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  1. I think all of the younger actors are well cast at least. Loren Lott is a find and if they were smart they'd make her the center of the younger crowd (so of course they won't), Kyle, Fen, Summer (!) and even Abby are all good to competent and if they had better stories they could really soar. Mia, Lola, Rey and Arturo are decent actors in stories that absolutely cannot be salvaged. Cut your losses, show.
  2. Sounds like someone on the writing team is a Diahann Carroll fan.
  3. Real disgusting how she's putting the marginalization of Neil on KSJ's personal problems when soaps have a long history of minimizing minorities and veteran actors.
  4. When she first finds him at the beginning of the ep? I don't think it's a classic cue but it does sound very 70s. I liked it.
  5. You take more care for the history of this show than the people making the show. It's truly incredible.
  6. I don't know who this Trina girl is but I like her. Did the child paying Josslyn get her lips done? What a world. Those scenes still suck BUT the music is a marked improvement. I especially like the cues you used just as Josslyn and that kid kissed and when we came back from to them kissing and her pulling away. And OF COURSE the classic cue you used as they were deciding whether or not to have sex.
  7. The only problems with that scene was the production. The directing, set design and music is just...sigh. Valentini needs to go.
  8. He was in on it too. I'm not sure why he hasn't been indicted. The transcripts make it pretty clear that he knew what was going on.
  9. I've always thought JMW was perfectly cast as Ronn Moss and Hunter Tylo's daughter. Ian Thornhart not so much.
  10. The picture of Ana and Devon looks like a candid set photo only Loren Lott was prepared for.
  11. How boring is this show that all you guys can talk about is how fat Freddie Smith is? Y&R is a dumpster fire but you don't see me constantly mentioning how haggard Amelia Heinle looks.
  12. I'm sure that's what the show/her agents told her to soften the blow.
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