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  1. I've come up with a number of fairly notable ones, that iMDB says never acted in another soap... Michael Nader - AMC(if we're only counting daytime; he was obviously on Dynasty) Cameron Mathison - AMC Sarah Michelle Geller - AMC Colin Eggsfield - AMC Trevor St. John - OLTL Renee Elise Goldsberry - OLTL Michael Storm - OLTL Clint Ritchie - OLTL Phil Carey - OLTL Thom Christopher - OLTL Jonathan Jackson - GH
  2. These are some outside-the-box examples, and they happen to fall in the same family orbit on AMC, but... Zach has a child, Ian, with Kendall, and he was also the sperm donor for Bianca's second child, Gabrielle. Bianca has said daughter with Zach, and she also has Miranda, with Zach's brother, Michael Cambias, although I don't know if anyone wants to count that in light how she was conceived. Also, I don't know if we're only looking for biological connections here, but Trevor was Tim's adoptive father with Natalie, and Amanda's biological father with Janet.
  3. Does anyone else agree that Dixie's 2005-07 return was pretty much botched from beginning to end? I don't just mean it how it ended(everybody hated the pancakes), but the whole thing. First, the whole Di story preceded it for the better part of a year. Someone in here a while back said they weren't sure if Di was always supposed to be lying about being Dixie or if the writers just changed their minds because no one was buying it, and I think that's a fair question. Then Cady first appears again around Christmas 2005 in a bizarre scene with Di in Paris where Di updates
  4. Yeah, I've been watching those "Wildwind Chronicles" YT clips as well, and I noticed the same thing while watching the 2002/03 Maria return storyline - that it felt a lot different than the show would by as early as late 2003 when the Bianca/Babe baby switch started. In hindsight, 2002/03 was a time of transition. These Maria/Edmund/Brooke clips feel like 90s AMC, but at the same time, on the periphery, there are characters like Kendall, Ryan, Zach, Aidan, etc, some of whom would become cornerstone characters of the show's last decade, early-ish in their runs. By 2004,
  5. I'll disagree with this. I thought Marston had much more presence than Stack. Also, that scene when Michael has to identify his brother John's body with Bo after John's "death", and Michael just breaks down sobbing in Bo's arms, has stayed with me ever since.
  6. Recasts are hard, but an unavoidable part of soap operas. It's never easy for an actor to step into a role that the preceding actor made a big impact in and was closely identified with. It can take a while for audiences to accept a new face in a role(hence the "nu" prefix). In some cases, audiences never stop missing the departed actor. More often than not, they just have to live with it. Sometimes, the recast eventually ends up being accepted and loved in their own right. But sometimes, audiences get their wish and, whether it's a short while later or a long while later, the role is "un
  7. Kendall(Alicia Minshew) and Bianca(Eden Reigel), AMC I always loved their relationship. A lot of soap sibling relationships are complex, with both parties hurting each other and what not, but some are just really solid, loving relationships, and this is one of those. I just think it's an interesting dynamic between them. One of Kendall's core characteristics is that she doesn't trust easily, and thus doesn't let people 'in' easily, whereas Bianca was one of the most open-hearted characters on the show. Kendall had to fight her way into being accepted by Erica, wherea
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