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  1. Here is an article about Mary Frann returning after being written out the first time.
  2. I think Josh Taylor was butting heads with Barbara Stanger, who was playing his love interest, Mary Anderson. So they might have brought back Amanda just to give him another love interest. Josh fell for Mary Frann in real life but I don’t know whether she reciprocated. I actually did like their pairing.
  3. I think Amanda was written out with Greg in early 1979, and they moved to Chicago. She came back to town alone a few months later and had an affair with Chris. Then she learned she was pregnant (not knowing whether the father was Greg or Chris). She had a miscarriage though and had to have a hysterectomy. She decided to go back to Chicago with Greg.
  4. @danfling I didn't have any luck with those names, except for this article re Christine Thomas (assuming it's the same one). It only lists her appearances on Canadian radio though. Slightly off-topic, I had no idea that Hugh Franklin was married to writer Madeline L'Engle until I did this search!
  5. Days has posted this scene on the DOOL app. Rarely seen in clips, Margaret Mason (Linda) and Susan Oliver (Laura) are in it too!
  6. Haha—-great minds, eh? Here’s a screencap of him with Deidre. Marlena was also his therapist so she had a bit of a conflict of interest going. At least one of those episodes has been floating around various places over the years.
  7. He played the father of a young woman who was brain dead. Marlena and others were trying to convince him to donate the daughter’s kidney to Marlena’s sister, Samantha (which he did). I guess this was before live donors were used in transplants.
  8. Short article from 1966, re Anthony Ponzini playing Danny Fargo (pictured with Carol Roux, as Missy Palmer).
  9. I noticed that Billy Davis’ character had disappeared before the wedding started. And after he told Eli on Friday that he wouldn’t have missed the wedding for anything. 😂. Guess Days could only afford him for that one scene.
  10. I think Margaret DePriest created most of the Dancys, including Virginia. Oops, we posted at the same time. Maybe DePriest knew them through her time when she acted on TD in 1968?
  11. ☺️ Newspapers.com is my friend, lol.
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