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  1. YR: JT Reveal

    Wow! Wow. That is...dumb. So dumb. Super dumb. Cancel this show please.
  2. Wait a black couple has never been married on GH? What in Caucasian hell? Good for her though! I only know her as the best friend on Being Erica but if she can escape the cesspool that is General Hospital and soap operas more power to her.
  3. B&B July 2018 Discussion Thread

    The writing for Hope is insane. These people have never met a woman from the 21st century.
  4. Soap Stars - Where are they now?

    His in particular or all of them? I’m not Jamaican but I’m around the accent a lot and I thought his and Bushmaster’s were good. Anansi’s too. His wife not so much.
  5. Soap Stars - Where are they now?

    Meghann Fahy (Hannah, OLTL) is one of the leads on Freeform’s The Bold Type (its fantastic, watch it!) and she is quite good. Very charismatic. She’s also apparently dating Billy Magnussen (Casey, ATWT). Sean Ringgold (Shaun, OLTL) is again on this season of Luke Cage with a much more sizeable role an what looks like an even bigger part for next season. This next actor is also on this season of Luke Cage and I can’t believe I even spotted him considering I didn’t watch Guiding Light during any of his tenure but Kevin Mambo (Marcus) is one of the antagonists this season. He’s very good and his Jamaican accent is top notch. It’s funny that GL had two very successful black actors in the mid-90s in the form of Marcus and David Grant and squandered both. We see this repeated with the treatment of Mishael Morgan (and every other black actor on daytime) 20 years later.
  6. Best Soap Opera Opening

    The Loving theme song helped me learn how to spell loving. What are some of your favorite transitions from opening scenes to opening themes? This one from OLTL is pretty epic You can hear the theme music kick in around 1:03 Watchig these clips is making me realize how devoid of music current soaps are. Every scene now sounds like it was filmed ina cave.
  7. Y&R Character Returns

    t h i c c
  8. B&B: June Discussion Thread

    Thanks. I’m assuming she didn’t get an exit.
  9. B&B: June Discussion Thread

    I’d Reign Edwards still on this show? Just curious.
  10. Y&R actress out

    Of course she was. This show like all soap operas is deeply, unconscionably racist. VR and Dru only got as far as she did by having an advocate in Bill Bell along with bringing her own life experience and unique talent to the most humdrum repetitive nonsensical plots, and even then the Winters family never reached the heights or received the prefertial treatment of a Newman or Abbott or even a Baldwin. Because not only are the people behind these shows under the impression that the audience only wants to see white people front burner and fully multi-layered, the people behind these shows only want to see white people. They have decades of research to back up the fact that black people make up a significant portion of the (dwindling) viewing audience but refuse to cater to us the way they do to the vocal racists who get mad at things like Neil looking at any white woman on canvas. It’s disgusting that it’s gone on this long.
  11. Y&R actress out

    Maybe this is the moment black fans of Y&R will realize that they don’t care about us (it won’t be but let me get this out). Our viewership, loyalty and dollars only matter on a surface level. As in “We will only keep X number of biracial/light skinned actors on the show at a time in stories pushed to the margins in order to keep the complainers and our black viewers satiated.” They’ve been able to come up with a combined 100 some odd years of material for Victor and Jack and Nikki’s elderly asses but can’t give Hillary one decent story? Mishael Morgan has to carry the weight of making her character into a person on charisma alone? It’s ridiculous.
  12. Y&R actress out

    Let the poor woman spread her wings. Why does anyone even want her on a show where she’s underdeveloped and undervalued? She deserves better. I mean you all admit she hasn’t had one good story in 5 years.
  13. Good god that sounds stupid.
  14. Hahaha yes! There were so many kids on that show! Just little interchangeable blonde moppets. Maxie had another kid? What! Why? I don’t understand how they limit these characters so much by having them have a kid at like 20. There’s absolutely no reason Lily should have had TWINS at 21-22 or however old she was and now be mother of two teenagers. It’s just beyond dumb.
  15. I think they impregnate so many characters out of pure laziness. What will fill up nearly a years worth of material? Pregnancy! Add in a WTD and you have literally years worth of story! But it’s all inert because nothing actually happens. The creation of a human is not inherently character growth or substantially interesting. It can be, except when it’s a crutch. Which it often times is. I remember watching Guiding Light in the early 2000s and I swear Harley was pregnant every other year. I was so confused! Why was this woman constantly knocked up? Maybe I’m exaggerating but it just felt like a lot. Speaking of Harley, her daughter Susan left town at 16 and came back 6 years later at 16. How in the hell.