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  1. @sheilaforever i never thought about day/night scenes before you mentioned it. You are right! Is is all a mess in this episode!
  2. @sheilaforever i so agree with you! Bill never had a normal - interesting story. First was with Margo (they seemed like a couple being together for a along time, meaning very boring story!), then i think things were getting a bit interesting with Donna. It seemed that he had a crush on her. Then suddenly he is so in love with Margo again so he wants to marry her! I always thought Stephanie-Bill had a great chemistry - mature people with sense of humor between their lines, it seemed that he had a fling for her. Bell should have tried it. Was a bit of a surprise for me when Bill jr. watched the video with Bill sr.'s will and he called Stepanie the love of his life. My favourite scene between them was when Stephanie returned from being on the street and Bill kissed her telling her he is her lover! Made my day! Btw the Bill - Darla story was a nice one whatch. And then Bill disappeared!
  3. wow @Days22God bless you you gave me what to do during the weekend lol
  4. i never liked Mick either was too old and boring for Kristen lol
  5. When i first saw this episode like ages ago i never paid atention to this. Wonder when Stephanie returns what she will add. BTW i had no idea Mark had an immune disease or something. I tought he had flue or something when i watched this episode like as i said ages ago! lol
  6. i wonder was Lorraine Stephanie's sister or a sister of her mother or her father or another relative to whom they reffer as Aunt?
  7. @BoldRestless the show was 503 epiosode. The song you bring the stars out is muted at the end of 588. The show on Queen Mary which is yet to come has some music too i think.
  8. i am just asking couse someone earlier mentioned that also has accesss to the site but does not know how to download them. I am very thankful to Amy for the hard work. Do not get me wrong. Just asking
  9. Since it is getting closer and closer to the Thorne and Macy storyline i am wondering does anyone succeded in getting the epiodes from the site? I hate not having the music in the episodes. It will ruin all the scenes where Thorne and Macy sing and the charity show too
  10. @FrenchFan have you tried https://www.real.com/features/basic/download i use it for Instagram, Youtube, could work on other sites too.
  11. @sheilaforever are there any other episodes of BB on these tapes? or i should oppen and check all one by one?
  12. 211,212,214,218,228 https://we.tl/t-uGmCTZYjUd 244,246,247 https://we.tl/t-pWg9hwHh4p
  13. posting episodes 36,37,51,65,66,68 for @wyatt arsenault and if anyone esle needs them https://we.tl/t-ZiTgzBrpBQ 81,98,134,136,201,208 https://we.tl/t-ImOQkOXY7b
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