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  1. The Dark Shadows newsletter, Shadowgram, is reporting that John Karlen has died. SHADOWGRAM UPDATE # 431 Wednesday, January 22, 2020 --Remembering John Karlen ******************************************** An Official Internet Publication of SHADOWGRAM – THE DARK SHADOWS NEWSLETTER ******************************************** ***** SHADOWGRAM UPDATE # REMEMBERING JOHN KARLEN It is with profound personal sadness that ShadowGram reports that beloved friend JOHN KARLEN passed away earlier today at age 86 of congestive heart failure in hospice care in Burbank, California. Of course, John is best-known among "Dark Shadows" fans as the scheming drifter Willie Loomis, who becomes an unwitting servant to vampire Barnabas Collins, eventually becoming a confidant as well as a character with empathy and a moral compass. John also was a longtime, generous supporter of DS fan efforts, readily helping the show enjoy a cult-classic afterlife by attending numerous DS Festivals as well as earlier DS-themed events, dating back to 1971 with John's participation in the "Miss American Ghost" contest to promote the release of the film "Night of Dark Shadows." Indeed, John continued to be a lively, willing, and warm presence across nearly 50 years of the original DS series' afterlife. When KHJ Television in Los Angeles began airing DS reruns in the mid-1970s, John joined a promotional blood drive. In 1977 he appeared as the first – and only - DS guest for the first-ever DS fan convention gathering, ShadowCon I, as part of the overall science fiction / fantasy / horror fan programming at StarCon in San Diego. This soon was followed by annual DS-focused ShadowCon fan conventions held in Los Angeles through 1984. Along with other original DS cast members, John was a regular guest. Subsequently, John participated in the annual Dark Shadows Festivals on the west coast starting in 1987 and he began attending the New York area DS Fests a decade later. At every DS event he attended, John was always a delight to be with, very open, outspoken, often teasing and yet also interested in individual people and shared experiences and ideas. Despite escalating health issues, John last traveled to New York to reunite with DS cast members in celebration of the show's 50th Anniversary in Tarrytown, NY in 2016. He also entertained fans at the DS Halloween Party in Hollywood, CA that same year. He made his last public appearance at the October 2018 Los Angeles sneak-preview of "Master of Dark Shadows" documentary in which he was interviewed. John always enjoyed the camaraderie of his fellow cast/crew members and interacting with fans of all ages from across the U.S, and beyond, including Canada, England, Australia, Mexico, and elsewhere. John loved acting and telling stories of his early days growing up in Brooklyn, his Polish ancestry, his early work on the stage, favorite actors and movies, and his love of sports, the race track, and a good meal. A veteran of the Korean war, John was a passionate man with a long life of adventures and accomplishments. His contributions both in front of and behind the camera will long be remembered by the countless friends and fans he touched along the way. We thank you, John, for bringing so much into our lives.
  2. Yes, I remember that she did now that you mentioned it. Carrie somehow arranged for Eve to find Carrie's earring in Justin's bed and Eve told Jackie about it. Jackie left town shortly after that. I know Eve was around when Jackie's plane crashed, so Janet must have returned for a while.
  3. Looks like it was Yates’ decision to leave. He came back in January 1982, and Janet Grey was written out with him. I do remember Ben and Eve reconciling. Eve wasn’t doing much around this time except working in the book store.
  4. I think Kathleen Cullen was pregnant in real life around this time too.
  5. Definitely seems out of character. Ben always seemed very gentle. Trying to remember if this was when Amanda was wearing big bows in her hair and acting like a young girl.
  6. Unfortunately, Ben did rape Amanda. This synopsis was from the first week of Oct. 1981, so this occurred that week, or the last week of September.
  7. Update from the Retro rep. She also said she would be interviewing the following actors today for the behind-the-scenes material and promos: Jada Rowland, Liz Hubbard, Kim Zimmer, Jennifer Houlton, Richard Niles, Anna Stuart, Marie Foster, Thor Fields, Count Stovall, Eileen Kearney, Brian McKeon and Patricia Hayling.
  8. The weekend episodes are from earlier seasons. Not positive but I believe the Saturday episodes are a different year than the Sunday episodes.
  9. Noon - 1, Eastern Time.
  10. The rep from Retro TV posted this elsewhere today.
  11. The show also wanted to cut their guarantees in half and told them there would be no story for them. I believe that Brian Frons, who was then VP of NBC daytime, was behind a lot of this, and then Maggie DePriest didn't want to write for them.
  12. @Brolden I believe the May 28, 1990, pre-emption was because of CBS coverage of an NBA Eastern Conference playoff game (Detroit/Chicago).
  13. @slick jones I think that might be Susan Oliver in the photo for Diane McBain's listing.
  14. Chris Calloway (Ivy, The Doctors) was the daughter of Cab Calloway, and her son, also named Chris Calloway, was a pro football player. Nicholas Surovy (AMC) was the son of opera singer Rise Stevens. Of course, Christina Crawford (Secret Storm) was the daughter of Joan Crawford.
  15. Robert Lipton (Jeff Ward, ATWT) was the brother of Peggy Lipton. Fran Heflin (Mona, AMC) was the sister of Van Heflin and aunt of Marta Heflin. John Clarke (Mickey, Days) was the father of Melinda Clarke. Hogan Sheffer was the brother of Craig Sheffer.
  16. She’s on Daytime Royalty in The Doctors thread and answering questions.
  17. Apparently, the b&w episodes from the 60s (that Retro hasn't aired) will be available on the streaming, as well as new interviews with the cast and crew. I know the Retro representative was trying to get contact information for Liz Hubbard.
  18. I think another press release is upcoming. Someone from Retro has been trying to join this board but can't get approval. She's posted elsewhere.
  19. Here is an article about Mary Frann returning after being written out the first time.
  20. I think Josh Taylor was butting heads with Barbara Stanger, who was playing his love interest, Mary Anderson. So they might have brought back Amanda just to give him another love interest. Josh fell for Mary Frann in real life but I don’t know whether she reciprocated. I actually did like their pairing.
  21. I think Amanda was written out with Greg in early 1979, and they moved to Chicago. She came back to town alone a few months later and had an affair with Chris. Then she learned she was pregnant (not knowing whether the father was Greg or Chris). She had a miscarriage though and had to have a hysterectomy. She decided to go back to Chicago with Greg.
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