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  1. ok add Shemar to the list. Yup 1994 Freshman year of HS, yep knew I was gay because of Y&R. lol
  2. Well I think this was the Y&R episode that sealed the deal of me realizing yep, I am totally gay. Damn, Matt, Ryan, Nick!!! Woo... Take a cold shower!
  3. I really don't think B&B has any dead weight. The writers just need to learn how to better use their entire cast besides Brooke Ridge Steffi Hope and Liam.
  4. Yes- I posted the clip under the best confrontations thread.
  5. I cannot find it on youtube, but I always loved the scene on Y&R when Sharon confronted Nick about his affair with Phyllis and she was wearing the exact Lingerie as Phyllis wore...
  6. This one too. Susan got her Emmy for this story.
  7. My mom watched them, and I watched with her. I remember the mid 80s for soaps are my earliest memories of the shows. We were CBS Fans- YR, Capitol, BB, ATWT, but I did not watch GL until I was in High School. My earliest memories were Jill being Shot, Lauren being buried alive, and the Amy, Jazz, Tyrone story. I remember B&B from the beginning, ATWT- The earliest I remember were when Lily found out she was Iva's daughter. And Capitol I remember Jess Walton being on the show, and Marj Dusay, but I don't remember what was going with their characters.
  8. No Bill Bell, No Douglas Marland, Waste of Time
  9. I can see B&B doing a version like this- Fashion House was a telenovela with Morgan Fairchild and Bo Derek. Anybody else remembers this?
  10. to be honest I could care less about that story, but it is better than the whole Phyllis/Abby crap.
  11. OMG that was GINA. I didn't recognize her. I didn't get to see her sing either because it was cut off.
  12. Who was the woman that was hanging out with Brock? She was wearing the chiquita banana outfit. And yes we got 30 mins of Y&R. 30 minutes of City of Philly, then 1 hour of GOV of NJ. So we had no B&B either.
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