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  1. Oh, Heather Lindell was a great villainess that I hope she returns, maybe to torture Belle and Shawn.
  2. "The grave you're digging for Stephanie Lankcaster will be the grave. You. Rot. In" I'd start a drinking game for everytime Stephanie Lankcaster says her own name, but I'd like to keep my liver.
  3. Sonny / Will have fallen into the "supercouple" trap in where it's always ultimately going to end up with them together. Just write them both off and introduce Evan. With Paul. And that hot hotel concierge.
  4. I'm watching the Monday episode and the Kayla / Justin scenes are hilarious in all the wrong ways
  5. From what we could read from Corday's lawsuit it seems like they're ambitious about developing the app and utilising the shows backcatalog but Sony, for whatever reason, is blocking them. With the 1976 clip appearing I have some hope that Sony might be loosening up a bit.
  6. Didn't they recently (or a few years ago) sell Capitol (and Texas? I believe?) to some European markets for reruns? So in theory that shouldn't be that hard to convert to digital if they haven't done it already.
  7. Honestly, considering the amount of times the people of Salem have been brainwashed via the DiMera's I'm more surprised that a storyline like that haven't happened. Surely your mind is just bound to break at some point?
  8. I might be the only one who prefers Fat Freddie above the "six-pack showing" weight - with that said his acting sucks, Sonny is terrible and literally fills no function on the show and if a meteor fell on Sonny's head no one in Salem should care.
  9. In all honesty, it reminds me when Ron first came on and brought back Hattie and Bonnie - clearly it wasn't well written or anything, but it was clear that both Deidre and Judi got a shot in the arm and enjoyed playing them again so that sort of ended up selling it more than it should've been sold. I assume that Kristian is just enjoying not playing dreary Hope for now. I still think Princess Gina should revert into being Salem's Heidi Fleiss in a nod to Kristian's Melrose Place character.
  10. I'm always shocked when I remember that Bill Hayes is 94 years old. Damn, that man seems at least 20 years younger.
  11. I'm assuming that Lani might be in the convent for mysterious undercover work reasons? It seems a bit far-fetched that two characters would randomly join a convent unless they're going to reveal Lani and Kristen are scissor sisters.
  12. Not entirely related, but CBS All Access would be more likely to stream Sunset Beach considering CBS Studios own the Spelling vault. I assume though that the issue with a lot of the shows are music rights.
  13. Interesting that they were able to post that considering Corday has expressed interest in using the large library Days has - it was even a part of the lawsuit. Maybe something is moving on that front?
  14. I wonder if this opens up for more special things to be posted on the APP?
  15. At least in the 80s/90s the shows actually had some sort of budget to try and pull these action/adventure/sci-fi/supernatural storylines off. Yes, it was cheesy, even at the time, but at least there was money there. That money, obviously, isn't there anymore so why even attempt it? It makes literally no sense to go in this sci-fi/supernatural route, or to try the action/adventure of the 80s. If anything, going back to a more set-based, non-action oriented storytelling makes sense from a financial point of view. They couldn't even make Jennifer falling from a balcony look right!
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