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  1. Once Jamie left Bay City in 1993, never to return again- Sandy, Blaine, and Alex Cory should have made their way back to Bay City. Blaine and Alex Cory were never seen on the show after 1985, and a replacement Sandy made a few appearances with Maggie.
  2. Most definitely agree. The best part of the AW finale were when each cast member filmed their best wishes for Cass and Lila, but it was really the actors talking to the fans. I wonder if these lines were written in the script or they allowed them to ad lib their lines. Also, when Rachel was doing her sweep of the Cory living room, Vicky Wyndham stopped at Constance Ford's picture and kissed the frame. I'm sure Wyndham improvised that.
  3. I think AWs finale was head and shoulders above the finale of ATWT. Goutman knew for nine months that ATWT was canceled- never pretaped anything with 90-something Helen Wagner to include in the finale, gave her a slapped together funeral when Wagner passed away, treated Eileen Fulton's Lisa like a day-player after being on the show 50+ years, and ended the show with Dr. Bob cleaning his office and talking to a cheap light up spinning globe. Now that shows you Goutman could have cared less about ATWT at that point.
  4. Carolyn the gorilla was a nod to Carolyn Culliton the longtime AW writer. Carolyn's gorilla mate was named Richard after Richard Culliton and the zookeeper's name was Sam Radcliffe after AW writer Samuel D. Radcliffe who passed away in 1995. This was a wink n smile to the AW writers that were on the show in 1984 who wrote the Felicia/Cass/Cecile capers, including being locked in a cage with Carolyn the Gorilla, and introduced the character of Wallingford in 1984. I was fine with the return of Carolyn the gorilla since it was probably done for Linda Dano and Stephen Schnetzer to remember how they met Wallingford. I just wished it was done on Thursday- the day before the finale. This would have given the 10 minutes of the finale devoted to Carolyn back so that we could have seen some flashbacks in the final scene as Rachel reminisced in the Cory living room. Also, it has long been rumored that in the last few scenes Bette Midler's In This Life was not the original song selected, but it was Crystal Gayle and Gary Morris' You Take Me Away to Another World. It would be cool if that ever shows up on YouTube one day.
  5. Most likely- they pretaped a scene of Grant alive and well in Tanquir and placed it in the finale. It would have been nice to get Iris and Cecile (Queen of Tanquir) back for that scene with Grant plotting revenge against the citizens of Bay City.
  6. About 6 weeks- they canceled the show in mid April and had to be done filming by the end of May.
  7. Things really began to unravel at AW in 1996. I don't think they thought that JFP would raise AWs ratings demographics- there were weeks where AW was beating both GL and ATWT in the demographics and a few weeks where AW actually passed GL in the weekly ratings. JFP leaves AW in a huff and is replaced by Charlotte Savitz who was working at NBC at the time. I think she did the most damage to AW by dismantling the cast- the worst firing being Charles Keating in 1998 after winning an Emmy. The week Carl "died" in the hospital explosion, was the same week they had Donna run over Jensen Buchanan's Marley and Grant. Marley is disfigured in the hospital explosion and wakes up a foot taller now being played by Ellen Wheeler again thus ending 13 years of Marley and Vicky being identical twins. Savitz went through eight headwriting teams in two years: Margaret DePriest- September 1996-January 1997 Elizabeth Page, Tom King, and Craig Carlson, January 1997 - March 1997 Tom King and Craig Carlson, March 1997 - April 1997 Michael Malone, April 1997 - December 1997 Richard Culliton, December 1997 - May 1998 Richard Culliton and Jean Passanante, May 1998 - July 1998 Jean Passanante, July 1998 Leah Laiman and Jean Passanante, July 1998 - November 1998 MADD was made Executive in Charge of Production in 1996 and immediately makes Executive Producer changes at ATWT and GL but suspiciously Savitz remains at AW until November 1998. I truly believe that P&G knew at that point that AW would be canceled and gave the EP job to Christopher Goutman to "cut his teeth as EP" on AW with the promise to be transferred to either ATWT or GL once AW was off the air. NBC could not risk to keep AW on the air and cancel Sunset Beach instead. NBC gave SB a six month extension until December 1999 then canceled it. Had NBC given AW a six month extension, NBC knew AW probably would have had higher ratings than Passions which probably would have been a flop from its premiere. It would have been fitting if AW left the air on December 31st- just like Somerset (1976) and Texas (1982) did.
  8. In November 1997, Felicia ran away from the hospital after seeing her disfigured face after she fell through the skylight in Alexander's penthouse. Felicia is befriended by a homeless man named "Wally" who reminds Felicia of Wallingford. Rachel goes looking for Felicia and finds her and Wally at a church slated for demolition. Alexander follows Rachel and kidnaps her and places her in a sarcophagus in the church, unbeknownst to Felicia or Wally. Alexander blamed Carl for the murder of his wife, Diana, and for Felicia falling through the skylight. Alexander rescued Rachel at the last second before the church demolition and then returned her home. This escalated the feud between Alexander and Carl, which resulted in Alexander putting on a mask to look like Carl. Rachel killed Alexander when she realized he was not the real Carl, and Alexander died with Felicia by his side. This was the beginning of the end of AW....
  9. I think the intention originally was to proceed with the Bobby Reno story. When Michael Malone took over as headwriter in April, 1997, that is when things went haywire. I think Malone borrowed heavily from his bible for the unaired 13 Bourbon Street and just transferred the ideas to the characters on Another World. Bobby Reno become Shane, Lila his-ex southern belle appears, Cindy and the glowing tiki idol, Lucas lookalike Alexander Nikos, Amanda posing as Hadley Prescott, Rachel being locked in a casket in a church about to be demolished, etc.
  10. It's a wonder that P&G and NBC never considered moving Somerset to the 3:30 PM timeslot following Another World, since Bright Promise did not work in the timeslot. P&G had that mandate that their shows would not compete with one another, but they would move Edge of Night in 1972, Somerset technically could have moved to the 3:30 timeslot. Not sure it would have helped Somerset's ratings, but it made sense from a scheduling standpoint to have a one hour block of P&G shows on NBC.
  11. On the last few years of Another World (1997-99), Vicky shared scenes with Jake, Marley, Donna, Grant. She did not have a lot of interaction with the cast as she did in pre-1997.
  12. The first episode was not bad- it was easy to follow for someone who does not watch DAYS regularly. I suspect by Friday that they are either leading up to Kristian Alfonso returning as Hope/Princess Gina or recasting the character of Hope/Princess Gina given the amount of time the show spent talking about the characters in the first episode.
  13. In March, 1973, CBS moved The Price is Right to 3:00 PM to go up against NBC's Another World. When AW expanded to an hour in January, 1975, it was up against The Price is Right and Match Game, and then later All in the Family reruns (which was the top rated prime time program at the time). With Price is Right/Match Game/All in the Family scoring high ratings, and Another World being the #1 or #2 soap at the time- was anyone watching ABC between 3:00-4:00 PM? It would be interesting to know how large the combined audience share was between CBS and NBC at this time. I would imagine between them combined, the audience share was between 70-80% of all US TV sets were tuned to CBS or NBC.
  14. The 70s ratings really fluctuated. Nine months later, in September, 1972, P&G insisted upon CBS airing all of their soaps in a continuous block. This moved Edge of Night from 3:30 to 2:30, causing the show to slide from #2 in the ratings to the bottom of the ratings. The quality of the show didn't suffer during this time, but the large male viewership and teenagers weren't able to make it home from work or school earlier by 2:30 to watch. P&G and CBS should have realized the error and moved the show back to 3:30, but that never happened. The 2:30 timeslot on CBS was problematic for P&G soaps. In 1981, CBS switched Search for Tomorrow's 12:30 timeslot after 30 years to 2:30. Less than a year later, P&G would move Search to NBC.
  15. It was probably a lot of scattered preemptions during this time as President Nixon would resign office during the next week on August 8, 1974.
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