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  1. To be fair, Ron isn't DAYS biggest problem at this point - it's the non-existent budget and insane shooting schedule. Unless they fix those problems, no headwriter is ever going to thrive under that enviroment. They might as well keep him until the end.
  2. I miss when Freddie Smith was "fat" by soap standards. RIP Sonny Bear.
  3. Oh, I don't know, just use old stock footage of the podtwins "crashing" to earth, the tiger attacking Tony, a guillotine falling down, some close up shots of Matt Ashford screaming "noooooooooooooo" and then have a burnt dummy head roll to Jennifer's feet while she screams as the screen goes black. (all of this of course happens in the Horton Town Square or maybe at the park bench)
  4. The only way for them to make death shocking again would be for them to stay away from it all together for the next five or so years (if they're still on the air at that point), unless we're talking about veterans passing away from natural causes. Just have people leave town, either on good or bad terms, but don't have them die for a long long period. They've not only undone death, they've undone deaths that happened on screen. I swear they will have Jack die from a meteor crashing on him, him crawling out of the fire pit and getting attacked an mauled by a tiger (while still on fire) before accidentally landing in a guillotine and getting his head chopped off. Then you have Jennifer walking around with said fire burnt, tiger-mauled chopped off head around Salem for three months before Jack turns up alive again.
  5. This is Days. No one believes Will is dying, or even if he was he'd be back within three months. As other people said, if they were going to pull this trainwreck of a storyline they could've at least made it enjoyable.
  6. I don't hate the Rita storyline either, but from people I've talked to who watched it way back then, it's worth remembering this was dragged out for three or so months on the show (and it's worth remembering that this plot was supposed to last all season in the original bible!). So yeah... it probably got frustrating for those viewers - as someone who watched the show in reruns on weekdays, it was rather exciting if ridiculous!
  7. I love the picture of Meg with her laptop on the beach. This was pre-wifi and internet everywhere! I agree it was dumb to drop them, but I assume they wanted to bring in Meg's parents and needed to clear the canvas, hence Elaine and Paula gone.
  8. Shannen was added to the cast after Luke Perry died, so I imagine they re-wrote it quite a bit. I think they start filming next week.
  9. People coming back from the dead and there rarely, if ever, being any real life consequences such as life insurances, bills, and so on....
  10. Well, that was a season finale and a half - they actually did a wedding massacre, though unlike Dynasty's infamous Moldavia cliffhanger this one will likely have repercussions to it. Then you have Star's baby kidnapped, I'm assuming by Noah's crazy mama. Too bad it looks like it's likely cancelled even though ratings aren't bad thanks to "New Fox". I hope BET or someone saves it if it is.
  11. If Cookie had actually gone with Lucious on that plane it would've been a decent series finale (André finally getting to be a father / Hakeem hasn't really had a plot for a while now / Jamal happy / Becky and Giselle would have their own company / Cookie and Lucious would be together, albeit "on the run"). I wonder if they shot an alternative ending where she did.
  12. I can only imagine that they've sped up to go entirely dark during the summer. I wouldn't be surprised if they got 2-3 months off.
  13. It looks so awfully trashy, but it's summer and why not? I'll watch it.
  14. Yup - while it sucks that soaps, DAYS in particular, has no budget these days, they really need to stop trying to pull off plots that takes any budget. Hell, they can't even afford to hire extras to make Jack's ridiculous mayoral rallies believable at this point, so why even trying (not saying that they should've even attempted that particular storyline but still...). Soaps did after all originate from radio to begin with and even today some of those are still running.
  15. Honestly, if he'd just done what Felicity Huffman did and just accepted responsibility this entire thing might've blown over for him by now (and unlike Huffman he likely would've just settled for a fine + a laughably short community service, which seems to be what he unofficially more or less did), especially with everyone focusing on Lori Loughlin and the college scandal. While I'm sure Huffman is like many others who've been caught doing a crime more sorry she got caught, her statement was concise, classy and to the point and should be used as an example in the future for celebrities getting caught. Him dragging this on has just made me outright dislike him and just makes me try to skip his scenes.
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