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  1. Terri Guarnieri was the EP of Another World in 1993-94. She had no previous daytime experience, but she was a producer of Gimme a Break and The Cosby Show. During her time at AW, she brought Sharlene back from the dead and paired Carl and Rachel. She was the EP during the anniversary episode in 1994.
  2. King returned as headwriter in August 1995 and held various positions on the writing team until AW went off the air in 1999. Lemay was a story consultant in 1995-96, however I'm not sure how much input he had on the storylines givenwhat we saw on screen was mediocre at best. King's best writing during his return was probably Ryan's death, but even that was tied to the Justine storyline. King's worst writing as headwriter in 95-96 was the entire Cass is really Maggie's father storyline. That storyline really rewrote the history of the show and was an insult to long time viewers of AW.
  3. I never thought about this til Halloween 1989 when Cecile returned to the show. They had scenes with Cecile, Vicky, and Donna. Both Cecile and Vicky were married to Jamie, but Cecile was always a contemporary of Donna in the same age bracket. Cecile was clearly a decade older than Vicky, as was Jamie.
  4. Yes it is Channel 535 24/7 Dark Shadows- I found myself watching here and there over the weekend.
  5. Evan Frame and Caroline Stafford both appeared when Harding Lemay returned to the show in September 1988. He even made the two of them a lovers when they arrived. I wonder what his plans for the two characters were, because neither reached their full potential under Donna Swajeski. I could see Lemay making Evan more sinister and dangerous to the Cory family once it was revealed that he was Janice Frame's son then what played out on screen.
  6. Another World did copy Misery when Walter Trask kidnapped Felicia and held her hostage until she wrote a novel to his liking.
  7. Potter stayed at AW a little over a year and a half. You have to give him his due that he did clean up the mess that Paul Rauch and Corrine Jacker made of the show rather quickly and got the show on the right track. The only fault I can find with Potter's tenure was that they brought back Jacqueline Courtney's Alice with a lot of fanfare for the 20th Anniversary, but gave her little to do but be a supporting character in Sally's storyline.
  8. From the Alma Rudder murder mystery in 1983 to the end of 1984, AW was great and must see TV. While the ratings the show got improved, AW was never able to raise their ratings from #8 or #9. I suspect had the ratings risen higher, Allen Potter would have stayed on as EP. Originally, P&G was going to transfer Mary Ellis Bunim from ATWT to AW, but she went to Santa Barbara instead. Not sure where P&G found Stephen Schenkel, but he was not a good EP and did AW no favors.
  9. 1985 was a bad year for AW. Executive Producer Allen Potter retired at end of 1984, and Stephen Schenkel took over at the beginning of 1985. A writer's strike happened in the Spring of 1985, and the show did not officially have headwriters until August 1985- with Sam Hall and Gillian Spencer who were terrible for the show. About the only thing that worked well in 1985 was the introduction of Victoria Love, Jake McKinnon, and Bridget Connell. Early in 1985, Carl Hutchins would kidnap Rachel Cory and her sister Nancy McGowan. This would result in Rachel getting shot and having amnesia. Rachel had some great scenes with her doctor, Alice Matthews, discussing their past history. For a brief minute, it looked like the show was going to set up a Rachel/Mac/Alice triangle, then the show fired Jacqueline Courtney in April and Alice left Bay City. Hall and Spencer would introduce a Le Soleil spa storyline with three forgettable characters- Michaud Christophe, Edward Gerard, and Daphne Grimaldi. Carl Hutchins would kill Daphne, and he framed Cass for her murder. Edward was the person who transformed Fanny Grady into Felicia Gallant. This spa storyline was tied to an Egyptian treasure that Carl Hutchins wanted to get his hands on. Somehow, the treasure wound up in Arizona, and Carl Hutchins would disappear after a fight with Nancy's boyfriend, Dr. Chris Chapin. Chris would be involved in possibly one of AW's worst storylines- Nancy was going to give Mac and Rachel an Egyptian urn that Carl poisoned with deadly dust from an Egyptian tomb. The urn got lost and was passed from person to person in Bay City killing Grant Todd, and later hospitalizing Mac and Rachel after they inhaled the dust. Chris had to come up with anecdote to save MAC and Rachel. Peter Love located Catlin's long dead wife, Brittany Peterson, and she came to Bay City with fisherman Zane Lindquist to stop Catlin's wedding to Sally Frame. Brittany was miraculously cured of being a deaf mute, and she tried to break up Sally and Catlin's marriage. The problem with this storyline was that the popular Mary Page Keller left the role of Sally shortly after her wedding to Catlin. The role was recast with Taylor Miller who was not popular with the viewers. Then, the Peter Love (Christopher Holder) who originally brought Brittany and Zane to Bay City was recast with Marcus Smythe. The role of Peter Love was played by three different actors within the course of one year. With Smythe in the role, Brittany would be involved in the abusive marriage storyline. Several other long term characters were written out of the show- Brian Bancroft disappeared from the canvas. Perry Hutchins would die when he discovered who Victoria Love was and fell from a hay loft. Ben McKinnon would leave Bay City never to be seen again. The most glaring characters written out of the show were Sandy and Blaine Cory and Jamie Frame. For a majority of 1985, Mac and Rachel had no adult children in Bay City to interact with, as Amanda and Matthew were still small children at this time.
  10. The actor I immediately thought of that Barrett, Coppola, and Tucci did not care for was Jensen Buchanan. They pretty much had favorable things to say about everyone else. Also, I wonder what 18 month storyline had to be scrapped because of Douglass Watson's death? I'm sure it was a story that Donna Swajeski took from Harding Lemay's story projection.
  11. Caroline was introduced shortly after Harding Lemay returned as headwriter in 1988. She was involved with Evan Frame and was involved with Sam Fowler's art career. I suspect that Lemay probably had plans for her, but they were probably scrapped when Donna Swajeski took over as headwriter.
  12. About the only good thing Corrine Jacker did was integrate Another World's Bay City. The actors were certainly talented, but they were given typical soap storylines. AW also gave several recurring dayplayer parts to African American actors when Bob and Henrietta's son, RJ, got involved with gang members. I believe if AW's ratings had increased with the integrated cast, then more shows would have integrated their casts at the time. It would take until 1989 for NBC to attempt this integration again with Generations.
  13. The audio is off too- the dialogue doesn't match their mouths moving- looks like a foreign movie that was dubbed into English. I wonder why they did this.
  14. They should have left Cali Timmins in the role of Paulina and if they needed to bring Judi Evans on the show they should have recast her as Rachel's sister Nancy McGowan.
  15. Here is the 25th Anniversay promo with Josie
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