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  1. Exactly! Built in month of shows.
  2. I loved Mamie and Jill. "You mean the bitch don't you."
  3. Why not rerun the Metro Court Crisis, or another disaster? Hotel fire? Train crash?
  4. As long as they don't take the comedy route. I hate comedic catfights on soaps! Looking at you All My Children!
  5. I don't ask for much soap gods, but can I please, PLEASE have a good old fashioned catfight between Flo and Sally?!! A good one! PLEASE!!!
  6. That is really interesting!
  7. It really sucks, because Gabi is the best bitch the show has had in a long time and they just won't do her right. I'm still upset that we never got a Lani/Gabi catfight.
  8. I feel that way too, same with Abby and Chad. Although, honestly I'm not finding much about the show to enjoy these days. The only thing I do find remotely interesting is Gabi being a conniving bitch, but she gets no real rivalry or good story.
  9. He's just got too much body to have no ass. It's his only flaw.
  10. It's safe to assume that no one's going to miss Tessa, right? She's such a hypocrite after everything she's put Mariah and her family through. The faithless bitch should have been gone.
  11. Is true that at one point there was a third Bell soap in the works called "The Proud and the Passionate?"
  12. That's not at all a selling point.
  13. Thanks. Doesn't look too interesting.
  14. No problem. I actually hate that title!
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