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  1. i just watch the episode from 1990 when Storm meets Felicia she is such a nice devil! i enjoyed it
  2. episodes in 1990 have been updated thanks to our angel! thank you!
  3. wow what a great idea for the crossovers section i do not watch Y&R and i am so intersted to see these episodes sadly that our angel is not uploading the episodes after 762 I hope she/he is feeling well and may be will upload later i send some good vibes and thanks
  4. thanks a lot to Nikki i hope she reads here!
  5. thank you so much @Vizion. And thanks to Niki too! unfortunatly the first video won''t load for me
  6. thank you for the German episodes too btw episode 4672 from 2005 is not working and one in 1997 too. Whoever angle uploaded it, can he/she do it gaian, please Love you all!
  7. thanks for 758 so Pierre appears and the search for Brooke starts - suddenly everyone aks where Brooke is
  8. thank you whoever you are for uploading 1990 episodes! we are very thankful you should know that!
  9. oh, yes i remember that being said sometimes about Stephanie's love to Ridge
  10. i think at the beginig Brooke was shown as virgin. But after she mooved to live with Ridge and they has sex. Then - boom she become sex addict :)
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