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  1. My mind immediately went to Tad and Dixie. I was pretty young and in school but I vaguely recall someone pointing out that blood was dripping down Dixie's leg. They might have even shown it. The fact that we never got to see them experience a pregnancy and birth as a couple after all they went through is pretty sad.
  2. I was reading the SON article about Port Charles' debut 24 years ago and I suddenly remembered the controversy surrounding one of their openings where out of the entire cast Jamal was the only character with his name displayed all in lowercase. You had EVE, LUCY, IAN, LIVVIE, jamal, RAFE, ALLISON, etc. Does anyone remember that?
  3. What's with Alexis' montage at the end there not featuring any scenes with Sonny or Carly or Kristina or Helena or Stefan but a ton of Ned???
  4. Lmao nice to see another actor has passed Y&R's paperbag test.
  5. Good riddance. She's awful. I hope this is the last stop on her soap opera musical chairs go round.
  6. Crossing my fingers they live up to the promise of this. Marvel would have done a real one-two punch if they can pull this off after the success of WandaVision's exploration of grief and trauma.
  7. First, I find every comment you make interesting and informative. Please never leave. Secondly, did ever you watch Dark Shadows?
  8. Ending every sentence with an exclamation point does not make any of this sound exciting.
  9. Wow all of the acting (include Louise Sorrel's) is awful in the clip. And their son looks about as old as the two of them.
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