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  1. @DRW50Thanks for tagging me. Don't remember much about this character other than his cuteness. Always great to see Denise.
  2. He'd probably seen A Summer Place and wouldn't dare mess with Constance, lol.
  3. I've noticed that was the norm for newspaper columnists back then.
  4. From 1969, a look at a day of taping the show.
  5. When Robert Gerringer was replaced as Woodard, there was a strike going on against ABC by members of the union for the technical crew. Gerringer refused to cross the picket line.
  6. Random tidbit from 1968---mention of a poem recited by Susan Martin (Denise Alexander) in 1968 after the death of her son (the poem is about the death of a child). Her son died in 1967, but the article is from 1968, so don't the circumstances of her reciting it in 1968.
  7. Thanks Jason! I thought I remembered Julie not knowing about Doug's real name until this time, but I wasn't sure. Good to see I remembered correctly. Addie knew because she had a private detective investigate his background.
  8. Thanks for posting the synopses @JAS0N47!
  9. Re Katherine Raht Aunt Jenny (Quentin Taylor's mother)-1942 Front Page Farrell (Claire Denny)-1949 Re Arthur Vinton Perry Mason (Sgt. Dorset)-1945 Re Lucy Gilman Welcome Valley (Teenie Griffin)-1936 Junior Nurse Corps (Dorothy Hart)-1936 Re Ruth Yorke Our Gal Sunday (Lydia Innescort)-1939 We Love and Learn (Valeria Duncan)-1943 Life Can Be Beautiful (Gertie)-1947 Big Town (Maizie, the telephone operator)-1951
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