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  1. Darn

    Y&R November 2018 Discussion Thread

    I've only seen two clips of her but she reminds me a lot of a character you'd see on a UK soap. I got flashbacks of Kat Slater, between the way she was styled and how she interacted with everyone else. I don't mind it, this show is full of dull lifeless characters, so why not bring in someone to stir the pot?
  2. Darn

    B&B November 2018 Discussion Thread

    I wish there was a running tally of how many scenes they've filmed in the CBS parking lot.
  3. Darn

    Soap Stars - Where are they now?

    Vanessa Marcil Says Son Is 'Heartbroken Since Being Cut Out' of Dad Brian Austin Green's Life
  4. He’s Mary Tyler Moore’s grandson.
  5. Darn

    GH: Special Anniversary Episode

    How long has Sonny's hair looked this shoe-polishy? You gotta add some lowlights and highlights to add dimension, Mo.
  6. Darn

    Days: Promo

    Good lord our standards are so low.
  7. Did Fenmore ever have an actual story of his own while on the show? I wasn't watching.
  8. Darn

    Y&R Casting New Female

    It's amazing really. Let's see how long she lasts. Yes and she's honestly stunningly beautiful. Watching Y&R waste her will be a feast for the eyes at least.
  9. Darn

    GH: Special Anniversary Episode

    I was thinking "Damn that kid looks a lot like Benard" before I saw young Sonny is being played by his son. That's cool. The show has centered around Sonny for the last 15 years, this is just more of the same, whatever.
  10. Darn

    Days: New Role Cast

    She's gorgeous. Can't wait to not watch them not use her.
  11. Darn


    Why was she fired?
  12. Darn

    GH: November 2018 Discussion Thread

    Someone hates Sonny? Just make them his relative! They'll get over that deep searing hatred almost immediately!
  13. Darn

    Soap Stars - Where are they now?

    To piggyback on that, Doug Stamper's therapist this season is the same reporter that hounded Erica and Bianca about Bianca's sexuality before she came out.
  14. Darn

    Y&R November 2018 Discussion Thread

    I think a two-hander is fine. The show just has to be good. Sadly Gina Tognoni is the only actor on the show I could see carrying one half of a combustible two person hour. Peter Bergman? Barely. I don't want to watch Sharon Case do anything for an hour. Jason Thompson is human sominex. They just don't have the talent or writing or story to make an episode like that work.
  15. Darn

    AMC Tribute Thread

    It's stupid and Susan Lucci and SMG weren't even in the same timezone to shoot their "scene". In fact I'd bet money that Freddie Prinze Jr. shot her scenes on an iPhone and sent them to Gellman via Dropbox.