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  1. I don’t know why some are so surprised that Chandler Massey ain’t taking any of this seriously. He did the same thing for at least a year before he was cut loose the first time and he’s even more insufferably smug and just plain bad now that he was actually asked back. Christopher Sean was able to throw some illusion over CM’s complete lack of effort, but he’s not around anymore. As lackluster as the writing for the gay couple is, the only actor involved willing to go for broke is the “villain” of the piece. The writing, as bad as it is, is NOT the biggest problem here.
  2. Ugh at the idea that GH, which has been a hollowed-out shell of its former glory for at least ten years, will surpass Guiding Light (which in my opinion never sunk as low as GH has sunk for the last decade at least) as longest running on television. Makes me queasy to even think about it for too long.
  3. This hurts. That’s all I can say.
  4. *SQUEE!!!* I'm not on that cesspit Twitter anymore, can someone do me a favor and send some love this post's way for me?
  5. I "knew" about Bernau and Crothers, but Gentry too? Damn, I never would have guessed that one. And I'm guessing Datalounge was right about Paul Stevens? I've found that I can't help thinking his performance as Brian Bancroft has a kindness to it that had to have come from the actor himself. I hope they all found fulfillment and happiness during the time they lived. I know this is a very naive statement, but it just seems such a waste of who they were that they felt they couldn't be who they were (and not without reason at the time). I stand corrected there. Like I said, I have no idea why I even started wondering about him. Maybe it was Michael Hudson I was getting vibes from? If so, I'll be the first one to stand up and point and laugh at myself.
  6. And now I'm reminded why I relied on clips and summaries after Eric got screwed by being responsible for Egg Baby's death and before Jack's return. 😟😒😠👎
  7. I have no problem admitting that Jack's return is the reason I'm watching full episodes again, rather than just trying to catch either clips of the characters I care about or being satisfied with summaries or comments on here. Quite frankly, given the way the scene was going, I really was expecting Jack to admit that he'd turned Chad's money down and then showed up for dinner anyway, but I don't mind that my expectation wasn't the case. Given that Eve's been whispering in his ear for weeks (at least), why would someone who had no first-hand memories of these people want to spend time with them? Not even taking into account how Abby and (eventually) JJ championed Dr. Tan-Man-Retconned-Egg-Baby-Could-Do-No-Wrong-Served_As-A-Reason-To_EscortHot-AssGregVaughan-Off-This-Show-RAGEBLACKOUT-Nicole and Eric-BLACKOUT- I'm just happy that Jack isn't actively fighting against or hostile to these strangers who are claiming to be his family. He's not giving them any false hope, but he accepts certain things and he wants to know what he's missing and what he's missed since he's been gone. I hesitate to give Ron credit this early (I'm still burned from what he ultimately did to AJ), but so far he is nailing Jack's return from the dead with amnesia without making anyone look like a complete asshat in the process. I was pleasantly surprised to see that maybe they're not making this custody battle over Nicole's daughter into one of these year-long stories. Move everyone along, no one's interested in a custody battle at this point anyway. I'm not at all interested in Eve and her agenda, but I have to give Kassie DePaiva credit here. The scene with her alone looking at the contract made me wonder just for a split second if she might just decide to give up her vendetta against Jennifer and opt for a fabulous life in Paris, and on the disgusting Dimeras' dime at that. I really haven't been impacted, at all, by this incarnation of Eve until now, but those few seconds made me root for her to just let it go and go live a great life. I'm wondering what the writers are going for with Haley. It's not IMPOSSIBLE for an undocumented immigrant with a clean record while here to apply for a good number of things to keep her here if she continues to keep her nose clean while she's here. Get politics the fudge out of here, it's not a good look for you, Days. And if Trask is a DA while being undocumented, well... Even the US government and its endless employees isn't that incompetent... OR ARE THEY?? Is that the question? I'm glad Jack brought me back. This show is fun, while the rest seem to be just desperate at this point. I was going to say the same thing about Missy Reeves, but I decided it seemed like I wasn't happy with her beforehand (which is not true). Thanks for saying it for me! Matt Ashford is a treasure. Maybe this is the stint Ken Corday realizes it?
  8. I remember seeing on Datalounge that Paul Stevens might have been/probably was. I don't usually ponder this kind of thing too much, but in watching some of the late '80s Another World episodes available on YT, I ponder about Kale Browne sometimes. Based on absolutely nothing other than something I just can't put my finger on.
  9. I'm trying to not get emotionally involved in this whole Jack return (I'm still bitter over what RC did to AJ Quartermaine after such a great start, plus this show's history with refusing to see the value of Matt Ashford and Jack Deveraux), but I can't help it. I'm loving it!
  10. The Five Faces of Alice, the set that was referred to in the post I was quoting. The clip featuring Wesley Pfening was not from her time as Alice and I wanted to point out that there is a small sample of her work as Alice.
  11. There’s a 1979 (April 11, 1979 to be exact) episode on YouTube, probably uploaded after the Five Faces set, that features Wesley Pfening as Alice, taking place after Sally had run away from boarding school. Also features Michael and Marianne, Rachel, Brian, Ada, Liz, Mac, Rose Perrini, and a few others. I really wish there was more available from that era. Brian seemed like he evolved into a hell of a good catch from his introduction through 1980. I really don’t understand how he didn’t seem to have a good pairing after Iris. I have to shake my head at Mac and Rachel in this period. From what I’ve seen, they spent a lot of time acting like two teenagers obsessed with having their own way with each other, despite all the trouble it had already caused between them.
  12. katie_9918

    Doctor Who

    Moffat may have gone off the rails in his last two seasons (and some might say even before that with some justification) but after having seen most of this season, I’m now glad Capaldi didn’t stick around for Chibnall’s boring mess. I think this cast, especially JW, deserved a lot better. Unfortunately, Chibnall’s going to get a bigger curve than he deserves due to the first female Doctor. He’d better hope fans don’t rewatch this season too many times, because I feel his shortcomings, and the shortcomings of this season (almost none of which have to do with the cast) will be exposed pretty quickly on rewatch.
  13. Unpopular opinion maybe, but I’d rather have Kiki than Ava and I’ll miss her. Ava’s “grief” rings pretty hollow considering how horrible her behavior to Kiki was and her hypocrisy in forgetting that she was the one who showed Kiki nothing was sacred while she was screwing Morgan behind Kiki’s back. Any chance both Ava and Julian can be next on Ryan’s hit list?
  14. I’ve never felt anything but indifference or antipathy for Ava, but then I’ve never liked MW as an actress. Her character (and the screen time she ate) was the reason I could never fully get into ATWT by the time I was old enough to watch or follow soaps other than the one I was brought up on. And she was just as responsible for AJ’s death as the slime ball who pulled the trigger. No going back from that for me.
  15. The only thing I’ve heard rumored about Paul Rauch is from when Maeve Kincaid committed the unspeakable offense of letting her hair gray naturally. This from an EP who kept an aging (yet fantastic) Douglass Watson front and center on Another World after green lighting breaking up Mac and Rachel only to immediately move him on to someone in Rachel’s age range rather than his own. Rauch was a jerk and an idiot, especially in his refusal to evolve along with the rest of us, but was he guilty of any actual wrongdoing other than a lot of questionable decisions that hurt shows? I’m asking because I honestly don’t know and hope to be informed, because I HATED what this idiot did to GL. But destroying my favorite show does not mean he deserves to be swiped with the me too hashtag.
  16. Ouch! My heart breaks with all the Bill hate! No, I’m kidding. There are a lot of great points being brought up regarding Bill Bauer and his many weaknesses. But I think if Bill and Bert would have ever had some kind of real sitdown or even blow-up fight between 1977 and that awful story in 1983, it might turn out that Bill might have some major things to forgive. Even by today’s standards, Bert Bauer was not a good wife to Bill. She constantly spent money they didn’t have, she nagged at him, she belittled him both to his face and behind his back to his own family, and she made his life as much of a living hell as he made hers. That’s what I would have found so fascinating if only Bill would have been written to stay in Springfield after his resurrection, especially after having spent well over a decade with a woman who seemed to be completely unlike Bert. I would have found it very interesting to watch Bill reintegrate and get to know the warmer, more sympathetic, wiser, and more wonderful Bert who was only starting to emerge around the time Bill disappeared. I remember a line Sean Kanan’s AJ practically snarled at Carly a few years back in General Hospital. “Why couldn’t you have built me up instead of constantly pushing me down?” Bert kept Bill on the ground a lot during their early days, and according to what I’ve read, Bill responded almost immediately and very favorably when she finally started showing him some affection. It wasn’t enough to get him off the alcohol right away, but there were other reasons at the time that Bill was hitting the sauce like there was no tomorrow. Guiding Light was so good at exposing uncomfortable truths, especially at the time, and I think it would have been wild for a completely different (and better) Bert and a completely different (and better) Bill confront the fact that, whatever the hardships and however they remain tied together by their family, they became their best selves once they weren’t shackled together anymore. And think of the shockwaves that would have gone through that Springfield if Bert and Bill did file for divorce, but Bill stayed in town and they wound up making peace and becoming good friends as Bill re-entered.
  17. Comparing an ahole like Roseanne to a monster like Kevin Spacey is apples and oranges, in my opinion. That said, I think it’d be hilarious to get Plummer in a cameo as the doctor breaking the news to Dan and family that Roseanne didn’t make it through her knee surgery due to complications.
  18. I was just watching the episode when John died and I have a question. Were John and Pat becoming close again leading up to his death? It looks as if (from the AWHP, anyway) they both had horrendously bad luck with romantic involvements that weren’t each other. I wish there was more footage of John available. By the time he died, he seemed like a pretty great guy, from what little I’ve seen of him anyway.
  19. Finally, Greg Vaughan gets an Emmy. Now when is Sharon Case’s turn?
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