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  1. i didn't know where to post this, but Zende's (Rome Flynn) got his big break - he's on How to Get Away with Murder. Wow. What a get. I always thought he was a terrible actor, but his body + face more than made up for it. LOL I wonder if Ryan Paevey will have the same luck...
  2. i guess Will's getting his memory for November(???) sweeps? Poor, stooopid Paul...
  3. B&B actress returns again

    give me a break.
  4. B&B actress returns again

    why not? He manipulated tf out of her and as far as she's concerned he ruined her life. I'm totally with her.
  5. B&B actress returns again

    oh, so she shot Bill? That's a good way to clean everything up all tidy-like.
  6. SOD 4 Casting calls for Y&R

    i'm here for the mess. I hope she returns w/ an axe to grind for mom, and loves Sharon. LOL
  7. Y&R Character Recast

    he's a decent enough actor considering these are soaps we're talking about. He can't be any woe than the guy we had playing Scott... I'm wondering what his material will be like, tho? Is he gonna be Victoria's new flavour of the momenT? Like, is Jack gonna enlist him to be sneaking around and meeting Vic (for their plan to get Ashley out of Newman) and he'll be a shoulder for her when she finds out what JT's up to? Blahblah.
  8. GH actor returns

    he looks like death in that pic...
  9. GH Actress Demoted

    i wonder if ABC will try to capitalize on all the attention and sign her to the next season of DWTS?
  10. you guys want women to have a "backbone" but then when it's actually there, on-screen it's "too much" and you guys want the writers to "tone them down" (I personally think Ciara's in a good place, rn) and then when a guy's not hyper-aggressive/scheming he's seen as a "wimp" - again, I think Tripp's in a good place character-wise. He's always telling the girls to stop fighting/he's tired of their ish, and he has a steady job. I think he's in a good place. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  11. Y&R: Another actress back

    i was young as well and I remember them being a mess verging on a joke. he really fits w/ Ashley, imo. He matched w/ Susan on DAYS no problem.
  12. GH: Sonny's Daddy Recast

    Mike's been diagnosed w/ alzheimers (), and right afterwards he ran away from the hospital and went to Ava's art gallery (thinking it was still Luke's club) and broke a 14k sculpture, lol Guess who's on the case? Detectie Chase! I'm thinking he's either Morgan w/ a new face and memory wiped, or Sonny's (thought dead...) long lost son with Lily... mess.
  13. Y&R: Another actress back

    1) Roul looks good! 2) it's funny that during the teen scene SL Victoria was an adult, and now she's dating JT...
  14. Y&R: Another actress back

    this is so funny... I was just talking w/ my sis wondering why they didn't ever bring Britney back. I wonder if this means Bobby Marsino will be back (from the "dead" ) as well? John Enos was an Elvis impersonator on DAYS for the Susan/Will SL, an he was looking pretty good for his age. He was also Susan's love interest... so, maybe, he could be for Ashley?
  15. GH: Sonny's Daddy Recast

    i wonder if Detective Chase is the Morgan recast w/ amnesia or mind-control via Helena, or something dumb?