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NOTICE: What Happened, How It Was Resolved and Moving Forward


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  1. I'd love a map of current Days...
  2. I think it just had to do with their infatuation with James E. Reilly. Plus, Spelling himself wasn't a patient man going by his prime time record - Models, Inc had three retoolings within one season; Dynasty (post-season 5) and Melrose Place (post-season 3) had several "save the show" type of reboots, sometimes twice per season and so on. He sometimes got it right, but a lot of the times his impatience led to unnecessary changes...
  3. The issue is that they kept changing it over and over again and the audience that liked the show to begin with tuned out - if they had left it alone for a bit it might've been able to have viewers find it to begin with. Say what you will about Passions, but it seems like they mostly left it alone for the first few years and let it do its own thing, which partially paid off when it grew a bit in the ratings during 2002-03. Of course, that was temporary (and JER obviously went off the deep end towards the end of his life), but we've never really had a soap grow since then.
  4. I'll admit that "Titmuss" is a hot last name.
  5. I don't think he personally got her fired, but I suspect that "focus groups" reacted negatively to their storyline and since they couldn't actually fix the actual problem (ie fire Randy) they put the blame on Adrienne Frantz. I suspect they wanted a love triangle where neither Leo or Sean were the "bad guys" and actually having Emily conflicted when it was finally unveiled that Amy had schemed to break them up in the first place, but I suspect they knew that Randy would lose that one with the viewers so instead they opted to focus on having two really bad guys (Amy + her sidekick) and ditched Leo all-together.
  6. He literally had no storylines and was only there to prop up the younger set / add to the Deschanels. I've kind of wondered that if the main problem with the youth set was that the focus groups kept pointing it out as a problem, except they wouldn't fix the actual problem (ie fire Randy Spelling) and kept trying to reconfigure it around him, which led to Adrienne Frantz being blamed / fired, Leo appearing and doing nothing etc.
  7. I mean, SuBe was pretty much concieved to be a 90s Aaron Spelling prime time soap, but in the daytime. Once it didn't take off in the first nine months they desperately tried to make it more traditional soap opera, including ditching characters, trying to introduce more family elements, dropping the glorious Tim Truman theme song, making production values more in line with "traditional" soaps and then bringing in James E. Reilly as a consultant. Personally, I preferred the show before they tried to "daytime soap"-ify it.
  8. I suspect Jeff will make Alexis Carrington Alexis Colby, if you know what I mean. Then he dies, making Alexis rich and a widow (I guess poison paint might be deadly?).
  9. Even in the late 70s she looked very much like "mama Walsh".
  10. The guess who's coming home teaser is so good too. Just a shame it's wasted on this project.
  11. As said above, this is just Jussie's lawyers leaking things in hope to muddy the waters - it doesn't refute that it was staged. It doesn't even explain any other reason why these brothers would attack him or why Jussie wouldn't have recognized them as his attackers; one of them is apparently the stand-in for his love interest on the show...
  12. Ooof, considering HBO's documentary about MJ will Quincy comment on that?
  13. Charity Rahmer, snatching wigs 15 years later *_*
  14. It was just a one-off scene. It was never ever brought up again; you'd think when Hattie appeared they might've used it but nope. It's probably one of those they all like to forget happened.
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