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  1. I've been pleasantly surprised with Y&R and B&B lately. The fast forward button has not been used in awhile with the exception of all things Devon/Elena. ZZZzzz
  2. The actress the plays Zoe looks like IMO a young Katherine Kelly Lang.
  3. I just wish that Ridge would remind Brooke that her son Rick killed his daughter, and now she was trying to kill another one of his kids...
  4. Is this the lady that played JT's Recording manager or Y&R? And then she went to ATWT for awhile?
  5. so since Hunter does not want to come back, who would you recast her with? I think the character needs to be on the show. I was having a hard time picking someone, in the relm of that age group.Lisa Peluso, Martha Byrne, Gina Tognoni, Beth Chamberlin,
  6. Not the opening... but a Disco Version...
  7. Agreed! KKL was not over the top. She was Mad, Happy, and sad at the same time. TK was decent as well.
  8. Well you definitely cannot deny B&B is still the most Beautiful, and well produced Soap. The scenes on the roof were spectacular.
  9. Best Brooke/Taylor/Ridge Jack/Victor/Nikki- with a splash of Ashley Worst Liam/Steffy/Hope- Just Ugh
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