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  1. Charmed: Reboot

    In all honesty - that write up just sounds like it's gone through some Tumblr/Social Justice Warrior filter of popular buzz words and makes it sound awful as a result. I actually would've preferred the story set in 1976 tbh, but I guess they want to avoid that extra cost to try and make it appear as 42 years ago.
  2. Surprisingly, the Melrose Place set seemed to have very little toxic behavior going on. Which is surprising since you have Heather Locklear as the eternal guest star (and presumably, always the highest paid cast member) and then there was the fact that the cast dated each other, so there was plenty of room for conflicts. The worst thing I've heard is that is that Heather had issues with Antonio Sabato Jr, which is why Jack presumably went flying and a brother Bobby was quickly invented.
  3. Didn't they just pretend that she was actually living in the main house just off screen? I guess Jennie Garth just got too expensive for the CW budget.
  4. We don't know how long he was on those shows either though? He might've viewed the earlier as short guest roles while Stefano was his first major role in daytime. Or something.
  5. DAYS: January 2018 Discussion Thread

    I really enjoy nuCiara. She's good and her lashing out at that drunk addicted bitch Jennifer was fun. I hope she throws chick-a-fil in her face!
  6. Nope, it was never followed up on and just weirdly dropped.
  7. Days of Our Lives General Discussion

    I think this is a good thread since many of us do not follow the day-to-day action but aren't allergic to spoilers... Anyway, the show is honestly more exciting now that Ron's in charge. "Better"? Well, that's subjective. The doppelganger storyline is still silly and another "from the dead" reveal? But whatever gets younger mens shirts off I guess, ey Ron?
  8. Dynasty Discussion Thread

    Linda had a crush on John when she did a guest spot on Bachelor Father in 1960; it's hard to imagine that John didn't feel flattered. I believe she was very happy when he replaced George Peppard (who apparently wasn't all that pleasant) in the pilot.
  9. DAYS: October 2017 Discussion Thread

    Excuse me?! Take that back or I'll have Tina bring me the axe...
  10. Another DAYS return

    Well, Massey pretty much let the cat out of the bag when he said that they re-filmed Wills death scene.
  11. Soap Opera Pet Peeves

    This became so ridiculous on Dynasty - characters could just waltz in whereever they wanted, whenever they wanted. It became especially ridiculous with Alexis' penthouse as you'd assume that there'd be a doorman and restriced access. It wasn't like they could just climb into a window...
  12. I don't think they'll drastically age Allie and Johnny based on the fact that it would make Sami older. They sort of just let Will grow up and never made drastic jumps in his age, so they might make that the case for Allie and Johnny too.
  13. Dynasty Discussion Thread

    It's silly that even at that point they felt the need to have a Krystle/Alexis duke out - and this was in season three! I guess at least it was not as bad as the reunion where they fought over a [!@#$%^&*] brooch.

    Abby *sort of* tried to push him towards being a better and more successful person. Then he went and screwed it up - as usual. But their relationship is like the Amanda / Jake relationship on Melrose Place - why would such a smart person go after a loser?