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  1. Oh good it's a flashback. I thought they'd brought this old bÌtch back from the dead.
  2. I love her but truly MTS is more charisma than acting ability. I was thinking about this the other day, she and EB are the marquee stars of Y&R but they are not good actors. They're fine, passable, crazy committed with real chemistry but dat's it. And yeah if they gave her an Emmy it would be mostly because there's no competition left. Who is she competing against? Laura Wright? Jacqueline MacInnes Wood? We're not living in the days of Susan Flannery and Erika Slezak. We're left with the very popular hair models.
  3. Josh Griffith: Woah woah woah you can't expect me to write for 3 black women. It's hard enough remembering to write for two!
  4. Has anyone? I started watching Y&R in 99 and have never gotten the hubbub over Ashley or Eileen Davidson. She comes across as a cold fish and aggressively unpleasant in every scene. Like she seems mad to be there. And I've never seen her in a romance that works and that's entirely due to her. You have Kristoff, for instance, oozing charisma and she's just sort of there.
  5. On this video from her channel, you have a to scroll a bit Why did they bother to add her to the opening credits? Which she only saw after her final shooting day. Ridiculous. But props to her for her exuberance and positivity in light of this situation.
  6. All you do is gripe about what other people comment on I swear...
  7. His signature makes him look like a 3rd grader or a serial killer. And how were you guys even able to read that? I'm not straining my eyes for this nonsense.
  8. Yep and every story they had was a love triangle with one "good girl" and one "bad girl". My god was Passions paint by the numbers.
  9. My first thought was Austin Reed (as played by Austin Peck) on Days. Definition of bland hunk.
  10. I wanted to write this whole thing about how they've managed to keep certain actors on this show for years despite the fact that they're useless and/or untalented, while getting rid of a young versatile character with zero baggage played by a beautiful, charismatic actress but all I'll say is I hate this racist ass show. I can't wait until it's cancelled.
  11. My bad, my brain just glossed over the "ern".
  12. T'Challa is not South African. He's Wakandan (forever) though the characters in the movie did speak the South African language Xhosa. The movie, in parts, looks almost like an SNL parody of the Harriet Tubman story. I think her life is too big for one movie but I'm just glad it's finally being told at this point.
  13. They make a lot of "anchor babies" for certain characters. Like Chelsea on Y&R had two babies with legacy characters to cement her status on the show. It didn't work and no one cares but we're still saddled with her and her stupid children. JFP tried the same thing we Sage. Sage died but we're still stuck with her kid.
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