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  1. This sounds like someone got it mixed up with the rumor about what happened behind the scenes of Alice with Linda Lavin / Polly Holliday; Polly Holliday got more popular than Linda as her side character Flo, got a spin-off that failed and never returned. Rumor was that Linda Lavin blocked her from returning. I wouldn't be surprised if there's similar rumors every time a popular side character outshines the supposed lead and gets a spin-off that fails.
  2. It's funny because he was obviously wrong here - if anything, the shows that don't begin as overly complicated were the ones that survived, even going to the 90s, it was Beverly Hills 90210 and Melrose Place that survived. The shows that bit the dust were the ones that attempted to introduce 32 different plots before we got to know the characters properly.
  3. Well, it's over a month away and it's not like they have a lot of special effects to do. I'm guessing the premiere date has to do with the plots on the show at that point. I mean, normal soaps usually shoots with just a few weeks behind, not eight months...
  4. Lisa Rinna is the bigger name and will bring some curious eyeballs to the show on her own due to Housewives. Add that they might be able to include footage on the Housewives show and it's a win-win for all involved.
  5. Could be? I mean, I get if he turned them down for a blink-and-you'll-miss-it part, especially if he's relocated to Florida as the money is not that good. Still, it would probably be good for his "brand" (whatever that is) to appear in it as he'd be able to get Instagram pictures with Lipsa et al. So.... yeah. Might be that he just wasn't asked.
  6. You know things are bad when actually hiring extras is seen as a huge budget investment
  7. Could be. The timing does seem a bit suspicious that he'd randomly announce that - if that's the case, I wonder if he was the one who said no, or if it's the show that wouldn't accomodate him.
  8. The ratings for Dynasty isn't much worse than most of CW's programming considering it's airing late in the summer at 9PM on Fridays after another low-rated drama (Charmed). Most of their viewers just stream.
  9. I'd guess Tudi Wiggins as Meg on Love of Life might make the best list? I've watched her on Strange Paradise and she plays devious very well and it makes me curious about how she did on Love of Life as it sounds like a good role for her.
  10. That's great. Last Blast and Abby and Chad might not have had amazing production values, but it must've done well enough for Peacock to pick this up. Hopefully getting picked up by Peacock properly and not just the DAYS app means that they can at least have slightly better production values, but I'm not getting my hopes up.
  11. I don't mind Freddie either, even if he became lazy but then again so did Chandler Massey and the writing itself.
  12. Eh, well, it's nice to have goals? I guess in theory he could've invested his DAYS money wisely, or more realistically he's going to move on to another profession (a realtor like his wife?). But I agree with @FrenchBug82re: killing off Sonny. He's a legacy character with ties to the canvas, so it's pointless to kill him off since it's just likely they'd revive him anyway. Just have him and Will break up off screen and eventually re-cast down the line if they need a spoiler in Will's relationships down the line.
  13. No But good on DAYS for getting coverage. He debuts on August 18th.
  14. https://boyfriendtwin.tumblr.com/
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