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  1. I think you're absolutely right: he probably would have made a great Lucky recast. GH has a lot of these casting disasters (Roger Howarth as Franco, Jeff Kober as Cyrus, etc.), and I guess the blame should be laid at Frank's feet. He keeps hiring these actors he likes, without having a clear understanding of what their actual strengths are or what kinds of roles they'd be best at.
  2. Yeah, I was also struck by how well-written those texting scenes were. As you said, they were the highlight of the episode and were genuinely hot. I wonder who wrote them!
  3. Oh, I thought he seemed a lot like EJ, just without the interest in the family business. Which probably means he'll be the new CEO of Dimera by February sweeps.
  4. SORASed Johnny really hit the ground running today. I'm all for a love quadrangle where Chanel is torn between Allie and her twin brother. And Dan Feuerriegel is really growing on me as EJ; I liked his scenes both with Johnny and with John (whose wordless reaction to EJ's protests was fantastic). The only thing I didn't like about the episode is how stupid are Marlena, John, and Allie to believe that those "leave me alone" text messages actually came from Sami.
  5. Josh Morrow's bad hair is the most interesting thing I've seen on this show in months.
  6. Why does EJ know or care about Ben and Ciara getting their "happily ever after"? Does he even know Ben and Ciara? I did enjoy watching Gabi and Ava trade bitchy barbs at each other, however. TB is so much better when she gets to show that hard edge.
  7. Me [yelling at my computer screen]: No s***, bitch!
  8. Wow, I didn't think we were going to get the reveal about Lani's parentage so quickly! I guess it spares us weeks of Jackee and Marla Gibbs talking in vague terms about their family secret.
  9. Ben and Ciara's schmoopfest aside, I really liked most of the scenes in today's episode. Xander and Gwen were the highlight for me, but I also thought Sal Stowers did a terrific job with her monologues about why she doesn't trust her Aunt Paulina. We were complaining just the other day that it seemed out-of-character for Lani to hold this grudge against her aunt, so I have to give them credit for slowing down and giving the backstory (which Lani desperately needs, since she tends to be an underdeveloped character, as a lot of black characters on predominantly white-written soaps often are).
  10. Amen to that! Although I actually did like all those scenes of Ciara snarking at Ben for being a serial killer who disgusts her.
  11. Well, they annoyed the hell out of me. That fortune cookie stuff was unbearable.
  12. Probably. She did a technically good American accent, but didn't have a ton of natural inflection in her voice. She also suffered from some poor writing; it's as if the writers decided that, with the recast, Claire would no longer be crazily obsessive and jealous... but they didn't bother coming up with any new personality traits for her.
  13. Okay, so who do we think , and how many months do you think we'll have to wait before that information is revealed? My money is on
  14. That comment could apply to a lot of the stories and scenes on the show right now. In the recent episode I watched, everyone seemed bizarrely unmoved and even bored by the news that Ashland has decided to get treatment for his terminal cancer. I know some of the characters on Y&R are marked by their WASPy reserve, but come on!
  15. Having just checked out the 8/10 episode, I have to disagree with that. I felt like the episode only came alive once Chloe and Kevin showed up. Maybe they were just glad to be working again, but EH and KR played their scenes with a lot more energy than the rest of the cast, most of whom just seemed bored. But once I got past all the interminable conversations about Phyllis being upset Summer was staying in Italy, it wasn't such a bad episode.
  16. The Ben/Ciara stuff was again the low point today, especially with RSW playing the argument scenes with this weird flirty energy, like it gave him a boner to hear Ciara yell at him about how she wanted to marry another man. But I did appreciate Ciara's sarcastic little "maybe you and the car have a 'psychic connection'" line at the end, and I liked her line about being grossed out over getting a sponge bath from a serial killer. (You and me both, Ciara). I really liked the other storylines though. Nice that they finally had Jake talk to Ava about working for the Vitale crime family. And great confrontation scenes between Nicole/Sami and Lucas/EJ.
  17. With the Ben and Ciara stuff, I've gotten the sense for a long time now that the show's writers find that whole relationship "creepy af." But the couple has its Stans (never underestimate the number of viewers who will fall for a "he's not bad, just misunderstood!" storyline, even when the "bad boy" is a serial killer). So they're kind of stuck playing both sides. I was just glad that Ciara got to shove him to the ground today; I've been dreading the return of Ciara's memories/love for Ben, so that fake-out was great.
  18. This should probably go in a new August thread, but I'm too lazy to open one. So I'll just say that Monday's post-Olympics episode was terrific. Loved the scenes between Sami and EJ, and the Phillip/Lucas and Nicole/Rafe scenes were also well-acted. Even the Ben/Ciara stuff didn't annoy me, because you had Ciara clearly asserting that being kidnapped by Ben (who seems hellbent on taking away her agency) isn't romantic. I also loved how pissed-off Lani and Abe seemed at Claire and Ally, who deserved all her scorn and more for abetting said kidnapping.
  19. Well, this IS Days, so they could mean the 2022 Christmas episode.
  20. I'm not at all invested in the question of whether Ciara marries nu-Theo (who seems to have left all his personality traits behind in Africa). But today's episode worked for me on the level of pure comedy. I genuinely find it very amusing that Ciara, who had been an obnoxious cheerleader for Ben for years, picking fights with people who didn't believe the serial killer had changed, is now equally obnoxious in her hatred for Ben and desire to marry Theo. I've got to give credit to Victoria Konefal for not being afraid to really lean into the least likeable aspects of her character.
  21. I liked Nicole with both EJ and Brady, but I also think she has good chemistry with Rafe. They just need to tone down the schmoopiness in the writing. Ditch the bear. And break up Rafe and Ava, who have no chemistry whatsoever.
  22. I agree that AZ/GV work really well together in dramatic scenes like today's, although I admit I've never felt they had much romantic chemistry together. My big problem with Ericole is that, to put them together (and write around Ari Zucker's various departures and returns) the show ended up giving Nicole all this weepy "woman in peril" material, storylines that really should have been saved for Chloe (because Nadia Bjorlin sells that kind of haplessness a lot better). Thank goodness they're now remembering that Nicole's a schemer who doesn't back down from a fight.
  23. Agreed. I actually hadn't been looking forward to those scenes, because I figured they'd just be a lot of Nicole sobbing and pleading for Eric's forgiveness. But I was pleasantly surprised that she called him out on some of his white savior BS and the ways he neglected her.
  24. Here's one thing I really liked about Monday's episode: a bunch of other characters almost immediately figured out that Sami must have been behind Xander's public confession. I feel like the Sami plots work so much better when she thinks that she's being this stealthy mastermind, but the people who know her can see right through her. More generally, I think this is the perfect confluence of plot-based and character-based storytelling. We're getting all these precisely plotted "A scandalous secret is revealed!" moments, but most of the actions are coming out of the well-established flaws of these characters: Eric's savior complex leads him to neglect his wife, and then Nicole's desperate need for love and attention leads her to cheat with other men, and then Sami's impulsive, vengeful nature and hatred of Nicole leads her to recklessly expose the secret, even though it will lead to mutually-assured destruction as Nicole will inevitably then expose the Sami-Lucas affair. Ron sometimes gets bogged down in really cartoonish plots, but this is the good stuff.
  25. So a well-written soap would take this opportunity to shift the show away from its claustrophobic focus on the Newman and Abbott families, by bringing in more young characters who have connections to other parts of the show's rich history (e.g. Fenmore). God only knows what Y&R will do.
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