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  1. It seems Secret Storm was replaced by a game show in Cincinnati for much of 1962. A tv columnist provided this synopsis for viewers when it was about to resume in November.
  2. Re Secret Storm, Grover Dale played a "narcotics addict," in 1965. Ann Tallon played Nina Di Francisco (not sure the spelling of the last name is correct), character killed off in 1962 (apparently during a struggle with Kip Rysdale, after he had gotten her pregnant).
  3. Thanks for the write-up @beebs. I actually liked Jessica, but yes, she could be a bit prissy. But that made her switch to bitchy Angel when she had DID more entertaining, lol. I had a crush on Stephen Brooks (Joshua) from some prime-time shows I had seen him in, so anything he did on Days was okay with me. I did not enjoy the story with Don/Marlena/Kellam, at all. Didn't like Don being involved in politics. And I LOATHED little Johnny. I was so glad when he was gone!
  4. It isn't Melinda, but Shawn Campbell (Ricky, LIAMST and Billy Aldrich, TD) is in the Norelco commercial. And that might be Shane Nickerson (Billy Fletcher, GL) in the Metropolitan Life ad (the shorter boy, at the beginning).
  5. I love her but it has to be Grayson Hall on Dark Shadows.
  6. @DRW50Thank you! This one is a real rarity.
  7. JLB's version of Laura is like a different character from the 60s/70s version(s), but I still like her and like the idea of Laura still being around. I've hated most of Ron's writing but this might be the worst for me. Especially since it's going to be done to prop a useless character. I doubt we'll get much reaction from the town. Mike probably won't even be mentioned.
  8. Popular music is heard on The Doctors episodes, including recordings by the original artists. Don't know how Retro has gotten around that. Retro did reach out to Procter & Gamble, as they were interested in Edge of Night; P&G said they were no longer licensing their shows.
  9. I think Carol had a "type" back then. She was once involved with Rick Coonce, who was the drummer for The Grass Roots (if you know who they are, lol).
  10. AW 5th anniversary party. From August 1969 Afternoon TV.
  11. I read it the same way you did, lol!
  12. @DRW50That IS Virginia in the commercial. Thanks for tagging me re the video.
  13. I had mentioned in the thread for The Doctors that Retro TV had reached out to Procter & Gamble about acquiring the rights to their soaps. P&G advised that they were no longer licensing their shows. More recently, the person from Retro who was involved in this said that EON was the soap they were interested in acquiring.
  14. Thanks for sharing Marcia's comments @slick jones. She seems like a lovely person.
  15. I agree about KT and PE. I don't know why the writers didn't pursue that relationship instead of sticking Colin with the mousy version of MJ.
  16. Retro has been digitizing the episodes for The Doctors themselves so that shouldn't be an issue. The actors from The Doctors are not getting residuals. Don't know whether shows airing past the 80s would have a different arrangement though. Also, music from the original artists has played in the 60s and 70s episodes, e.g., Simon & Garfunkel, Jimi Hendrix, Nilsson, etc. Even Melba Moore performing "live" on the show wasn't cut.
  17. Not exactly about The Doctors, but the rep for TD/Retro TV said on FB that Procter & Gamble told them that they are no longer licensing their shows. Guess Retro was looking to possibly add more soaps. Thanks for the clip @DRW50. JP looks better in that than he did during his last few years on The Doctors.
  18. Here's Doug singing "The Look of Love" at the new club's opening. Lee makes her grand appearance at the end.
  19. @victoria foxtonSunny was Liz's step-mother. She was Todd's mother (in addition to Josh).
  20. Interview with producer Jack Herzberg, from December 1979.
  21. @beebsJoshua didn't get malaria in Salem (that would have been funny though). He got it in Vietnam. Malaria can be recurring. Enjoying your commentary! I loved Stephen Brooks, so I had no problem with Joshua being "older." He was one of the bright spots from that era for me.
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