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  1. It's funny because I've been watching Peyton Place a lot lately and there's rarely any love scenes on that show and it just ends up working better than the soaps of today. There's really not any reason to make all this effort to have love scenes, especially for a show like B&B which is 19 minutes anyway. A lot of the time love scenes just end up feeling like filler anyway. Just focus on, I don't know, character drama for a while? In all honesty, these people should really just sit down and watch some old school soap episodes from the 1960s/1970s.
  2. The thing is that they don't have to use it as a plot device per se, but more of an explanation of why they're distanced in scenes. Just acknowledge the real world for a bit, but don't have any characters get ill from it kind-of-thing.
  3. It looks like Gabi's office set redressed. I think I recognize the lamps.
  4. I do however wonder if this is why Sweeney seemed to still be filming for longer than her usual "pop-ins"? Could they have thrown money at Sweeney to stay on a bit longer to help the show transition from the huge cast departure to whoever will be filming those roles? I'll say that one thing that DAYS has an advantage in this situation is that they have such a huge canvas of recurring characters that can easily be put into the show and some people like Martha Madison (Belle) seems like she would be a lifer if given an actual contract. Ironically, when they did the time jump I DID say that this is exactly what they should've done - clean up the canvas a bit and refocus, though of course because DAYS is a mess this happened because of things beyond their control.
  5. In all honesty, I'm not really upset with Hope or Ciara leaving. Hope has been wasted for years now and while Ciara had potential, VK was obviously better than being a Ben cheerleader. The only one that's a huge loss (and I can't believe I'm saying this) is in all honesty Camila since she actually gives off that soap vixen vibe that a soap like DAYS needs imho.
  6. The actress who is playing Gwen is killing it. Honestly, they've found three solid actresses in Claire, Allie and Gwen so they should keep them around, daytime needs more young blood and they're all fun to watch.
  7. I'll give cred to Ron for at least using DAYS's history in various ways. As for another gun-toting drama... I swear the prop department spent their last pennies on that prop gun and they're gonna use it!
  8. Eh, at the end of the day it's a free country and people are allowed to have stupid beliefs. This about Missy isn't anything new - at the end of the day I'd rather have Jennifer Horton on screen without a recast than throw her away because the actress is a bit... special. Maybe they could throw in Jennifer becoming a BLM activist at the Salem Spectator (does Jennifer still work there?) to spite her though.
  9. I had no idea Miller was so divisive - she's an ok actress and as others said she's more in line with the traditional "soap heroine". With that said, if the writing is trash there's not much any actor can do about it - it'll be interesting to see how Ron writes for her now that Mansi has been in the role for a bit.
  10. Indeed. I'd rather have awkward distancing than what Bell just described, though it might lead to a lot of memes.
  11. I think with both mental illness / addiction plots they tend to forget that most of the time it's not actually something you can be cured of, but something that can be handled and you'll need to keep up with regularly. Plastic surgery in general, especially when it's used as a plot device - like someone getting their face horrifically burnt won't make you get a perfect new, albeit different, face - you'll still have scarring even with good/decent results. Of course they'll sometimes have scarring put on, but usually the make up department will get bored of putting it on every day in make up and it's too time consuming so they'll just quietly dump it once the storyline is over.
  12. I think it's worth to remember that ABC had plans to cancel the entire soap block - they basically kept GH because they didn't want to get rid of them all at once, but if those shows that replaced AMC and OLTL had been successful, then GH would've been off the air within a year or two. As it was, it ended up being GH keeping the lights on in the ABC daytime block despite declining ratings.
  13. I just put on her weight gain to her age catching up with her, but I guess the mold explanation makes sense considering she's been slim all her life and her weight gain was very sudden.
  14. I don't get it. Is there supposed to be more episodes or was it just a failed pilot airing?
  15. Val was 15 when she gave birth to Lucy, so she was supposed to be in her mid-to-late 30s when she gave birth to Bobby and Betsy. Hardly old.
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