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  1. I agree with you that when Another World left the air, it was the beginning of the end of the soap genre, because AW was truly an innovator in the genre. When it began, AW was not like the other P&G soaps. The first major story on the show penned by Irna Phillips and Bill Bell was Pat's abortion and her murdering Tom Baxter. This was truly a controversial subject for a 1964 soap opera. While Agnes Nixon was writing the show, she created the first cross-network crossover, with the character of Mike Bauer coming from Springfield to Bay City. Producer Paul Rauch and writer Harding Lemay turned AW into a critical and commercial success winning Emmys and high ratings. These high ratings were no easy feat considering that CBS aired reruns of prime time's number 1 show, All in the Family, and moved The Price is Right from the morning to compete with AW when it was the first soap to expand to one hour in 1975. AW was the first soap to launch two spin-offs Somerset in 1970 and Texas in 1980, as well as an indirect one, Lovers and Friends in 1977, which would be renamed For Richer, For Poorer. Another World was also the second soap opera, besides The Young and the Restless, with a theme song to chart on the Billboard record charts. All true innovations that no other soap can ever say they did while they were on the air. AW's trouble would begin when NBC expanded the show to ninety minutes in 1979, and then back to an hour in 1980. The expansion of the series to 90 minutes moved AW out of its 3 PM timeslot for the first time in its 15 year history with a 2:30 PM start time. Adding an additional 30 minutes of time to the series required AW to add more characters to an already crowded show, then when the decision was made to spin the character of Iris off on her own soap Texas required an additional influx of characters who would appear on Texas. NBC should have placed Texas in the 2 PM timeslot following Days of our Lives and moved AW back to its 3 PM timeslot. AW was in far better shape to compete with General Hospital and Guiding Light. After Texas was cancelled, AW waited 7 years to bring Iris back to AW played by a different actress. From 1980-99, AW would never regain its footing at the top of the daytime ratings, despite the work of many producers and writers. The show had many flashes of brilliance during this time- reuniting Mac and Rachel, introducing characters like Cass, Felicia, Carl, and Wallingford, the love stories of Sally and Catlin and Kathleen and Cass, the Marley/ Jake/ Vicky triangle, the introduction of Grant and Ryan Harrison, and Felicia's alcoholism- and when the show was firing on all cylinders during this time, it was the best on daytime and did not warrant the low ratings it was receiving. But one can safely say that for 35 years, Another World was an innovative program and its last episode 20 years ago today was truly the start of the end of the daytime soap genre.
  2. This week marks the 30th Anniversary of the passing of Mac Cory on AW, after the real life passing of Douglass Watson. There were so many outstanding performances during this week as the actors mourned Watson's death when Mac died. His unexpected passing was a tremendous loss to AW.
  3. Allen Potter (The Doctors and Guiding Light) did a great job at stabilizing and improving AW from Spring 83 to the end of 1984. 1980-1982 was a rocky time for AW in terms of storylines and characters coming and going. Potter quickly improved the stories and had a nice balance of characters on the show. I think AW would have continued to improve if Potter had not retired and left the show at the end of 1984. The only thing I would really fault Potter with during this time was the return of Jacqueline Courtney as Alice. She was brought back on AW's 20th anniversary with much fanfare, but she was not given a storyline of her own. They used Alice as a supporting character in Sally's storyline.
  4. YouTube has a few episodes of Another World, know in Italy as Destini
  5. I agree- Somerset probably wasn't cancelled because it was a P&G show. When it was cancelled it was replaced by another P&G show Lovers & Friends which would later become For Richer For Poorer.
  6. Cory and Elizabeth Hutchins were born in the summer of 1997 to Rachel and Carl Hutchins during a hurricane at Carl's Key West beach house.
  7. Once Edward Trach retired and Kenneth Fitts became the Executive in Charge of Production for P&G is when the trouble started for the P&G soaps in 1995 with the great EP swap in the Spring of 1995. JFP at Another World, John Valente at As the World Turns, and Michael Laibson at Guiding Light. While this might have looked like a good idea on paper, it would hurt all three P&G shows in the long run.
  8. Schnetzer was nominated for the reveal that Nicole lied about killing Jason Frame on the eve of their wedding, his vision of supposedly dead ex- wife Kathleen, and the start of his relationship with Frankie. He probably should have earned another nomination for when Kathleen turned up alive, and the manic depression, and the aftermath of Frankie's death. The writing for both Cass and Felicia was really hit or miss after Felicia's alcoholism storyline in 1993-94.
  9. How is it that Constance Ford (Ada, Another World) was never nominated for a supporting actress Emmy?
  10. About the only thing Corrine Jacker did correctly at AW in 1982 was integrate Bay City with African American characters. While their storylines were standard soap fare, the casting of the African American characters was top notch from 1982-84: Quinn Harding (Petronia Paley) and her brother Ed (Howard Rollins, Jr.) The Morgan Family- Bob (Robert Christian), his estranged wife Henrietta (Michelle Shay), and children RJ (Reggie Rock Bythewood) and Mary Sue (Tisha Ford) Architect Roy Bingham (Morgan Freeman) Dr. Abel Marsh and his rock star twin brother, Leo Mars (Joe Morton) former prostitue turned good girl Lily Mason (Jackee Harry) and her niece Thomasina (Sheila Spencer and Pamela Kay) who was adopted by Quinn Grant Todd (John Dewey Carter) and his son, Carter (Russell Curry)
  11. Where was Carmen Duncan (Iris, AW) in that memorial segment? 😡
  12. At the end of 1984, when Allen Potter retired as executive producer of Another World, published reports had Mary-Ellis Bunim being transferred to AW by P&G and replaced at ATWT by Robert Calhoun. Anyone know what happened that Bunim went to SB instead of AW, and Potter being replaced by Stephen Schenkel at AW.
  13. Another World premiered on May 4, 1964- 55 years ago this week. What do you consider the 55 most significant events in AW history? I created the list below in order of importance. 1. Rachel kills Janice Frame trying to save Mac. 2. Rachel tells Alice that she is pregnant with Steve's child. 3. The death of Mac Cory. 4. Mac learns that Rachel is carrying Mitch's baby on the witness stand. 5. Pat Matthews has an illegal abortion in 1964. 6. The death of Ada Hobson. 7. Mac announces that Amanda is his first born daughter, not Iris. 8. Mac learns that Iris is The Chief. 9. Donna Love learns she gave birth to twins Marley and Victoria 10. Felicia's friends stage an intervention for her alcoholism. 11. Grant shoots Ryan on the train trestle. 12. Mary Matthews dies on Good Friday in St. Croix. 13. Crystal Gayle and Gary Morris sing the Another World theme at TOPS. 14. Pat Matthews kills Tom Baxter. 15. Carl and Rachel's courtship in New York City. 16. Steve Frame dies in a helicopter crash in Australia 17. Liz Matthews plots to keep Bill and Missy apart 18. Hour long experimental episode- the wedding of Alice and Steve - 1974 19. The 25th Anniversary of Victoria Wyndham as Rachel Cory Hutchins 20. The 20th Anniversary of Another World- Alice Frame returns and David Thatcher is murdered. 21. Pat Matthews kills Tom Baxter 22. Cecile is alive in Majorca; Sally and Catlin discover that Emily Benson is the killer 23. Sally and Catlin's wedding- Brittany is alive 24. Paulina Cory shoots Jake McKinnon 25. The 25th Anniversary of Another World on the cruise ship. 26. The death of William Matthews begins the continuing story of Another World. 27. Cecile almost marries Peter Love before he collapses on Carl's yacht 28. The double wedding of Mac and Rachel and Sandy and Blaine 29. Ada gives birth to Nancy in a late in life pregnancy 30. The 30th Anniversary of Another World- the 60s party 31. The Case of the Stolen Heart 32. Murder on the Honeymoon Express- The Vanishing Game 33. Lorna Devon is the daughter of Felicia and Lucas. 34. Vicky "dies" and is reunited with Ryan in heaven. 35. Felicia is framed for the murder of Jason Frame 36. Liberace entertains at Felicia and Zane's wedding. 37. Sandy kills Buzz and rescues Blaine in Wyoming 38. Vicky is rescued by Ryan riding horses in the field 39. Iris gives Rachel the audio tapes of Alice and Eliot 40. The final episode of Another World June 25, 1999 41. Sally Frame Ewing dies in a car crash 42. Cecile kidnaps Cass and takes him to St. Thomas 43. John Randolph dies trying to save Alice from the burning cottage. 44. Rachel gives Alice a nervous breakdown 45. The death of Wallingford 46. Amanda is pregnant with Sam's baby. 47. Jamie falls for Marley in the French Riviera 48. John Hudson is thrown from the lighthouse by the Sin Stalker- Dr. Alan Glaser 49. Summer Desire- Another World's only prime time episode 50. Michael Hudson and Shane Roberts are killed in a snowstorm.
  14. Just Men was on at 12 PM when many affiliates preempt network programming for news. It did, however, win Betty White a Daytime Emmy for Best Game Show Host.
  15. The next week, NBC revamped their entire daytime lineup. They were probably advertising the new shows that would premiere in January, 1983. 10 AM- The Facts of Life reruns 10:30 AM- Sale of the Century 11 AM- Wheel of Fortune 11:30 AM- Hit Man 12:00 PM- Just Men starring Betty White 12:30 PM- Search for Tomorrow 1 PM- Days of our Lives 2 PM- Another World 3 PM- Fantasy
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