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  1. dumbass Wyatt keeps harping about "being truthful!" in his relationship but he did not tell Sally about the TWO TIMES he kissed Flo, while they were still a couple/living together, and the writers are continuing to act like it was "just a kiss" when "just a kiss" between Liam and Sally is what blew up their relationship. WTF???? Trash.
  2. i'mma guess they're either killing off Zoe or Kelly... what a damn mess. 🤦‍♂️
  3. yuck. Could not disagree more. He's a drag in the role to the point where he sticks out like a sore thumb. I never cared for his character on GH, but I just don't "buy" him as BA and he does a terrible job trying to convince me.
  4. either MM or ED. I think KSJ's death made everyone reevaluate ish...
  5. people keep saying he's "preying" on Hope, like she's some helpless victim and I find that SO annoyingly patronizing. Hope is grown enough to steal her step-sister's husband while he's distraught over his wife's cheating with his pops and old enough to get pregnant with his kid. So, let's get a grip. Hope deserves everything she's getting. She should have stayed in Paris, tbh. If anything Thomas is grieving the loss of Caroline and compartmentalising all that ish into snagging Hope. it's actually a pretty sad story.
  6. Burton. he's currently a side character in the current SL and KM hates the pairing... lol
  7. while SC is screwing him and they're acting like it's a perfect lovematch, no less. 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  8. i was literally like "hew" 🤣
  9. HOLLERING that she's in SC and MS' age group, but she's playing JV's mom. Literally DEAD. I be she's for Jack. 🙄
  10. lmao, Mia recast or what?
  11. Cane isn't my bag, but I thought it would be cute if they had some sort of bff relationship that became romantic down the line, but I nearly lost my lunch when they had that imagines-him-topless momenT. 🤢 we taking bets on it being Billy or Kevin (isn't GR supposed to be coming back?)? LOL 🙄
  12. know that in these lean times soap actors are desperate for all the screen time they can get, but Traci thirsting after Cane isn't it. Yikes!
  13. i just need somewhere to vent... how come Liam being kissed by Sally was an ICEBERG for Liam/Steffy's relationship, but Wyatt is out here kissing and being kissed by Flo, and not even being arsed to tell Sally, yet he has the nerve to be pissed off because she's not running to him and telling him what Thomas is up to. like, I know this show's history with Ridge/Eric and how they would flounce from women-to-women, and not be blamed. And now they are trying to revisit that on Liam/Wyatt, and it's like... wtf? first of all, Liam, and Wyatt in particular are hideous trolls compared to classic Ridge and Eric. Why do the women on this show have to keep it tight, meanwhile Wyatt has no chin or neck and just looks more and more disgusting as the days go on. I honestly can't w/ this show anymore.
  14. i was never a big fan of Kyle anyway, but I agree w/ this. I was partial to Summer being the "weakness" of this young, family-business-minded upstart Abbot, and the bones were def. there to build a believable Kyle/Summer romance, but it's all in the dumpster out back now. Especially with MS coming back. I honestly believe we are hurtling toward some sort of Phyl/Kyle/Summer/Billy quadrangle with Lola & Vic on the prerephrary... that's why they keep reminding us that Billy and Summer slept together... 🤢
  15. seeing nununuAdam on the screen, it is clear the guy was cast because he looks like a young EB/Victor.
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