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  1. this whole Thorne vs Ridge for Brooke thing is a red herring, isn't it? I'm guessing Thorne is gonna sleep with Quinn and get her pregnant? Or something? He doesn't have any kids, and Brooke's too old. So, I'mma assume when he sees Ridge & Quinn's friendship/closeness he's gonna divert his efforts from Brooke...
  2. Y&R Vet Placed on Recurring

    hasn't he been recurring this entire time? If his current airtime is contract, wtf will his recurring look like?
  3. so, Sonny's gonna dump Paul for Will, and Will's gonna dump Sonny for Paul. And just when Sonny's wallowing @ the bottom with all the rocks, and Paul's happier than he's' ever been... Will's gonna remember everything.
  4. Y&R December Spoilers

    all that needed to be said.
  5. i am SCREAMING... you are on a forum dogging a show you don't watch. Absolute mess.
  6. where? You are so deep in your feelings over PRESENT DAY SOAPS you literally can't see straight. meanwhile, you STAY glued to the TV watching a show you hate. I am HOLLERING.
  7. like i said, nostalgia-seeped nonsense. Get a grip. you can go back to thinking you are a "cool kid" on a soap forum and wishing we was back in the days of yore soaps - in 2017. Mess.
  8. i actually don't care. I know that DAYS is trash - but so are all the other shows. I mean unless you were thinking the writers of The Wire were gonna tackle this story, or something? LOL All the shows are on this level, so your comment is superfluous at best. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  9. nah, Bell's basically done with Bill that's why he's finally biting the bullet on Bill/Steffy after years and years of hemming and hawing. Ingo's the new "guy" on the show, and Liam's tied up with Steffy/Sally, so adding Hope into the mix would be redundant. And I know Bell's too dumb to put Ingo w/ Katie... so, Hope it is!
  10. she looks like Sally. LOL i think y'all are jumping the gun, and they might be trying to go for Brooke/Thorne (Ingo)/Hope.
  11. exactly. A shallow dig for the sake of it. MESS.
  12. this can be said about literally everything ever. SOAP is trash tv, and the story wouldn't be any better on Y&R, B&B, or GH just going by their current content. So comments like this are just really shallow, and sort of complaining for the sake of it while nostalgia-seeped longing for days of yore, etc.
  13. Days Promo

    this SL is an example of good actors/characters you like turning trash into treasure, because even tho the material is awful I'm enjoying watching everything play out, tbh! AS, DH, CM, ED are carrying tf out of this dead-ass storyline. ?