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  1. In November 1997, Felicia ran away from the hospital after seeing her disfigured face after she fell through the skylight in Alexander's penthouse. Felicia is befriended by a homeless man named "Wally" who reminds Felicia of Wallingford. Rachel goes looking for Felicia and finds her and Wally at a church slated for demolition. Alexander follows Rachel and kidnaps her and places her in a sarcophagus in the church, unbeknownst to Felicia or Wally. Alexander blamed Carl for the murder of his wife, Diana, and for Felicia falling through the skylight. Alexander rescued Rachel at the last second before the church demolition and then returned her home. This escalated the feud between Alexander and Carl, which resulted in Alexander putting on a mask to look like Carl. Rachel killed Alexander when she realized he was not the real Carl, and Alexander died with Felicia by his side. This was the beginning of the end of AW....
  2. I think the intention originally was to proceed with the Bobby Reno story. When Michael Malone took over as headwriter in April, 1997, that is when things went haywire. I think Malone borrowed heavily from his bible for the unaired 13 Bourbon Street and just transferred the ideas to the characters on Another World. Bobby Reno become Shane, Lila his-ex southern belle appears, Cindy and the glowing tiki idol, Lucas lookalike Alexander Nikos, Amanda posing as Hadley Prescott, Rachel being locked in a casket in a church about to be demolished, etc.
  3. It's a wonder that P&G and NBC never considered moving Somerset to the 3:30 PM timeslot following Another World, since Bright Promise did not work in the timeslot. P&G had that mandate that their shows would not compete with one another, but they would move Edge of Night in 1972, Somerset technically could have moved to the 3:30 timeslot. Not sure it would have helped Somerset's ratings, but it made sense from a scheduling standpoint to have a one hour block of P&G shows on NBC.
  4. On the last few years of Another World (1997-99), Vicky shared scenes with Jake, Marley, Donna, Grant. She did not have a lot of interaction with the cast as she did in pre-1997.
  5. The first episode was not bad- it was easy to follow for someone who does not watch DAYS regularly. I suspect by Friday that they are either leading up to Kristian Alfonso returning as Hope/Princess Gina or recasting the character of Hope/Princess Gina given the amount of time the show spent talking about the characters in the first episode.
  6. In March, 1973, CBS moved The Price is Right to 3:00 PM to go up against NBC's Another World. When AW expanded to an hour in January, 1975, it was up against The Price is Right and Match Game, and then later All in the Family reruns (which was the top rated prime time program at the time). With Price is Right/Match Game/All in the Family scoring high ratings, and Another World being the #1 or #2 soap at the time- was anyone watching ABC between 3:00-4:00 PM? It would be interesting to know how large the combined audience share was between CBS and NBC at this time. I would imagine between them combined, the audience share was between 70-80% of all US TV sets were tuned to CBS or NBC.
  7. The 70s ratings really fluctuated. Nine months later, in September, 1972, P&G insisted upon CBS airing all of their soaps in a continuous block. This moved Edge of Night from 3:30 to 2:30, causing the show to slide from #2 in the ratings to the bottom of the ratings. The quality of the show didn't suffer during this time, but the large male viewership and teenagers weren't able to make it home from work or school earlier by 2:30 to watch. P&G and CBS should have realized the error and moved the show back to 3:30, but that never happened. The 2:30 timeslot on CBS was problematic for P&G soaps. In 1981, CBS switched Search for Tomorrow's 12:30 timeslot after 30 years to 2:30. Less than a year later, P&G would move Search to NBC.
  8. It was probably a lot of scattered preemptions during this time as President Nixon would resign office during the next week on August 8, 1974.
  9. Phillips was financially making Bell money by co-creating Another World with him. The Another World Homepage details that during this time Phillips and Bill Bell, along with Phillips' secretary Rose Cooperman, and Phillips' brother Arno were owners of Another World until 1967. Phillips and the others licensed Another World to P&G and their ad agency, Young & Rubicam, during that time. This may be the first time a creator owned their own soap, even if it was temporary and in P&G's hands from the beginning. The show’s official and legal agreement (dated 5/4/64) established that P&G Productions and Young & Rubicam would acquire rights to AW from Phillips and the others after 268 consecutive weeks. They were paid $1,000/week royalties for the term of the agreement. A purchase price of $500,000 (over $4,000,000 in 2021 value) dated 4/10/67, to be paid in 11 annual installments between 1967 and 1977. Distribution: Irna Phillips – 39%. William Bell – 31%. Rose Cooperman 5%. Arno Phillips 25%. So Phillips and Bell were making money on a show that they were not even writing anymore . Agnes Nixon who was writing Another World in 1967 and made it a success was not included in the ownership deal.
  10. Harding Lemay fleshed out Felicia's past as Fanny Grady starting in Fall 1988 when Felicia was hypnotized by magician Oliver Twist played by Dick Cavett. This continued into 1989 as Felicia was stalked by a stranger who later turned out to be Derek Dane, who it was later revealed killed Felicia's stepfather, Noah Grady in self defense. Felicia believed that she was the one who had originally killed Noah. Lemay detested murder mysteries and court trials, so I wonder if his story outline contained the "Who Killed Jason Frame?" storyline with Felicia as the suspect on trial. Whether he penned this or Donna Swajeski changed it, the murder mystery and subsequent trial was one of Another World's best umbrella storylines because the entire cast was involved - tying Iris is the Chief of Bennett Publishing, Sharlene's prostitution past, the father of Vicky's baby, and Evan was Janice Frame's son all together. AW was must see TV and on the top of its game in the Spring of 1989.
  11. I wish they could have found a way to keep Kathleen on the show in 1991. Once the show knew that they were going to go with the Cass/Frankie pairing, they could have used Kathleen in other storylines. She was a link to AW's past, and the character was charismatic enough to be tied to other storylines. A whole storyline alone could have been what happened to Kathleen while she was in the witness protection program.
  12. Thanks for the link to Julie Osburn's website. When you click on the "More" tab and select CV her resume appears. She does have Another World under her acting credits, but even more interesting is that she wrote teleplays for both Another World and Guiding Light. I wonder if she used a pseudonym since I don't remember seeing her names in the credits as a writer.
  13. Yes, there is a big character change in Felicia from the way Robert Soderberg and Dorothy Ann Purser wrote her in 1983 (more Alexis Carrington) than the way Gary Tomlin and Richard Culliton wrote her in 1984 (still over the top, but in a comedic way). Felicia was mad that Cass was seeing her step daughter Cecile on the side in 1983. This caused Felicia to act mean. Felicia even had a falling out with her secretary/assistant, Julia Shearer. At the double wedding of Mac and Rachel and Sandy and Blaine, Felicia smacked Julia across the face and Julia pushed her in the Cory swimming pool.
  14. The Locher Room needs to do a Felicia/Cass/Kathleen/Cecile reunion. It would be great to see Nancy Frangione again. After she left AW in 1996, she sort of fell off the acting radar.
  15. Not sure if she would even want the job, but Wendy Riche could at least get Y&R on the right track, and Y&R could benefit from a smart, capable woman EP leading the show if the allegations about Morina are true.
  16. From Another World, Iris Cory Carrington Delaney Bancroft Wheeler and Cecile DePoulignac aka The Queen of Tanquir
  17. Carolyn Culliton was a writer on AW during the return of Harding Lemay and the transition to Donna Swajeski. I would definitely like to know her perspective on that situation.
  18. Once Agnes Nixon made Another World a ratings success, I'm surprised that NBC and P&G did not revisit the All My Children idea in the late 60s. If P&G had owned both AW and AMC and airing on NBC, they could have utilized the spin-off idea by introducing the AMC characters on AW, like they did with Somerset.
  19. Your synopsis of Nancy in 1985 is 100% correct. Nancy was buying drugs at a disco and taking them. Larry Ewing even went undercover with the drug dealers in the Summer 1985 storyline which was clearly a Miami Vice ripoff. They did talk about Pammy returning in 1988. I wonder if Harding Lemay changed this to Iris when he was rehired as headwriter. Jason Frame's two daughters were changed to Sharlene Frame and Josie Watts. I am sure that Lemay did make this switch. Judi Evans Luciano could have been a Nancy recast in 1991 rather than recasting her as Paulina. You are correct, all the Paulina storylines could have been Nancy's stories. I'm sure Nancy would not have liked Rachel marrying Carl. Also, when Joe Carlino was introduced they made it a point to say he dated Nancy in high school, so it definitely could have worked by bringing Nancy back.
  20. The character of Hunter Bradshaw appeared on AW in the Fall of 1984. Donna Love thought he was an appropriate suitor for Marley because his family had money. Donna did not approve of Marley dating Ben McKinnon. Ben and Carter Todd were Hunter's rivals on the high school football team. Hunter also had a drinking problem, driving drunk and crashing his car into Mac and Rachel's car. By 1985, the character was off the show, and Jake McKinnon would appear in February 1985.
  21. Jean Dadario Burke, Sherrell Hoffman, and Gigi Van Deckter were all directing Another World in 1988-89. Susan Strickler and Linda Barker Laundra directed the show in the early 90s after being producers on the show.
  22. This was during the time that Alice was Rachel's doctor, and all their past history was brought up. If TPTB were wise they would have had Alice start dating Mac again as a plot device. Instead, TPTB clearly had no idea what they were doing and fired Jacqueline Courtney.
  23. On Deadline.com I saw that ABC has renewed all its prime time game shows with the exception of the Disney-owned Millionaire and Fremantle's The Match Game. I would not be shocked in the coming weeks if CBS announces that The Talk will be replaced by a daytime version of The Match Game. Fremantle already produces Price is Right and Lets Make a Deal. They already have the set built for Match Game, but I'm not sure they could keep Alec Baldwin as host of a 5-day a week game show.
  24. The character was Lily Tran played by Bok Yun Chon in the Summer and Fall of 1992. She came to Bay City looking for John Hudson who knew her father in Vietnam. The change in writers from Donna Swajeski to Peggy Sloane caused the story to be dropped with Lily returning to Vietnam for an arranged marriage. It was never clear if they intended for Lily to be a love interest for John or his long lost daughter from the war.
  25. Definitely need to include Another World's Mac and Iris in this thread. Douglass Watson and Beverlee McKinsey definitely had incredible chemistry, and years of story on the show was Iris seeking revenge and stirring up trouble for Mac's wife Rachel since she married Iris' beloved "Daddy."
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