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  1. she was just cast in DC's The Flash movie as Supergirl, so unless her contract is up I would expect Y&R to start giving her frontburner stories until she eventually abandones ship. LOL
  2. that's what I'm saying. I think he was fired because he's an outspoken MAGA/Trumpster/anti-masker dumbo, and it's just bad oprics at this point and he wasn't needed anyway. can we stop trying to make JY happen. ZZZZ
  3. lmao, these stupeid MAGA/Trumpers better buckle up.
  4. it's very dumb that the show finally has an interesting younger female character in Sally, and they dumb one of the two guys in her age range and saddle her w/ Grampa Jack.
  5. honestly, all the people hating on Peter now know what it's been like for the rest of us w/ Sonny and his crew... FOR YEARS. This isn't anything new. He's a character that "gets away" with everything he does, and even tho I don't like him (hate the character) it's nice to see a character going up against Jason/Sonny that isn't completely toothless and insta-steamrolled. It's about time GH had a formidable character for Sonny/Jason to deal with, since the police force is sad and the new baddie is blehh.
  6. i've been thinking they should have Dante vs Jason for control of the "family business" with Sonny gone and to get support from the other families, he marries Carly and that drives a wedge between him and Sam even further, and Sam/Dante get together, etc - the writing has been on the wall that Kelly Monaco is over this pairing, so just kill it already. And I want Nina to find out that Carly killed Nelle and Jax helped her cover it up... and be sad/feel sort of betrayed... and then BAM! find out that Nelle's her daughter, and go Annie Dutton dark and start plotting revenge. Have her find out al
  7. lmao, Ciara's been "dead" for like 2-3 months (less?) and they're already trying to spearhead a romance with Ben/Claire. A mess.
  8. yay for Nicole + Rafe... can gleefully ignore them both, and Nicole once again goes after a guy connected to Sami (her one true love, Lol) the drama currently on this show is dumb. Why would Lani throw away her marriage for Kristen? Why does Jennifer (or Abigail - who has had affairs w/ a married man = EJ) care that Jack slept with Kate while she was in a coma????? So dumb.
  9. yep - he's still stiff af, but it actually works with this character, who is supposed to be a "soldier" type of by-the-book guy. They should def. keep him. He has way more chemistry with Abby, too. LOL
  10. i legit thought this as I typed. but reading further that he's Abby's irl husband, and the guy that plays Chance is a covid-denier... good riddance. I hope they make this permanent. Absolute trash.
  11. yikes. From what I remember of him on DAYS... he cute, but couldn't act his way out of paper bag.
  12. lemme guess, he's bisexual, now? I mean what's the point when he doesn't have a love interest.
  13. i mean they might, didn't someone say more firings and "huge" cast shakeups are coming?
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