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  1. I was talking about Paige, who also turned out to be Rafe's half-sister (although I think we only discovered that after she was dead).
  2. Boy, the people in Salem are pretty forgiving. I couldn't stop laughing when police chief Rafe gave supportive relationship counseling to the serial killer who murdered his sister. I'm tuning in again this week after taking a few months off, so I'm not sure how I feel about this whole Tripp-Allie-Chanel storyline. (I still like the actress playing Allie a lot, but I'm not sure if she's got much chemistry with either of them). I do like the way the show is at least trying to engage with issues of progressive sexual and gender politics, even if the dialogue is a little clunky. And I
  3. Oh, so you've seen Friday's episode already?
  4. Oh, good point! But maybe that could be something that Lily or Amanda would bring up in her defense, and maybe that could lead to a more nuanced discussion of various forms of prejudice and stereotyping. I'll admit I'm not a very frequent viewer of Y&R these days, but it just strikes me that as the most realistic (relatively speaking) of the soaps currently on the air, they'd actually be well-positioned to write stories that are relevant to current discussions concerning race and class. And it would be a way to generate some actual character-driven drama.
  5. I think the most frustrating thing is that if the show just did a little more to delve into the things that viewers notice, like Lily's tendency to date white men, it could make for so much more interesting stories and compelling dramatic conflict. For instance, here's an idea I literally came up with in 10 minutes: Let's say that a younger darker-skinned black woman from a working class background (more like Lily's mother Dru) comes to town and applies for a job at Chancellor Communications. But Lily decides not to hire her because she thinks the young woman doesn't fit the "class
  6. I think that with Isabel Durant on DAYS, the blandness and the accent work probably go hand in hand. I've noticed that a lot of Australian actors can be very charismatic in their native accents but seem flat when asked to do American accents, because they're so focused on flattening their natural inflections (see, for instance, Sam Worthington or Eric Bana).
  7. I could be wrong on this, but I always thought that P&G kept Goutman in the EP position so long because he was good at staying within budget. He didn't break the show like John Conboy did over at GL with his massive cost overruns, and Goutman's ATWT never had to resort to the same extreme cost-cutting measures as Ellen Wheeler's GL. (That's not entirely a good thing, because the last few years of ATWT were sometimes pretty boring and might have actually been improved by having the actors deliver their lines in a snowy field in New Jersey).
  8. Just wait, they'll probably create a new character for Roger Howarth to play. Like Franco's twin Branco, an annoying soap opera journalist.
  9. Now would be a good time to bring back RH as Todd Manning and have him start flirting with Carly again.
  10. Controversial opinion, but I actually think that GH's male cast isn't that terrible. All the "pets" that have been mentioned (Michael Easton, Roger Howarth, and even Wes Ramsey) are talented actors stuck playing poorly-defined characters in idiotic storylines that too often still fall into the Guza-era trap of assuming that morose and growly = deep.
  11. Yes, I think Labine's GL was the absolute nadir of that show. Even when it got bad at times in the 2000s (like under Conboy/Weston), it was never THAT bad. Labine took the existing problems with the show (the emphasis on the mob and San Cristobel) and actually made them worse, to the point that I found the show almost unrecognizable. And the characters I normally like were written in such a way where they became insufferable (e.g. Reva, the savior of refugees).
  12. Yeah, the show's treatment of Carly is one reason why I haven't watched a whole episode of GH in years. (I normally just catch up with the show via recaps and YouTube clips featuring my favorite characters, who don't include Carly these days). In some ways, I think Carly is a very similar character to Sami on DAYS, except there's no shortage of characters who will call Sami out on her crap, and the writers have a good handle on Sami's many psychological problems. With Carly, it feels like the GH writers want to depict her as a "fierce" heroine, so they sidestep any real engagement
  13. You're so right! Back in his younger days, Wes Ramsey was genuinely appealing as Sam on GL. It's actually a skill to play a rootable "nice guy"; Josh Swickard (Chase) does it well, but very few of the other younger male actors on GH have been able to project that kind of warmth and personality. That's Wes Ramsey's skill set, and I agree that he could have pulled off a sensitive nice guy character like Lucky really well. But he's completely wrong for Peter, just like the guy who plays Cyrus is completely wrong for that part. It's frustrating, because GH has a lot of the elements to be a great s
  14. I think the show was supposed to be preempted for some kind of hockey game back in January, but when that got cancelled, the episode order was affected. So the actual "Friday cliffhanger" for last week aired on Thursday, when Rafe discovered Sami in Charlie's apartment. And that was followed up in the "Monday" episode, which aired on Friday, and had a lot of scenes with Rafe interrogating Sami.
  15. I also liked the Abby and Gabi scenes, and I thought that Stacy Haiduk was making some fun acting choices as Kristen-as-Susan and as Susan-as-Kristen (even if it made Lani seem dumber than dirt for not catching onto the disguise). The one part of today's episode that really bothered me was the sentimental stuff between Gwen and Jack; I'm irritated that the show has rushed this important part of their storyline. I feel like there should have been weeks, if not months, of conflict between Gwen and the father who abandoned her.
  16. Happy about the Kyle Lowder news. I think his take on Rex is strangely charming, and I loved the scenes between him and Sarah in Paris the last time he appeared.
  17. If the show wants to write a real storyline for Shawn and Belle, rather than have them serve supporting roles in Claire's stories, I think they should lean into Martha Madison's frigid hausfrau vibe and do a story where Belle loses her libido and ends up pushing Shawn away. Then he might turn to Chloe (or whoever) for comfort, which eventually turns into sex. If the show really wanted to be daring, the person he'd turn to for comfort/hot sex would be Paul, and eventually we'd get the big reveal of Belle shrieking, "You slept with my brother!"
  18. You've got a point. Although Mike Manning is 33. And I think he's consistently made acting choices which have elevated the material. I'm just disappointed because DAYS had a chance to keep an interesting, multi-faceted villain on the canvas, someone whose villainy is easy to understand because the show has taken the time to place it in a relatively realistic psychological context. Compare that with a character like Christian/Evan, who's now back on the show and is also played by a good-looking, fairly talented actor, but whose behavior is near-incomprehensible to me; that character
  19. I can't really agree with you there. I'm a relative latecomer to DAYS; I didn't start watching regularly until Crystal Chappell rejoined in 2009. And one of the reason I couldn't get into the show before was because it focused too much on insipid white-bread couples like Shawn and Belle. Brandon Beemer is nice to look at, but I've never found Shawn very interesting. And I only like Belle in the stories where she's feuding with her family (like the story about Marlena's living will). The only purely "good" character on the show I find interesting to watch is Chloe, because she is ex
  20. I also really hope they don't kill off Charlie. Just put him in a coma and have him wake up with what seems to be amnesia. And have him seem to be a totally changed man (...but is he really?). The story practically writes itself.
  21. I don't care for Ben and Ciara at all. But that was one hell of a cliffhanger in today's episode.
  22. Only DAYS, with its Dick Tracy rogues' gallery worth of criminals, could make an episode that cut back and forth between three separate sets of characters in either prison or police custody. (Plus, a guy who's in the hospital after being shot by a completely unrelated set of criminals. And finally, a serial killer who was formerly on death row).
  23. Wow. I knew that JER's writing had become crappy by the early 2000s. But I didn't mean it so literally.
  24. See, maybe it was because I had incredibly low expectations going into those scenes, but I didn't actually hate them. I thought RSW was really making an effort to give inflection and meaning to those Shakespearean lines, which is something he doesn't always do with the blandly expository dialogue he's given on DAYS. In fact, it was a disappointment when I got to Friday's episode and Ben was back robotically reciting lines like, "Claire, I don't know how, but I'm pretty sure Ciara was having the same dream at the very same time." I'd actually prefer if, from now on, they could just
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