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  1. Not in the least actually, I'm into daddies, particularly those if the silver variety.
  2. Kale Brown as Michael Hudson was my crush as a kid! He awakened the daddy lust in me at a very young age (I'm 34.) I thought he was just so handsome on OLTL too. It's no wonder I'm into older white gentlemen. I could definitely see how one could clock a gay vibe from him though, but again it's probably more the characters, especially Sam Rappaport.
  3. Carly/Nikolas GH Maxie/Nikolas GH Emily/Patrick GH Carter/Steffy B&B
  4. Christie Clarke as Victoria Newman
  5. Can we expect a catfight atop The stairs then? A classic soap trope! I'm honestly never tired of it. Summer tumbling and losing the baby, then Kyle feels obligated and guilty. Classic soap stuff 👌!
  6. Now that explains why they made it her name.
  7. Shouldn't that be the Atlantic ocean? Shouldn't Queens Pointe be visible?
  8. AJ/Liz, such a ruined opportunity. I'm still so confused about why Sean Kanan left, or was let go.
  9. Why is Lila Rae not mixing it up with Molly right now? Or even Joss? They could be great nemeses, or frenemies.
  10. I do love the guy in the back just sipping his drink taking in all the action.
  11. I have to agree. Mariah is above this trifling bitch.
  12. The whole 2009 General Hospital hostage crisis. It was confusing as hell and seemed like a patchwork of ideas and it became insane. Text Message Killer is pretty close too.
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