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  1. Honestly, it wouldn't surprise me if they just didn't realise it happened - the big story was the breakdown and then Laura appears for like two episodes where they claim she's well and she just disappears. It's such a small detail that it would probably be easy to miss, especially in the days pre-internet.
  2. The full opening sequence was posted in the Primetime Soap thread:
  3. Honestly, I would've liked the Jan story to be a slow burn - her worming her way back into Belle and Shawn's life via Claire and maybe the story peaking at the earliest in February sweeps, maybe even May sweeps. I always liked Heather Lindell and thought she was wasted the first go-around, though now I guess she'll be a part of Ron's Villain of the Month stable that he likes to pull when he needs quick filler.
  4. Yeah, I hardly think they're going to bring Will back for a one-shot only to tell everyone he and Sonny broke up. My bet is also that they got to adopt a kid.
  5. Can I say that I really hate it when characters "talk" in their opening credit shots? I always end up being distracted and trying to read their lips...
  6. Did they also de-SORAS David at this point? I know Marx is five years younger than Guthrie, but it does seem like he's more appropriate as Julie's son at that point. (And again, it also just shows what a mess the early rapid SORAS of both David and Mike was)
  7. I agree - I've always been fascinated with the cast purge that happened around this era because I can't imagine what loyal viewers thought about it at the time, especially basically eradicating the Andersons that had been a part of DAYS for a decade. I mean some characters people were probably glad to see go (HAI POOR ETERNALLY DYING MARGO!) but others not so much.
  8. Ah, yes, it looks like the wiping out of the Andersons is about to begin. It's been so odd to read about these characters that were obviously important to the show for a long period of time that'll just disappear and be dropped within a short period of time.
  9. I'm a bit disappointed that they've written Jan into such a corner as I would've liked to watch her manipulate and fake a friendship with Claire for a few more months as I've always thought Heather Lindell is great, though with Ron's love of recurring villains I'm sure she'll be back.
  10. https://dayofdays2020.com/#Evening-6 How both lovely and frustrating to see parts of the first ever Christmas episode in such crisp cristal clear quality and the same time knowing they have these episodes in the vaults in such great quality and does absolutely nothing with it. For once not Corday's fault.
  11. Watching the videos posted so far on https://dayofdays2020.com/ I will say that Isabel Durant comes across as far more charismatic as a person than she does as Claire (I also had no idea she was Australian!); too bad they can't translate that into her portrayal. Maybe if they got her to relax a little more and not worry about doing an American accent she'd work better. Hell, they could write a storyline about Claire dissociating and changing her voice as I think that's a symptom of DID?
  12. To be fair, the local chapel was blown up recently I haven't watched the episodes, but that could've been a good thing to mention as to why it took place in Marlena's apartment.
  13. Basically I wanted to start this thread about when writers get out of ideas to make unlikeable female characters likeable, so they have them raped in an effort to endear them to the public (and it usually happens during sweeps!). These type of storylines are always great, so I thought we'd better make a list. Aaaand go!
  14. Re: teen set / adults: As I said, as a production I find it interesting - they had pretty lofty expectations of not only replacing what was a huge hit in Sunset Beach, but also to sell it to international markets AND to syndication in the US. I remember there being a huge thing about who was going to be cast as "Alex Eriksson" and a lot of hype about this being a Swedish collaboration with these big time la-di-da American producers and then... this is what they came up with. Comparing it to Swedish soaps that had aired at the time it makes no sense that this is what they consider
  15. IIRC, Marie became a nun because of what happened with Tommy.
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