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  1. I can't help think how they wasted his potential with Carly. So much build for that bullshit with Johnny.
  2. What's with the strange way Cam walks? It was kinda distracting.
  3. Same! I'm waiting for Sally to get rough with her!
  4. I liked Maxie a lot under him. He also was obsessed with Lulu.
  5. God, I hated Passions, even as a teen. I just found it stupid and insulting. The lack of story progression and the inconsistent magic angle. And U.O: Timmy was annoying.
  6. I'm back to not liking any of the characters. Robert Scott Wilson needs to take his non-ass and go.
  7. I can't say how much I really hate every character on this show! Liam taking the lead and what's with his dumb face?
  8. Why the hell is this obnoxious, useless, freaky eyed bitch Gloria back?! Can she and her family please be gone forever?
  9. I'm just tired of seeing Liam make that dumb face. Ugh. I want to like the assless Finn, but he forgave Steffy, do I'm done. This show needs new blood! How about a modeling agency?! That way you can bring in a bunch of new characters, and when they don't work you can just drop them, and if they do, you can weave them on.
  10. She's always had harsh kinda "aged" look. I think the work she's had done kinda just makes her look her age now.
  11. I really miss good old fashioned catfights. Especially when the tension is built up for a very long time.
  12. Why does it never come up that Kyle and Summer once thought they were brother and sister? To be fair, that's the least of their boring azz issues.
  13. Wasn't that actually Eva Longoria standing in?
  14. Can they take that ridiculous weave out of JMW head?! Ugh! Speaking of which, what's with the wardrobe for Paris and why doesn't she have an accent?
  15. On a positive note, I'm enjoying the friendship between Lola/Amanda/Elena. It's nice to see friends in the show.
  16. As what? Speaking of which, why do they have him looking like a drug addict?
  17. I thought the way her reaction and recovery was written was well done.
  18. I would say that Santa Barbara and Passions were rape soaps, when you compare the years they were on.
  19. Is there a reason for Zoe not using her accent now? Or that wig?
  20. Can they try to mix up the wardrobe on this show? I feel like everyone wears the same thing everyday, especially Theo the Werewolf and Assless Adam.
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