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  1. Phyllis and Sheila back in the 90's. Both doing whatever it takes for love.
  2. OK we finally are getting stories to move- Now let's get another story started, so then when the current story is unfolding, the next one is ready. . . .
  3. I swear to god nothing happens on this show. The show is just so fricken boring and I really don't care what happens, yet I still watch. . .
  4. I enjoyed Liam and Steffy today. Today's show actually made me watch it. lol
  5. So Who is using the fast forward button a lot? This is ridiculous how bad the show is. Theo/Lola/Kyle/Summer Phyllis/Nick Sharon/Adam Adam/Chelsea Abby/Chance
  6. I am still waiting on the Farmhouse Episodes with Sheila and Lauren, Who Shot Jill?, Best Cat Fights, Best Confrontations, enough wedding crap.
  7. I kinda wish they B&B theme they used for the Forrester Creation would be used as the theme.
  8. ok add Shemar to the list. Yup 1994 Freshman year of HS, yep knew I was gay because of Y&R. lol
  9. Well I think this was the Y&R episode that sealed the deal of me realizing yep, I am totally gay. Damn, Matt, Ryan, Nick!!! Woo... Take a cold shower!
  10. I really don't think B&B has any dead weight. The writers just need to learn how to better use their entire cast besides Brooke Ridge Steffi Hope and Liam.
  11. Yes- I posted the clip under the best confrontations thread.
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