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  1. because, imo, Will is portrayed/pushed as *the prize* (in spite of his faults) in these romances and it's one thing to have another white guy worshiping at his "alter," but wholly another minority. Just the imagery of it, mostly on account the show is too lazy to build a deeper story beyond that. 🤷‍♂️
  2. "Thomas will manipulate Steffy." lmao, that's not how it went down. Thomas didn't manipulate Steffy at all. WTF @ trying to push this narrative in text that's literally not there on the screen???
  3. not really. Paul/Will were not equals - Will always had the "power" and was always the "prize". That's basically Will's role on the show, being Sami's eff-up kid that's gorgeous, so none of the guys that want him care about all his baggage. Paul/Will didn't work because it brought up too many racial implications. lol Like, how can anyone that actually watched the show see Sonny as the one with the power in the relationship? Even when Sonny had to dump will and marry Y&R's Kevin Will was like whatever, and Sonny was the one still sniffing after him. Will will always be he "prized" dick on the show. 🤷‍♂️
  4. i'm so freaking *over* Will/Sonny, at this point. Sonny literally goes after any cute, white dick he can get. He even put up more resistance with Paul (only half white, so...), and he was an ex-bf and Will was thought dead! Meanwhile, he's all over Evan (who I'm 99% sure is the father of that kid Rafe's gonna adopt) and like see ya laterz, Will! 🙄 i want Will to come out of prison vengeful af, seduce Evan right out from under Sonny and then drop him like a bad habit just because he can. Tired of goody-two-shoes Will and thirsty af Sonny. 😑
  5. soaps in general stay suffering because the writers keep going for cheap, ez drama, because they're too lazy/are not committed to doing something long-term. This Adam/Connor/Chelsea story should be a long-term story. Instead, Adam/Chelsea get back together, they announce to Connor that their family is "complete" again, the kid cries... and we're done here. They will probably ship the kid off to boarding school in a month's time. And then they wonder why ratings are falling and viewers keep dipping out. 🙄
  6. imo, Chelsea is fodder. She's in their age group, isn't ugly, and can act well enough, etc. When Adam finds out Sharon's sick, he's likely gonna book it to her side. It's pretty obvious by how quickly everything went down and was wrapped up that they 1) got bored with the Connor/messed up kid sl, and wanted to scoot rather than actually delve into that (I mean why not have Connor be a little demon tormenting Sharon or something?) and 2) want to hurry along the Adam/Sharon drama, ut make it less... menacing? Anyway, Adam+Chelsea Happy Family was super-fast-forwarded so Sharon could be their iceberg, etc. And I think Rey's going with Victoria, in the end, she will probably sleep with him before Billy does anything with Amanda, tho. lol as for Nick? He's probably getting a new love interest. Elena, perhaps? Because we gotta keep Devon on that Hillary/Amanda hook, even tho MM's likely gonna be paired with someone else... 🙄
  7. these are different times, you can't expect stuff to be handled like 19 years ago. 💀 lol, some y'all are older than her and you rag on age non-stop. Mess. And the men on these shows get younger and young women all the time, so you'll forgive me. I say let Sharon and Phyl troll the school yard a bit. But go off, I guess. 🤷‍♂️
  8. i'd say the fact that they're not throwing MS into any her-focused SL's right now but stay using her to big up the newbies says more about how much the show values her clout than whatever nonsense y'all think. LOL They have literally used her to help push nuAdam and NuChance. as opposed to MCE who they just stapled to JM as soon as she hit GC. lol Mess. the way they are handling MS is the way you handle a returning character, imo.
  9. yikes... is he gonna be the guy Faith likes? Is that why they wasted our time with that whole scene w Summer+Mariah? anyway, from his IG.
  10. lol, I'm sure this role will become long-term like Theo.
  11. IDK where they're going with any of this Amanda stuff, but they're doing a really good job making me not care. They've successfully ruined the only 2 black men in the cast as well - turned Devon into a punk azz biotch, and Nate is such a freaking annoying do-gooder. Yikes.
  12. i'mma guess Rafe. He's getting up in Princess Gina's business far too much. She's probably gonna do something about that, soon. Plus, Rafe has no story rn so it will give him a story. lol
  13. sad to see him go. I really liked him, until they made him constantly whine and be such a spineless biotch. anyway, I hope they have Sonny kill him, just to give him some actual balls and provide some conflict. They can have Julian & Ava get back into "the life" and have Lucas join them. They can have Sonny take a hit out on him, and Sam break ranks to worn Lucas... but they're too late, etc.
  14. i like this. It's a great way to use your vets instead of adding a bunch of new peeps to the cast. I still think they should have tried harder to get PR instead. I would have been good fun seeing "Bo" and "Hope" scheming together even tho they're not together. They would be a super couple still, inseparable, basically each other's bff, but no romance. That would be an interesting dynamic to explore. 👀 🤷‍♂️ i mean he was modeled after Stefano pretty much, so why not? LOL
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