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  1. idk why peeps keep harping on how "old" he looks. He looks younger than Nick and Cane, and around nuAdam's age. 🤷‍♂️ looks aside, he's a boring af character. He reminds me of SB's Dylan. hen he fell out of the air duct (LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOO) I was dead. Corny as hell.
  2. i never cared for Fen and tbh I never cared for Ana. Like, i have no reason to care. lol 🤷‍♂️
  3. Summer gonna get pregnant w/ Kyle or Theo's baby? 🙄
  4. so hilarious how they had Addby in a half-hearted interracial pairing (she was more deeply involved with the sex trafficking guy, and even Lauren's son!), only for it to end "amicably" (painting Nate as the bad guy do-gooder, that won't accept Abby for who she and her family are...) to throw her head first into another relationship... with a white "good guy". 🤣 these shows are a mess.
  5. i'm glad that from the looks of it Jack/Jennifer are gonna be the new "core" supercouple, while all the others seem to be on hiatus/lost in space. lol It's about time. I feel like they've never had their moment in the sun to be happy.
  6. honestly, in that promo looking all distressed post-murder, Hope's never looked better. They should keep the super-straight hair look.
  7. lmao, Sonny is such a hoe, but he always comes running back to Will. Cracks me up.
  8. wow, what a get... this girl is a Grade A "bitchy teen" on most shows. I wonder if she will be a character with edge, or another dull bot?
  9. i mean her parents are all mid-20's so it seems strange to saddle them with a soon-to-be teenager and have to deal with all that mess and have that drive their stories already, when there's still so much story they could drive themselves because they're all so darn young. lol meanwhile, Nicole still has a 4 year old, probably. 💀
  10. i'm assuming it's Jordan? That's why Ben goes to prison. Or, maybe, Haylee? And Ben goes to prison for killing her?
  11. also, I always thought Gabi+Eli was the best pairing from that set (Gabi/JJ/Eli/Lani). I think Eli/Gabi/Stefan-O could be a winning triangle, and do Lani/JJ/Haylee.
  12. also, the forced Ciara/Will friendship tells me the Will/Ben affair might be true... lol
  13. omfg... Li Shin is gorgeous. He gonna be Nicole's latest conquest? LOL
  14. lol, why not just keep the same kid? I doubt anyone would notice she's not aged a year.
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