyway, I think the actress might be Esther Benson, who later played mean Nurse Buckley. Here she is as Nurse Buckley.
  10. Felicia Sanders, who played Stella Bellini (Nick’s sister-in-law) on The Doctors in the 70s, was the vocalist on the Percy Faith Orchestra’s, The Song from Moulin Rouge. It went to #1 in 1953.
  11. So sorry to hear about Patrick. He was always one of my favorites. I never forgot his portrayal of John Morrison and I was thrilled to be able to see him again. His wife was so sweet in indulging those of us who were #TeamJohn. From her accounts, he seemed to get a kick out of that, lol.
  12. @Paul RavenI’ve read in various books that the wedding episode itself had the most viewers of any soap episode until Luke and Laura’s wedding smashed all viewing records. Bill Hayes has said that 16 million watched. But I haven’t been able to find info to verify any of that. Do you know whether Nielsen published daily ratings back then?
  13. A few articles re Doug and Julie's first wedding, which aired 45 years ago today.
  14. I don’t know whether the entire story is online anymore but this particular scene is in this clip. Starting around 56 seconds in.
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