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  1. B&B Actress Out

    I can see her as a Summer Newman on Y&R
  2. Characters that survived multiple recasts

    Thorne B&B Clayton Norcross Jeff Trachta Winsor Harmon Ingo Rademacher Sharon Y&R Monica Potter Heidi Mark Sharon Case Phyllis Y&R Michelle Stafford Sandra Nelson Michelle Stafford Gina Tognoni Abby Y&R Darcy Rose Byrnes Hayley Erin Emme Rylan Melissa Ordway
  3. Y&R March 2018 Discussion

    I feel Mal is going to go back to the 90's again. Nick and Sharon, Glow by Jabot... All we need is sperm to be stolen, and a crazy maid to shoot Nikki.
  4. B&B February 2018 Discussion

    Probably a dream again.
  5. The truth comes out....latest SOD

    I think JM looks a hell of a lot sexier without the beard. JMO
  6. Y&R February 2018 Discussion

    I would love to see Jack back with Genieve since Genie Francis is free. I would have Ashley pair up with a new character but from the Soaps past- Like a Brooks or Foster. Heck even bring back Victor's brother
  7. B&B January 2018 Discussion

    Literally was just going to post something about this.
  8. B&B December 2017 Discussion

    What's sad is that there are only 3 pages for this month. It is time for a new writing regime. I would keep Bradley Bell for Executive Producer, but new a new head writer with fresh ideas need to be brought in. This is entire month was a bunch of nothing, just like last month. Even the who's the baby storyline is old. Who even cares? I know Hope is coming back too. (Which we can now foresee that Steffy's baby is Bill's, and Liam leans on Hope.) (tired) Focus on the Avants They need a return to Mya and Rick. Mya needs to get a stalker or have a hate crime against her. Not a 2-week ark either. This story could go on for months. Recast Zende, and Marcus. Marcus could get Zende jealous over Nicole. And why night bring back the other Avant sister Sasha (recast of course) and her mother? (I still think Victoria Rowell would be perfect) Focus on the Younger Forresters It is time for Bridget to come back. She can bring back Owen with her. Bridget tries to reinvent herself as Madame X and decides to work with Spectra. Owen falls for Sally, which causes a problem with Bridget. But all hell breaks loose when Jackie Marone comes back to claim Owen. Little Logan is now a teenager, and he hangs out with his cousin Dominic and his Uncle Jack Brooke and Nick's son. They attend an exclusive Beverly Hills High School. Logan is a Jock with girl problems. He knocks up his girlfriend. And it causes a scandal. Dominic develops feelings for a male teacher. This drags out into a long relationship, and his father Dante comes back and is homophobic. Jack comes back as a spoiled teen who seeks revenge against Brooke and Ridge. Brooke was his mother but never felt the love of a mother. He becomes a little psychotic but is quickly reeled in when his father Nick Marone returns. This also starts another Ridge/Brooke/Nick storyline. Bring Back RONN MOSS Thomas needs to come back quickly with Caroline and their son. Thomas decides to leave Caroline and starts to have feelings for Bridget or Sally. (haven't decided) Caroline leans on Rick and starts wrecking havoc on Mya and Rick again. Tidbits -Bring back Taylor- Even if its recurring. Steffy needs her mom along with Thomas. - Bill moves to NYC to help run Spencer. Katie and Wyatt soon follow. -Sheila Murders Quinn (Frames Pam) and gets away with it. She goes on the run and goes to Genoa City. Wyatt decides to join his father and Katie in NYC. - Thorne decides that Paris is best for him. Coco and RJ join Thorne in Paris. - Eric gets Pam out of prison, and they end of together. Charlie dies in a tragic accident at Forrester.
  9. Which soaps do you watch?

    Y&R, B&B, and Hollyoaks.
  10. Y&R December 2017 Discussion Thread

    You didn't miss much.
  11. B&B December 2017 Discussion

    For once I agree. The past two months have been nothing but Fast forward material.
  12. Y&R December 2017 Discussion Thread

    Can someone please please please cut Reed's hair? I mean god what the heck was that mess?
  13. Hollyoaks: Discussion Thread

    This was a great week! I enjoyed it! Acting and writing were spot on.
  14. Grade November Sweeps!!!

    Y&R-B It kept me interested. It just needs to slow down so stories can develop. B&B- D- Everything with Bill, Steffy, and Liam is a GIANT snore. That is all the month was about too. Sigh.
  15. B&B: November 2017 Discussion Thread

    Ingo looks too old to be Thorstyns younger brother.