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NOTICE: What Happened, How It Was Resolved and Moving Forward


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  1. AJ/Liz, such a ruined opportunity. I'm still so confused about why Sean Kanan left, or was let go.
  2. Why is Lila Rae not mixing it up with Molly right now? Or even Joss? They could be great nemeses, or frenemies.
  3. I do love the guy in the back just sipping his drink taking in all the action.
  4. I have to agree. Mariah is above this trifling bitch.
  5. The whole 2009 General Hospital hostage crisis. It was confusing as hell and seemed like a patchwork of ideas and it became insane. Text Message Killer is pretty close too.
  6. Wasn't Santa Barbara a bit rapetastic as well?
  7. Things should/could improve then. I'm hoping for kind of a quick wrap up on the crap and then heading in a new direction.
  8. Further more, create yet another rivalry for Hopeless. Then they'll find out they're sisters! SN: she would've been a great Hope recast.
  9. I'm quite sure you'll know what I think. 🥞🥞🥞😉
  10. What purpose will be serve with Abby gone?
  11. I agree with you. She's selling this crap. Until she's inevitably ruined by Liam. All this really needs explained. Maybe with her mom coming we'll get an explanation.
  12. I will say that the actress playing Zoey has definitely improved, shitty writing be damned. The actress playing Flo is killing it though.
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