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  1. thanl you @rsclassicfanforever and @BoldRestless
  2. i am so thankful too we are getting closer to 1992 which is one of mine favourites with 1994 and 1997
  3. thank you all for the episodes! Every single episode is apreciated!
  4. @sheilaforever enjoy your vacation! Have fun!
  5. Cool! Thank you so much! I hope the Vault has some space left
  6. I understand you. Thank you for you work. I would love to see some 1998 episodes. Thanks again!
  7. @BoldKara it should be on the Vault from the episodes i uploaded. It is also from DVD. I have to check if i have some other. found it on a video site will share the link https://we.tl/t-GzpGOHMO2D i could not check for the sound just downloaded it and uploaded it lol i am at work lol Some early episodes are uploaded ona Bulgarian site like youtube but i think you will not be able to see them so i downloaded it
  8. thank you @rsclassicfanforever and @Heartless Angel for the episodes again @BoldRestless are there other episodes with missing music or minutes or whatever?
  9. Guys, thank you so much for what you do! I am so excited that we are 60 episodes away from getting another complete year! It is a dream come true!
  10. I noticed a slide difference and thought it was from the different site. Not to worry. It is still good. If you can download from yhe other site till your acc is over it world be great. Otherwise you should try a different program. Still this is much better then nothing! Thank you for the uploades.
  11. I am in searching progress lol found this so far may be VPN will be needed who knows https://mfidie.com/ziptv-ghana/
  12. now if some Angel with Cala classics account reaches out to us will be awsome! I hope the person who uploaded the 1994 will return, may does not have time to upload
  13. anyone else enjoying the Thorne-Jake-Macy-Felicia neckless story?
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