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  1. Y&R September 2018 Discussion Thread

    Wow. I officially hate Tessa. Can this bitch be killed off?! And what's up with Arturo's hair?! Why is Kyles head disproportionately large?
  2. Y&R September 2018 Discussion Thread

    I still say promote Christian McLaughlin to headwriter.
  3. I liked that she was kind of rebuilding and what she did with a few characters, but I think she needs a partner that is good at the more fast paced/ action stuff. It's no fun having great characters with no story for them. All thoughts please.
  4. B&B August 2018 Discussion Thread

    It's rather confounding that in all these years that they have never done an earthquake on this show. Really, any natural disasters. I think the windstorm the night Bill was shot, might be it!
  5. Y&R September 2018 Discussion Thread

    Perhaps CBS should have taken that Moovnes payout and applied to their soaps!
  6. B&B August 2018 Discussion Thread

    Why can't they do an earthquake storyline? Great way to clean house and to add something interesting to see.
  7. Y&R September 2018 Discussion Thread

    If they're trying to play Arturo as hot, putting him next to Jordi Vilasuso isn't giving him an advantage, by any means. SN: Michael Mealor has a really annoying voice.
  8. Days: September 2018 Discussion Thread

    Honestly, all the guys are totally annoying. Frankly, I hate the gay storytelling, simply because daytime will never do it right. The cyclical nature of having only three characters who apparently only know each other makes the story offensive. That said, Sonny is still in a proper bottom boy plowing position. She's as frustrated by Abigail as I am. I think, Ott fictional character portrayal aside, her reaction to everything is real. She keeps getting kicked about, while Abigail lays wake to lives over and over and receives a comforting pat on the back. Constantly told how nothing is her fault, she's the victim. Gabi is handling things in her own way, but her feelings aren't unjustified.
  9. Days: September 2018 Discussion Thread

    Sonny really is in perfect position...
  10. Plots You're Tired of on Soaps

    Another obnoxious thing! When a man feels like he has to stick with the woman who he got pregnant. It's the right thing to do!
  11. Soapy Stuff of which I'll never tire

    I've actually done this before! I'm a bit of a theatrical personality, so it's suiting. I sometimes face "camera" as well! I also love giant confrontations, sometimes even with a slap, and NO ONE NOTICES! Even in the middle of the party, unless it's plot relevant!
  12. Plots You're Tired of on Soaps

    Here's a good one, people being each other's destiny... Until they aren't... Then they are AGAIN!
  13. Sara Joy Brown on Les Moonves Hurting Her Career

    I didn't mean to imply that the Moonves/Farrow connection was the problem on her GH return. Just that the character was too localized to something familiar and similar.
  14. B&B August 2018 Discussion Thread

    That might be an interesting shake up! I'd certainly watch until the, most likely, anticlimactic ending. I would personally prefer that he killed Liam though.
  15. Y&R September 2018 Discussion Thread

    I actually really like the office, and I'm over how one note and narcissistic Victor is. Hey, the cheese stands alone! Nothing else is new! Another note, I really never liked the adult iteration of the Ashby twins, but I dislike Charlie even more with this Shauna crap.