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  1. Y&R Casting New Role

    i don't think he's interested in ED... Anyway, they did the same thing w/ Phil. I wouldn't be surprised.
  2. Days: Two Returns

    yes, because of course they were gonna make Will/Sunny murderers.
  3. Vet let go at Y&R

    now that we know his character's a detective I guess it's safe to say Jordi Vilasuso will be his replacement... lol
  4. i sort of can because then it redeems Ava a little bit? By the simple fact that her keeping Morgan/Kiki apart just so happens to have been for their own good? And they can always say Morgan/Kiki never had sex, or whatever? Just gloss over everything. LOL And the only reason for a Kiki/Kristina baby switch would be because of the Nelle baby switch... actually, what about Nelle? Throw her in as a potential child as well? I mean I'm sure they plan on recasting...
  5. i can see GH "going there" and making Kiki Sonny & Alexis'... because that's where all the drama is. Kiki being Nina's is like... who cares? I can see a baby switch SL and Kristina is Ava's and Kiki is Alexis & Sonny's, and Nina's baby is dead.
  6. this is soap. I wouldn't be surprised if Helena did something. Stole Alexis' daughter and switched her with someone else's, etc. Maybe, Kiki? Also, it's a great way to get MS + MB + SB to interact, which I'm sure TPTB are wetting their pants @ the prospect of... it's pretty dumb to have MS out here on the virtual island, away from all the Jason/Sunny drama. We'll see, tho. I honestly don't see any reason why they brought Kristina back, otherwise...
  7. seems like the best place to speculate this, but I'm guessing Kristina is Nina's long-lost daughter all growed up or something? I feel like Gigi's a red herring...
  8. yes, because with all the terrible things these white men stay doing on these soaps and remaining FREE we definitely needed to see another black woman behind bars/paying for her crimes... even tho she confessed to it. I mean we have for white women who supposedly "killed" and buried a "baddie" literally living their best lives... amazing. i don't like Lily and I wanted to see her pay for her crimes, but come on. This is repulsive.
  9. always adored Sarah Brown. I'm glad she's breaking her silence and exposing the disgusting misogyny still rife within the industry in 2018. smh
  10. Jacob Young Interview

    and THAT is the tea. We have bigger/better actors being treated the same way as JY, but poor Jacob, ehh? Give me a break.
  11. Jacob Young Interview

    and another thing, we all know the real reason why BB's not "tackling" more trans issues w/ Maya and has basically backed all the way off, and it has everything to do with the backlash the show received from the actress not being trans IRL. lol, what? So, you're saying BB's just obsessed w/ the actors/storyline and going full-steam ahead for no ratings/demo-related evidence that that's what non-vocal majority is interested in? Girl, please.
  12. Jacob Young Interview

    sounds like sour grapes because he wasn't frontburner 24/7. It's hard to feel sorry for him when you've got Heather Tom who - is genuinely one of the most talented actresses in daytime - literally has a frontburner SL once a year (if she's lucky LOL) and the rest of the time she's just furniture on the set. You're not gonna be a story-focal-point all the time, bro. You're not that interesting. The Steffy/Liam/Hope triangle, as much as I HATES!!! it, is what's keeping audience's interest apparently. Deal or move on, really.
  13. both of these tweets are the reason why POC/gay characters are not treated "equally" on soap/drama/film, imo. Reading into everything to the point writers are freaking scared $#!tless to even attempt to write a truly "soapy" storyline for them. I mean... black people can get into car accidents too, you know? that said I feel like this SL wasn't thought-out, like, at all? Sharon lost a child due to a car accident, thanks to Phil's kid, who Lily had an "epic" romance with... but nothing? No call-back? No dredged up feelings wrt. Sharon and Phil or even Victor (who used Mariah to make Sharon think she was losing it...) The storyline seems very isolated, for lack of a better word, and ultimately pointless.
  14. oops... looks like US soaps are starting to take cues from Hollywood... peeps better start locking down their contracts. LOL