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  1. Definitively. The show deserves closure. I do wish they would stop with the one year renewals though. I think it's hurting the show as it seems like they end up treading water storylinewise towards the end of the yearly renewal in case they have to write a quick ending.
  2. Interesting that there was an edit at the start when the guitar was supposed to break, so we didn't see it. I assume something went wrong since in those days video editing was expensive and was rarely done, instead they just opted to film the entire show "live" onto the tape. I guess something went wrong on the set when it was supposed to break.
  3. If they're going to keep Ava around for the long term I guess this is a good story as any to keep her from just being a talk-to to Tripp. (Watch Ron kill her off next month)
  4. Eh, I'd say both Pratt and Ron have the exact same issues with writing - they can write exciting stuff for a few months, but are usually unable to keep it up and usually dwindle into nonsensical camp (rather than good camp).
  5. Yep. Look at Grey's Anatomy - there's like three people who were on the show from the pilot currently? And they'll still have to cut popular characters every now and then despite being one of the highest rated shows in the lucrative 18-49 demo. Of course, Grey's is a workplace soap, so it's easier for people to just quit and write in new characters. For a family soap it's much harder as you can only introduce that many long-lost siblings, cousins and whatever before it starts getting ridiculous...
  6. It's likely that his script was rejected at least. If it's not completely dead they might try to get another writer and try again, but the writing was on the wall when it wasn't ordered to pilot.
  7. The move + less tight writing (the stupid jewel plot comes to mind, plus I recall someone pointing out that Peyton went from actively plotting to overhearing plot points) + the fact that soaps repeated lousy and unlike Fox, the WB didn't have the money to order more than 22 episodes of their shows killed it.
  8. I don't think so, but it's been a while since I watched. Well, Cassie was added in the second season so I guess they sort of retroactively added her back in.
  9. That's very cool actually! I knew that there was supposed to be a fourth friend who was still living in New York (which eventually became became Cassie), but was dropped since they didn't want to do dual action in Savannah / New York. I had no idea she was cast and even shot scenes.
  10. From the same article: So yeah, Corday / Sony have been making deals with cast members if it's renewed already. So it doesn't sound like a "let every actor go off contract" situation.
  11. Honestly, if they make no profit of the current production on DAYS then maybe a good idea is to, I don't know, CAPITALIZE ON THE HUGE BACKCATALOGUE OF EPISODES THEY HAVE LAYING AROUND? I mean, I'm just suggesting something here, no pressure.
  12. I don't even think you necessarily need to "airdrop" entire "seasons" these days - if anything, it does seem like a lot of streaming services are experimenting with some sort of weekly release (The Flight Attendant went 3-2-2-1 episode(s) per week). Which makes sense - the advantage of dropping episodes weekly is that people come back and inevitably look at other content. Daily releases might be too much, but I could see a model where they plan on releasing episodes 2-3 times a week depending on which days they usually release new shows to get the maximum amount of exposure for those shows.
  13. From Deadline: https://deadline.com/2021/04/days-of-our-lives-nbc-renewal-season-57-1234740897/
  14. So will Jan just become part of the jail crew of villains that escape twice or so per year?
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