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  1. as boring as Will/Sonny is rn, their relationship is the best, most non-forced relationship on the show currently, imo (which isn't saying much, I know!) Like, you get a real sense that CM and FS like acting together, especially if you compare it to the way they both were with Paul, which seemed awkward at best. LOL
  2. so what is Billy being haunted or something? Is JT the soap actor from the blind item that hates his sl? LOL
  3. you're probably right! btw, is Mark Lawson staying? I wonder...
  4. i like BB's portrayal of Stefan-o and I like him on the show/in the role, but I don't like him for Will at all. i would LOVE to see Will get involved in a torrid affair with Xander, tho! That would be so hot. It could harken back to when GR's character was trying to proposition him for sex... they could make Xander sexually-fluid, but he just wasn't attracted to Leo. 🙊😍 that weird Sonny Corinthos slimey hair thing he had going on for like a year+ was not doing it, ever. LOL But like a month ago, when his hair was kind of longer and parted to the side (still slimy-looking) w/ the part super defined looked good on him. He looked kind of more edgy, which I honestly think Sonny needs. He needs to be more of a "bad boy" imo. They can make Will a bit more devious like his mom, but I think Sonny needs to be bad w/ Will as his only weakness. Because right now, he's just Will's lapdog, which is cute (because FS plays it so endearingly well. Like, you can tell he likes working with CM irl) getting tired. 😴 if that were the case holy is @ the WW potato shortage that would hit. 😂
  5. i'm still mad they never tried CM's story idea for Will to try and seduce EJ as karma for his mom. That would have been 1) hot, and 2) interesting to watch considering all the characters involved.
  6. how can it be Will, tho? The BI using "domesticated" implies the character was tamed, and Will has always been vanilla even at his most oott. lol Unless they just mean domesticated in the sense that he's married. Either way, the storyline must require shirtlessness looking at how much he's slimmed down and how Freddie's tightening his ish up.
  7. weren't there rumours they're recasting Sami on DAYS? 🤔 <blockquote>This Popular Actor is not a fan of his current storyline</blockquote> BM on GH? 🙄 <blockquote>Expect several baddies from one show's past to pop back up</blockquote> if it were DAYS we would have read about the castings years ago, so it's probably GH. <blockquote>A wild plot twist is in store for one currently domesticated character</blockquote> Franco on GH?
  8. unlike most peeps I'm here for "crazy Kim". It's rare that in this day and age you are shown a character's slow descent into madness. They usually pop up on the show "crazy" already and it's like who cares? LOL The last well-done SL like that I can recall was Julia on ATWT. This might actually be interesting. 😯
  9. Dec. 23 2020 can't come soon enough! 😭🙏
  10. they're probably gonna go full ham & cheese and have Kristen running around in a mask of half the female cast... I can see Hope finding out about Ted being held captive, so Kristen knocks her out and orders Xander to kill her. So, he dumps her in the cell with Kate and Ted. And the Salem peeps start to get suss about Kate and Hope's disappearance, so Kristen starts wearing Hope and Kate masks, to throw peeps off... she and Ben bond over being psycho/sociopaths, etc. 🤦‍♂️💀
  11. this is literally exactly how it works. 😂 And no it's not. Like, you can hate her all you want but no need to make up reasons to hate her. I'm a die-hard Sami fan, but come on. Carrie can screw whomever she wants if she's free. Rafe is a manwhore otoh.
  12. i hope DAYS has plans for Xander beyond him being some henchman/prop, because he's about as "leading man" material you can get on soap, and he's far more redeemable than Ben. He also has familial ties to the show's core, unlike Ben who's just some nobody. And also PT can legit act, unlike game show model RS who is just awful. 🙄 if Carrie & Austin are separated or something she can sleep with whoever she wants. Rafe is the "slut" in this scenario, and all scenario tbh what with sleeping his way through a family and all. Disgusting pos guy. Ew.
  13. Kate is the whole reason Chloe got involved with El Fideo/the cartel. When Chloe was dating Lucas, Kate let El Fideo loose on Chloe in order to get her out of Lucas' life. lol
  14. weren't you suggesting Will+Justin? Now, sis... 🤢
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