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  1. I'm so curious to see her recite dialogue that isn't repetitive trash (yes GH is not good but nothing compares to the schlock they had to say on Passions).
  2. I think that shot is actually in reverse, which is maybe why it looks so awkward. This promo is very cringey, Reva the sex goddess never worked for me.
  3. Good lord. This sounds so dull. These are young people deciding to end their first marriage! Let them be immature! Be nasty, say the wrong thing! My GOD. Why even call this show a freaking drama???
  4. "When is Micheal going to find out that Wally/Jonah is his son? That storyline drags out for so long. It's been there since fall 2018." Comments like this (and the people in charge listening to them) is why soaps are dying. You SHOULD want this story to go on for years!
  5. He's just one of those actors soaps keep hiring and I don't understand it! He's handsome and utterly unimpressive, aren't there millions of actors in LA looking for a break?
  6. I feel like a serial killer posting this but whatever, the show needs to start by culling the people below. Chloe, Kevin and Chelsea are DEAD END characters, let go of the GHOST.
  7. Does this align with the vibe of the show at all?
  8. Your post made me look up that show...it only aired twice? Yeesh how bad were the ratings? I can't find anything online.
  9. This dude playing Chance is too damn old.
  10. Yeah! And OLTL had Jessica and Starr (unfortunately), AMC had Dixie and Bianca. To say Lily was the last ingenue is just incorrect.
  11. I don't know about that, Y&R had a series of incredibly popular ingenues in Sharon, Mac, Lily and Colleen in the 90s and 2000s. All good girls in extremely popular pairings.
  12. Nazanin Boniadi (Leyla, GH) has been cast as a lead on Amazon's big budget Lord of the Rings prequel.
  13. Why do you keep posting this person's tweets? Is this you? I watched the clip of Laura (and I guess everyone else) finding out Nikolas is alive. Genie is so damn good. The shock, relief, shaking hands, the whole thing. It almost felt like when soap actors came to play. Marcy Rylan on the other hand is SO SO bad. Holy crap. Seeing her "act" alongside Genie Francis and this new guy playing Nikolas was really embarrassing for her. I didn't even like Julie Berman but this girl is so not Luke and Laura's daughter.
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