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  1. Yeah, I just don't think the writing for this show is very good if we're being quite frank. I'm surprised because I thought Empire and Star were solid, even if they could get messy.
  2. I mean, in a way it makes sense since she willingly let herself be possessed to save Doug. I guess the logical thing to do would be to run for an exorcist, but I assume she might be afraid the Devil would just possess Doug again? I agree they could make her motives clearer here.
  3. Yeah, exactly. If I had seen DS during the original run - ie no way to rewatch, possibly missing episodes because there was no real way to record them and if you missed them, you just missed them, I'd probably just have assumed that David befriending Adam happened on an episode I missed. Hell, it wouldn't surprise me if I eventually would've *remembered* it happening since out memories are so malleable and your memory can fill stuff in. I know for ages it sounded like we actually saw Addie push Hope's baby carriage out from harms way on DOOL, but apparently the actual scene was her going outside and everything happening off screen as an example. But the way people talk about it you'd easily believe it happened on screen.
  4. I've often wanted to start a discussion on that very subject, but I've never been sure how to put it down without sounding like a right tit. But it's a thing I've always wondered about - how many of those great stories we hear about in oral history of soaps actually happened? But English isn't my first language so I have no idea how to put down a proper discussion about it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  5. Will "Always Say Yes: The Sami Brady Story" be available to stream on Peacock?
  6. What's interesting with DS is how some things just happen off screen - like David befriending Adam. It didn't happen on screen - but if we didn't have the full run preserved I think people would've totally told it like he had done that on screen since our memories are malleable. It's interesting to think about how much of those classic storylines/moments that people talk about on soaps actually happened off screen.
  7. Honestly, showbiz storylines just never seem to work for soaps - maybe it's because if you really wanted to make a movie (or have a successful singing career etc) you'd be off to either Los Angeles or New York and not stay in little Salem in the middle of America. As others said, if Johnny had actually been a teenager doing a high school project it might've worked better with having people around him in the cast. Maybe they should've just brought on Sydney as a teenager and eventually had all the secrets of her family coming out as a reason for her to turn into a mini-Sami nightmare.
  8. I'm currently watching Dark Shadows and it becomes really obvious at some points that they're restricted by having max six characters talk on screen due to budget contraints (there's been one - maybe two times where they've exceeded that in the ~660 episodes I've watched so far). Obviously Moltke was very favoured before she left the show since she was technically the lead, but another thing that becomes very obvious is how other characters stay weeks - or even months off screen at the time, usually explained away with "having been on a business trip" or I guess having been somewhere in the house the whole time. I'm guessing that the focus on one character became quite natural though when soaps were Winsor-esque morality plays focusing on "X's search for human dignity and compassion". I imagine that Vanessa Dale (as a character on Love of Life) must be up the Mary Stuart's Jo in terms of ratio.
  9. I had an issue with the tempo of the pilot but I think episodes 2-4 have been better paced as such (though I still wish they would stretch out things a bit more). My biggest issue is that the writing just isn't very good - when they try to make some sort of political commentary it always come across as rather forced. I don't remember feeling this way with Empire or Star, even when they were quite badly plotted. If anything their attempts to do social/political commentary comes off as the recent "vax" episode of DAYS - just weird and shoe-horned in. There's something that quite won't gel with this show.
  10. I agree. Now that Ryan Murphy and his team has noticed her (she was also on American Horror Stories), I'm not sure how much incentive she'll have to ever go back to DAYS in the near future. They like to recycle actors and that she's pretty much Jennifer Love-Hewitt's de facto replacement while she's on maternity leave gives me the impression they must really like her.
  11. Congrats to Vanessa! I hope we'll still see Valerie now and again though.
  12. I just sent these great storyline suggestions to Ron
  13. I like how they're absurdity of the pro-shot plot:
  14. I think it helps that Beyond Salem had some extra Peacock money + they had a focused story that was supposed to last over five episodes; no more no less. I don't think it's fully fair to compare it to regular DOOL since they have more to juggle.
  15. Honestly, I find this a bit contradictory - in general shows that focuses on African-Americans have always had a bit of a rougher time selling in overseas markets (Empire bombed despite being huge in the US; Tyler Perry's shows aren't in general shown etc; so it had to be even rougher in the late 80s, even with The Cosby Show and Family Matters managing to cross over to the international market), so adding that as a main aspect to the show when the goal was supposedly to sell it overseas seems a bit like shooting themselves in the foot. Then again, at least that explains why they threw it in such a historically bad time slot and then gave up on it quickly when it didn't really end up selling.
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