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  1. If Reilly were writing this, then those scenes of Ben in his underwear being tortured and brainwashed would be stretched out for a whole month, rather than just a couple of days.
  2. Nope. Kassie's selling the hell out of this storyline, and the scenes with her in that red dress put the "opera" back in soap opera.
  3. If you do tune in again, today's episode would be a pretty good place to start. No Lucas, but some quality feuding between Sami and Nicole, plus shirtless Brandon Barash, and a cliffhanger that genuinely took me by surprise.
  4. I'm sure the rushed production schedule has something to do with it, as does poor direction. But that seems to be the standard on all the soaps these days. I was watching a YouTube recommended clip from GH recently, and I was shocked by how poor the acting was. It felt like most of the actors were reading their lines for the first time.
  5. I blame casting for the fact that the little girl looks nothing like her mother, Gabi. But I think the "bad seed" part is totally intentional, as a way of signalling that she'll grow up to be a cross between her mother and her Grandma Sami. Hence the line about how she learned about bribes from "mommy, who uses them all the time."
  6. I thought the little girl had some good comic timing, and I'd go easier on her because she's a small child. FS and CM have no such excuse, and they looked visibly uncomfortable around this little girl who's supposed to be their beloved daughter. Scenes like this make the other characters' claims that "Will and Sonny would be the BEST adoptive parents" seem even more surreal. Just because they're a desexualized gay couple doesn't mean they'll make great parents!
  7. Sami and Lucas were such a great comic double-act today. I hope that, in the midst of all the upcoming departures, the show is still able to keep the two of them around for a while.
  8. I live in Armenia, and the people here certainly do think of themselves as "white" (and would be shocked to hear that some people might view them otherwise).
  9. Maybe my opinion is skewed by my perceptions of how little KA brings to Days. She's not a bad actress, but she rarely elevates the scenes she's in, and with a relatively high episode guarantee, she takes away airtime from far more interesting characters and actors. And there are some long-running actors on that show who are much better than KA and would have probably killed for the deal that TPTB offered her.
  10. I can completely understand why she's pissed about how the show tanked her pairing with Aiden (the one post-Bo relationship where she generated real romantic chemistry). But the way she talks about the show taking her off the canvas for 4 months, then bringing her back as part of a frontburner romance storyline--it just makes her sound spoiled. A lot of soap actors would kill to have that kind of break, because it would be enough time to work on some other project.
  11. However, some of these characters are needed to counterbalance the other male leads on a show. Yes, Y&R's Paul might be vanilla, but he's a refreshing change from the other men in his age range (Jack, Victor, Michael), who are all posturing d***heads. And Doug Davidson is very good in scenes where he has to be emotionally vulnerable. Now that TPTB at Y&R have demoted him to recurring status, they seem to be giving more of those scenes to Peter Bergman, who I find laughably bad and unsympathetic, even when he's blubbering away. Now, Paul's insta-son, Steve Burton's character Dylan: that dude had the personality of a piece of aluminum siding. He'd be a good contender for this list.
  12. Sadly, more often that not, black male romantic leads on soaps (e.g. Eli on Days or Ben on ATWT) are written very blandly, and only the best actors would be able to inject some personality into them. And even then, they still require good writers and producers who see their potential. When Lawrence Saint-Victor started playing the much-recast Remy on GL, he was pretty bland, but the writers played to his strengths and worked with him to craft a very specific, memorable character (one who had great chemistry with both Michelle Ray Smith's Ava and Karla Mosley's Christina).
  13. I mean, obviously Will would have slow danced with Ben. To "Cupid's Chokehold."
  14. This is going to sound mean, but I feel like the show is clearing out some of the dead wood. Characters like Eric, Hope, and Rafe have been taking up a lot of airtime for years, but the show has labored to write interesting storylines for them, because the characters themselves are a little stolid. There are plenty of characters on the canvas who behave in more dynamic, unpredictable ways and can generate drama through their own character flaws and conflicts.
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