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  1. P&G has really missed the boat. Yes, people would watch those films. Plus, if they had already put their soaps on a streaming service, the viewership would probably be high right now with everyone stuck in the house searching for their next show to watch. It's as if P&G doesn't want anyone to know they were producers of decades of soaps.
  2. Culliton's second stint at AW in 1998 was a mess because of interference on both NBC's and P&G's part. This is really when they were trying to turn AW into DAYS. During this time they turned Carl back into a villain again when Charles Keating was fired from the show. This is when fans of AW began to realize that the show was near cancellation.
  3. Tomlin and the Cullitons did write an entertaining and engaging Another World in 1984. It definitely would have been better than Conboy and Weston.
  4. Anyone looking for a new series to check out while at home, check out On My Block on Netflix, about four high school friends living in South Central Los Angeles. There are 28 half hour episodes of the series available for streaming. The show is engaging and really knows how to do a season cliffhanger. Hope everyone is safe and doing well.
  5. From his return in 1988, Donna Swajeski utilized the storyline projections that were written by Harding Lemay. I wonder how much these storylines were changed with the death of Douglass Watson in May, 1989. What storyline was planned to reunite Mac and his estranged daughter Iris? Has any other soap, besides AW, have to make major changes to the storyline due to the real life death of one of the show's leading actors who was heavily featured in several storylines at the time of their death?
  6. I agree the Carole Shelley was playing up the ham factor. I do kind of wish that Beverlee McKinsey was In these episodes. I would have like to have seen what she would have done with the material when it's revealed that Janice was trying to kill Mac.
  7. 40 years ago this week- March 14, 1980- one of Another World's most popular storylines culminated with Rachel killing Janice Frame in a swimming pool in St. Croix after Janice confronted Rachel as she was trying to save Mac.
  8. TVOne has been airing a Best of Willona marathon today in tribute to Ja'Net DuBois- so many great episodes with Willona. The Dinner Party sequence is hilarious, as well as The Rent Party episode where Willona, Thelma, and Florida sing Stop In the Name of Love as The Supremes at the rent party for Wanda. 😂😂😂
  9. The same goes for Constance Ford is she was alive, well, and still on AW. Given Ford's reputation for not suffering fools, I imagine that she and JFP would not have seen eye to eye, especially if she tried to remove Ford's Ada from the show.
  10. 1985 was a weird year for AW. Allen Potter retired as executive producer at the end of 1984. He was replaced the first week of 1985 with Stephen Schenkel. Potter "righted the ship" and kept AW on track for the majority of 1983-84. While he did raise the ratings, Potter could not move AW from the middle of the pack, nor did he win an Emmy like he did at The Doctors and Guiding Light. I suspect that if AW moved to the top of the ratings or won an Emmy, that Potter would have stuck around longer at AW. Published reports at the time had ATWT executive producer Mary Ellis Bunim was to be the new executive producer at AW, but she went to Santa Barbara instead. I'm not sure where P&G and NBC found Stephen Schenkel. After he left AW he was hired at All My Children. Richard Culliton and Gary Tomlin started off the year as headwriters. Then, there was a writer's strike in the Spring, and Sam Hall and Gillian Spencer were hired as headwriters in the summer. They were terrible headwriters, perhaps penning the absolute worst storyline in AW history- the Egyptian urn with the poisonous dust that Carl Hutchins hoped would kill Mac and Rachel. NBC even put full page ads in TV Guide hoping this garbage storyline would attract viewers to AW.
  11. In my YouTube feed, a 1951 episode of Suspense, an anthology series that ran on CBS, appeared this morning. The episode features 30 year old Douglass Watson (Mac Cory) as a killer who follows a woman home on a stormy night.
  12. Was the character of Rachel rehabilitated and did the audience by into her living happily ever after with Mac? Cass may have matured but marrying Lila who was a cheap imitation of Cecile- both spoiled and self-centered- was a quick way to wrap up the show. At least having Cecile on the canvas from 96-99 would have made more sense to long term viewers.
  13. First, TPTB never put Nancy Frangione on a contract when she returned in Fall 1995. In the closing credits she was always listed with the recurring characters. They also did not place Cecile in the opening credits that debuted in March 1996 because she was a recurring character- and not on contract. Then, the writers gave Cecile two poorly written story arc. First, they tried to rewrite history and say that Cass, not Sandy, was Maggie's father. Long time viewers who were watching the show in 1982-83 knew that Cass wasn't even in Bay City at the time and Cecile went back and forth on whether Sandy or Jamie was Maggie's dad. Next, Cecile hired Rafael to "kidnap" Maggie so that she could get ransom money from the Corys to help her with her money troubles. Again, another poorly written story. In early Summer 1996, Cecile left Bay City never to be heard from again. Frangione deserved better than this. TPTB should have kept Cecile on the canvas. She- not Lila- should have been the one to marry Cass in the AW finale.
  14. They should have had Iris and Cecile in the scene with Grant in Tanquir in the last episode plotting their revenge against all the people in Bay City who wronged them. Definitely would have been fun to briefly see them together.
  15. I belive there were papers located inside the Red Swan that stated that Paulina was Mac's long lost daughter.
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