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  1. @slick jones I was surprised too. I had never even heard of it until Paul mentioned it.
  2. Love After Marriage - Martha (Kim Hunter), twice-divorced and mother of young daughters, must choose between encouraging romance with Henry Fellows (James Daly), who is about to end his own 20+ year marriage, or facing the realities of what led to the failures of their respective marriages. Neva Patterson plays Henry's wife, Helen, and Eliane (not a typo) Nadeau plays their daughter, Laura. Harry Bellaver plays Charlie, brother of Helen. The Divorcee - A recently divorced mother with a teenage son meets a recently divorced man. Cast: Nancy Malone (Ruth), Joe Campanella (Mike), and Johnny Desmond (character unknown). The Age-Old Problem - Barney Fowler (Arthur O'Connell), a widower who loses his salesman job after 30 years, when his company goes bankrupt, moves into his married daughter's home. Finding adjustment to his daughter's way of life too difficult, and recognizing a growing resentment of his place in her family, he seeks a way of dignity and purpose of life he once knew. In his desperate search, he approaches a widowed friend, Mae Willis (Frances Fuller) and makes a desperate plea for marriage. The Unfaithful Wife - Irene Wallace (Barbara Barrie) and her husband, Sid (Simon Oakland), encounter the crises and problems that can lead to infidelity. The Married Bachelor - Andy Fisher (Darren McGavin) seeks to relieve the monotony of his marriage to his wife, Gail (Elizabeth Allen) through extramarital affairs. Gail comes to realize that Andy will never outgrow his playboy tendencies, and decides to let the marriage break apart. Title unknown - George's (Joe Maross) desire for success in his career endangers his family life. Also starring Dolores Sutton as Amy. The Jealous Woman - Nan Martin's (?) jealousy threatens her marriage. The Unwed Mother - Susan Durell (Sheree North) must decide whether to raise her child without a father or not bring it into the world. Susan's decision is alternately influenced by the unborn child's father, who reveals himself not to be the man she wants to marry, and another man she is drawn to romantically. The Rebellious Teenager - Laurie Stanton (Merrie Spaeth), a young girl who leaves what she considers a stifling existence in a small town, leaves to search for her identity in NYC. Laurie finds herself in the subterranean world of Greenwich Village, meeting for the first time the many-faceted people who live and work in a large city. Laurie, confused and often discouraged, but reminded of the protected and provincial life she once led, must finally decide whether to remain in NYC, or return to her parents. The Ugly Duckling (final episodes) - Eve (Zina Bethune) A plain-looking and insecure girl is concerned about her social life. She is convinced that she's an ugly duckling. Cast: Eileen Brennan, Madeline Sherwood, and Jeffrey Lynn. @slick jones I've bolded the names of the characters/actors for your list. Murray Hamilton and Louise Latham were also slated for appearances, based on the first press releases, but I'm not sure that they actually did.
  3. Per request of @Paul Raven Confidential for Women aired on ABC, from March 28-July 8, 1966. Replaced by The Newlywed Game. A weekday anthology series of five-part melodramas based on case files of psychiatrist and best-selling author Theodore Isaac Rubin, who was on hand for observations and comments about the stories. Hosted by Jane Wyatt.
  4. @Paul RavenThat's a new one for me. I'll see what I can find.
  5. I didn't know about the Lee/Irna connection either.
  6. From April 1951. The storyline sounds very similar to the one Bill Bell wrote for Susan Martin on Days of Our Lives (absent the fans being the jury). Did he ever write for the radio version of GL?
  7. Re Brenda, I believe SSH said the issue went way back to when they were young; something regarding a man, if I'm recalling correctly. Re Charlotte Ross, she didn't mention her by name, but she indicated that a blonde ingenue had a vicious tongue in real life too. Re Kaye Stevens:
  8. Retro put the "Where Are They Now," special on Vimeo. Supposed to be more to come later. https://vimeo.com/410663920
  9. Yes, it can be viewed on a computer. I even watch it sometimes on my ipad, without an app.
  10. They're supposed to be airing the very first episode from 1963 on that day too.
  11. The latest from Retro. The good news is the recent cast interviews will be shown later this month. The bad news is they're going to have to stop airing the 1979 episodes temporarily (and will re-air the 1967 episodes).
  12. So far, only Roku and Android have been released. But, Retro said previously that it's going to also be available via iOS and Amazon Fire.
  13. FYI, if you're subscribed to watchthedoctors.com, you can find the 70s episodes by searching for the year, e.g., /70, /71 . . . Click on Trending or Popular before the search. They've uploaded to August 1979, which is just a few months behind what is airing on Retro TV.
  14. It’s very basic right now. I want to see the interviews too. I think they tried doing too much at once. At least the free streaming worked today, and it was the same episode that aired on Retro. Also hope that it will be available on-demand because the time for the live-stream isn’t convenient for most people.
  15. FYI. Not sure this will be the 1979 epis that have currently been airing on Retro. A few days ago they had tried to back away from their earlier statement that they were going to livestream. This is a different time than the tv broadcast usually airs.
  16. I read on FB that Audrey Peters died last summer. Her son posted about it on his page at the time.
  17. Maybe Toni (Anna Stuart) and Alan (Gil Gerard), though they would seem fairly tame to modern viewers.
  18. Daily TV Serials printed some letters it received re the Val/David story. Even the few that were fit to print took me aback. Some were positive too though.
  19. I think she and Julie's father were gone by the end of 1965. Addie returned in 1971 after Ben died (off-screen). Doug and Julie were in the midst of their affair but few people knew about it. Addie hired a private detective to investigate Doug. Then she fell for him herself.
  20. The free livestream of Retro TV is now up and I'm not having any streaming issues with that. The 1979 episodes air at noon Eastern Time, Mon.-Fri. The 1969 episodes air on Sat., at 3-4 pm Eastern Time, and the 1974 episodes air on Sunday, 1-3 pm Eastern Time. https://www.myretrotv.com/watch
  21. The Retro rep posts and answers questions on Daytime Royalty in The Doctors thread, if anyone wants to contact her.
  22. If you go to My Account on the website, there is a section at the bottom for customer service where you can report this too.
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