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  1. I love Annie Dutton, but nothing will ever make me watch GH.
  2. That was the longest award show. OMG too many categories, too long of speeches, too much...
  3. Maria Arena Bell...😐 Lynn Marie Latham...😞
  4. So does anyone when GT's last day is and when we will MS as Phyllis?
  5. I am really starting to warm to Flo. I think its breath of fresh air!
  6. Sad- he was always one of my favorites with Drucilla.
  7. I've been fast forwarding a lot less now that Nikki and Victor are on my screens. Less Rosales Family, more Newmans/Abbotts and I am happy.
  8. After I typed my question, I remembered the Amber story. But it has been a while since we've had one. Steffy really needs to put Brooke in her spot period. And what about Brooke forgiving Quinn and Pam? I mean they are a lot crazier than Taylor!
  9. I cannot remember if B&B has ever told a baby switch story? Obviously, Sheila and Lauren do not count.
  10. Hunter Tylo although her acting is meh, and her story is crazy for her has been a breath of fresh air. I love that Brooke has someone that knows her so well and can keep with her. She knows all about Brooke and her lies.
  11. I just don't understand why they had to make Taylor go crazy. She will always be one of my favorites, just not crazy. Maybe Prince Omar has her brainwashed?
  12. I've been enjoying Quinn VS Pam! Maybe because we are all sick of the triangles, kids who cannot act, and rushed marriages?
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