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  1. Chelsea just looks like she has a booger. What is this non-drama with Devon and whatsherface, does she even have a personality yet?
  2. Thanks! I'm surprised Jane Elliot returned.
  3. Did Tracy die? She looks like a ghost there. Why is she back?
  4. I like that they didn't have them fall into those archetypes. I'm a big fan of ride or die couples, especially when they don't "look" like they're supposed to be together. I think that's largely why they took off so well, it wasn't him just using her for her money, she was actively supporting him in being a scoundrel and he loved her for it. I've always thought it was a shame that Chloe became the focus too, she's super boring.
  5. I love how invested you guys still are in rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. Headwriters and EPs don't matter on these shows anymore really. They're just warm bodies making sure that CBS has an hour of programming to fill 5 days a week.
  6. I wish they wouldn't. The format just doesn't work for the tiny soap audience they have left. It's the rich tapestry of a continuing story that draws us in, not these self-contained non-stories. Bah!
  7. WHY is this interesting stuff that might get lapsed viewers to tune in not in the ACTUAL show? Are they testing out DOOL as a streaming program?
  8. Never stopped you before! Also I keep forgetting that guy's name isn't Burgess Meredith.
  9. No wonder they've cast this old man.
  10. Wow ugly AND a dumbass. Y&R is really hitting it out of the park with the casting lately. I wanna be mad for Loren but she's gotten to work with Ava DuVernay since being let go and seems to be living her best life.
  11. Chance now looks as old as someone who is supposed to be old enough to be his father. Fantastic!
  12. All these white guys they're casting look like the love interest in a Hallmark Christmas movie. Bland, unforgettable. Andie McDowell played his mother in a TV movie and they look the same age. Mess!
  13. Bryton James barely posts on social media at all. He seems like an extremely private person so I'm not surprised.
  14. This is RICH coming from you! I love it!
  15. Seeing Blake again in the 90s reminds me how badly cast I always thought Elizabeth Keifer were. I started watching the show years after she was on it and I refused to believe she was meant to be Holly's daughter. They looked the same age! And Maureen Garrett acted more youthful!
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