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  1. Cruising Soaps

    B&B November 2018 Discussion Thread

    I just don't understand why they had to make Taylor go crazy. She will always be one of my favorites, just not crazy. Maybe Prince Omar has her brainwashed?
  2. Cruising Soaps

    B&B November 2018 Discussion Thread

    I've been enjoying Quinn VS Pam! Maybe because we are all sick of the triangles, kids who cannot act, and rushed marriages?
  3. Cruising Soaps

    Greatest Soap of All Time?

    Y&R, ATWT, GH Top 3
  4. Cruising Soaps

    Y&R September 2018 Discussion Thread

    All I have to say is JM without his facial hair and a nice haircut has got me going.
  5. Cruising Soaps

    Sara Joy Brown on Les Moonves Hurting Her Career

    That must have been on one of my many breaks from ATWT. I took many for that show along with GL.
  6. Cruising Soaps

    Sara Joy Brown on Les Moonves Hurting Her Career

    Why am I having a hard time remembering her on ATWT? I remember her on B&B, but cannot remember her on ATWT.
  7. Cruising Soaps

    US Soap General Discussion

    I was just going to say B&B is the best-produced soap. The outside shots are real, and the sets are beautiful, and the fact that they have their real city in the background (LA) it makes it more believable. I just wish we had the writing to match the production. (And some acting)
  8. Cruising Soaps

    Soap Families Who Actually Look Related

    Steffy and Thomas Are a great mix of Taylor and Ron Moss's Ridge. I've always believed they were their children.
  9. Cruising Soaps

    ALF Reboot in the works with Warner Brothers

    I had a Talking Alf, Alf Watch, Alf Sheets, Alf Blankets, Alf Curtains, Alf Jammies, Alf Trapper Keeper, everything was Alf. But not sure if I want to see a reboot.
  10. Cruising Soaps

    I don't know her - Characters who've rarely met

    I remember Emma did some interaction with Kim around the time all of John's ex-wives went on a bus trip and the bus broke down and they shared the memories of John. So that would put Kim with Carly too.
  11. Cruising Soaps

    Uncomfortable/Awkward Soap Scenes

    Anything related to Lily and Cane Tessa- Y&R Emma- B&B
  12. Cruising Soaps

    Best hair on soaps

    Melody Thomas Scott- Although I like it shorter Katherine Kelly Lang- Her current hair style is wonderful Eileen Davidson
  13. Cruising Soaps

    Favorite Soap Opera Sets

    Also forgot about Victor's Penthouse
  14. Cruising Soaps

    Favorite Soap Opera Sets

    Chancellor House/Forrester House I loved Danny's and Nina's apartments