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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i6MfjlvXPm4 the slayage, tho.
  2. Days of our Lives promo-She's Back!

    when they screwed.
  3. Days: Y&R vet joins the show

    my guess is Lisa Rinna & Kassie DePaiva are gonna be fighting over him... he'll be a business magnate; the new CEO of Titan Industries after a hostile takeover (while Sunny is too busy w/ Will drama, Brady's drunk, and Victor's distracted with fending off Adrienne. st
  4. Days: Y&R vet joins the show

    screamed "yuck!" out loud.
  5. Days of our Lives promo-She's Back!

    and at that precise moment John and his kid are digging Will up? OK. Sure.
  6. Days of our Lives promo-She's Back!

    Sami's just wondering the graveyard, apparently... and YAAAAS @ Nicole getting what she has coming. Lock her up, lock her up,lock her uuupppp!
  7. honestly, I think the reason Liam's drawn to Sally is because Steffy's become such a dead/boring/naggy character. It's like... support your damn husband, who happens to be in the right gol!
  8. honestly, this Quinn/Sheila sl is the textbook definition of meandering. Every time they have some climax-like fight scene I'm half expecting them to start making out, at this point.
  9. speaking of Clayton Norcross... he's looking like a hot daddy, these days. Can we get him as an Eric recast, while we're @ ayyyt?
  10. that he thinks anyone cares... aww, poor Winsor.
  11. i can't believe Y&R missed out, Ingo should have been Graham, tbh.
  12. Never cared for Jacob, even on AMC. Heather Tom is legitimately amazing. She single-handedly kept those Brook/Bill/Katie scenes afloat and made the material more impactful even tho it was trash content, pretty much. they NEED to make her have an affair with Thorne, now. After he and Brooke are coupled-up... she needs to get him hooked, to put her and Brooke on even-ish footing. prediction: "mystery person" invests in Spectra Fashions: SHOCK! It's Thorne.
  13. and you would think it would count for something - that she's done all she's done for the character/material, but she's still treated like an afterthought. Mess.