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  1. Article re Days knocking ATWT out of first place, which happened in November 1972.
  2. Just found an appearance on the tv version of Guiding Light, on 8-20-53. Role unknown.
  3. YR's 1973 episodes drew its largest audience. I hope tptb at CBS and/or Sony takes notice and considers making the early years available on CBS All Access.
  4. @slick jones Re MODERN ROMANCES, "The Sign-Off" should have been dated 9-9-57 (not 9-23-57). Found a more detailed synopses for 9-23-57.
  5. Reposting for MODERN ROMANCES. @slick jones June 30, 1958 and July 21, 1958.
  6. From the 2-25-62 LA Times.
  7. Kathi Norris and Wilbur Stark (a producer of True Story) were the parents of Koo Stark.
  8. Thanks. It must be the newspapers that got confused. I'll sort it out as best I can.
  9. @slick jones @Paul Raven Do you know whether True Story and My True Story were the same series? Some of the newspapers have a synopsis for a particular episode listed for True Story, while another will list it for My True Story. For example, there is an episode called, Still Hunt, starring Kathleen Murray, which is listed under both titles. I found that IMDb has that episode listed for her under True Story.
  10. Re How to Survive a Marriage, the only story that really stuck with me was the death of Dave Bachman, and then his wife Fran dealing with her grief in the following months. It was very wrenching. That's one of the few soap stories that actually brought me to tears (my mom cried at that one too). Fran Brill was fabulous.
  11. @slick jones That should be Mario Del Castillo. I somehow deleted the D when I hit enter.
  12. Kristian Alfonso (Hope) opened up about her DAYS exit in a segment of ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT. “It’s been a rollercoaster of emotions and I have no regrets,” she told interviewer Matt Cohen (ex-Griffin, GH). In the piece, Cohen said that when producers suggested she be pulled from the show for five months, it opened the door for her to make the tough decision to go. Alfonso revealed that she had been thinking about leaving for the past few years, adding that she won’t be back. “I don’t plan on returning and popping in as others have done in the past,” she declared. “I think that chapter is closed and a new one needs to be started.” For the full story from Alfonso, pick up next week’s issue of Digest.
  13. Dr. Tom is ready to give up his profession. Dr. Tom dresses a knife wound. Dr. Tom and the wounded boy have a talk. Arnold learns the purpose of Stafford's visit. Arnold tries to send a distress signal. Arnold discovers one last chance for help. Leona receives an invitation to a dance. Leona receives an important letter. Again, Leona starts to leave her job. Jan believes she isn't being defended properly. Norman forces Joan to let him get into her husband's safe and desk. Norman tells Joan why he is not leaving. Charles reveals his feeling for Norman. Lindsey's assistant who is painting Jenny's portrait is mistrusted by Jenny's aunt. Lindsey follows Kip with a substitute for the valuable painting. Jenny discovers Lindsey and Kip together. The appraiser tells Jenny the truth. Clara pawns the brooch to raise money for Chick. The man who left the suit with the brooch inside is fund murdered. The missing ticket stub is found. When a shot narrowly misses Ken, his best friend and wife urge him to quit an investigation. When Betsy begins to doubt Ken's innocence, Ken learns that Clay has had some recent unsavory dealings. Ken faces a crisis. David tries to convince Elizabeth she has missed a great deal by shutting herself in from the world. A second stranger appears at the Osborn house. David and Sam have a big argument. Sam and David have a showdown. Murray tries to sell some tubing. Mrs. Hammond considers changing her will. Lane makes an important discovery. Murray is driven to desperate measures. Sid tells Lee of his suspicions. Marian ignores Lee's warnings. Dolores is alarmed by Don's absences. Dolores has ideas for helping Don. Don is about to call it quits. Darcy makes an important discovery. Woods turns down an offer. A policeman does some investigating. Darcy and Dan make another check. Gloria Crowne makes an accusation. Dr. Briscoe is called to examine Jack.
  14. Mary Modern's happy life with her husband, a prominent physician, is threatened by the reappearance of an old friend. Alan has a heart attack. Alan's hold over Mary is revealed. Dr. Morgan learns the truth.
  15. A beauty queen is stabbed to death and her twin sister risks her life to track down her murderer. Lois finds a letter which arouses further suspicions. Jim emphatically denies the accusations. Jim tries to talk Lois out of her plan. Ray goes to Lois' room. A young widow must choose between love for a mysterious stranger who saves her small daughter and a local news reporter. Louise Killian, a successful store buyer, believes her daughter-in-law is a thief after a ring goes missing. Rocky pays a call to Coyne's wife. Rocky stumbles onto an important clue. Rocky questions Coyne about the stain on the coat. The story comes to a happy ending when all the facts are presented. Defective parts begin to show up at the plant. Ralph, disgusted with the agency's long investigation, loses patience. A blind man becomes victim of his brother's jealousy. Paul Somers, about to marry a nurse, learns from her that his brother has been blinded in an accident. Against the advice of his sister, he invites his brother to recuperate at home. Martin's bandages are removed too soon, and his near-healed eyes are blinded again. Though Frank and Ruth have sacrificed to send Billy to a private school, he wants to return to the local school. Katie visits Billy and later tells Frank he is warping the boy's life. Katie persuades Frank to tell police, and then convinces Frank to let Billy decide the school problem. Jim tells Charley his father is paralyzed but is dictating a screenplay to him. Unable to get a satisfactory answer about the author's whereabouts, Lisa breaks off with Jim. An artist falls in love with a girl he is painting. Harbormaster tells Jerry that Tally's parents committed suicide. The owner of a teenage hangout overhears Roy tell his girl that he needs money. Later, he is accused of stealing. The Pearson family is drawn closer together. They seek to understand both adult and adolescent problems. An honest lawyer is asked to defend a man's son on a hit-and-run charge. The boy's father persists by threatening to force the lawyer into helping. Sears sends his child away and Manning renews his plea. Sears agrees to see the boy. Sears discovers Jim is guilty but worth defending. December 30 Because of a girl's brother's past, she does not welcome his arrival. Albert threatens John if he does not go along with this plans to rob a bank. The decision to tell the bank president has a surprising effect on Albert's caper. Lory breaks her engagement and discourages all suitors. One suitor persists and asks Lory to marry him. When Lory decides to go away, her mother and Gramps prepare to tell Lory a curious fact. Drama about two people who win happiness through a will written in a Korean prisoner of war camp. A woman running her late husband's business finds that another man has a will saying he has half-interest. Everyone opposes Bill's claim and seek a court decision about the will. Peggy Leonard asks her husband Bob to find a home of their own, fearing that her marriage is being threatened by living with his mother. Peggy agrees to attend a dance without Bob, but in the company of close friends. Bob is confused as to where his loyalty lies. Betty and her father quarrel, and with her mother's help, leaves with Rod. Just as Betty and Rod are leaving town, Betty's father has a serious accident. Tom and Joan find that their guess about human values can be wrong. A fortune-hunter attempts to get a sizable sum to end romance with the daughter of a wealthy woman. A singer's mother is accused of killing her daughter's manager. Two museum thefts create a study of human deception. A girl casually reaches into a box of candy and picks up a film strip detailing a highly secret manufacturing process. Anne is under suspicion because of her uncooperative attitude. A man wants to steal some business information from his wealthy, and tries to get help from his uncle's most trusted employee. Though Chris, Betty, and Ellen all could have benefited from John's death, Betty is suspected. Revenge is established as the motive and Lt. Grant closes in. Story about a woman whose children shield her from the knowledge of her poverty. After Robert has warned Louise about telling Cora the truth concerning their father, Louise lets it out when she has an argument with Cora. A broken family seeks to find new strength by recognizing the truth about their father. Fearful of Betty's past record of kleptomania, her husband reluctantly agrees to attend a charity ball. Meanwhile, Claire and George plan to attend for different reasons. Claire is signing a receipt for the pin when she sees a face at the door which could upset all her plans. A young wife feels neglected by her too-busy husband at a Chicago convention and eagerly accepts an invitation to speak during a luncheon at her college nearby. A bank teller is held up by a man he recognizes as an old army buddy, but promises not to reveal his identity in exchange for the safety of his family. Story about a reporter who is probing a man's disappearance. Tom shocks Ruth with some truths about her father in a effort to make her stay and fight Hardin. Tom learns that Hardin had once threatened George's life. Story about a policeman, who is tracking down a killer, and his policewoman fiancee. Drama of a man who is found murdered in the apartment of his business partner. The police lieutenant finds the gun in another girl's room with the murdered man's blood on her dressing gown. Mace indicates that she murdered Wing, and pretends to have lied in order to protect her. Mrs. Mace indicates that she once loved Wing. Ryer discovers the phone had been tapped. Mace tries to kill his wife and make it look like suicide. Mace is a rat. He'll get his tomorrow. (Me: LOL). Gripping story of two women---a teacher and a cute little co-ed---who struggle for the affections of a handsome professor. Furious after hearing of the vicious campus rumors, Prof. John Harkins learns who's responsible for the smear campaign. Nancy Harrison warns her father's newest victim-to-be to avoid any deals. A "cop" shows up to take Matt Harrison to jail. Ex-conman Harrison is stopped from making a foolish mistake. A methodic man charts a course he hopes will lead to marriage, but finds the goal quite distant. Toby and Chris Jones make a list of eligible widows. Chris pulls a "Miles Standish" on Widow Warren. Although he calls on her to pave the way for Capt. Storm's coming proposal, Chris decides he'd like her for himself. Despite Toby's proposal, Widow Warren doesn't care to change her marital status. (3-week series) Policewoman cracks a baffling murder case when the guilty party makes one false move. Policewoman Cass Hobart (Joanne Linville) is assigned to protect philanthropist Charles Demarest, whose life has been threatened. Louis Ormont sneaks into Cass' house. Although found asleep with a suicide note by his side, Ormont insists he didn't write it. Ethel Demarest spends the night with Cass but mysteriously disappears before morning, leaving behind only an unexplained bloodstain. Considering Johnny Stearns for a promotion, Dean Hardwick pays an impromptu call while the couple is having a knock-down-drag-out fight.
  16. Rivalry between a theatrical producer and an agent over an actress they both admire leads to murder. The murderer of Flaxton is trapped by a police trick. Margaret Phillips stars as a concert singer who returns home to convince her teen-age lover that he no longer cares. Radio singer Betty Johnson makes her first tv acting try. The sequence is called "I Dreamed," and by no coincidence, Betty has a new record of a tune with that title. Story of a woman whose gamble for security threatens to destroy her happiness.
  17. 1956 I found this for the week of 5-28-56. Not sure whether it's the same story.
  18. Story of a dance hall girl who befriends an amnesia victim. She falls in love with him, betrays him, and then learns he is a missing heir. Not positive this is the same episode but the clipping I found has this date. Story about a glamorous New York model (Marian Stafford) who marries a mathematics teacher and settles down in small Connecticut town. Story of a young girl named Rena. A plain young girl comes to live with an elderly woman whose vanity has alienated her from all who knew her. A medal of honor winner, finds wearing the medal of a hero not easy, especially when it's not his. Story of a young doctor whose sophisticated wife imagines he is in a romance with his beautiful nurse. Story of an unfortunate event from a woman's past that threatens her happy marriage. A plain-looking girl tries to prevent the marriage of her mother, a famous actress. These are all from 1955. I don't know how I got them so out of order. 🤪
  19. A grandmother finds that it is never too late for love and happiness. Story of an unattractive young woman who discovers that a selfish love can be fatal. A young couple find that a dangerous situation serves to renew their love. Story of a young man who is caught in a frame-up and finds he likes the pretty girls who doing the "framing." Have Marjorie Lord also starring in this one. Story of a woman psychiatrist. (This was listed as airing the week of July 11 in the only article I found for it). Story of a woman's fight to shield her son from unwholesome influence of her former husband, an ex-convict. Adoption of a child helps an over cautious man realize that he must take risks in life in order to retain the things he loves. The clipping I found was actually for the Aug 1955 airing.
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