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  1. Rude. Samantha wasn't crazy, she was just merely creative, unlike her boring twin Marlena.
  2. Honestly, I don't think there's one individual on the canvas that could get Sami quite as unhinged as Marlena could. Imagine MarDevil throwing it in her face that she prefers Cassie over her? I'm sure Sami would take that as a rational adult.
  3. Honestly, one of the funniest quirks about Sami has always been how much she craves validation from Marlena, despite her trashing that board humping table skank on occasion. So I'd love for MarDevil to start listing her favorite daughters in front of Sami - there's Carrie, there's Belle... maybe there's also Cassie which she might or might not have mothered. Notice a trend of how favorite daughters tend to end with "e"s?
  4. Of course Marlena fans would try to accuse Sami of being the main perptrator here and not the fact that Marlena is Salem's Worst Psychiatrist (closely followed by Laura Horton circa 1979). When will Sami get her due?
  5. To be fair, most of us are weary of revisiting this but like/accept it because it gives Bill Hayes a front-burner storyline. I just realised Will is the result of Satan. Sami has SO much to blame Marlena for.
  6. MarDevil will be the main scriptwriter for Never Say Never: The Sami Brady Story. Also, Sami would these DAYS claim that it was just her SLUT of a mother trying to ruin her life and fabulous life decisions who told her to go after Austin. Nasty board table humping skank Marlena!!!
  7. Now give him a break - he actually has another board where the drama is truly happening. And it's truly busy busy busy! It's totally busy and everyone is talking about, errr, us.
  8. Considering they've mentioned Melaswen and now that Sarah's on a remote island makes me wonder if they'll attempt to tie the Possession 2.0 into it.
  9. To be fair, I think Sami's reaction to Never Say Never: The Sami Brady Story will be worth it once she gets back from her kidnapping.
  10. Yeah, I mean, I get it - he's only human and while recasts happen all the time on soaps it's not like feelings are always logical. I'd probably feel pretty "hurt" (or whatever too) - I'd never ever show it though, especially if I had said that I was done with DAYS and acting in general.
  11. I assume to get a decent quality Zoom they'd pretty much have to film them separately and green screen it onto the computer, so they probably didn't even act "together".
  12. It's funny how the basic premise of this show mirrors the suggested spin-off for Peyton Place at the time - break out character Betty left for New York after her failed marriage to Rodney and that was supposed to be the show. Of course, it ended up playing out on screen on Peyton Place and Betty returning to the small city, but it makes you wonder if the writers for Our Private World heard about it and decided to take it for themselves. Then again, it's not exactly the most original concept lol
  13. Seems like it was a tv-movie about having a down's syndrome baby. It won a "Outstanding Individual Achievement in Religious Programming" at the Daytime Emmy's in 1978, so take of that from what you will.
  14. I'm not really sure why he'd think that makes him look good - those are his old co-workers after all on that show. You'd think he'd be a bit more gracious about it, but he and his wife kind of comes off as a toxic twosome unfortunately. I tend to think he was asked, but he probably assumed that this was going to be another Chabby in Paris / Last Blast thing on the DAYS app, so seeing it actually blow up must be a bit of a "oh [!@#$%^&*]" moment for him. He probably just thought he wasn't missing much, plus seeing his recast get such a great reception after nine years in the role has got to sting a bit. As others had said, he probably thought whoever stepped into the role was going to get Guy Wilson'd.
  15. I don't get the impression it was considered "bad" as much as "bland".
  16. You know, the best part of this is Dee's "Like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives" - she just sounds legitimately excited and honoured to do it lol.
  17. I'll give her credit because it looks like she's as over "Cin" as we all are here.
  18. The episodes with Nicole and Eric's anniversary going boom (aka soapy goodness) are airing here and then there's this slow descent into absolute Ciara / Ben hell... maybe this is what triggered the Devil to come back?
  19. That's why the devil will make the souls of John and Marlena go into Ben and Ciara and they'll be the ones who beat the devil. WATCH THIS SPACE
  20. I suddenly had this horrid vision of them turning Ben into a priest and saving the day.
  21. Coverage by Entertainment Weekly: https://ew.com/tv/days-of-our-lives-binging-back-possession-storyline/?utm_campaign=entertainmentweekly_entertainmentweekly&utm_content=new&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_term=613f77e08673f2000160b536 Twitter thread:
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