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  1. it's so funny to me how characters that are old as dirt, who have cheated numerous times still act like "marriage" is any kind of boundary they won't cross. lolz anyway, what did Quinn and Shauna do?
  2. as far as the court knows, Nelle's baby was stolen from her and replaced with a dead baby and she went to prison and was released on parole... so there is no reason not to grant her sole custody, especially when you take into consideration the criminal element of Michael's father and the baby's step mom having been in a cult.
  3. like I said, covid-19 screwed up a lot of people's "future plans" so expect many returns. I mean NBC actually got Christopher Meloni to return to the role of Elliot Stabler (in a new L&O spin off, that will likely have SVU crossovers) when for years he's said he had no plans to ever return to the role. I wouldn't be surprised to finally see Jagger/AS Jr. return.
  4. i personally felt Sally was justified, considering everything Wyatt's done to her and all the awful stuff everyone else has done in town, especially Bill and Brooke.
  5. people can hate all they want, but JMW can act well too. Just because y'all don't like a character does't meant they're "chewing scenery" lol the 2 younger blonds otoh... yikes!
  6. i mean... covid made a bunch of peeps rethink what they thought they thought. I'm not surprised. We'll probably see more returns on all the soaps.
  7. Bradley's got his BLM prop. Yikes. 🤦‍♂️
  8. *shock* they held her back and decided to ruin her character on the way out this time around. A mess. I hope one of the other shows pick her up, or she finds success on a CW or Netflix show. She was always way too talented for B&B's tiny box.
  9. love Lindsey! Too bad she's only temp and worst of all it's a character saddled w/ the Jason/Sonny/Carley garbo. I hope this means she's coming back to soaps. *screammmmminggggg* 🤣
  10. sounds like an entire mess. Hopefully, viewership falls off so they scrap this entire thing. Yikes!
  11. lmao, they gonna bring back bootleg Will, too? 🤣
  12. they have some new, dumb baby SL right? The birth mother is probs gonna change her mind and they steal the baby and run off or something. LOL
  13. considering the dires straits we're in rn, they're probably gonna fk any plans they had on shortening the shoot-ahead-schedule, and the remaining shows are gonna start doing what DAYS does as a precaution. LOL
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