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  1. Days:October 2018 Discussion Thread 🍂 🎃

    Also, like can Maggie die this Halloween? It's been 15 years since she last croaked so it would be fitting for her to die.
  2. Days:October 2018 Discussion Thread 🍂 🎃

    So Mimi is anorexic now?
  3. Best Soap Opera Opening

    It was actually still on air at that time - 2000 Malibu Road aired in late summer of 1992, Knots didn't finish until spring 1993...
  4. Proposed Soaps Over The Years

    "Dark Mansions" was originally developed as a potential tv series described as a cross between "Dynasty" and "Dark Shadows". Produced by Aaron Spelling with Joan Fontaine as the draw, it was eventually re-tooled into a tv movie and shown on ABC during the summer. It got pretty bad reviews from what I can tell.
  5. Dynasty: Discussion Thread

    True, the stare after Alexis shot that gun is just icy cold. Then there's the scene afterwards where a "concerned" Alexis goes to the mansion which is Alexis at her sociopathic best (or worst - depending on how you view it). It's disconcerting. But in the long run they had to re-write Alexis a bit just like they had to rewrite Blake to make it believable for Krystle to stay with him. Of course they tended to go too far in those re-writes, but still. This version seems to know that both Alexis and Blake are in it for the long run, so they're sort of making them both monsters, just not enough to entirely turn you off.
  6. Dynasty: Discussion Thread

    I think a lot of people confuse Alexis with what she was in season 2 and what she eventually became (basically The Empress of the Universe) - she wasn't rich in season 2 of Dynasty. It was pretty clear that Blake paid enough to keep her away, but certainly not enough for her to get lawyers and go after custody. We're also unclear what original Alexis did in Europe - there's this terrific scene on original Dynasty where Joseph has kept a scrapbook; obviously referring to her misadventures in Europe (which tends to be treated like one big country). We know this Alexis at one point tried to launch a make-up brand under the Carrington name, prompting Blake to trademark the name Carrington to stop her. This Alexis also took one big pay out rather than getting monthly checks. In all honesty, I find the FakeAdam business way nastier than anything past Alexis did - yes, Alexis shot that gun and threw Krystle off the horse, but it was a spur of the moment thing and not premeditated like the FakeAdam business. I think they needed Alexis to go and try to save Cristal, otherwise she'd just be too nasty - it's like how Donna refused to have Abby actually being directly responsible for Val's babies being kidnapped. Wisely she knew it'd write Abby into a corner, I feel that what the writers felt at that point (plus they needed people to be in danger of the fire). Granted, I doubt Nicollette could ever do Joan's sociopathic icy cold stare, but few can...
  7. Worst fictional primetime couples in TV history?

    Alison and Jake, Melrose Place: a couple that in theory had potential, but by the time they got around to it everyone was over it and they became basically islanded apart from the rest of the show in the worst relationship drama you'd never want to see.
  8. Dynasty: Discussion Thread

    Kelly's 49. Anyway, it was foreshadowed by her mentioning that she and her husband had been trying to have children and late in life pregnancies happen. I'm happy Kelly Rutherford will stay on the show.
  9. Dynasty: Discussion Thread

    I'm one of the few who liked the original Kirby, but never did I think the new show would make me excited about her arrival. Sociopath with a certain hate for Fallon!
  10. Dynasty: Discussion Thread

    I'd say Alexis is much much worse than in the original. Getting someone to pretend to be your kidnapped, possibly dead, son to try and get a take-over of Carrington Atlantic is low, even for her. Jeff and Monica's mom is apparently Millie Cox... aka Dominique, Blake's half-sister via his father.
  11. Dynasty: Discussion Thread

    Studio catfight! Jeff / Monica making their entrance as (half) Carringtons! Gay wedding! Claudia going bonkers! Someone setting a fire with Sammy Jo / Fallon / Alexis inside! It's everything and the kitchen sink time and why the hell not?
  12. Dynasty: Discussion Thread

    Dynasty renewed for season 2!!
  13. Dynasty: Discussion Thread

    Alexis really didn't have money when she came to original Dynasty on season 2 - she had Blake's alimony (which she was set to lose if she set foot in Denver again), but that was it. It gave her money to spend on pool boys in Alcapulco, but she had no company, no real assets, nothing. This Alexis has spent the money she got from Blake over the past 11 years.
  14. Both Heather and Tori has been going down this road for a long time. Tori, of course, could never deal with daddy not being around to pay for her career. Heather... there's been rumours way before it became public that she's a mess, the difference is that she's always managed to keep it professional on set. Aaron even said as much in one of his interviews that "she's a bad girl". In Heathers case I think everyone is kind of thrown off her scent because of how nice she seems in real life when she's not drunk. And yes, Randy's a life coach, seems to be living well off his $800k and a modest life style. Candy even commented in an interview that she was only allowed to give one gift to his children, which seemed like torture for a woman who used to have a gift wrapping room.