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  1. On Another World, they were setting up that Reginald Love's adopted son, Scott LaSalle, was really a triplet to Marley and Vicky. Reginald showed Donna a picture that caused a nervous breakdown when Anna Stuart left the show. When she left, Donna was clutching three pillows. A few months later, when Philece Sampler took over the role of Donna, the triplet storyline was dropped, and it was revealed that Reginald showed her a picture of John Hudson that caused her nervous breakdown. Scott's true parentage was never revealed before he left the show.
  2. Another World's Bay City was originally a university town located in Michigan . Sometime during the 1980s, it became a city across Lake Michigan near Chicago, Illinois without any explanation. It's first spinoff Somerset, was a city 50 miles north of Bay City. It's unofficial spinoffs For Richer, For Poorer and Lover and Friends was located in the Chicago suburbs of Point Clair, Illinois. It's other spinoff, Texas, was set in Houston.
  3. While it would be great to see the P&G soaps on a channel like Pluto TV, it has been 10 years since the cancellation of ATWT, its last soap on the air. None of their shows have popped up on a network or streaming service in 10 years. It makes you wonder the condition and cataloging of their soaps from 30-40 years ago. Do all these episodes even still exist? I could see P&G destroying the old tapes rather than paying storage fees for them.
  4. Does anyone know how much P&G paid Beverlee McKinsey to star on Texas? Certainly her "Texas- Starring Beverlee McKinsey" in the opening credits was in her contract.
  5. It's terrible that all these great episodes are gone from YouTube. CBS owns Pluto TV. P&G should allow their soaps to be place on this channel. Pluto TV already has a 24/7 Dark Shadows and The Price is Right Bob Barker channels. It also airs Buzzr, another game show channel that airs almost every old Goodson/Todman game show, including vintage B&W episodes of their programs. Each P&G soap could have its own channel on Pluto TV or just create one channel, like SoapNet and air the shows in a block and repeat them throughout the day and switch the episodes each day.
  6. On Another World, Rachel confronts Iris about betraying Mac's memory
  7. After watching the December 30, 1983 episode of AW, anyone think the Mac's speech at the end of show about the old and new Royal Hotel was actually a speech about the show itself. Talking about how the hotel had fallen into disrepair (AW's 1981-82) and the renovations trying to restore the hotel to its' former grandeur (AW in 1983).
  8. The only storylines that Felicia had between her alcoholism story in 1993 and her affair with John Hudson in 1995 was the Misery ripoff storyline where Felicia was kidnapped by Walter Trask and when she shot Lorna's rapist Kyle Barkley in self-defense.
  9. Jason Frame was supposed to have two daughters. I think it got lost in the change of writers from Sheri Anderson to Harding Lemay with the writer's strike thrown in too. I suspect Harding Lemay changed Jason's two daughters into the return of Sharlene and Josie to Bay City. There was also a change in executive producer at this time from John Whitesell to Michael Laibson in March 1988.
  10. With news coming this week that DAYS has hired both Jackee Harry and Linda Dano for upcoming roles in 2021, I really hope they get to interact on screen. It's not Felicia Gallant and Lily Mason, but I do find it interesting that DAYS announced their hirings during the same week. Now if they can get Stephen Schnetzer back on DAYS as Julie's brother Steven Olson.
  11. I think NBC and P&G also thought that Courtney's return would raise AW back to the top of the ratings after those terrible ratings in 1981-82. When a huge increase in the ratings did not happen, I wonder if TPTB thought that Alice was an expendable character who could easily be written out of the show. Something just wasn't right....
  12. It would be cool if they could reunite her on screen with her AW co-star Petronia Paley who played Quinn somehow. All their male co-star on AW went on to make it big in Hollywood- Morgan Freeman, Joe Morton, James Pickens, and the late Howard Rollins.
  13. I thought that AW was vastly improved and highly entertaining during 1984 with Allen Potter as EP and Gary Tomlin and Richard Culliton as headwriters. Potter retired at the end of 1984, and was supposed to replaced by Mary Ellis Bunim who was the EP of ATWT. Bunim instead joined the Dobsons on Santa Barbara. Stephen Schenkel took over AW in January 1985. He was an executive at Benton & Bowles, one of the advertising agencies that P&G used to assist in producing their soaps. Tomlin was still headwriter, then there was a writer's strike. Courtney left the show during the writer's str
  14. The best hairstyle VW ever had was around 1993-94. I didn't mind when Rachel wore here hair in a bun from 1996-99, but it always reminded me of Justine .
  15. TPTB had and missed a great opportunity in 1985 when Rachel got amnesia and spurned Mac- even moving out of the Cory mansion for a time. Mac and Alice could have started seeing each other again. Jacqueline Courtney was released from the show at this time, and AW missed a big opportunity for a great storyline.
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