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  1. Another World

    The timing of Carol Shelly replacing Beverlee McKinsey as Iris was not the best. In mid-February,, Beverlee fell while fixing a curtain rod in her NYC apartment and badly injured her left shoulder. So the build-up and aftermath of the Janice trying to kill Mac story was played by Shelly, who I thought was a bit over the top. These scenes would have been so much better with McKinsey in them.
  2. Most Ridiculous Soap Moments

    AW: Carl Hutchins filling an Egyptian urn with poisonous dust from a pyramid that Nancy unknowingly brought home as a gift for Mac and Rachel. After a few months, both Mac and Rachel opened the urn, inhaled the dust, and hovered between life and death for a weeks.
  3. Another World

    Of all the P & G shows I would venture a guess that Guiding Light's theme was the biggest change going from the romantic light through the leaves opening to the fast paced disco opening theme.
  4. Another World

    In 1980-81, Procter and Gamble replaced / remixed the theme music for 6 of its soaps that were currently on the air- AW, TEXAS, SFT, ATWT, GL, and EON. This included new new title sequences and graphics as well. I believe that P&G thought that the change in themes would "modernize" their soaps to compete with the ABC soaps. Anyone have any background information regarding the change in the themes? Was a big deal made about it in the soap press?
  5. Another World

    On Friday, September 4, 1981, Another World would air the interlocking ring opening/closing theme for the last time. The closing credits would feature the entire theme song: On Monday, September 7, 1981, Another World would debut a new theme and opening/closing
  6. Search For Tomorrow Discussion Thread

    Anyone know if the live episode saw a bump in the ratings? The week of August 1-5, 1983 was a busy week for NBC Daytime- SFT had the live episode, DAYS featured the beginning of Bo/Hope and the build-up to the murder of Renee DiMera, and AW featured the double weeding of Mac/Rachel and Sandy/Blaine. It would be curious to see if these events bumped the ratings...
  7. Antenna TV Thread

    Also surprised to see that MeTV has removed I Love Lucy from its weekday schedule and relegated it to one showing on Sunday afternoon. I guess MeTV figures that people could always tune into the I Love Lucy block on Hallmark Channel in the mornings.
  8. Another World

    On August 11, 1986, the character of Zane Lindquist, died in the hospital after being shot in the crossfire between the Bay City PD and hired hitman Herman Ludwig who has holding Cass, Kathleen, and Cecile hostage. Ludwig was working for Reginald Love who makes his first appearance at the end of this episode. After marrying Felicia Gallant, in February, 1986, Zane would be shot twice that year. Once in March, while trying to track down the thugs who had stolen an Egyptian treasure that was on display from a local art gallery and again in August. At the 12:00 minute mark, begins a great scene where Mac Cory leads a community prayer in the hospital waiting room. This type of scene would never appear on a soap today. On a side note, shooting Zane twice in one year, is a prime example of the problem AW had with constant switches in headwriters. Zane being shot by the thugs who had stolen the Egyptian treasure was fallout from probably one of AW's worst storylines ever- Carl Hutchins tricking Nancy McGowan into giving Mac and Rachel an amphora as a gift that contained poisonous dust from an Egyptian pyramid. Anyone who opened the amphora and breathed the dust would die. The amphora was passed around Bay City- only killing Grant Todd- but left both Mac and Rachel near death and in the hospital in early 1986, only to be saved by Dr. Chris Chaplin.
  9. Another World

    41 years ago today- August 11, 1978- the character of Amanda Cory was born. This episode of AW included the revelation that Iris was Mac's adopted daughter. Future writers- including Harding Lemay in 1988- would switch this by explaining that Iris, now played by Carmen Duncan, was Mac's daughter by Sylvie Kosloff, a knock-off clothes designer. Iris returned to Bay City in 1988 right after Sylvie had died off-screen. Mac: "It doesn't matter, as long as I got home for the birth of my first baby. [IRIS STARES AT HIM, BLANKLY, BUT MAC DOESN'T NOTICE] All these years I've dreamed of having a child and now here she is."Iris: "[WHISPERING] What are you saying?"Mac: "Oh, Iris, I'm sorry... I'm just rambling on... [HE TURNS AWAY]" Iris: "Oh, no, you're not. [SHE TURNS HIM AROUND] I want to know what you're telling me."Mac: "Darling, I don't know what I'm saying."Iris: "You said that this is your first child."Mac: "Did I say that?"Iris: "Daddy, tell me what you meant!"Mac: "I promised your mother-- [HE STOPS]"Iris: "Go on, please."Mac: "Oh, Iris, I'm so exhausted from that flight from Paris and then from New York, I wasn't thinking. Your mother couldn't have children... I mean my wife couldn't have children, so we adopted you. [IRIS SHAKES HER HEAD IN MUTE DENIAL. MAC GOES TO HER] You were three weeks old, so it was like having our own baby."Iris: "I'm not your child."Mac: "But then, your mother died."Iris: "[SHOUTING] I'm not your child?"Mac: "Iris, listen to me."Iris: "No, no... never again. [SHE TURNS AND GOES OUT QUICKLY]"
  10. Disney is starting its own streaming service. Could this online service be an outlet for reruns or new soap content that they own from the ABC network? http://www.latimes.com/business/hollywood/la-fi-ct-disney-earnings-20170808-story.html
  11. Another World

    Kathleen Layman was a good actress, and she was believable as a sister to Julie Osburn's (Kathleen) sister on the show. Layman was certainly a stronger actress than Sally Spencer as MJ. The writers always toyed with the idea of pairing her with Larry but never did. It also would have been interesting to see how Layman would have done with the return of her mother, Mary McKinnon, in 1986. On a sad note, I had no idea that Layman had passed away in 2014 until I searched her name on Google: http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/houstonchronicle/obituary.aspx?pid=173152925
  12. Another World

    Soderberg and Purser introduced or recast many important AW characters on AW in 1983-84: They introduced the following characters: - Jeanne Ewing (mother of Larry, Blaine, and Caitlin and Alma Rudder's killer) - Felicia Gallant - Carl Hutchins - Perry Hutchins - Donna Love - Nicole Love, - Abel/Leo Marsh - Lily Mason - Mark Singleton - David, Jennifer, and Kevin Thatcher - Vivien Gorrow returned from Texas to Bay City to work for the Corys, and Brian Bancroft's son Ted returned to Bay City. - Jamie Frame was recast with Stephen Yates from GL - Sally Frame was recast with the popular Mary Page Keller - Julia Shearer was recast with future star Faith Ford - They killed off David Canary's Steve Frame in a car crash and removed Nancy McGowan and Thomasina Harding from the canvas for several months so that they could be SORASed in the Spring of 1984 by Culliton and Tomlin.
  13. Another World

    34 years ago today, August 3, 1983, the double wedding of Mac and Rachel and Sandy and Blaine began on Another World
  14. Another World

    I thought the show became watchable and enjoyable again in the Summer of 1983, the transition period from Paul Rauch's AW to Allen Potter's AW. This was the fallout of Alma Rudder's murder where Jeanne Ewing was revealed as the killer. On her deathbed, Jeanne confessed that Larry and Blaine had a brother that they knew nothing about. This was also the time of the double wedding of Mac/Rachel and Sandy/Blaine. AW was pretty solid from the fall of 83 til the end of 1984 when Allen Potter retired. Potter did manage to raise AWs ratings, however he never brought AW back to the top of the ratings. I suspect had the ratings rose to the point where AW was a top 5 show, Potter might have stuck around longer into 1985.
  15. Another World

    With all the talk of the various Alices, how many think that if TPTB had waited until 1984 when Jacqueline Courtney returned, if the Steve Frame/Edward Black story would have been more successful with Courtney's Alice? Do you think it would have been OK with a Steve recast or would only work with George Reinholt playing Steve? In hindsight, AW could have used the character of Steve to help steady the show with a male character with history after Douglass Watson's sudden death in 1989.