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  1. The following are from Another World: Victoria Wyndham- Rachel Cory Hutchins, Justine Duvalier Tom Eplin- Jake McKinnon, Bunny Eberhardt, Doris Pepperdine Stephen Schnetzer- Cass Winthrop, Krystal Lake, Rex Allingham Ellen Wheeler, Anne Heche, and Jensen Buchanan- Marley and Vicky Joe Morton- Dr. Abel Marsh, Leo Mars Eric Morgan Stuart- Chris Madison, The Love Lady John Aprea- Lucas, Alexander Nikos Lewis Arlt- David Thatcher, Ken Jordan Doris Belack- Madge Murray, Nora Simpson Roberts Blossom- Bert Ordway, Sven Petersen John Bolger- Dr. Alton Spader, Gabe McNamara Carla Borelli- Reena Bellman Cook, Barbara Van Arkdale J. Kenneth Campbell- Yohann/Herman Ludwig, Jordan Scott Gary Carpenter- Ray Gordon, Michael Bauer John Considine- Reginald Love, Vic Hastings Elizabeth Franz- Alma Rudder, Belia Pirenko Ed Fry- Mayoral candidate Chandler Haines, Adam Cory Sofia Landon Geier- Donna Love, Jennifer Thatcher Robert Gentry- Detective Craig Morris, Philip Lyons Christine Jones- Janice Frame, Amy Cushing Robert Kelker-Kelly- Shane Roberts, Sam Fowler David Andrew MacDonald- Jordan Stark, David Halliday Beverlee McKinsey- Iris Wheeler, Emma Frame Ordway Lenka Peterson- Helen D'Angelo, Marie Fenton Peter Ratray- Christophe Boudreau, Quentin Ames
  2. You can download the Scannable app https://apps.apple.com/us/app/evernote-scannable/id883338188 It is very easy to use and works with iPhones and iPads. You simply take a picture of the document you want to scan and Email it to yourself.
  3. There is a tremendous difference between 1981-82 and 1983-84. Part of the difference was the switch in producers from Paul Rauch to Allen Potter. By 1981-82, Rauch was beginning to outstay his welcome after making AW a success in the 70s. In Spring 1983, Potter was transferred from GL to AW. Potter was AW's original producer in 1964. I think he greatly improved the show, and it was very watchable during his tenure in 1983-84. I wish he hadn't retired at the end of 1984. In 1985, AW would again lose its way under producer Stephen Schenckel, and we were back to 1981-82 all over again in terms of storylines.
  4. watson71


    The Flintstones are coming to MeTV on September 30th- 59 years to the day that they premiered on ABC. The Flintstones will air at 6 PM. https://www.tvinsider.com/803489/the-flintstones-tv-return-metv/
  5. Loving these articles @vetsoapfan ! By chance do you have any articles on the P & G soap changes in 1980-81, where P & G got rid of veteran stars on all of their shows and revamped the themes and credits for all of their shows in an attempt to compete with the "hipper" ABC soaps that were stealing viewers from the P & G shows. I imagine that in pre-Internet days, that longtime P & G fans were not happy with all these changes.
  6. Interesting to note in the Publisher's Memo was that reruns of The Love Boat, The Jeffersons, and Alice were pulling in higher ratings than many of the soaps during 1980. An early precursor of things to come later on as soaps would be canceled as fans tuned to a multitude of cable channels and the Internet for their daily entertainment. Also, did NBC heavily promote Texas before its debut with print, radio, and nighttime TV commercials? Did it receive as much promotion as the Editor's Note states?
  7. How long into Texas' run did they change the show's logo? The logo in these early episodes looks very amateurish compared to the Texas flag blowing in the wind with the gold Texas script lettering.
  8. From July 1980 to November 1980, Another World went from a 7.8 to a 5.6 rating. In the December 1980 ratings, Texas bumped AW out of the top 10. Days and AW had a total ratings collapse. Also, I never knew that TEXAS ever beat AW in the ratings.
  9. Yes, it was awful writing. AW could have utilized SORASED Cory and Jeanne Ewing and Kevin Thatcher along with teens Matthew and Josie in 1988. Remember the brother and sister, Kevin (how ironic) and Tracy Julian, who were involved in the Matthew and Josie in the teen chat line storyline. Tracy was played by future 90210 star Gabrielle Carteris. The show even introduced a father for Kevin and Julian named Frank. He was played by John Spencer who would later go on to success on The West Wing. Later in 1988, AW cast Luke Perry (90210) as Kenny a frat boy who was a border at the Frame family farm who liked Josie. The roles of Kenny and Kevin Julian could have easily been a SORASED Kevin Thatcher or Cory Ewing.
  10. The last time Kevin appeared on AW was in May 1986 at Sally's funeral. After that the character was forgotten....
  11. Regarding Aunt Liz, I never understood why TPTB wrote Irene Dailey out of the show from June 1986 to November 1987. When Dailey returned in November 1987, she was placed on recurring status, I wonder why they didn't do this in June 1986 to keep the character in Bay City. Her last airdate was May 4, 1994 on AW's 30th Anniversary episode. They should have kept her around on a recurring basis until the end of the series. JFP probably would have gotten rid of Aunt Liz during her tenure in 1995-96. Given JFP's record at other shows, she probably would have tried to get rid of Mac (Douglass Watson) and Ada (Constance Ford) if they hadn't passed away and were still on the show in 1995-96.
  12. Julia's death was unnecessary. Another member of the Matthews family killed. Within two years, both Julia and Sally would be killed off AW. If Julia remained on the show, at least her parents Susan and Dan could have returned to Bay City giving Liz some additional airtime. Also, at one point, didn't the writers play around with bringing back Liz's son, Bill, who died in a boating accident in California?
  13. The character of Paulina was another unnecessary illegitimate child of Mac Cory. When Cali Timmins and Judi Evans were on the show, they should have been cast as Nancy .McGowan rather than Paulina. Nancy always had a crush on Jake- Paulina was involved with Jake, Nancy hated Vicky- Paulina and Vicky fought over Grant, when Joe Carlino was introduced on the show they even stated that he dated Nancy in high school- before he became involved with Paulina, and both Nancy and Paulina became addicted to drugs. The Paulina storylines in the 90s would have worked if the character was Nancy. Bringing up Carl's son Perry, I always wondered why the writers ignored the fact that Vicky indirectly caused Perry's death when he discovered that Vicky was a twin to Marley and he fell from the hayloft in the Love stable. Surely a vengeful Carl would not want another son, Ryan, becoming involved with the woman who caused Perry's death. Ironically, Ryan's death would also be tied to Vicky when he was shot by Grant on the train trestle after Justine kidnaped Kirkland. So Vicky had ties to the deaths of both of Carl's sons.
  14. I like the wink and nod to Another World in the For Richer, For Poorer opening with the interlocking Os in Poorer similar to AW's interlocking rings in their opening.
  15. And she was Miss Ellie's best friend, Mavis Anderson, on Dallas. Episodes of Dallas are available to stream on the IMDB Freedrive app. Wish episodes of AW and the other P&G soaps would show up on a streaming service!
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