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  1. Sounds like it'll probably be the same deal as NBCs app, though them making old episodes available would be amazing.
  2. I agree and it was pretty clear that when they only ordered six episodes instead of the 13 proposed. I guess if the ratings had remained high during the six episode run they might've done another season, but it's obvious Fox never saw this running for several seasons especially considering how quick other reboots have burnt out ratingswise. In all honesty, a six episode revisit with the old 90210 characters would've worked better. Just a quick dip into their lives 20 years after it ended. Clearly the metaversion was meant to run for multiple seasons, so it just seems like a lot of different wills at work.
  3. LOL, well, I guess the guesses about this being Jan's coma dream were sort of right - the deaths were a part of a story Jan's been reading to a kidnapped (and shirtless, because of course) Shawn.
  4. This is exactly it. They obviously can't have them act like gay men with actual libidos in fear of offending the Gladys and Eleanors out there. Which is fine really, but why even have them in triangles if they're not going to go *there*? Just have them be heavily supporting players in other people's storylines if they're just going to be your average homely soap gay. If Will and Sonny actually had a developed work life they could mine storylines from there too. As I said, I could've seen Will ending up being something like a social worker (shades of Matt from Melrose Place) because he wants to help people due to his mother being an ungodly mess while growing up (motivation!). Like Matt he could've even worked at the hospital and could've even crossed paths with people at the police station.
  5. I think this is an issue for soaps overall - ill-defined characters. They just don't have any personalities of their own - a well-defined character can run storylines for decades, but I guess a blob of a character can be used to fill out voids in any storylines. Like what are these people's motivations? What do they want? What drives them to do these things? Soaps can be outlandish, but basing it in basic human behavior is important and you can't do that if all you have if walking ill-defined meatblobs on cast.
  6. You know having watched Will being born (!) on this show - delayed by four years of course (thanks European television!) - it strikes me that out of all the ways I could see him go, bland just wasn't one of them? I mean, maybe a proper Hellion like Sami would've been too obvious. Maybe the path of a Moral Center a la his Aunt Carrie was one too. Maybe Will should've been a Mr Fix-It-All because of all the messes his mother made growing up which makes him inclined to fix things, plus that would've tied into his Grandmother Marlena too - it would've given him a path in life, maybe not a psychiatrist but as a social worker who could refer people to someone who might be his Grandmother or her lookalike. Speaking of which - what exactly does most of the people in Salem do? Like, what are their profession? Does Will even have one? Sonny runs around in an ill-fitting suit and Evan is a manny (?!)...
  7. Grandmas who need to discover Pornhub then, basically.
  8. It's like an old car - yes, you can change a part every now and then and it'll run a bit smoother for a bit, but the truth is that the entire machinery is rusted and nothing is ever going to really change until you gut it entirely. But is it worth the cost? Ron isn't great by any means, but at least he allows me to dip in and out every now and again and enjoy "events". Obviously he sucks at long-term but who can plan long-term under these conditions?
  9. More importantly - who thinks this makes for a good redemption arc? Like, if anything Ben SHOULD realistically make everyone uneasy. They shouldn't be propping him up constantly.
  10. I genuinely don't mind Ron running Days until further notice - why? Because the fundamental problems with the shows production will still exist with or without him. There's still the issue of airing eight months ahead and getting no audience feedback on what works and what doesn't work, obvious budget issues and of course Corday himself hovering over the show, stifling any headwriter with "Plan to Save Days Pt 39249". And yes, Ron isn't great, but overall anyone stepping into his shoes will have above problems so it really doesn't matter who's writing this show.
  11. Yeah, I actually complimented them for doing such a smart pairing for the benefit of both characters - Kristen obviously can't be mental 24/7 and Lani can't be a boring doormat. They complimented each other, yet they have Kristen just go bonkers again once back in Salem? Maybe it's just a temporary thing, but I doubt it.
  12. I saw someone suggesting that it's actually Bonnie's book that's being "told", though it would be rather bisarre for Bonnie to kill off her own daughter in a book, lol. Either way, considering how they've killed characters left and right it's pretty much a tell that this isn't real. I very much doubt they'd kill off people like Chloe, Philip, Belle or even Mimi outside the main show.
  13. It was a bit silly, but I did appreciate Lani bringing her back down to earth a bit.
  14. I do like that Ron has made a tradition out of having a NYE party with a "shocking" guest crashing it - yes, it's predictable, but fun. Plus sometimes soaps thrive on being somewhat predictable.
  15. Honestly though, it just pisses me off even more that they bothered to recast - if they have to film so far ahead, why not at least use that to their advantage and just delay filming of those scenes until Louise Sorel was available? It's not like the episodes had to be rushed to air.
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