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  1. Yeah, loading the show with a bunch of women pushing 70 will really get those ratings to skyrocket.
  2. Yes, let's have all the other soap actors from other soaps leave GH. And with 98% of the cast gone, since almost everyone has been on a soap before GH, we can sit back and watch the daily adventures of Sabrina, Felix, and Nathan.
  3. I'm confused. Didn't we decide just last week, when Meredith Baxter was cast, that we DIDN'T like former primetime actors joining the show?
  4. Ok, I can understand someone saying that they've watched GH for years and can't break the habit no matter how bad they feel it's gotten. What I can't understand is why people will piss and moan about how Ron acts on Twitter--if you don't like what he says, and it infuriates you so, just stop following him. There's no reason in the world you have to subject yourself to that in order to keep watching the show you used to love. The only reason to do that is because you delight in the drama and are trying to prove some imaginary point...but I've yet to figure out what that point is and whom you're trying to prove it to.
  5. Access Hollywood could have bleeped some of it, too. They aren't online or cable and it's on early in the evening. Wait until it airs rather than rushing to judgment.
  6. For all of you saying how many people manage to watch shows five days a week, take a look at the other threads on this board and how many people say they skip episodes of the network soaps, just watch clips of certain storylines on YouTube, or fast forward through half the show. If dedicated soap board posters can't make the commitment to watch full episodes five days a week of a show, what makes you think the general viewing public has the time or inclination?
  7. The fact that my post uses both logic and common sense should tell you that I'm not. The fact that my post uses both logic and common sense should tell you that I'm not.
  8. You guys scour the internet for every scrap of information, buy actor audition sides, blow up pictures to read the small print on a writer's room whiteboard, share every tweet from even the tiniest of background extras, freeze frame the quick cuts in preview videos...and then say you hope there's a big surprise you don't already know about? You've kind of gone out of your ways to make sure that DOESN'T happen.
  9. Recasted isn't a word.

  10. No fair just talking to Mark--we all want to hear the stories!

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