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  1. First, I find every comment you make interesting and informative. Please never leave. Secondly, did ever you watch Dark Shadows?
  2. Ending every sentence with an exclamation point does not make any of this sound exciting.
  3. Wow all of the acting (include Louise Sorrel's) is awful in the clip. And their son looks about as old as the two of them.
  4. This show is already drowning in villains plus Ben the reformed serial killer, did you all really want to watch the years long redemption arc of a rapist? Again? It's 2021, we should be past this crap.
  5. I could never get into Days. I just thought every character sounded and acted like an idiot. Still do.
  6. This sh!t is why daytime is a dead genre. Let characters die.
  7. The aerospace engineer is Reed Richards!!!
  8. Not sure if this is common knowledge but Tonya Williams (Olivia, Y&R) auditioned for Drucilla. She purposely tanked the audition because she didn't want to perpetuate stereotypes about black people by portraying an illiterate runaway. Bill Bell then created the role of Olivia for her, apparently the way she spoke and carried herself helped him develop the idea of their sisterly rivalry.
  9. Wow she got her own promo and looks like an actual CHARACTER on one of these garbage shows. I'm shook.
  10. Thanks. I was curious because that report seemed so emphatic that she was not returning.
  11. Did Dorothy Lyman leave the show on bad terms?
  12. She's a very dull actress but I'm happy for any actor free of this show.
  13. Sadly it does. Did you read a synopsis of what's happened so far and just see that Evan Peters is on the show?
  14. This show is so weird. They realize that both Bryton and Camryn are popular and well-liked so they keep them employed yet they don't value either at all. Every story they get feels very begrudgingly executed, "Well I guess we have to write for fcuking Devon today.".
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