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  1. I wonder if NBC does cancel DAYS and since Sony owns part of it, they would move to CBS in the spot of The Talk?
  2. Yes but how long ago did those soaps go streaming? It has changed greatly since Covid. I think more people are streaming.
  3. Correct. She just had a baby last year?
  4. this could it be fun if Finn turned out be Deacon's son with Becky? Then Finn and Hope are related. . .
  5. It was beautifully scenery, but the acting killed it.
  6. Hell yeah I like my men with meat on them- Jordi is so sexy ever since his GL days. The new Adam is so skinny it (to me) is not very attractive.
  7. Well as a Y&R fan I could not stand the horrible acting of Cady- I hated her on ATWT too. I don't get the appeal.
  8. It has its ups and downs. I am very loyal to it as it's the only soap I have watched since Day 1. When Susan Flannery left- I think that is what did it in for B&B. And for Y&R- When Jeanne Cooper died- that is what did it for Y&R- But I still watch.
  9. Traci Abbott back in the 80s. They showed it as one of the Classic Y&R's this summer. Also Ben played by Matthew Boomer committed Suicide. I believe Reva jumped off an Bridge in the winter? Nina tried shooting herself but Ryan stopped just in time on Y&R.
  10. just 2 1 with Steffy- Kelly- Named after his mom 1 with Hope- Beth- Named after her Grandma.
  11. Gosh too much Billy and Lilly! I've never liked the actress, and these two are just boring.
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