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  1. On Deadline.com I saw that ABC has renewed all its prime time game shows with the exception of the Disney-owned Millionaire and Fremantle's The Match Game. I would not be shocked in the coming weeks if CBS announces that The Talk will be replaced by a daytime version of The Match Game. Fremantle already produces Price is Right and Lets Make a Deal. They already have the set built for Match Game, but I'm not sure they could keep Alec Baldwin as host of a 5-day a week game show.
  2. The character was Lily Tran played by Bok Yun Chon in the Summer and Fall of 1992. She came to Bay City looking for John Hudson who knew her father in Vietnam. The change in writers from Donna Swajeski to Peggy Sloane caused the story to be dropped with Lily returning to Vietnam for an arranged marriage. It was never clear if they intended for Lily to be a love interest for John or his long lost daughter from the war.
  3. Definitely need to include Another World's Mac and Iris in this thread. Douglass Watson and Beverlee McKinsey definitely had incredible chemistry, and years of story on the show was Iris seeking revenge and stirring up trouble for Mac's wife Rachel since she married Iris' beloved "Daddy."
  4. There has been much talk on the board about AW's theme song (You Take Me Away to) Another World. The composer of the song, Ralph Shuckett, passed away this week. The song is mentioned in his Variety obituary. https://variety.com/2021/music/news/ralph-schuckett-dead-keyboard-player-todd-rundgren-utopia-pokemon-1234945718/
  5. According to the Another World Homepage Ada appears on February 28, 1967. She is introduced as Liz Matthews hairdresser. Her brother Sam lives with her as well. Rachel appears on March 8, 1967. Were they living at their house on Bowman Street at this time?
  6. Someone probably wounded Vinny (shot or stabbed) him and left him for dead before Liam hit him with the car. This will be where the coroner character will come into play when she discovers Vinny died from multiple wounds.
  7. Felicia was such a different character when she first arrived in Bay City in January 1983. In the few episodes that exist around her arrival, it's almost as if the writers were trying to make her into a daytime version of Dynasty's Alexis. They would continue to write her this way right through the Alma Rudder murder mystery, then they made Felicia more likeable. It is definitely fun to see the beginning of Felicia's relationship with frenemy/step-daughter Cecile.
  8. On Another World, it was well established that Mac Cory owned a large international publishing company, but when Steve Frame was introduced in the clip below at the 53 minute mark, it was briefly stated that he worked in construction. What caught Rachel's attention and impressed her was that he was the owner of Bay City Bengals, a minor league football team. It seems that this plot was quickly dropped by subsequent writers, but it would have been interesting to focus on the football team, rather than Frame Construction. Has any soap ever featured a football team in a storyline?
  9. I suspect that P&G was waiting to see if the show would be renewed before they updated the late 90s credits. If it was renewed, then we probably would have gotten updated credits.
  10. Either they will give everyone a happy ending, or I could see them having something tragic happen like Spooky dies trying to save Cesar from the Santos gang. The creator of the show has a long term Netflix deal, I could also see them doing a spinoff series focusing on characters in college or a Jasmine/Ruby spinoff.
  11. Here is Elizabeth Franz as Belia Pirenko
  12. The part of Belia Pirenko, Nikolai's wife was played by Elizabeth Franz, who would show up again in 1982 as crazy Alma Rudder, the Cory maid who helped Cecile terrorize Blaine.
  13. All of these characters and convoluted storylines on the show had to be confusing to those who watched the show daily. In one month from March to April 1982, Tom and Mitch kidnap Matthew, and Rachel tracks them down to a sailboat in San Diego. This leads to the car chase through the streets of San Diego as Rachel tries to escape with Matthew. Meanwhile, Steve and Alice postpone their wedding so he could help Rachel in San Diego. Tom is arrested once Steve and Mitch rescue Rachel and Matthew. The Male Panthers implicate Mitch in Matthew's kidnapping and Mitch is sent to prison. The next week
  14. The only other thing that Corinne Jacker did well was integrate Bay City with African American characters. While she gave them typical soap opera storylines, all of the actors were good. By 1987, all of those actors were off the show with Quinn Harding being the last one when she was killed by the Sin Stalker.
  15. Another World April 12-13, 1982 Episodes
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