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NOTICE: What Happened, How It Was Resolved and Moving Forward


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  1. Cecile looked great when she almost married Peter Love on Another World. The wedding took place on Carl Hutchins' yacht with a Great Gatsby/Roaring 20s theme. Cecile almost married Peter, but he collapsed before he could say "I Do." Peter's seasick pills were replaced by pills that could induce a heart attack.
  2. It will be interesting to see which episode of All in the Family and The Jeffersons that they choose to re-create. I wonder if this is a one time thing, or if they are testing the waters to see if reboots of the series will work, especially givien the launch of the Disney+ streaming service shortly.
  3. What if Douglass Watson had not passed away in real life in 1989? What would have happened with the character of Mac Cory on AW? Would Rachel have left Mac to be paired with Carl Hutchins? Would Watson have been fired by JFP who got rid of every character on the show over 55 years old during 1995 and 1996? JFP carelessly discarded "mature" characters on every show she produced.
  4. I wonder if P&G ever considered hiring Paul Rauch to be the executive producer of AW when he was hired in 1996 to be the executive producer of Guiding Light?
  5. We need to include Charlotte Savitz on this list. In two years as executive producer of Another World there were 8 different headwriters or headwriting teams. They include: Margaret DePriest; Elizabeth Page, Tom King, and Craig Carlson; Tom King and Craig Carlson; Michael Malone; Richard Culliton; Richard Culliton and Jean Passanante; Jean Passanante; and Leah Laiman and Jean Passanante. Savitz was the producer who truly destroyed AW and ensured its future cancellation . Here is a list of her incompetent decisions: -Brought John Aprea back to the show as Lucas lookalike Alexander Nikos and quickly turned him into a cartoonish villain. -Turned race car driver Bobby Reno into Dr. Shane Roberts with a secret wife, Lila -Unsuccessfully recasted Amanda and Matthew Cory until Sandra Ferguson and Matt Crane returned to the show. -Let the following characters leave Bay City never to be heard from again- Lorna Devon, Sharlene Hudson, John Hudson, Tomas Rivera, Sofia Carlino, -Killed Gabe McNamara -Had the ghosts of Ryan Harrison and Bridget Connell visit Vicky since JFP had killed off both of these characters -Recasted popular characters Gary and Josie in mid-story, then introduced a brother for Gary named Cameron who did nothing to help the mid-story recasts -Introduced time traveler Jordan Stark and his Lumina Foundation -Had the character of Marley Hudson return to Bay City, disfigured her face in a fire so that Marley and Vicky were no longer identical twins, and had Ellen Wheeler return to the role of Marley. Let's not forget that Wheeler was about a foot taller than Jensen Buchanan's Vicky. Not only did Marley get disfigured, she grew about a foot. -Killed both Michael Hudson and Shane Roberts in a car crash in a snowstorm -Fired Emmy winner Charles Keating and had Carl disappear with a brain tumor. Carl would turn up alive in the last few episodes of AW.
  6. 40 years ago today- March 5, 1979- Another World aired its first 90 minute episode. AW killed one of its longest running characters- John Randolph- in a fire trying to save his sister-in-law Alice. Below are scenes from the second 90 minute episode. Does anyone know if the cabin scenes were filmed in the studio or on location? Special effects were quite elaborate for a 70s soap.
  7. There are so many sub-channels today, I'm shocked that the P&G shows have not shown up on MeTV, Antenna TV, etc. or on a streaming service. On the AOL streaming service Another World, Texas, Edge of Night, and Search for Tomorrow were streamed for about 18 months of episodes. They would only need to add Guiding Light and As the World Turns to the mix. The only thing I've seen edited out of the old episodes are the sponsor tags for each show. Is this the problem with P&G- they are too cheap to pay to edit out the sponsor tags? If that is the case, leave the sponsor tags in the episodes. Makes you wonder why they are letting the episodes collect dust on shelves.
  8. Talk show host Dick Cavett played a magician named "Oliver Twist" who hypnotized Felicia, in September 1988 on Another World.
  9. Liberace appeared on Another World twice in both 1985 and 1986. Here is one of the clips from 1986 when he was a guest at Felicia's wedding to Zane Lindquist.
  10. Interesting to see these ratings- this was at the height of the Watergate Scandal when many soaps were pre-empted. The Supreme Court ordered President Nixon to release the tapes to the special prosecutor during this week. On July 30, 1974, Nixon complied with the order and released the subpoenaed tapes to the public.
  11. The character of Paulina- another forgotten illegitimate child of Mac Cory's was not even necessary on the show. Cali Timmins/ Judi Evans could have been a recast for Nancy McGowan, and their storylines could have played out as Nancy. Nancy always had a crush on Jake so it would make sense that she could have been in Jake's storylines the way Paulina was. Also, when Joe Carlino was introduced on the show, they made a point of saying that Joe went to high school with Nancy. And I'm sure Nancy would not have been pleased that Rachel married Carl- the man that tried to kill both Rachel and Nancy.
  12. I totally agree. There was so much potential with Sally. The character could have left Bay City for awhile and return to town with a SORASED Kevin who was a teenager like Amanda Cory's age. Also, Mary Page Keller's prime time roles only lasted a few years. I think they could have lured her back to the show at some point in the 90s. Had she lived, Sally could have been given many of those "Vicky-centered" storylines to carry out rather than just have the character of Vicky dominate the show. Plus having Sally on the show would have been a good way to have Aunt Liz and Alice be viable characters who stayed in Bay City well into the 90s. And since Rachel was her step-mother and Jamie her step-brother, Sally could have stayed involved with the Corys as well.
  13. The March 6, 1979, episode is the second 90 minute episode that aired on Tuesday of that week. The changes that NBC Chief Fred Silverman would make from 1979-1982 to the daytime lineup would impact the lineup for years to come. In 1979, the expansion of AW to 90 minutes moves AW out of the 3-4 PM time slot for the first time since the showed debuted in 1964. This moves The Doctors out of its 2:30 time slot to 2 PM and pushed Days of our Lives to 1-2 PM. In 1980, AW would introduce characters from its upcoming spinoff Texas on AW confusing viewers with many new characters. After 18 months, AW is now moved out of the 3-4 PM time slot altogether and moved to 2-3 PM. The Doctors is now moved to 12:30 PM and Texas starring Beverlee McKinsey debuts at 3-4 PM against GH and GL. In another 18 months, in March 1982, Seach for Tomorrow would take The Doctors 12:30 PM time slot moving tThe Doctors to 12:00 PM. Then in April, Texas would be moved to 11 AM for 8 months before being cancelled , along with The Doctors, on the same day. In hindsight, it probably would have been better to leave AW at 3:00 PM and placed Texas at 2:00 PM in between Days of our Lives and AW. With the move to 2 PM and the loss of Beverlee McKinsey, AW never recovered in the ratings. From 1980-1999, the show would never rise above 7th/8th place in the ratings. Texas was cancelled after a quick two year run, and The Doctors ended its almost 20 year run because of constant changes to the show.
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