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  1. I also find the Sonny and Jason parts of GH basically unwatchable, but I don't think they're to blame for the ratings drop. Frankly, all soaps (and all primetime network shows) are seeing huge drops in the Nielsen ratings, because there are too many different entertainment options out there competing for eyeballs. And Sonny and Jason have been the show's primary focus for over 20 years now; someone must like that stuff, even if it isn't me. I'd actually say that the show's bigger problem is that they have such a bloated cast, including tons of newbies with questionable acting abili
  2. Agreed that killing off Nick was a short-sighted move, and the show could have benefited from having a "bad" Horton, because it would cause a lot of organic, character-driven conflict, with some Hortons choosing family loyalty over morality. But to the show's credit--and unlike, say, GH, with its litany of dead characters who no one ever talks about anymore--they haven't forgotten about Nick, and his death has fueled years of storyline with the ongoing war between Gabi and Julie.
  3. If they're going where I think they're going with the Gwen storyline, then the scenes where she rebuffs JJ's flirting are some very clever foreshadowing...
  4. YMMV, but I'd be more than happy to ride JKJ hard and put him away wet.
  5. LOL at OLTL's Patrick as "Most Romantic Character." I couldn't stand him, and I thought he ruined one of my favorite characters (Marty). Frankly, a lot of what's gone wrong with soaps in the past 25 years can be summed up in the fact that Thorsten Kaye keeps getting cast in lead roles, while Susan Haskell doesn't.
  6. I don't think that Marcy Rylan is particularly good in this scene, but she's no worse than the other two actors in the scene with her, which is part of the problem with GH these days. If you wanted to clear out all the "deadweight" actors who are sleepwalking through their scenes, there would barely be anyone left. And really, how can anyone give a good authentic performance when they have to work with that lousy dialogue? Soap scenes like this are supposed to be about what the characters are feeling, but these people are speaking almost entirely in exposition.
  7. I'm sure that Quinn Redeker was a magnetic performer, but I feel like everything Alex-related is happening way too fast. How has he become the central character in all these storylines so quickly? Why are all these women suddenly throwing themselves at him? That's just Bad Soap Writing 101, where the writer falls in love with the new character they've introduced, and they decide that all the existing characters on the canvas need to fall in love with them too.
  8. TBH, I've been really bored reading about the various Anderson storylines in these recaps, though I can see how some of them might have played better onscreen, with the various scheming women in that family. But it does seem weird that DAYS wrote out their millionaire industrialist family right at the time when other shows were introducing them (GL's Spauldings, GH's Quartermaines, OLTL's Buchanans, AMC's Cortlandts, etc.). They didn't exactly have their finger on the pulse of the 1980s, did they?
  9. I bet Galen Gering was There are some fun Jan scenes in the extended promo:
  10. I was just getting ready to post this. Cady McClain and Lauren Koslow really brought it today. Loved the way they mentioned all the history with Laura and Bill and even (the unnamed) Curtis. And speaking of Gwen's secret, note how they yet again reminded us of the years Jack spent away from Jennifer after young Abby fell ill...
  11. Current DAYS might just be for you, but I will say that the strength of the show tends to be in its acting and dialogue, which doesn't always come through in internet summaries or discussions of its plots. For instance, Cady McClain's Jennifer had a great little scene today where she was talking to JJ about how tired she is of Jack always screwing up and hurting her, then trying to apologize after the fact.
  12. LOL at Ron frantically retconning Ava's backstory so that it makes a lick of sense. I especially liked that 2015 convent scene where Kristen is telling Ava, "Yeah, I never understood why you didn't just tell Steve you had a son with him in the first place." Speaking of Steve and Kayla, I am loving their arguments over the Tripp situation. It feels very real and raw, and both of them are making valid points.
  13. Honestly, I thought Shawn Christian was alright too. Daniel Jonas was certainly no worse than Rafe or Eric while playing the same "sanctimonious male lead" role. And he even had chemistry with some of his leading ladies (though not Melissa Reeves). I think if he'd been cast as an existing character, like Mike Horton, he wouldn't have gotten nearly so much flack from fans.
  14. Good point. I wasn't watching during the "drunk Eric kills Dr. Jonas" storyline, so I totally forgot about that one. I think Greg Vaughan is pretty much the definition of the bland soap hunk, but I like Martsolf's performance a lot better than you seem to. He brings quite a bit of humor to it, and he sparks with most of his female scene partners (which might be why Brady keeps hooking up with so many different women!)
  15. I can't agree with you there. This might have been true back in the Jensen Ackles/Kyle Lowder era (when frankly most of the younger characters had poorly-defined personalities). But I think Eric Martsolf has given Brady an extremely distinct personality. He's an addict--specifically a sex addict--and he acts recklessly and impulsively in a way Eric would not. And Martsolf plays that kind of troubled son and wounded boyishness so well, it's easy to forget that he's nearly 50 years old.
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