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  1. explosions/shoot outs, GH does this like every couple of months to the point it's like
  2. i *love* ZT's Sonny! Why does he look 100x better on DAYS than he did on Y&R??? lol When he got all emo and teary-eyed I actually got in my feelings for him. Really great acting, made CM look even weaker in contrast, and Will came off kinda like ass in general... I mean when you see your SO all emo like that don't you feel *anything*? Damn.
  3. WAIT, that's why she left? Ewwwww.
  4. i don't think DH would be going all over doing interviews talking about the mess she's gonna cause if she wasn't the main one processed. I could be wrong? But I just don't see it. LOL
  5. as a black woman, she probably wasn't OK with playing a cop and the show not recognizing anything that's going on irl wrt police and black lives... anyway, I actually liked this actress more than the og, it's the character/being a cop that was th problem. The law enforcement on GH have no teeth and *regularly* are working with the criminal element (Sonny, Jason, Carly, etc) and it's like... ew. No. So yeah. Whatever. I expect her to pop up o B&B or Y&R, she's certainty gorgeous enough.
  6. idk why people always whine about stuff like this? They are giving older actors/characters front-burner story. I'm here for it. It *could* be a trainwreck, but it's soap so whatever. I'm not one of those folks that's like "they should just cancel it already!!!" or some mess. I'm genuinely here for them trying whatever to keep the lights on. I may not agree with it or stop watching, but I hope these shows keep at it. i'm still waiting for some show, any show that's been on for years and years... to just become a zombie apocalypse show in like season 6 or something. LOL
  7. wow, NBC must have really increased the budget for the mothership show? I'm genuinely excited! I'mma def. e watching regularly, again.
  8. dang, NBC must genuinely believe in DAYS to be injecting all this $$ into production. Hopefully, it starts to show up on screen with the sets and whatnot. maybe, she's a recast of Hope? I don't think KA's coming back now that she has all that Hallmark money. LOL And the way Ciara's literally been front-burnering story for months w/o her mom has been weird to see (just based on the promos). I could see them bumping Hope own a decade or 2 in the age (like they did with Kristen) and just having the younger actress play older.
  9. i agree with this 100% - I think Stacy's great, an even think they could do a "fake Kristen" sl like the fake Roman/father John sl from back in the day, just as a callback and to get rid of all the baggage for Eileen, but I do think DAYs needs Elieen's Kristen back. Eileen's Kristen vs. Sami would be epic soap shiz, which is what DAYS/Soaps needs right now. Production should move heaven and earth to make Eileen's Kristen happen on the main show permanently. yeah, they're both def. coming back to the main show, and I LOVE it! I love how Chandler is so cool with playing around with all these different guys. It's a real breath o fresh air and one of there reasons why I gave him so much grace even tho most DAYS fans were dragging tf out of him for his acting. LOL eta: if Chandler returns on contract as Will and Zach joins as perm Sonny recast, I'll start watching the show regularly once again, negl.
  10. Adam's family business stories should have honestly been Noah's. Victor should be obsessed with his grandson taking up the mantle, Nick should be opposed, Sharon/Nicki should be caught in the middle, and Adam/Victoria/Abby should be pissed. That's easy drama w/o all the nonsense baggage Adam brings. ETA: screaming @ them recasting w/ a Barry's bootcamp instructor, thoooo.
  11. lmao, unless they can get some kind of Hallmark contract on lock I expect they'll be back by mid-next year.
  12. I just watched it on YT and saw the shower scene and Eileen Davidson and freaking SCREAMED. i never found him any sort of hot on Y&R but now I'm like ok?
  13. omg, waiT. why does he look 200% hotter on DAYS? I'mma have to watch dis, nao. lol
  14. IDK how DAYS does it, but somehow DAYS cast members manage to consistently still look amazing years later. Wow. I still remember when PR came back and he had all those chained-up shirtless scenes, I was like holy gotdamnnnn.
  15. yeah, this whole Sunny amnesia SL seems dumb af w/o her (or at least Sarah Brown). It would actually be funny + a shocking twist if Sunny got all his memories back... but they were devoid of Carley, and he only wanted Brenda. I think that would be a pretty satisfying twist, and I'm not even a Sonny/Brenda stan. LOL
  16. the whole Michael/Willow/Chase thing is DUMB. Willow never should have strung Chase along, for like, no reason. Just tell him you're not into it anymore and move on. You're both young, damn.
  17. so is this gonna be like some Hollyoaks after dark mess or just pure jank and nonsense. lol
  18. sad thing is they'll be back in under a year, and the show will welcome hem back with open arms and front burnet story. lol meanwhile, MM is being pushed out ONCE AGAIN. A mess. I hope another show scoops her up.
  19. lol, bye! The show tried very hard to make the younger set happen and failed miserably. It was very dumb how they had these 20-somethings in CEO positions in these businesses. I hope Devon swoops in and steals Jabot in a hostile take over. I know it won't happen, but whatever. Kyle's entire storyline should have been used on Noah, and they should have also pulled the Victor/Adam stuff and merged that with Noah as well - Victor grooming Nick's son to take over the family business and it causing drama between Nick, Victoria, Victor, and Nicki would have been better and the SL wouldn't have had any of the Adam baggage. and they could have had Kyle around just being a mini-Brad, sleeping with all the older women (and men, even - make him sexually fluid) and disappointing his pops, etc. what they went for was trite and just not very interesting.
  20. did you not see her on Passions or DAYS? She's always been a top notch actress, but she got married young and dimed her light so that her bf/husband's could "shine" and by the time he ended up leaving her for someone younger it was too late and she was "too old" for most casting directors. I do agree that she would make the most sense as a Sam recast, she would effortlessly be able to take Sam to places that KM just is not capable.
  21. lmao, why? They really think that rotted corpse of a character is gonna save this sinking ship?
  22. his acting on GH was always very robotic, so he should fit in w/ B&B's cast. How soon until we find out Finn is actually Bill's because the mom slept with him back in the day? Or Finn and Liam were switched at birth or something dumb like that? lmao
  23. i figured Drew would be back sooner or later, when it became super obvi ptb were too chicken sh*t to pair Sam/Dante. So he's gonna probably get paired with Sam imediately and then Budig will return...
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