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  1. I don't know if this was posted, but Yaya Decosta and Debbi Morgan reunite on a new FOX series. She plays her aunt on this show.
  2. Cameron Mathison and Esta Terblanche reunited https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=148829900712966
  3. Those were on BlueRose's channel, which got deleted in the purge this past fall. Some of them were saved on archive https://archive.org/details/AllMyChildren198019811982
  4. All My Children’s ‘Martin Family’ and Co-Stars Share Remembrances of Ray MacDonell https://michaelfairmantv.com/exclusive-all-my-childrens-martin-family-and-co-stars-share-remembrances-of-ray-macdonell/2021/06/29/
  5. Since the Sean D. tribute is on GH this week, that reminds me. Was it ever the plan for Felicia to be Sean's daughter? It seemed they might of been going in that direction early on when he was after the Aztec treasure that was a part of Felicia's family legacy, but then ended up not going there after all.
  6. This lines up with an old interview I read with Cameron. He said after the Ryan/Hayley storyline was aborted, he never got the same amount of airtime again during his first run on the show. I do remember one of the magazines at the time said there were rumors someone BTS didn't care for her, but they didn't name names. Jean Passanante seem to brush off in an interview about the idea of reuniting them (Ryan/Gillian) when asked about it around the time of Ryan/Hayley. What I remember reading at the time was that Cameron was the one that proposed they bring back Gillian as a ghost for Ryan like they had brought Leo for Greenlee. Originally they told him no, but decided last minute to add her. Cameron talked about it in a facebook post at the time we were lucky to get her at all.
  7. This reminds me, wasn't the original plan going to be that Emma was actually Kate? I thought I read that somewhere.
  8. The Wisner Washam interview is up: https://anchor.fm/the-chatpodcast/episodes/S4E13-64-An-Interview-With-Wisner-Washam-e1093mi
  9. A lot may have already listened to this one, but Kate Collins talks about her father in this interview around 6:20 https://www.soapcentral.com/radio/news/2012/121207-collins.php
  10. Bob Guza left toward the end of 2000 because he supposedly got fed up with not being able to tell his stories without interference. Wendy got the blamed and she was fired too a couple months later. That's why when Bob Guza returned in 2002, he negotiated in his contract that he would have an executive producer credit as well so he would have more power. The other rumor was that Jill Farren Phelps had a contract at ABC, and Felicia Behr couldn't stand her and wanted her out of the New York soaps (she oversaw the NY ABC soaps at the time.) That was just a rumor at the time, I'm not sure the truth in it.
  11. I read on the old usenet groups that it was AMC's choice to recast. I don't know how accurate they are, but that is what I read. Munecojim's channel use to have all of the first half of 1995 on YT, and it was clear they were shifting the direction of the character as a foil for the Noah/Julia story even toward the end of IR's run by making her more obsessive. Truthfully, I am not sure McTavish really 100% got the character. It never made sense to me that Taylor went from this snooty, country club, daddy's girl type to being a cop. Although, her going undercover as a white woman to expose a white supremist group was an interesting story.
  12. A few rumors I've read going through old usenet archives, was that McTavish and Behr were at odds who to put Edmund with. McTavish wanted to eventually put Edmund and Brooke together, but Behr pointed out that fans were responding to Edmund and Maria more. The other was that part of the reason McTavish was fired in 1995 was due to creative differences. There was a quote from McTavish where she seemed to the think Noah/Taylor and Julia/Anton were gonna be the big pairings, and Noah and Julia as best friends like Jesse and Jenny. Noah and Julia as a romance didn't really kick off until after she left. Many were surprised they show choose to kept Trevor over Natalie when the rumor was the actors didn't get along and they had to choose one. I kept that in mind rewatching some of these 1991 shows, and after the Adam story wrapped, Natalie was basically wallpaper. The story seemed about Trevor with new family members Arlene and Hayley showing up. He seemed to be the one getting more airtime and focus. It's too bad because I preferred Natalie by a long shot, but they really diluted her character, especially once Janet came on the scene. The whole thing was more from Janet's perspective.
  13. Thanks for the analysis, DeliaIrisFan. One thing I did notice was how during the Well story, Hayley was one of the first to put together something was up with Natalie. That "Natalie" was not acting like herself. She put together she was Janet. Flashforward a few months, and Hayley has her head in the sand regarding Will, and the last to realize he's gone off the deep end. I do remember an interview with McTavish from her 1998 return. Someone asked her why Janet and Trevor lacked storyline. She said there wasn't a whole lot she could do with a nice Janet. I got the impression she didn't like the humanization of the character Broderick did. IIRC, the last stuff McTavish had written for Janet before then was setting up a bomb at the Trevor and Laurel wedding, circa 1995? Eventually she did write Harold the dog dying.
  14. All here https://archive.org/details/AllMyChildren1987Jan-jul https://archive.org/details/AllMyChildren1987Aug-Dec https://archive.org/details/AllMyChildren1988JanThruMay10gb https://archive.org/details/AllMyChildren1988JunThruDec7.9Gb https://archive.org/details/AllMyChildren1989JanThruAug1421.6Gb https://archive.org/details/AllMyChildren19892AugThruDec18.5Gb https://archive.org/details/AllMyChildren19901Jan02ThruAugust14-16.9Gb https://archive.org/details/AllMyChildren19902Aug14ThruDec3116.9Gb https://archive.org/details/AllMyChildren19911JanuaryThruJune https://archive.org/details/AllMyChildren19912JulyThruDecember21.5Gb https://archive.org/details/AllMyChildren199201JanThruMay16.8Gb
  15. I remember Taylor Miller pushing for the idea of a Nina and Adam pairing when she returned in the mid-90's.
  16. Flashback to that time Tom hit Travis over the head with a barbell Did you watch the Nina's birthday episodes that Eric posted? The ones from 1980. Palmer and his Dobermans. If not, those are good ones to watch. There's also when Palmer takes Adam's entire fortune right out from under him, during the masked ball.
  17. Thanks, I was thinking the strike went further into the fall than it did. Stan Albers as Josh first showed up around March of 1988 ( the second time, the first time he was on the show as another character in 1985. )
  18. The whole "Sally the Waitress" and meeting Dave story, along with Travis faking a kidnapping for insurance, was stuff that happened during the writers strike. I'm not sure how much of that was originally planned out by Broderick.
  19. That was when Damon Lazzare and Goldie Kane were hypnotizing Silver to kill Erica. It was around fall of 1987.
  20. I'm going through some of my uploads, and these are some beautiful scenes with Erica and Nick. She tells him about her father issues. Thank you, BlueRose8506 for originally uploading this.
  21. Yes. David/Lanie was started by Broderick, but continued with Depriest. They were still around after that, but I think Agnes's next attempt at a young love story after she returned was Emily Ann and Joey, which also coincided with the return of Billy Clyde.
  22. Cindy/AIDS and the Laura hit and run stories were under Lorraine Broderick. 1981–82 Agnes Nixon & Wisner Washam 1982–86 Wisner Washam 1986–87 Wisner Washam & Lorraine Broderick 1987–88 Lorraine Broderick March 1988 – August 1988 1988 Writers Guild of America strike August 1988 – January 1989 Lorraine Broderick January 1989 – March 1989 Lorraine Broderick & Victor Miller March 1989 – November 1989 Margaret DePriest November 1989 – May 1992 Agnes Nixon
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