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  1. Y&R: June Spoilers

    honestly hope it's Reed screwing w/ his mom/Victor/The Newman's for all the crap they pulled. The guy that played him wasn't the worst actor and I def think he could handle a more meaty SL, plus Summer is coming up which means more younger-skewed storylines or whatever. Then we would have Reed coming for Victoria/Victor, Summer coming for Phyl/Billy, and Kyle coming for Jack... they should bring back Noah and he can come after Sharon/Nick. LOL
  2. Days actor leaving?

    Lucas byEEEE aside, tho I'm not sure if I'm interested in the stories being told (just yet) what Ron's doing is pretty good. There are a bunch of balls in the air and character motivations and story-seeds being planted... DAYS looks like a Soap, again basically. I'm cautiously here for it...
  3. GH Actor out!

    an attractive guy and decent actor that was once again smothered by Sonny's stench & a deathly coupling. smh. They REALLY should have done a good son vs. bad father storyline throughout his tenure on the show. His relationship w/ Sonny should have never been smooth. i'm assuming he's being killed off?
  4. Y&R: June Spoilers

    getting real tired of these soaps villainizing mental illness. This perpetuated stigma in mainstream media is why people 1) don't get help 2) end up doing horrible things lie commit suicide. That judge honestly should not have given Victor temporary custody of the baby, considering all his sins - if Sharon's mental illness history was the deciding factor that's a pretty disgusting message to send to viewers. smh
  5. Days actor leaving?

    good. BYE.
  6. Days Actor returns - again!!

    i'm assuming he's being held wherever Vivian is? Tony/Andre is probably there, too. LOL
  7. Y&R actress out

    personally feel like all of OWNs drama offerings are trash, even tho I gave Greenleaf a shot for a season. LOL i actually think she might be able to get on a CW show or something, but I just don't know? If there were any real offers out there I think she would have been gone a long time ago (like Sofia Pernas) but it's hard out there for a pimp. If GH can come up w/ a solid $$ offer, I do think she will jump ship there. They have been trying to build up the black cast, and I think they need a stronger anchor heroine than Jordan.
  8. Y&R actress out

    it's sexist, but it's not the same for women. Especially a woman of colour. I mean look at the trash Kim Matula's managed to snag since she left daytime, and she's a far better actor than Rome. LOL But Rome is dead sexy, and he has famous friends (which I think helped him a lot...), which I think a lot of it is about the people you know, too.
  9. Y&R actress out

    she's not the best actress, so let's all get a grip. But she was beautiful and good enough for soaps acting-wise. I'm sure GH already has plans to poach her w/ no idea what to do with her - but we all know how they like to scoop Y&R actors. LOL maybe, a Gia recast? Hmm.
  10. they should couple Thorne + Sally. They wanna do older/younger, why not start something fresh? Unless they are gonna do that in a roundabout fashion - have Wyatt & Katie dating them both, and then they cheat w/ each other and send Katie reeling off the deep end as usual, etc. LOL
  11. Days actor quits!

    he should have asked CM how hard out there it is... LOL Primetime is all used-to-be film stars and super young "fresh faces" and film is all Aussie/UK imports and super young "fresh faces" etc. Being "classically good-looking" just isn't enough anymore. that said how much y'all wanna bet Ryan Paevey is already in talks to be a Shawn D. recast...
  12. Days actor quits!

    he was nice to look at but not much else. Paul was a vanilla character, but the actor sure did settle into that vanilla completely... ummmmmmmmm ummmm
  13. Y&R: June Spoilers

    it's what they all deserve. I'm liking these spoilers.
  14. Days: Actress Back

    i assume this is why she's coming back. The new regime promised to give Nicole her claws back, and she's gonna come back w/ a vengeance... personally never liked the character or the actress, but whatever LOL