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  1. Why are these shows now incapable of letting characters go? These casts have like 50 people in them rotating out whenever the actors are late on their mortgage or that commercial they were aiming for didn't get booked. GH, Y&R and Days look ridiculous with useless people like Kim, Chelsea, Kevin, Chloe and the millions of characters who come in and out of Days every 3 months.
  2. Michael is not a homosexual, Vee.
  3. Lauren and Michael will be tested by her growing attachment to Jack, and his dormant dark side emerging as he dea lol s with a precarious situation This sounds interesting in that sea of repetitiveness. But only if Michael actually does something worthy of claiming his "dormant dark side" has emerged.
  4. John J. York (Mac, GH) is in about 2 seconds of the last episode of the new (very funny) Netflix comedy series I Think You Should Leave as a weatherman.
  5. Whenever this show gets too boring they move the boring to a foreign country.
  6. Thanks, @dragonflies and @Vee. Glad to hear.
  7. Aww Matthew and Destiny got engaged. That's sweet. I wonder if she mentioned Bo. I miss OLTL a lot, even with how bad it was it had a stronger connection to its past than AMC did when it died and GH now.
  8. We all know the ratings for Luke and Laura's wedding were insane (30 million) but does anyone know what the ratings were like in the days leading up to the wedding and the days after?
  9. A job's a job yeah but this is classic Hollywood sexism. She should not be playing his mother. Beyond that this family is a bust and they should cut their losses while they're ahead.
  10. I am...offended on her behalf. Eva LaRue as Jordi Vilasuso's mother. What is happening.
  11. They almost hired TOM WELLING??? What a lose for this show. He's so pretty.
  12. I think the cast overall is in pretty good shape (minus Tessa and bringing back Kevin and a few other hiccups), it's the stories that are absolute garbage. They have the kid playing Kyle, who is handsome and charismatic, and Loren Lott, gorgeous, charismatic and a delight, Camryn Grimes, a proven commodity with a great cheeky sense of humor, and they're utterly squandering them all in awful stories. WHO in the writing staff is inspired by the drip playing Lola? She's not even cute, she's just there yet they have not run out of frontburner material for her. It's baffling because the character is boring and the actress is dull as hell.
  13. That is, sadly, the first Days promo in literal years that looks remotely enticing.
  14. Of course he would! But god forbid the writers give themselves an out with this disaster of a character. I hate this show.
  15. Way to ruin any chance of redeeming this character @Khan.
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