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  1. It's safe to assume that no one's going to miss Tessa, right? She's such a hypocrite after everything she's put Mariah and her family through. The faithless bitch should have been gone.
  2. Is true that at one point there was a third Bell soap in the works called "The Proud and the Passionate?"
  3. That's not at all a selling point.
  4. Thanks. Doesn't look too interesting.
  5. No problem. I actually hate that title!
  6. I feel like it could have worked as an advantage because it would be the only scripted program at that time and it would be all new.
  7. Oh. That's kinda sucky. I just feel like FOX, more than any other could push boundaries. I thought it could be due to FOX only owning about 15 hours of original television a week. Everything else is syndication and infomercials.
  8. Sunset Beach was originally Never Say Goodbye
  9. I still have no idea why FOX never got into the soap game.
  10. Days of our Lives post Salem Stalker. From the denouement on it's seemed like the show is in a constant rebuild mode and nothing really works. I would also venture to say that the death of Days came from giving James Reilly carte blanche to tear the show apart.
  11. I really want Vinny to just grab Thomas into a deep kiss every time they share a scene.
  12. I guess since she has no life outside of her annual health crises she's got to be a busy body.
  13. Remember! The explosion also gave Sydney and Jane bangs!
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