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  1. I'm pretty sure most viewers were just happy to have people they didn't hate onscreen. The Wildwind Chronicles youtube channel has been uploading a bunch of stuff from Maria's return and I'm surprised by how much I don't hate it. The story almost works in a bubble.
  2. It was for a brief period in 1972.
  3. No, this thread is not about children born to the wrong father. When I was a kid I thought the title of One Life to Live meant that no one on the show could come back from the dead. I thought All My Children was about Erica's kids. Clearly I was very young and very wrong. What did you get wrong about your show when you first started watching?
  4. Remove Amber and Deacon, they got a lot of good story and left when they were running out of gas. The others I agree with. It's wild to me that the show's premier couple don't have their only child together on canvas.
  5. I hate when characters sing...if the actor can only marginally sing and it makes no sense for the character to be a singer. Looking at you, Kassie DePaiva. I recently watched a scene of Evangeline singing Ain't No Other Way with Layla randomly. It's a weird scene because she does the whole song while walking around her apartment, Layla just sits there listening but it's not like Evangeline is singing for her, she's just wandering about singing. BUT it's REG singing so I won't even complain.
  6. That's interesting, you'd think they'd just continue as planned. I'm guessing they stretched out whatever the cliffhanger was meant to be as to not burn through story?
  7. I don't know if it's up to date but @ChickenNuggetz92's Vault has the episodes organized by year.
  8. It's so funny to read someone calling other people old and sad after they've spent paragraphs defending the former star of a dead genre and can vividly describe news and rumors from 30 years ago.
  9. It didn't happen nearly enough (I believe 4 or 5 times) but I always loved AMC's Crystal Ball. I think it used to occur in the winter and mostly it just gave everyone an excuse to dressed to the nines.
  10. It's 2020 and we're talking sex goddess Beth Ehlers. I'm actually tearing up laughing at this...oh man you guys kill me. Beth Ehlers has TWO stans! TWO! Who are arguing with NO BODY about a woman that hasn't worked in a decade! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  11. Thank you for that detailed summary @will81! Before I read your commentary at the end I was going to replying how much I didn't like any of that. Sounds petty and like they didn't have much story to tell for either John or Jill so they threw them into whatever that was.
  12. How and why did John and Jill remarry? How long did their second marriage last and why did they divorce this time?
  13. I started it and tried to listen for any discussion of B&B's return to production but I couldn't finish because 20 minutes of Michael Fairman being a sycophant to this hack is more than I can take.
  14. Maurice Benard calling someone else insecure...lol
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