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  1. Thanks for the videos @SoapDope. It's funny that Peter was on Days for a long time but his character is barely remembered. I read his book and he didn't seem to like working for Days, although he had nice things to say about the Bill & Susan Hayes, Macdonald Carey, and Frances Reid. @Darn If that's not Kristian, it's her doppelganger!
  2. Thanks @FrenchFan! I've enjoyed reading these. I used to watch all of these show to varying degrees at the time (at least during school breaks). I would switch around when a commercial was on, or a particular story wasn't holding my interest.
  3. A father and daughter conspire to conceal their part in a tragic accident. Laurel tells her father George's fall may have been caused by her pushing him away during a quarrel. When Drake realizes that Laurel and David are in love, he plans to take her to Europe, so that David will not learn of her part in the accident. Laurel objects to the proposed trip, and David accuses Drake of having been with George at the time of the accident. Laurel tells David the whole story.
  4. No title or character names yet but found a brief synopsis. This is from 1957. Did NBC not have any soaps in its line-up at that time? Also from 1957.
  5. From 1957. House Jameson stars as a businessman who dies suddenly and Larry Weber as the young lawyer who investigates the dead man's business affairs. A young assistant district attorney, Baxter, calls at Blake's request, but Blake's heart fails before he can get to the point. Neither Guray nor Blake's secretary, Irene, know what Baxter had intended to confess, and become angered by Baxter's probing. Mrs. Blake, Guray, and Irene confer, and discover a file in Blake's desk which contains the information he had intended to reveal. Baxter's perusal of this data reveals a new aspect of the case and Irene realizes that she has been unfair to him. A young couple trying to make a success of their dairy farm in Ohio become unwelcome hosts to three killers. The gang leader, Ralph, holds Frank prisoner in the barn, and Nita in the house, threatening their lives if they disobey. Nita learns that the gang plan to murder Frank and take her with them as hostage. A dispute among the gangsters prevent the shooting of Frank. Rash action on the part of two of the killers, and a change of heart by the third, result in a happy solution for Nita and Frank. An interior decorator, indifferent to the disappearance of a Malayan blowgun until a client is murdered by a poison dart. Claire's partner does some investigating. Roberta accuses her mother of protecting her master upholsterer from police inquiry. Russel [sic] does some amateur sleuthing. Charles tells the police he can identify the killer. A fake antique proves the clue that reveals the killer's motives and identity. Two detectives are visited by a college teacher who wants their help with his book on the psychology of crime. Tom goes to arrest Patsy Lord for having tried the old badger game on the professor, and finds her dead. Tom discovers witnesses who had seen Patsy's accomplice in attempting to blackmail the professor. The police find the alleged accomplice but the professor says he is not the right man. Professor Wilbur supplies the missing clue to solve the case. An ex-convict tries to blackmail his former wife. Cliff demand $10,000, to keep their secret. Martin is suspicious when Katherine asks him for $5,000. When Cliff laughs at her, Katherine picks up a gun. After Sue is married, Katherine tells the whole story to Martin. Singer Jim Lowe plays a real-life role in a drama about Tin Pan Alley. Janet Barton, vacationing at the seashore, meets Paul Lorenz and falls in love with him. Her attorney, Chester Santry, however, warns that Paul may be after her money. Chester returns from a trip with urgent news about Paul, but Janet tells him they are married already. The couple arrive at their Maine holiday lodge, where Janet learns that Paul's first wife had been killed there. Chester comes to take Janet away, but Paul persuades her to stay and listen to explanation. A young wealthy boy almost wrecks the family firm, and the happiness of the girl who loves him. From 1955-Also starring Linda Lombard. The story of two spinsters who try to bring romance to a young school teacher.
  6. Widowed Helen Lockwood has an independent income with which she makes it too easy for her son, John, to take his time finding his first post-college job. Mrs. Lockwood contrives to have John miss an appointment about a job he wants, because it is 140 miles from home. John gets the job anyhow, and Mrs. Lockwood feigns a heart attack but will not allow her son to call a doctor. Mrs. Lockwood says she has a bad heart and John decides to quit work and stay with her. Grace walks out. A showdown between Mrs. Lockwood and Grace brings understanding of both of them to John and the prospect of a better life for all three. A young man investigates the mysterious disappearance of a former lodger in the house where he is a boarder. Peter Wells rents a room from spinster Delia Benedict, against the advice of his girlfriend. Jane's grandfather warns Peter that the neighbor's think Mrs. Benedict poisoned a previous lodger. Peter becomes suspicious when Mrs. Benedict won't drink the lemonade she prepared for him. Jane persuades Peter to leave, although he is determined to solve the mystery. Peter collapses after eating Mrs. Benedict's birthday cake, which she had not tasted herself. Embittered Steve Benton, victim of an automobile accident, is cheered when Nurse Linda Miles tells him someone cared enough about him to be a blood donor. Linda makes up a name, Susan, when Steve insists on knowing who gave the blood, and Linda writes letters to him in "Susan's" name. Steve becomes more interested in "Susan" than Linda had expected. When Linda takes dictation of Steve's letter to "Susan," he recognizes her handwriting as that of Susan, and the hoax is revealed. Steve's doctor, although in love with Linda himself, makes Steve realize he loves Linda and she loves him. A loyal wife tries to clear her husband's name in a story of politics. Livvie and Peter visit campaign headquarters but find that Neal has gone to a rally. In Neal's absence, Livvie receives two visitors, Steve Haig, who has an unsavory reputation for making dubious deals, and a reporter who suspects Peter of dealing with Haig. Livvie investigates to learn who is trying to frame her husband, and is shocked by what she learns. Livvie proves the frame-up. Jan Bryan becomes apprehensive when her husband, Mark, meets Toby, who possesses to an alarming degree, the very qualities of the heroine in Mark's best-selling novel. Mark is attracted to Toby, as Jan feared. Jan encounters Toby, then quarrels about her with Mark. Jan takes the children to a summer cottage so that Mark will be alone to think things over and complete his next novel. Singer-composer Jeanne Marlowe returns to her hometown for a benefit performance and picks up where she left off with an admirer. Local singer Addy Wellman, while rehearsing Jeanne's song, notices the couple's interest. Stephen and Jeanne decide they still are in love, but Jeanne realizes later that Addy loves Stephen too. Stephen's sister Helen tells Jeanne of Addy's devotion to Stephen during the years Jeanne has been away. Jeanne deliberately disillusions Stephen to make him realize he loves Addy. A collection of rare old coins brings out the worst in everyone who touches them. Connie shows up with the news that she has found more coins, learned they are valuable, and wants the ones David had found on her property. Joan gives Connie the coins in David's absence but when he returns in time for a tussle in which Connie slips on a rug and is injured. A policeman shoots and kills Lee as he attempts to break into David's apartment after the coins. Connie recovers from the accident and puts the coins beyond the reach of everyone. A father and daughter conspire to conceal their part in a tragic accident. Laurel tells her father George's fall may have been caused by her pushing him away during a quarrel. When Drake realizes that Laurel and David are in love, he plans to take her to Europe, so that David will not learn of her part in the accident. Laurel objects to the proposed trip, and David accuses Drake of having been with George at the time of the accident. Laurel tells David the whole story. A secret formula is stolen. Story of a freak accident and how it seriously affected the lives of a man and his wife. Plumber Hal Lawrence takes a picture of her (Ellen) walking and uses it to attempt blackmail. Ellen shoots him in panic, then claims self-defense in an attempted robbery. Police prove Ellen can walk, while she counters their murder charge with a convincing story. Police provide further evidence and arrest Ellen for murder. Dec. 3 - The Tender Age Neil Hamilton, Joy Hodges, and Sally Kemp. An aging matinee idol courts a young actress. Actress Frances Carr, who is Barry's age, advises against it, but Barry continues to keep up with Betsy's busy social schedule. Betsy notices Barry's fatigue, and he redoubles his efforts to prove he can maintain the pace. Frances tells Betsy that Barry has a son, and Betsy assumes he is a child. Betsy calls on Barry and encounters his son, a young man. Drama concerns a murder in a motel. Elaine is found dead in Josh's room and her own room has been ransacked. Motel guests Spaulding and Deel try to cast suspicion on Josh, who tells Sylvia what the dead Elaine's hold over him had been. Sylvia finds stolen jewels and Deel, after ransacking Josh's room, threatens him with a gun. The sheriff arrives, and as the suspects accuse each other, ferrets out the culprit. An 11-year old girl shows resentment toward her father's remarriage. A department store personal shopper takes Joan home when she becomes ill in the store. Grateful Doug invites Meg to dinner despite Arlene's disapproval. At Arlene's instructions, Meg sends gifts to father and daughter which reveal that Arlene reciprocates Joan's dislike. Doug realizes that Meg is a much nicer person than Arlene. A problems student seems likely to spoil the Christmas holidays for the teacher. Larry is delighted with an industrial job offer at double his present salary. Wilbur ruins the Christmas tree the class had bought jointly and Larry despairs of straightening out the boy. Larry and his wife start spending the anticipated increase in income. Larry gets a new slant on the cause of Wilbur's rebelliousness and decides to continue teaching after all.
  7. When her beautiful mother reveals that she has had a marriage proposal, Jessica becomes enraged through jealousy. Jessica hints to Hempton that her mother is in love with theatrical agent, Ned Brock. Hempton meets Ned Brock, who denies Jessica's intimations. Brock accuses Jessica of lying. Jessica confesses that she had lied to prevent the marriage.
  8. Synopses for the weeks of July 18, 1955; January 21, 1957; June 30, 1958; and July 21, 1958.
  9. Oh, okay, that makes me feel a little better (re the possibility of an Allie/Ben pairing).
  10. Lindsay Arnold (Allie) said she screen-tested with RSW, so I won't be surprised if they try to pair Allie with Ben. 🤢
  11. Thanks! I remember reading an article from the time that said that was the first time in 11 years that ATWT had been knocked out of first place.
  12. Didn't Days knock ATWT out of the top spot for a while shortly after this? I'm surprised that AW was so far down on the list.
  13. @slick jones Re The Doctors, the first name of the Dalton girl played by Leslye Hunter the week of Jan. 13, 1964, must have been Marcy.
  14. Synopses from the last three weeks of November 1965.
  15. Various newspapers on newspapers.com, e.g., The Detroit Free Press, The Syracuse Post-Standard, The Rocky Mountain Review, etc.
  16. Synopses 1965 Series begins with a teenage girl, who has an abortion in Mexico. Jeff Morgan, an ex-movie and -tv actor now operates radio station KPPX, in the Southern California community of Paradise Bay. He becomes deeply enmeshed in events which develop after the body of a missing local teenager is found washed ashore by San Diego police. The news affects the entire Morgan family, including Jeff's wife, Mary; his daughter Kitty; and his son, Fred. Sally Baxter, the dead girl, had been Kitty's "big sister" at Paradise Bay High School, and the steady girlfriend of Fred's closest pal, Duke Spalding. Walter Montgomery is Jeff's not-so-friendly rival and publisher of The Paradise Bay Journal. A post-mortem of Sally reveals evidence of a head wound. Fred's best friend (Duke) is summoned to police headquarters for questioning. Southern California community becomes inflamed over Sally's death, and Walter Montgomery's inflammatory editorial. Jeff defends the right of Duke to a fair trial and Montgomery visits him. Barbara reads Sally's diary. She seeks Jeff's advice and they decide to go to the police. Kitty tells this to her friend, Roxanne Kimball (daughter of Estelle). Roxanne tells Kitty about a subpoena she received. Fred is subpoenaed and quarrels with Jeannette. Pretrial hearing in murder case begins and Barbara Pulaski tells about reading Sally's diary. Whitewash of guilty man is suspected. Judge Grayson warns Estelle Kimball not to allow minors to consume alcoholic beverages. He indicates he might remove Roxanne from her custody. Montgomery tries to influence broadcast. Jeff tries to track down robbery car. Kitty blackballs Caroline Hamilton from the girls' club. Kitty is blamed for blackballing Roxanne. Mothers boycott Barbara's class on hygiene. Lucy Spalding meets Kent Hamilton, her old boyfriend, and offers free use of her beach house to him and his daughter, Caroline, who is voted into the Moonglows. Military group disguised as members of a rifle club. Kitty keeps a promise. Walter tells Jeff he suspects Kitty and Roxanne of harboring Mexican fugitives, and suggests Jeff investigate before the girls run into trouble with immigration authorities. Jeff and Mary introduce Mrs. Nelson to Kent. Walter's paper refuses to accept advertisement's for Dale Nelson's theater. Lucy tells Arthur she is renting apartment to Kent and Caroline. Jeff arranges for Uvaldes' parole. Kent meets pretty theater owner. 1966 Duke refuses to live with his parents. An arsonist is sought. Using a blonde wig and and trench coat as a disguise, 15-year old Caroline employs the phony id card she took from Kitty, to attend Dale's controversial new art theater. Kitty decides to stop campaigning for Ellen. Duke begins his campaign for Rosita for Citrus Queen. Rosita refuses Kitty's offer to campaign for her. Duke and Rosita find themselves drawn closer to each other. Arthur plans a trip to New York to consummate a business deal. Walter tries to learn from Duke and Milton about Arthur's latest deal. Duke and Rosita have a serious talk. Lucy accuses Arthur (?) to take Duke away from her. Carlos tells Duke to stay away from Rosita. Braddock threatens to reveal Lucy's secret. Duke tries to persuade Rosita to elope. Lucy can't believe that Kent has returned only to paint under the auspices of art dealer Lipscomb, rather than because he loves her. Jeannette is furious when she discovers a romance developing between Duke and Rosita. Lucy becomes hysterical over Kent's rejection of her romantic overtures. Duke and Bertha sympathize with Lucy, who is still emotionally affected by her encounter with Kent. Mary has mixed feelings over a letter from Jeff, and Milton Braddock plans to use information about Lucy's past to help Walter. Martinez gives his blessing for Duke and Rosita's betrothal (final episode).
  17. @slick jones June Hudson (Susan Crane) was Jeff Morgan's secretary. David Whorf played Sandy Sanford, Morgan's assistant at the station. Crahan Denton played Police Chief Tom White. Estelle Kimball was described as a former movie star. Walter Montgomery was described as Jeff's not-so-friendly rival and wealthy owner of The Paradise Bay Jorunal. Also, a character named Dale Nelson, who is involved with a controversial art theater and Caroline Hamilton, and an art dealer named Lipscomb.
  18. Haha. I don't know this character but she could have been a reporter posing as a model, etc., to get her scoop.
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