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  1. lmao, why? They really think that rotted corpse of a character is gonna save this sinking ship?
  2. his acting on GH was always very robotic, so he should fit in w/ B&B's cast. How soon until we find out Finn is actually Bill's because the mom slept with him back in the day? Or Finn and Liam were switched at birth or something dumb like that? lmao
  3. i figured Drew would be back sooner or later, when it became super obvi ptb were too chicken sh*t to pair Sam/Dante. So he's gonna probably get paired with Sam imediately and then Budig will return...
  4. yeah... no. I'm sorry, but we need to raise standards for men on these shows. Women have to keep it tight and right, but men can just look like slobs w/ double-chins, and it's like that's fine? Nope. Peter Reckell looked amazing all the way until the end, and Matthew Ashford continues to look good even tho he's *older* than both of these guys. I cannot. i mean people used to drag tf out of Freddie Smith and his double-chin for "letting himself go" but BD and nuEJ looks fine and dandy? Come on, now.
  5. since he looks like the spitting imge of Casey Moss, and he's the same age they should have just had him be a recast JJ. I do wonder if they cast someone so old playing younger because he's gonna be thrust into adult storylines? Like is is time for their younger dude/older woman storyline? He gonna start sleeping with Nicole or something? LOL
  6. no tea no shade, but EJ racast looks a mess in the promo and Bryan Dattilo looks a mess as usual. Why does Alison Sweeney have to be saddled with such tragic love prospects? Meanwhile Greg Vaughan's loking gorgeous as ever. Siiiigh!
  7. do you mean on any soap or just DAYS because that's literally Luke and more recently Sonny. Sonny legitinaletly transmuted the entire fabric of GH/soap to the point where "he's bad, but so and so are worse!" etc. became the norm. I don't think any other soap character has changed an entire soap or the soap landscape in the way Sonny has, for better or worse. EJ otoh, was very meh but JS was gorgeous and charisatic and everyone hated/loved Sami and AS bolstered the character in a huge, huge way. JS/EJ wasn't a transformative character in the way that MB/Sonny was, because he didn't
  8. it's very yikes that Jason + Britt is happening, considering all the bs Britt did to Robin, who was supposedly golden in Jason's heart. But just like GH continues to do, be hypocrits w/ who is "bad" and who isn't.
  9. i mean, we're in a pandemic and LOTS of people were/are home, so they were probably seeing uptics in viewer metrics we don't have access to and are probably able to get some decent coin from selling adds right now. I'm not really surprised. I watched is a few days ago, and the commecials they were running were for actual products, not just for drugs or promos for primetime. LOL
  10. the fact that they're not trying to recreate Victoria Rowell's reign by using MM's popularity is absolutely dumbfounding. Instead, they stay using MM as a launching pad for other characters. MM back as Hilary being Drucilla for the 21st century just makes too much sense.
  11. um... why not just bring her on officially as an Amanda recast and have MM return as Hilary? This show desperately needs more melanin, and they can hand-wave the twin/dopplganger thing. LOL
  12. Budig is more than likely coming back, and he's trying to get the AMC fans. lol
  13. i'm guessing this is they're planning on bringing Rebecca Budig back for a 3rd go around... lol
  14. ^that is literally how "rumours" get started. Yikes.
  15. tbh I hope it's true just to get some new blood. The suggestions on this thread were cute, but at the same time I'm not really interested in seeing actors from another soap being shuttled to yet another soap. We need legit new faces/fresh meat, that's part of why these shows are dying.
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