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  1. wow, what a waste. Why didn't they make him go with Lulu or Liz? B&B should pick him up as yet another Thomas recast. lol
  2. any decent lawyer could have gotten the women off just using the GCPD/DA conspiracy's with JT to bring down Victor, and JT pushing Victor down the stairs and leaving him for dead. embarrassing.
  3. i mean she was a character the show had zero respect for, so I'm not surprised.
  4. i am *HOLLERING* @ Kyle showing up to the hospital looking sun kissed af. These people really have no concept of maintaining continuity whatsoever. lol
  5. for the 2019 Horton Family Christmas Tree Ornament hanging? 🤔
  6. this Summer/Kyle/Lola SL is an awful look for all parties involved, including Lola. She went from being Miss Independent to a freaking hospital bed. Yikes.
  7. she was a mehhh actress on GH, so unless she's gotten better I'm expecting this to be a trainwreck. lol
  8. i don't understand why DAYS doesn't do a story where Gabi tries to seduce and destroy Stefan-o, playing on his feelings for Gaby. Or have Stefan-o start to like Chloe because she can sing, like Gaby use to (LOL!). Honestly, this stuff writes itself yet DAYS keeps doig trash. I don't get it.
  9. just read the last Thomas was cast in some new CW show, so I guess that's why they recast.
  10. VR does Steve Harvey to reminisce about her dead friend and some of y'all can't get past her hair... damn.
  11. IIRC, when we heard about Wayne Brady joining and subsequently Flo being cast, they would be contract roles... lol
  12. "she's got a past and a big secret..." let me guess Flo is Phoebe? She survived the accident and underwent lots of plastic surgery? Or Shauna and one of Taylor's babies were switched at birth? Or Hope and Flo were switched at birth? Mess. lol
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