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  1. I didn't exactly know how to title this thread, but with Corday suing Sony it got me thinking about the future of what we popularly call soaps, or rather daytime soaps - accessible melodramas that can be followed (almost) daily. I pointed out in the Corday/DAYS thread that the current soaps need to learn how to monetize their products - live ratings are sinking year-by-year for every shows on television so selling or even syndicating old episodes will be key. They need to use the fact that they have such a large catalog of content to fund future episodes. Look at The Simpsons - it's losing money on its first run episodes but is making up for that by syndication and merchandise. The Simpsons is now a half hour commercial for their wast catalog - maybe that's how soaps should reason to stay on air? At this point just uploading the episodes on YouTube would at least bring in some revenue, no matter how small...
  2. te.

    OLTL Vet to DAYS?

    Don Craig with a sex change.
  3. I've said time and time again, in order for the remaining daytime soaps to survive they need to monetize these shows in any way possible. That they're sitting on basically 50 years of a complete run and doing nothing with it is nothing but a waste of money. Where I live Bold and the Beautiful even has "classic" episodes licensed to streaming. Why can't the same be done with Days?
  4. I think him being pissed at the international aspect is probably reasonable - both Days and B&B has had fairly successful following in a lot of countries, while Y&R has bombed in some markets yet they've repeatedly tried to launch it again and again in said markets. When Days ended up failing in one market it seems like they just gave up on it.
  5. te.

    Dynasty: Discussion Thread

    Holy [!@#$%^&*], that ending. Now that's a good twist of the original.
  6. te.

    Any Capitol Fans Here?

    Do you know what year it is? Location shooting is pretty rare on soaps. There's a decent chance it could be in an early episode.
  7. te.

    The Media/Journalism Thread

    Honestly, it sounds like Buzzfeed expanded ridiculously and now have to scale back - I mean, does anyone need a full time "director of quizzes"?
  8. te.

    Days axes five ⌛

    Literally film it on old Betamax tapes? Turn it into a puppet theatre?
  9. te.

    DAYS Renewed

    Honestly, the only way I see it getting a budget increase is if Sony somehow manages to monetize it in other ways beyond what NBC is paying in license fee to air it.
  10. te.

    DAYS Renewed

    It must be so ridiculously cheap at this point.
  11. te.

    Proposed Soaps Over The Years

    Was this around the time the Salem High spin-off (Belle, Shawn and so on crew) was talked about? IIRC it was proposed to air on weekend mornings.
  12. Say what you will about the Salem Stalker and James Reilly, but I believe his original intetion with that storyline was to free up characters stuck in "super couples" stories before !@#$%^&*]-ing out.
  13. Bless them for making the best out of that crappy coffe shop set that also mysteriously doubles as a bar. But Eve was written great - as a pure villain! "Jack... you're alive - how is that possible?" Bored writers in search for a ratings boost, Jen.