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  1. @Ben thank you for 1999 everytime someone posts new episodes i get so excited!
  2. Friends, I am currently watching 2002. Are there episodes between 17.07 and 22.07 and if there are, does any of you have them by any chance? thanks
  3. @BoldRestless thank you for the episodes i think the one you search from 26.08.1991 is 1109 and i have uploaded in clips 2 parts from it. Do not have the whole episode episode 689 uploaded to 1989 @rsclassicfanforever i would love you if have and upload episodes in German from 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996 if @ChickenNuggetz92 do not miind I have downloaded episodes in German from a German forum and Youtube and can also contribute.
  4. I also have 1989 in English and German. If it is still needed i can upload tomorrow. Btw i uploaded my last recorded episodes from 1990. But stills hope for once with better quality
  5. you are great! thank you Brad @ChickenNuggetz92
  6. you are great @ChickenNuggetz92! Any way we can help you?
  7. @ChickenNuggetz92 dear friend it is up to you to decide what should be removed to clear the Vault
  8. Unfortunatly i have bad news when i tried to upload the new episode it said the Vault is full and we have to delete to free space what should we do? May be we can delete the episodes that are on the Official Youtube chanel? it will give space for Nikki to upload 1993 and 1994 episodes.
  9. wow Nikki is an Angel! Thanks for the good news and for getting in touch with her @Vizion
  10. just uploaded 853 episode. If you wonder why the first videos are .mp4 and this one is not, the reason is that i reocrded them together and the online cutter cut them into mp4 format. will countinue reocrding from the site till 23.11 when my account expires. Then will see....
  11. i know that is why i am hopping for better quality
  12. just uploaded episode 851 and 852, but still hope for the good Angle to upload better quality videos
  13. I also preffered Teri Ann Linn. Liked her more :)
  14. oh yes it was a very nice Christmas moment :
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