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  1. Cancelled Soaps Cast Lists

    @slick jones The name of the character Phil Vandervort played was "Benjy." December 30, 1963... "Gold Is A Happy Color" ????... Phillip Van Der Voort Pegene O'Connor...Jacqueline Bertell Dr. Jerry Chandler... Richard Roat Chaplain Sam Shafer...Margot Moser Dr. Matt Powers...James Pritchett Dr.Maggie Hansen Fielding...Ann Williams
  2. The Doctors

    Dan was a villain to me because he was hurting innocent people and he was never humanized at all. I'm more sympathetic toward Cathy and John and don't really see them as villains. Nick and Althea weren't exactly innocent in any of the events involving Cathy and John. I've grown to loathe Nick and Althea because they're self-centered, hypocritical, and don't care who they hurt. The constant Nick-propping by the other characters is maddening. How many times an episode must we hear how great he is?
  3. DAYS behind the scenes, articles/photos

    Yeah, I'm pretty sure those were the stories. I remember Chris felt guilty about what Jake had done while he was gone. Then he and Eugene built the robot (which was actually Chris' invention).
  4. DAYS behind the scenes, articles/photos

    Promo from 1982 re Josh Taylor's return as Chris Kositchek. At around 7:18.
  5. DAYS behind the scenes, articles/photos

    I did wonder how accurate that was. I didn't think Bill Bell started on Days until 1966 so how could he have hired PFS in 1965?
  6. The Doctors

    I can't imagine GC liked the 1973 story either. Ann is basically a doormat for Nick right now. I have no recollection of her from this time although I remember the other stories. She and Nick leave together in late 1974/early 1975 (to find a cure for Ann's soap-opera disease), and when she returns alone she is after Steve.
  7. The Doctors

    Gil Gerard has the "hunk" factor but his acting is way below the usual standards of the show (although better than much of the acting on current soaps). I never was interested in Alan the first time I watched him. I hope I find him more interesting this time. I'm not really looking forward to the 1974 stories. I think things pick up (for me) in 1975 though.
  8. Cancelled Soaps Cast Lists

    Great! I might have a few more but I'll wait so I can double-check there.
  9. Cancelled Soaps Cast Lists

    You're welcome! Did you already have the names for the characters that Michael Baseleon and Louise Sorel played in 1963---Al Finelli and Rose Finelli?
  10. Cancelled Soaps Cast Lists

    @slick jones Sorry if I overlooked this on your list for "The Doctors," but I came across this blurb in "The Detroit Free Press," for June 19, 1963. "Chaplain suspects head nurse is prejudiced against young Formosan nurse (Irene Sun)." Also, from April 16, 1963: "Rev. Shafer must tell man (Roy Poole) he has failed police examination."
  11. Ratings from the 70's

    Found this in the March 1, 1974, edition of Valley News (Van Nuys, CA), the daytime ratings for a two-week period ending January 27, 1974.
  12. Another World

    Jacqueline Courtney in a 1965 commercial for the Tammy doll.
  13. Bill Hayes Documentary: World by the Tail

    In their book, Bill and Susan said that Margaret DePriest was the writer who refused to write for them, after seeing them on a tv show during which they mentioned the lack of story for Doug and Julie. Susan is referring to that incident in the documentary.
  14. The Doctors

    I've long suspected that Gerald Gordon was basically playing himself on TD.