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  1. [qauote name=KMan101" post="1423999" timestamp="1433366311]Kayla was wonderful today. So involved and she felt like a character again instead of just making a cameo as a doctor. I loved her interaction with Abby and Kate. Her and Kate together gave me life. Loved it. Lauren Koslow looks so damn good and flawless. Daniel ugh. He's such a tattletale and he's such an annoying bastard. And of course he figures out everything! He HAS to be the one to solve the problem and save the day. Why do they force him so much? They don't need to. It's just so obnoxious. Just like his annoying simpering bobble-head daughter who thankfully is gone. I won't miss Melanie. I never did. I slightly grow to like her right as she's about to leave but they write her terribly otherwise. Victor/Xander ... zzzzz. I'd care so much more if Xander had an actual connection to Victor that wasn't forced. And he could have. And everytime I see Melissa Archer do great work I just sigh and wish she were Sarah. Xander and Serena were two huge missed opportunities. It's like they know we wanted Alexander and Sarah and gave us knock-offs instead. Still boils my blood, LOL. And could Greg Vaughan have been anymore bored today? LOL I wasn't feeling Kate Mansi or Abby today like I normally do. Abby just spit it out and tell Kayla you like jumping Chad's bones because he's a hell of a lot more interesting than Ben. Why is Robert Scott Wilson still on the show again? I'd rather nuAMC still be around and he be on that. I don't think he's that horrible anymore and I like the guy but Ben is so boring and so pointless. Billy Flynn on the other hand has turned into a great find and I love his Chad. Good post. I especially agree with your assessment of Daniel.
  2. When I open SON, why am I already logged in?

    1. dragonflies


      If you don't log out of the board you'll stay logged in

    2. ~bl~


      it is a cookies setting. if you logged in & told it to keep you logged in it will..if not it won't.

  3. That is an interesting theory, Jonathan. I, too, was shocked by the ending this week. Didn't see that coming.
  4. I was also happy to see Aaron Pierce back! That was so cool. He is one of my favs too. I am here in the states so I am current on the show so won't say anything else so as not to spoil you but just you wait! So much good stuff coming. I think the actress playing Erica (isn't she the blond FBI agent) is Ever Carradine and she has been on the West Wing before.
  5. The show is getting so good, SncCornithos4ever so I will not spoil anything for you. I wish you weren't so far behind. Hopefully you won't get spoiled anymore.
  6. Kenny - where are you? I miss your Days comments!

  7. Ah, gee Matt we share a birthday!

  8. Well, this episode blew my mind! I was not expecting the Chinese to be after Josh! I though they would be after Morris. The ending was quite the twist.
  9. Good insight into this episode Jean, I too didn't care very much for the VP, but last night he has won me over (sort of). I would like to see Mike return next season but we still need more Jack. Good to see Hiller but didn't like his attitude toward Jack but I can understand it. I can't begin to guess how this season will end.
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