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  1. i would bet $$ he'll be back on contract w/ Rolf's brain in his head, or something soon, soon. LOL
  2. yup! It would have been an absolutely epic callback to have Bridget get sick to her stomach and vomit in the nearest trash can, and then before Katie and Ridge can really get started Bridget starts railing on Brooke and everyone is standing there shocked and speechless and the only person that even *attempts* to come to Brooke's defence would be Steffy in a shocking twist. We as viewers would feel sympathy for rooke in spite of knowing it's everything she deserves! LOL
  3. such a pointless, missed opportunity to have Bridget there for the "big reveal" and not have her be the one to go in on Brooke. 🤦‍♂️
  4. wait, so Patch is back? anyway, i'm happy for Jack and Jen, and glad they're smooth sailing while everyone else is in disarray. Everything else is blehh, tho.
  5. they probably share the same surgeon. I'm assuming they're still friends IRL?
  6. this show stays going back in time w/ these stories. I swear.
  7. lmao, I called it. This whole Sally's dying SL was the show's *ATTEMPT* at trying to make Sally the villain in the whole deal. But it's like... good on Sally, I say. I hope she succeeds, but I know she won't.
  8. And if the situation drags on for months on months when the other soaps do come back they will all probably adopt DAYS' almost-a-year-ahead shooting schedule as a safety precaution. 😮
  9. DAYS really lucked out with the coronavirus pandemic situation. I'm assuming all the shows are gonna have to shut down production, eventually. Meanwhile, they have almost a year's worth of episodes in the can already. And more people will be staying home in the afternoon and potentially watching their messy show.
  10. i haven't watched DAYS in a few months, but has Evan had a shirtless scene at all? The entire time I had been watching he never had one and I just thought that was weird af considering when TC was Stephan-O he had numerous and then when BB took over the role he had a bunch a well. CM even had a few when he was in freaking prison. LOL
  11. wait, Lily's back on-contract? And they're trying to pair her with Billy? LMAO
  12. also, I hope the whole "everything blows up in Thomas' face!" is a mislead, and their big plan is for Hope to tell Thomas she will marry him instead of Zoe... only for him to turn her down. 🙏
  13. hmmt, I don't really think the Brooke/Quinn story was dropped so much as this is Bell's way of slow-burning a story, considering how fast they do reveals on B&B. I think he wan't Brooke/Quinn to be a more long-term rivalry, or that's what they are attempting to do. That's just my guess. they did drop the Thomas-drugs-Liam plot point, tho, which is so dumb... they keep highlighting stuff Thomas has done, stuff that either wasn't his fault (baby switch) or was an accident (Emma dying) or just pure nonsense (OMG... he's so manipulative!!!) but they continue to ignore one of the only truly "bad" things he's done like drug Liam. WTF? LOL
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