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  1. maybe, he's Zack? I thought it was weird that Hope was randomly mentioning him a few weeks ago... 🙄🤦‍♂️
  2. it's kind of absurd. HT must really love the cast/crew, and her paycheck must be fat af... otherwise IDK why she sticks around.
  3. Princess Gina + John's long-lost kid, watch.
  4. i mean... they're basically painting his character into a corner, so I wouldn't be surprised. Hope he takes Maxie with him, tbh.
  5. pretty hilarious that he's portrayed as one of the most dastardly villains ever, meanwhile Franco - an actual serial killer - is fam.
  6. lmao, like I said we'll see. I'd bet $$$ MM won't be confined to Devon-centric stories anymore. 🙄✌️
  7. yeah... I think y'all and the issues you have with these actors are your own. I hate MB on GH but , but I can appreciate that most soap actors would jump at the chance to work opposite him, and i'm sure the same is true for MS and EB. 🤷‍♂️ and she had insane airtime, of course all she cared about was getting pay equal to the work she was putting in... back then. But now things are different. I HIGHLY doubt MM's coming back just to get back on the Devon-romance-go-round. 😴 but hey, we'll see.
  8. Kevin & Laura are boring and never should have happened. Kevin belongs with Lucy, and it's stupid that she's on the show as much as she is and they're still split up. Like, why? lol
  9. dang, Tad looks pretty good... hopefully, he breaks up Kevin/Laura, LOL But he's probably gonna end up with Eva. They either make MW act with way older or younger guys.
  10. nah, I think KSJ's death probably hit her hard (in that it gave her some perspective), and when Y&R approached her with an offer to return it was more than likely far above whatever she had wanted initially, and they promised her scenes with EB and MS and more story beyond Devon's d*ck, etc - it makes no sense to me that she would return unless the offer was BETTER than what Y&R had initially turned down during negotiations. And after KSJ's death she probably felt a bit like she should help carry the torch for POC in Genoa City a bit, and to look past whatever bitter feelings she had with showrunners.
  11. i really do think it's gonna be Victor. IMO, they probably got MM to sign on by telling her she would have a super amazing storyline that would heavily involve EB, and they probably threw in MS (as much as y'all hate her, a lot of actors probably would jump at the chance to work opposite her) for good measure. lol
  12. let me guess: EB when he comes back into town? I'm assuming he was whisked away to whatever secret clinic Hilary's in and when he recovers fully Hillary's gonna wake up or something? 🙄
  13. like, how many times are they gonna fake Victo/a character's death on this show w/o letting the audience in on it right away? Like, just reveal the whole plan to the viewers and let us watch how it all plays out. Playing "gotcha!" with your fans over and viewers and making them look like fools over and over again isn't a cute look. 🙄
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