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  1. @amybrickwallace Yes, it is. I'm sure Bill and Susan were thrilled to hear from them too. Great to see my favorites getting so much love lately. And I might be shipping Wesley and Gregg now (have no idea whether they're more than friends of course), lol.
  2. Honestly, the picture amused me more than anything. Victoria especially looks ridiculous. You'd think if they were such a great couple that they'd want to create their own "moments," instead of trying to copycat the original popular Days couples. They've made it all the way back to Doug and Julie now, so I guess Tom and Alice will be next.
  3. I enjoyed when she collapsed in the elevator and the door kept hitting her!
  4. Well, you know how I feel about Sarah. I was happy they moved on from her.
  5. Yep, TD did a great job in casting that character.
  6. It is, lol. She definitely had star quality already though. She was only 23 here.
  7. @allmc2008Tom had seen the medical report but Mickey never did (Mickey had been tested for reasons I don't remember). I think Laura asked him not to tell Mickey. Bill read it too and that's how he found out.
  8. I think so. Plus, she really didn't have chemistry with Glen Corbett. Would have been better paired with Colin!
  9. It did for a while. She had the worst writing of the three Nolas. It was all over the place.
  10. I was lucky enough to see them all at the same time but it spoiled me for later years, lol!
  11. I know I'm biased because she's my favorite, but Bill Bell himself said that Susan Seaforth taking over the role of Julie (in December 1968) made a big difference in Days gaining popularity. I don't think the previous Julies could hold their own with Denise Alexander.
  12. Kathleen Turner, as Nola Dancy Aldrich, singing "One Hallowe'en."
  13. Found a news clipping using one of the photos that confirmed Mary Moor. From 1960.
  14. I edited my post—-think the 4th one is Mary Moor.
  15. @amybrickwallaceI think the taller blonde in the photo is Nancy Wickwire. She was on ATWT around the late 50s/early 60s. And the shorter brunette might be Mary Moor from Edge.
  16. If I'm remembering correctly, her character was French, and was the grandmother of a character played by Joe Lambie (Lloyd?). Maureen O'Sullivan also played the role.
  17. Scene between Lee (Peter Hansen) and Meg Baldwin (Elizabeth MacRae), from 1971. Starts around 2:30. Might have to download it to get it to play. https://archive.org/details/wls-7-1971-general-hospital
  18. Column from the Sept. 9, 1967, The Burlington (VT) Free Press.
  19. I'm glad Tina has some happy memories of the show considering the way it ended.
  20. Yes, as well as the first episode.
  21. They were offering a one-month free trial for the subscription service for a while. Not sure whether that's still available if anyone just wants to check it out without committing to subscribing.
  22. Interesting. I'll see whether I can find anything. So we just missed her on Retro since the episodes started with December 1967. That would have been right before she started DS then.
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