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  1. On a positive note, I'm enjoying the friendship between Lola/Amanda/Elena. It's nice to see friends in the show.
  2. As what? Speaking of which, why do they have him looking like a drug addict?
  3. I thought the way her reaction and recovery was written was well done.
  4. I would say that Santa Barbara and Passions were rape soaps, when you compare the years they were on.
  5. Is there a reason for Zoe not using her accent now? Or that wig?
  6. Can they try to mix up the wardrobe on this show? I feel like everyone wears the same thing everyday, especially Theo the Werewolf and Assless Adam.
  7. Miss that you mention it, when was the last rape story that was told well? Was it Emily Quartermaine?
  8. I was thinking that. She's got CHARISMA! I'm kind of afraid that means they won't use her. Looked what happened to Sasha, Carter and Maya.
  9. It was the name of a soap that Sandy got a role in on Melrose Place
  10. Does anyone remember hearing about a soap in development called "Thunder's Secret?"
  11. I know he does not have the booty to pull off underwear scenes.
  12. I agree. His Lucky always came across as a crying child. That's why I never did like him.
  13. Exactly! Built in month of shows.
  14. I loved Mamie and Jill. "You mean the bitch don't you."
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