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  1. It's not like NBC doesn't have the money, they just refuse to spend it on DAYS. Not when they can give it their rotating Today Show idiots.
  2. They could've produced a decade with what they wasted on Megyn Kelly. They would be dumb to cancel it with no foolproof plans.
  3. That business model always made the most sense to me anyway.
  4. I get total homoerotic vibes from from Thomas/Vinny.
  5. I'm hoping for a good catfight soon.
  6. Loved the confrontation between Brooke and Shauna! Random question: Where's Taylor's son Jack?! When will he come back?
  7. I haven't been keeping up, as I said, so I thought that the time jump could give a filming break and then they'd get back on track. It would explain any difference in aesthetics or inconsistency.
  8. I wonder if that means that filming is normal now on
  9. Can someone explain the Time Jump situation? I haven't been watching, as the show is so boring and I don't like anyone, so maybe this is interesting.
  10. I often have an issue when an actor is brought back as a new character and then just shoved into to the same circle and story.
  11. I actually really miss the Guza events.
  12. Yeah, the beginning of the end. The harbinger of the death of the modern soap opera.
  13. Not in the least actually, I'm into daddies, particularly those if the silver variety.
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