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  1. Thanks to all who upload in 1991 @sheilaforever @ladynerry so it is not only me sho thinks Stephanie and Bill have chemistry I am still at the beginning of 1991 but i cannot wait to see again the scnene when Bill kissed Stephanie telling her he is her lover lol Bill always had Stephanies back - the story with Morgan, when Stephanie wanted her to lose the baby It was intersting that Bell decided to bring Bill back for Stephanie and Eric's wedding in 1997. It is pitty that Bill sr. did not have any good story, although it was funny when he dated Darla i think in 1993?
  2. And the episodes in Big Bear with all Eric, Brooke, Stephanie, Ridge and Taylor are so amusing!
  3. I was watching a scene from 1990 between Stephanie and Bill sr. When they say they enjoy eachothers company and she asked him "Have I showed you my rose garden?" (lol) and he answered "No, but i always hoped you do!" Well isn't that the good old writters!
  4. Watching Brooke giving birth to Rick I remembered that both Taylor and Stephanie were present twice when Brooke gave birth - they both were in the hospital when Rick was born, Taylor gave Ridge instructions on the phone how to deliver Bridget and Stephanie and Bridget helped Brooke deliver Hope
  5. Oh, yes the torn bridal gown was great with Eric almost catching them. In 1993 every meeting with Lauren before the Foresters finding out about Sheila past was a step on the edge. Was good stuff.
  6. If there was more of James and Mary it would have been golden
  7. oh remember that as a good fight! And years bofere Sheila and Lauren in the bath tube? ot before that Dr. what was his name falling from the ballconey! Oh such a waste of Sheila in 2018! Just a pillow fight with Quin.
  8. i also enjoyed the story. SF was great. Stephanie was given in much nicer light. At one point the story between Adam and Liz was really romantic. Liz was so vulnerable and innocent. Not like the ice queen Stephanie. And when finaly Stephanie got home the scene when she tought Brooke was her doughther before strating to remember was so real.
  9. i have uploaded a few days ago the episode from 02 novemeber 1990 but don't see it lol may be i did not
  10. Same here. Although i spent years on watching B&B i hope it gets cancelled lol i watch it now on fast speed like 1.75 it is bearable lol
  11. Episodes are being added to 1991 folder the new one is 951. It takes time, probably the uploaded is bussy. We will get to 952 i hope I remember when i watched Brooke and Eric's wedding although i am not their fan, the wedding was beautiful especially the balloon flight!
  12. yes, a dream come true 1987 - 1990 complete thanks to all uploaders!
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