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  1. Aww I wish they could get Kim and Debbi too.
  2. The word is iconic, people. Not employed.
  3. No worries, I figured that's who you meant. And recreated flashbacks are lame I agree. Especially when we know how the actor looked during that time period. It takes you out of the story.
  4. Do you mean Brenda Dickson? I think showing the old actor can lead to the same confusion, a lot of "who is that?" amongst the audience. I'd avoid as best I could and try to make the story as compelling without the need for flashbacks. I'd rather write a soliloquy with an actor recapping what happened than to show a flashback with a different actor.
  5. Kim was on All My Children for a few episodes when Anna came back from the dead. She also did GH: Night Shift and (probably) Port Charles. Would those count?
  6. Vanessa Marcil was the first person to come to mind to me for some reason.
  7. Joining Y&R used to be an upgrade but she's actually too good for this show. I'm sure they'll do their best to suck all the life out of her.
  8. I don't watch Days but this new dude is definitely the guy who actually raped Sami's daughter, right?
  9. Poor Kim, having her first scene with the worst actress on the show.
  10. The Max Ehrich saga continues. Watch if only for his performance.
  11. Chelsea has not one fan. Yet she's at the top of the leaderboard. Make it make sense.
  12. They could have put a brillo pad on Bryton's head or something.
  13. I've watched dumb soaps. I've watched nonsensical soaps. I've watched insulting soaps. But I have never in my life seen a soap this BORING. How is the energy on this show so LOW? There's this weird dullness to literally every scene. Static shot to static shot. And all of the dialogue is so mindnumbingly rote. Hillary is talking to Mariah and Phyllis about finding out she has a dead twin sister and you'd think they were talking about...well, I don't want to insult the weather like that.
  14. We don't even have official confirmation that she's Demi Moore + 40 years later.
  15. If you want the real details on that lunatic (I do believe he's actually unhinged), check out this thread:
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