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  1. At a guess, DAYS is too broke to do a proper trial for Kristen so they'll skip that entirely just write that she wrangled her way out of her legal troubles somehow since they plan on keeping her.
  2. Vivian buried her out of spite Now let's go and get high as a kite
  3. The park bench is a perfect grave marker.
  4. Well, he does reason that a hole is a hole, eh Sonny...
  5. Hey now. They bought that set gun fair and square and they're going to use it! Soon you'll ask that they'll retire THE BENCH
  6. But what will all Biara fans on Twitter that wants him to strangle them do? Serial murdering was so hot last decade and I'm sure a lot of those Twitter accounts are middle aged housewives on Websleuths.
  7. Especially since it appears to be short-term - I can get re-casting if they have a story arc planned for her a la Kristen, but this appears to be 15 episodes; just post-pone the story a bit if Louise Sorel was willing to return, but couldn't because of the time. It's not as if they have to shoot the episodes in order anyway since they're three years ahead.
  8. Brady having sex apparently:
  9. IIRC, I think it was Camille Marchetta that claimed that the other writers objected to the Lucy / Ray affair in season 1 because they wanted to make Ray a Ewing even back then when Jacobs was running the show. So the idea was there from the beginning, but snuffed out as long as David Jacobs was with the show.
  10. If it's a hair piece Robin Strasser herself brought to set then they need to replace it regardless. It looks terrible - just buy a better one matching Sorel's hair and then keep it when they want to inevitably bring back Strasser as Vivian in November 2020 (which they'll probably tape next month when they can gauge the reaction from viewers).
  11. Well, Stefano did supposedly raise her (and Peter) so I assume they must've met when they were growing up at some point. Honestly, DAYS works better when you just dip in and out of it occasionally - watching it daily is probably more of a chore. I enjoy dipping my toes in and then leaving the pool, so to speak. It's by no means good or smart writing, but the campiness works in small doses.
  12. God have mercy on those poor souls unfortunate enough to become our enemies! Why did I expect Robin Givens to start singing Poor Unfortunate Souls? Also, what the hell is with her delivery? Is she out of breath? Does she have asthma, because there's medicine for asthma Robin Givens!
  13. I'm strictly dickly You always seem so... THIRSTY Who in the gay hell writes the lines for this show?
  14. Honestly, the ratings aren't bad for a summer show (yet at least) - it adjusted up to a 1.0 in the demographic and actually grew from Masterchef. It's still in renewal territory, but of course can't fall much from here on. I get the feeling that the lack of Shannen is down to her only agreeing to do it at the last minute, so likely they had a couple of scripts ready and then added her in. Hence the randomness of Brian Austin Green calling her, despite there never being indication that they're close.
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