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  1. She can't get on the official waiting list but I think a private direct donation would be allowed.
  2. RC got complaints on Twitter last winter when he had Julie calling Gabi "chiquita," and "chili pepper," and there was a demand that Julie be called out for being a racist. So he apparently thought he had to have Julie acting like a fool in front of Eli and Lani to accomplish that.
  3. I'm so over Julie being written like a buffoon. That's not who she is, or was, at all.
  4. Ben is saving two more people next week, according to spoilers. He's the hero of Salem now, lol.
  5. You called it right. I wasn't even sad when Mary was murdered later by the Strangler because of the way Melinda played her. I did like Karin Wolfe's and Carla Borelli's versions of Mary too.
  6. If Mary was still around, I'm fairly certain that Barbara Stanger was still playing her. I don't think Melinda Fee showed up until 1981. Mary had married Alex Marshall earlier in the year (and Barbara was playing her then). But she could have left Salem for a while after Bob died. I thought Melinda Fee was miscast as Mary.
  7. It's not my favorite era but I enjoyed it. You know I love seeing anything with Doug and/or Julie (though I agree their scene was spoiled a bit at the end with Julie gasping). I thought the scene with Doug and Marie was great. We rarely get to see quiet scenes like that on Days anymore. I enjoyed David's scene with Tom and Alice too. Richard Guthrie was better here than I had remembered. I also had forgotten that David still carried resentment toward Julie this late over her giving him up for adoption. Really liked seeing early Neil and Liz. They were my mother's favorite couple. And Don is my favorite pairing for Marlena so it was good to see them. I hated all the business stories but that could just be me. I've never really been interested in that topic. I did enjoy seeing young Josh Taylor in his tight jeans however, lol. Thanks again!
  8. Thank you so much! I haven’t seen this since it first aired.
  9. I wonder too. Dorian should be showing up soon though.
  10. I could be totally off but I’ve convinced myself it’s her, lol. She wasn’t on GL long but I liked her.
  11. You know Days is on its last legs when Julie Olson Banning Anderson Williams Williams Williams is labeled a prude and a Puritan, lol. Although I don't think it's prudish not to want people having sex on your desk, whether you dislike them personally or not.
  12. Sven even got my dad watching a soap for the first time.
  13. The only soap villains who really scared me were Jonah Lockwood/Keith Whitney (played by Bruce Martin) on The Edge of Night, and Sven Petersen (Roberts Blossom) on Another World.
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