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  1. DAYS: Killing pool. I don't know why, but it was clear that it was going south even if there's been periods I've found acceptable. (And yes, I know a lot of people will YELL that it was broken the moment JER stepped on set but whatever, I grew up with JER, deal with it)
  2. I can appreciate how Bill Bell specifically wrote to the set designers to get an ashtray out of plastic instead of glass - something that few soap viewers would've noticed, especially with zero replay and very little interaction with other soap viewers. People who noticed those things back in the day would hardly get heard in Soap Opera Digest or similar magazines, so it's nice that he thought of them (or rather, us?) It's a silly detail, but it works as a (subtle) love letter to nit-picky viewers.
  3. I think that's the first time I've seen Susan Martin in action. How frustrating to know they're sitting on all this material. If The Doctors can do it, damn it...
  4. I think the reason they might not reach out to ask her is because she might be enthusiastic about doing something, but they know that she's not really well enough. As awful as it is to say this, but going by her appearances and videos it doesn't seem like she would be able to work, but I'm not sure she realises that herself.
  5. I like how they put more effort into describing that set in the script than we see on screen today
  6. Exactly and the key word is INTERACTION. In seasons 4-6 everyone became weirdly islanded and wouldn't interact outside their storylines. In season 7 everyone felt intertwined. No, it wasn't perfect but at the same time it was a major improvement (similar to Dynasty's season 9) and the show felt engaging again. It shouldn't have ended over 90210 which was trash at the time. Damn you Tori!!!!!
  7. Actually, Aaron Spelling nixed her cameo, citing it as "stupid". She didn't want a speaking part and was only going to be seen briefly in the bar scene in the background where Eve tries to run down Amanda and Peter.
  8. Jake did have a happy ending though - leaving to live with his kid and the mother in the middle of nowhere, supposedly raising a family. I will always advocate that Billy's last scene should've been knocking at a door in Atlanta and a blonde woman opening (unless they could get Courtney to do a cameo).
  9. It certainly could've worked after the Shelley mess and Jake getting into trouble with a loan shark. Kimberly was, erm, resourceful enough to deal with such things.
  10. Watching 4.12 and again, the unexplored relationship of Kimberly / Jake presents itself with her visiting Shooters during her sex kitten phase. Again, were they screen testing them? Was it a direction they were thinking about going in?
  11. It just reminds me of how Daniel was continuously shoved down our throats because apparently he was testing well with some mysterious "focus groups". I'd like to meet who ever these "focus groups" are...
  12. It's silly because Ben could at least somewhat work if the characters had realistic reactions towards him. I could imagine someone like Marlena, a mental health professional, being more understanding towards him. Someone like Hope, a cop, would be more suspicious of him (and certainly not happy about her daughter being involved with him - if anything Gina would suddenly be supportive, hence why Ciara might've been blindsided a bit?). Will of course would not become besties with him and tense up anytime he's on screen. Und so weiter, und so weiter. Also, anyone sceptical of St Ben would not be played off as being ridiculous and awful. Eve hating him for the rest of eternity is entirely reasonable.
  13. Judi, I can sort of get that at least - she's recurring and has another job plus they have Bonnie in the wings they might want to use. I could see that being an oversight, but Galen, Chandler and Freddie? They've been regularly on the canvas for the last decade+. How hard is it to sit down with them and actually tell them that they're being written out?
  14. He'll be the George Clooney of Hallmark (which wouldn't be a bad gig to be honest).
  15. Yeah, I mean, in theory them killing him off now is at least better than to just have him fade away like Tommy and never really mentioned again (though I think now would be a nice time to mention him?). It's just a shame that Bill won't be given a real funeral and just a plot point to get JJ out.
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