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  1. Just two dudes doing manly things in nature, I'm sure.
  2. Jacob Young would be way too old for Will, though that's never stopped them before...
  3. Y I K E S: https://tvline.com/2020/04/01/empire-finale-season-6-episode-18-last-episode/ I know it's all business, but man that's cold of Fox not to let them film the proper series finale. They could've easily just have them film those two episodes later and have it air as a two hour special.
  4. I agree - it's one thing when prime time shows does this because they have 22 episodes (or less these days!) per season, but soaps have what? 250-ish episodes to fill with content. Them doing an occasional stand alone episode isn't a big deal. If anything, like you said, soaps could play more with structure without disturbing the overall balance of the show - prime time doesn't have that luxury.
  5. I honestly don't mind an occasional stand-alone episode like this - it's not like they don't have airtime to fill and it's a "fun" way to do something unorthodox.
  6. TvLine has posted some ratings for week of March 23rd: https://tvline.com/2020/03/31/soaps-ratings-daytime-quarantine-y-and-r/ Looks like Y&R will be back at number #1 with 4.21 million viewers, B&B with 3.66m, GH 2.57m and DAYS at 2.24m.
  7. Surprised they didn't just make this scene in slow-mo the entire spring promo.
  8. So, Daniel and Leo returning is just an April fools' joke?
  9. Once upon a time "back from the dead" stories weren't so outlandish, they were based upon women's men going to war, being declared dead in battle and then returning due to them being declared MIA or just being misidentified. I've told this before, but my grandfather was declared MIA/dead for two years during WWII. I can only imagine how common this was back in the day. Later day soaps started messing with this concept though with people being seen as dying on screen and then returning back due to supernatural reasons. Hello Days of our Lives!
  10. Eh, how big is it? That is the question I need answered if I want to see Daniel in any shape or form.
  11. If you compare the revamp of CPW to other 90s prime time soaps then it's not too bad, however, when you compare its former self then it's highly disappointing especially when you see how they're wasting/writing out almost all of the younger cast. The Darren Star created Central Park West was sleek, sexy and cool, while the Marchetta-led CPW was reheated Dynasty scripts adjusted slightly for the 90s. Carrie blowing cigarette smoke on Stephanie's warderobe while being given a tour of her apartment is still one of my favourite bitchy things to do. Some of these days I must take up smoking in order to do so if I ever get an invitation to my favourite enemies apartment. If it's true that the Linda / Allen's "divorce trial of the century" was going to be the umbrella story in part II of the original season then I feel we were robbed.
  12. Devestating. I assume not enough abs were seen in the scene.
  13. Wait, like the plague as in black death?
  14. They've only said he's got some "personal issues" he's sorting out. I assume that either it's something really bad or he's at odds with the producers and might still be supporting Jussie. I guess we'll see if he's back for the series finale whenever it gets filmed.
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