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  1. It doesn't sound interesting but I did find a short blurb that said CBS received a lot of complaint calls when it was canceled.
  2. Writer was Bill Barrett (at least at the start).
  3. Thanks Jason! Seeing some familiar names behind-the-scenes, in addition to the cast.
  4. I have an article from June 1972 that said Frances Rickett had been hired as headwriter for The Secret Storm a few months previously. She was also a writer for Another World, Somerset, and Return to Peyton Place.
  5. https://twitter.com/DaytimeEmmys/status/1270370071420866562?s=20https://twitter.com/DaytimeEmmys/status/12703 70071420866562?s=20
  6. And those were supposed to be the "highlights," lol.
  7. No, I agree. She was one of my favorites. I remember her in Mary Jane Harper Cried Last Night too.
  8. Here is an interview with Natasha Ryan from 2007.
  9. Yes, she was. The actress (Patricia Barry) was only about four years older than Bill Hayes, but Doug was supposed to be younger than Bill's real age.
  10. Addie was supposed to be 50ish. She thought she was starting menopause when she had her first pregnancy symptoms. I’d be surprised if any soap character would mention menopause these days.
  11. Thanks @DRW50! I definitely want to see that one. Though the facelift convo sounds odd.
  12. Many in the current cast are older than Macdonald Carey was in 1970 (57), including some of the episode leaders. Kristian will be 57 herself in a few months.
  13. Thanks, that’s ringing a bell. I think Bo and Hope were affected too. Something about their police pensions.
  14. Didn't EJ and/or Stefano steal John's money at one point? Around the time Jarlena returned the last time.
  15. ROAD TO REALITY - SYNOPSES (not very detailed) Rosalind confesses that she fears her father. Rosalind recounts frightening experience. Rosalind gives Joan advice. Margaret discovers that conventionality limits her life. Margaret admits she dominates her daughter. Vic fears he is unacceptable to women. Vic discusses father's venomous attitude toward women. Vic fears girlfriend's efforts to trap him. The group analyzes Vic's most serious fight with Marilyn. ? overeats to compensate for lost love. ? challenge Harry's honesty. Joan's problem - how to invite men to a party. Joan describes dream of marriage. Veil in Joan's dream represents hidden fear. Old grievance against Dr. Lewis. Margaret learns marital trouble has hurt daughter. Dr. Henry Work, child psychologist of UCLA, talks about Child Guidance Week. Rosalind receives gold star. Vic takes another step toward a final break with Marilyn. Margaret reveals a sudden wish that her daughter leave home. Fears of future prevent enjoyment of present. Young woman joins group. ? finds fear of marriage is really a fear of pregnancy. Chris confesses her inability to behave like a woman. Chris explains why she's leaving the group. Dream reveals Vic's growing doubts about Marilyn. Vic has trouble with job. Distrust of people threatens job. ? says husband is too passive. Margaret and Harry battle furiously. Harry fears that he is going to lose his job. Harry feels his wife has betrayed him. Joan returns to the group. Margaret dislikes herself for interfering in the lives of her family members. Susan has financial problems. The source of Joan's fear of men is revealed. A clue from Susan's past explains much of her behavior. Susan hates the whole world because it is full of evil. Margaret deplores the beatnik clothing worn by her son's friends. Situation at work takes a serious turn. Joan thinks she will never be able to love a man. Joan reveals a secret desire. Vic thinks he is the subject of a lot of gossip. Susan describes how she punishes her children. Susan discusses another side of her son's problems. Joan's new boyfriend threatens her. Joan is invited away for the weekend by a new boyfriend. Margaret takes Joan to task. Group has final session.
  16. Thanks @slick jones That fills in some blanks. I wonder whether Alan Alda's character was named Gilbert or Johnny? ROAD TO REALITY
  17. @slick jones Not a lot of luck with character names or matching actors with characters. HOUSE ON HIGH STREET - SYNOPSES Starring Philip Abbott as Probation Officer John Collier. Judge James Gehrig and Dr. Harris B. Peck (psychiatrist) appear as themselves. 1st episode: Collier tries to find out why a 16-year old boy from a good family steals a car. "A Man Who Thought with his Hands." Violence erupts between a husband and a wife after 22 years of marriage. Jane Collier (Louise Latham), after being hit several times by her husband Lloyd (Duke Farley), a former professional boxer, wants him imprisoned. Collier's interviews with the couple, their married daughter, Catherine (Ursula Stevens), and their two sons, sheds light on why the parents have grown apart, and reveal how their older son, Johnny (Alan Alda), has contributed to the rift. A story of a polio-stricken Italian father (Daniel Rubinate) A runaway girl joins a gang and gets involved in a criminal case. A husband strikes back against his nagging wife and her attempts to reform him. A woman leaves her husband when he "insists" on reliving his year in a concentration camp. A young American artist is charged with assault and battery of his young French wife. A young couple brings their marital difficulties to Domestic Relations Court. A teenager slays his step-father with a supposedly unloaded shotgun. Disagreement between an orphaned brother and sister over running their family, which includes to younger children, leads to a stabbing. The 13-year old son of a successful doctor stabs another youth in a fight. Actors appearing according to "The Daytime Serials of 1946-1960," are: Martin Balsam (confirmed by a newspaper blurb); Patricia Bosworth, William Cottrell, Irene Dailey, Leora Dana, Shaun Dooley, Clay Hall, Frances Heflin, Lynn Loring, Donald Madding, Enid Markey, Anne Meacham, Kay Medford, Sylvia Miles, Jan Miner, Dorothy Rice, and Frances Sternhagen.
  18. @slick jones Synopses: Case of the Childish Bride (first episode): Story of a young girl who periodically falls in love and finally decides on marriage, much to the disappointment of her parents. Subsequently, the carefree girl finds making a success of marriage is not as easy as she had imagined. Jane: Diane (Dyan) Cannon. Russell: Ronald Foster. Carl (Jane's father): Frank Albertson. Jane's mother (name unknown): Grace Albertson. Gertrude (Carl's sister-in-law): ?; George (Carl's brother and Gertrude's husband): ? Title unknown: A marriage is threatened when a husband and wife differ over the importance of a home. Case of Mike and Linda: A study of a childless marriage. A successful businessman refuses to accept the responsibilities, obligations, and sacrifices of fatherhood. Linda has a revealing encounter with Maggie Nugent. Case of Roger and Edna: A woman feels she must fight the memory of her husband's deceased first wife to gain the love and acceptance of her husband and step-daughter. Case of Fred and Claire: Problems of a woman forced to choose between career and family. Betty reveals Claire's true colors. The write-up for this show in "The Daytime Serials of Television 1946-1960," indicated that the following also appeared: Peggy McCay, William Redfield, Barry Cahill, Marge Redmond, and June Walker. Also, a newspaper blurb indicated that Beverly Tyler had a role. June Vincent did appear.
  19. @Paul Raven FOR BETTER OR WORSE
  20. @Paul Raven You're welcome. It actually sounds like it was an interesting concept but maybe just not right for daytime tv. I liked Dr. Rubin's book, Lisa and David (as well as the film), so I would have liked to hear his insight on the episodes.
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