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  1. Brooke has become a self righteous bitch. That slap was welcome and well overdue. I got in trouble the last time I said this, but, she was asking for it.
  2. This is what I watch soaps for! This rivalry has me involved again like I never thought could happen.
  3. "BITCH! YOU SHOULDA LEARNED FROM ME!" Might be favorite soap quote ever!
  4. Not the catfight I was hoping for, but seeing Quinn lay that smackdown on Brooke was EVERYTHING! Then Quinn's threat after teaching her how to slap was perfect! Damn, this show is good when there's no Hope or Liam.
  5. Can we please have good old fashioned catfight? Brooke/Quinn or Brooke/Shauna? It's been so long since we've had a soap catfight and we've got the making of a good one!
  6. I saw Sally and Flo and thought, whose great aunt's are they.
  7. I have to agree that the show is boring as hell and there's not even character development. It's just slow. It's messy and slow which seems oxymoronic. SN: they really need to toss out that ugly ass Amanda wig they have on Mishael Morgan. It's doing her no favors.
  8. Is Evan creepy or annoying, or both? Or it's the actor just not sure either? Is he supposed to be hot?
  9. Wow! A whole episode with Traci and she didn't cry once?! I never thought I would see the day!
  10. I was huge Langan era fan. Aside from Virtual Eden, it was pretty can't miss stuff. I just wish he and Lorraine Broderick had been able to collaborate better. Maybe he could give Sally Sussmans writing a shot of energy
  11. Sally could be great, with a co-hw who's better at the plot/action stuff. Maybe she needs someone like Pratt too level out what can be boring.
  12. What's up with Chance's accent? It's bothersome, sounds racist. What's the point in Phyllis again? Are they giving Abby another love, short term again, I'm sure. Why has Micheal Mealors giant head been added to the opening, but they added Lola? So many questions!
  13. It's not like NBC doesn't have the money, they just refuse to spend it on DAYS. Not when they can give it their rotating Today Show idiots.
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