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  1. I guess they didn't learn their lesson from the OJ Trials?
  2. Bring him to Y&R. Anyone else would be better with the crap we have now.
  3. Technically he should be older than Nick....
  4. Shauna is a breath of fresh air on the show that was needed.
  5. Yvonne Zima Daisy Y&R was on AHS 1984 playing a slutty character visiting a prisoner.
  6. I hope his character just leaves. No grand Exits, murder, death, etc. He just disappears after going for coffee.
  7. Well I don't agree how he treats Thomas as well. But whenever anyone stands up to Brooke and puts her in her spot I am happy. It makes me wish for Stephanie!
  8. Great scenes between Thomas and Brooke. But after today, I am team Thomas. OMG i loved it! He called a dirty slut, reminded her how she ruined his family... it was great. He just needs to remind her of all the crap Rick has done over the years- Shot Grant, Killed Phoebe.
  9. 2 days of boring nonsense. There has been a lot of fast forwarding.
  10. What happened in 82 that made GH drop so much? (i'm not a GH fan)
  11. I've been pleasantly surprised with Y&R and B&B lately. The fast forward button has not been used in awhile with the exception of all things Devon/Elena. ZZZzzz
  12. The actress the plays Zoe looks like IMO a young Katherine Kelly Lang.
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