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  1. About the only good thing Corrine Jacker did was integrate Another World's Bay City. The actors were certainly talented, but they were given typical soap storylines. AW also gave several recurring dayplayer parts to African American actors when Bob and Henrietta's son, RJ, got involved with gang members. I believe if AW's ratings had increased with the integrated cast, then more shows would have integrated their casts at the time. It would take until 1989 for NBC to attempt this integration again with Generations.
  2. The audio is off too- the dialogue doesn't match their mouths moving- looks like a foreign movie that was dubbed into English. I wonder why they did this.
  3. They should have left Cali Timmins in the role of Paulina and if they needed to bring Judi Evans on the show they should have recast her as Rachel's sister Nancy McGowan.
  4. Here is the 25th Anniversay promo with Josie
  5. Here is the promo with Vicky. I remember one with Evan Frame talking about Gwen returning to town to get revenge on Rachel for all the trouble she caused the Frame family. These promos were probably only broadcast on NBC- I doubt that Soapnet aired the promos when these episodes aired.
  6. I looked and did not find just the specific promos- they could be included on clips, as many of the May 1989 episodes are not specific episodes- they are portions of episodes based on specific storylines.
  7. These promos aired for a few weeks before the actual anniversary episodes. They actually aired after each episode before the closing credits. Each promo used the Another World 25th Anniversary Celebration logo below...
  8. JFP's three strikes on AW, I believe, were the following damaging moves, more so than killing Frankie: 1. Killing Paul Michael Valley's Ryan- while it was great drama onscreen- Ryan should have been shot and fell off the train trestle with his body gone missing in case he wanted to return to the show- which he did the next year in a ghost story. 2. Rewriting history by trying to pass off Maggie as Cass' daughter, when for months in 1982-83, the storyline of who was Maggie's father with Cecile claiming that both Sandy Cory and Jamie Frame were her dad. 3. Her shabby treatment of Nancy Frangione (Cecile). For years, AW managed to get Cecile back for short stints. In 1995, Frangione returned looking like she wanted she wanted to return fulltime. Frangione was never placed on contract, appeared in the credits with the extras/under 5s, saddled with mediocre nonsensical material that was below a schemer like Cecile, was never placed in the updated credits due to her non-contract role, then sent out of town as a loser with no money. AW really could have benefited from a villain like Cecile at this time. This would be the last time Cecile would ever appear on AW.
  9. I've always believed that McKinsey and Victoria Wyndham's nominations cancelled each other out on AW. During that time McKinsey lost to two other AW actresses Laurie Heineman (Sharlene) and Irene Dailey (Liz). Her never receiving a nomination for GL is ridiculous. McKinsey should have won an Emmy for both AW and GL.
  10. Absolutely- when Liz ran her mouth to Matthew about how Rachel slept with Mitch to save Mac and Rachel killing Janice. Good use of history.
  11. Potter was a very capable producer. When he was at The Doctors, the show had high ratings and won a Best Show Emmy, same goes for Guiding Light. P&G transferred him back to Another World in the Spring of 1983 and he took the mess that Paul Rauch left him with and whipped the show into shape pretty quickly. His AW from mid 83-1984, like his version of The Doctors and GL was engaging and entertaining. He retired at the end of 1984. I wish he would have stayed longer at AW- the show would become a convoluted mess under the next producer, Stephen Schenkel.
  12. A variation on the same publicity photo. Other than the hospital scene, did Rachel and Liz ever come to blows and exchange punches?
  13. I agree- from what I've seen of Marlowe on YouTube, he always looked like he was struggling to get his lines out and trying to find his place on the cue cards 🤣
  14. Had AW kept the character of Mary alive and active on the show's canvas, Dwyer could have been on the show for its entire 35 year run. Dwyer passed away in 2012. The show really could have used a mother figure in its later years after Ada passed away in 1993.
  15. Only two daytime soaps with a Southern location that I can recall are P&G's Texas (Houston) and The Catlins (Atlanta). NBC's new prime time drama Council of Dads relies heavily on its Savannah, GA locale as part of the plot, as does Netflix's Outer Banks and its North Carolina locale.
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