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  1. You are. That's why she never made another one. I don't recall her singing at all when I started watching in the 2000s. It seems totally out of character for Lily. Ugh she sang on GL too? Yeah Blair was singing all the time on OLTL, it never made any sense and was never any good.
  2. I'm shocked by how much Martha Byrne sang on this show before I started watching because she is not very good. Was this a Kassie DePaiva situation where she had it written into her contract that she got to sing (and we had to hear her struggle vocals) a certain number of times per year?
  3. If you're black you were at Tyler Perry Studios' opening. Pretty sure I was there. I don't remember anything but I'm 99% sure.
  4. Yes. Making this deplorable psychotic rapist the lead of the show was just...how were they okay with this? Todd paid a lot of lip service to being so sowwy for what he did because he kept doing horrible things. Just over and over. And he was on every goddamn day. I couldn't take it. Then we got two of that [!@#$%^&*] running around like fcuking clowns. Besides that Trevor St. John stopped trying after a few years and Roger Howarth stopped before he left the second time. Then when he came back he was slightly better but the character was in such a stupid storyline it didn't matter.
  5. I didn't know her from Dynasty but this seemed the most appropriate place to post this. RIP, she was brilliant and beautiful.
  6. The sins of taking over Lily's life? I swear she died long after that story ended. It always felt to me like Rose died because Martha Byrne was tired. Rose and Lily were heavily frontburner for 3 years. I hated her by the end anyway so no big loss for me.
  7. Wow Stefano did the Infinity Saga before Thanos did.
  8. Yes you are. Are you not able to see the long thread you posted on the last page (which you then quoted!)? I think you have some interesting insights but when you bring content here from elsewhere your posts are a chore to read because you are not very good at sharing that content.
  9. Man wtf @Donna B can you not copy and paste entire usenet threads here? Link to them. They probably helped the budget too.
  10. Beverlee McKinsey was also 30 years older than Heather Tom is at the time.
  11. Steady paycheck, easy hours and they let her direct.
  12. Daytime is completely absent of a longstanding feud like theirs now. Nikki and Sharon? Yeah right.
  13. I'm watching the scene and who wrote this? She...has his dead wife's face. Why is his reaction so underplayed? Bryton is not the most emotive actor but this writing is garbage. People come back from the dead in the most ho-hum ways. What was the point if his reaction isn't going to be big and dramatic?
  14. It sounds like all the major beats of the show are offscreen. So this Hillary look-a-like just...shows up? And the first person she sees is Devon? Did they not want to build any anticipation for the audience?
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