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  1. so, if Rob didn't kill anyone and is cleared + stays in Salem... they should put him w/ Gabi! She's way more interesting than Abigail.
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i6MfjlvXPm4 the slayage, tho.
  3. Days of our Lives promo-She's Back!

    when they screwed.
  4. Days: Y&R vet joins the show

    my guess is Lisa Rinna & Kassie DePaiva are gonna be fighting over him... he'll be a business magnate; the new CEO of Titan Industries after a hostile takeover (while Sunny is too busy w/ Will drama, Brady's drunk, and Victor's distracted with fending off Adrienne. st
  5. Days: Y&R vet joins the show

    screamed "yuck!" out loud.
  6. Days of our Lives promo-She's Back!

    and at that precise moment John and his kid are digging Will up? OK. Sure.
  7. Days of our Lives promo-She's Back!

    Sami's just wondering the graveyard, apparently... and YAAAAS @ Nicole getting what she has coming. Lock her up, lock her up,lock her uuupppp!
  8. honestly, I think the reason Liam's drawn to Sally is because Steffy's become such a dead/boring/naggy character. It's like... support your damn husband, who happens to be in the right gol!
  9. honestly, this Quinn/Sheila sl is the textbook definition of meandering. Every time they have some climax-like fight scene I'm half expecting them to start making out, at this point.
  10. speaking of Clayton Norcross... he's looking like a hot daddy, these days. Can we get him as an Eric recast, while we're @ ayyyt?
  11. that he thinks anyone cares... aww, poor Winsor.
  12. i can't believe Y&R missed out, Ingo should have been Graham, tbh.