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  1. @beebsJoshua didn't get malaria in Salem (that would have been funny though). He got it in Vietnam. Malaria can be recurring. Enjoying your commentary! I loved Stephen Brooks, so I had no problem with Joshua being "older." He was one of the bright spots from that era for me.
  2. I think the Flannery slap was a prank. SSH said she (in character) opened a door and Flannery surprised her with the slap. SSH and Denise Alexander were friends with Flannery and called her Flannels.
  3. Article about the 60th anniversary of radio soaps going off the air. https://whav.net/2020/11/25/radio-actors-werent-very-thankful-60-years-ago-as-most-drama-and-comedy-came-to-an-end/
  4. Tommy's absence should have been addressed but he was not an interesting character to me past the story with Marie. I do wish Marie would pop up at least one more time. She should have been around for the 50th anniversary.
  5. If I’m remembering correctly, Linda earlier fantasized about smothering her husband Jim when he was in the hospital. Anyone else remember this?
  6. I always thought Bob Anderson was boring. I found Mark Tapscott kind of wooden in his acting. The women in his life were more interesting. Here is a scene after Bob’s death, with Phyllis, Julie, and Maggie. Sorry for the quality.
  7. Denise Alexander and Mike Farrell are in a scene in the Through the Years: Doug and Julie video on dayofdays.2020, at the beginning.
  8. Bill Hayes has said that Bill Bell originally intended for Doug to lead Sister Marie astray in 1970, but tossed that story plan aside when he saw the chemistry between Bill H and Susan Seaforth.
  9. She also played the telephone operator who was heard at the beginning and end of each episode of Grand Hotel.
  10. Teal Ames (Sara Karr) died on October 28. https://www.legacy.com/obituaries/pressconnects/obituary.aspx?n=teal-nichols-dougherty-schmidt&pid=197087940&fbclid=IwAR28er46n0Fcx-jHJB2SwXO_kYVSG-kWnwL8lf24SG5FG6_TOFRfMqD3fOU
  11. @slick jonesI found Bob McKee playing Greg Warner on GL, from 1943 (up to Jan. 1944, when he joined the army.
  12. @Franko I think I have a magazine article about filming the scenes of Julie getting burned. I'll try to find it. You can see a few seconds of it here, at around 6:12.
  13. I liked her on Peyton Place too and other things I've seen her in. Maybe it was just too soon for a recast. And I might not feel the same now that I'm an adult, if I had the chance to watch her again.
  14. Susan has said that she wasn't happy during the time her mother was writing the show. Said everyone was coming to her if they had issues with the writing, and then Bill would complain at home. She mentioned last year that she had to have therapy for it, and the show paid for it. Re Rosemary Forsyth, I did like her, much better than I did Susan Oliver anyway. Still, she wasn't as strong a presence as Susan Flannery, who will always be "real" Laura to me.
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