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  1. wow i always get excited for new founds! thank you @BoldRestless! I hoped for some new uploeds from Nikki in the Vault. But nothing yet.
  2. As far as i remember in an interview Joanna Johnson said that the scene when Ridge thinks of what would have been if Caroline if she was still alive and may be they have children made here very sad (1992). She run out to Susun Flannery and confess that she was upset becouse she would never have that. That was when she came out as gay to Susan. I know there were rummors about them having and affair. May be that was the time. There are also rummors that before that Susan was in an relationship whith another woman when she adoppted her doughther Blase. So if the timing was correct noone knew Joanna was gay before that, may be she left B&B becouse she wanted to be a writter. I also do not remember when Darla was first called Einstien BTW thank you all for the uploads! I can not wait to get to the charity party - one of my favourite time in 1992!
  3. same here never liked Blake, must be very rich so that Taylor maried him. Although she did not match the type of a gold digger, wonder why they got married
  4. Acctualy i also thought Conway liked Stephanie, but nothing happend later
  5. i agree with most of you that now i hope Sheila will make the show watchable again! If not please, please cancel it and stop waisting our time and just start uploading it from the start on the CBS.com site that we can watch it in HD quality!
  6. wow i wish we can get our hands on these tapes
  7. i was just thinking the same. Waste of time. The first 250 episodes are on DVD. Why upload them with poor, awful quality, to loose the audiance?
  8. thank you all for sharing episodes! here are some stills from episode 1245 if you are interested
  9. Guyt just wanted to say a huge thank you to the uploaders! I am having a vacation now but soon for a thank you gift will share some episode stills from 1992 episodes love you and take care!
  10. oh, @rsclassicfanforever sending love to you, hope your privet problems will sort out soon!
  11. if they came from the Vault this is not good! I hope perople won't stop shareing becouse of this BTW CBS are going to upload the S1 episodes both on the site and youtube. May be if they get to S2/S3 and so one some good soul will download from the CBS.com site with better quality than the ones on youtube. Keeping fingers crossed! AND A HUGE THANK YOU AGAIN OT ALL ANGELS!
  12. thanks @sheilaforever all my pics are collected for like 10 or more years and i always get excited to find a new source
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