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  1. After this event the show changed and, it has never gotten back.
  2. Do they rate the ratings the same equivalent as daytime? These numbers look really low and Days would be beating them all.
  3. B&B has never been settled. I think the last time B&B really got me was the Pose Pose with Brooke Hope and Oliver. Starts around the 7:40 mark
  4. Even though we all know how we all feel about the current state of the show this is great news! 4 years is a huge commitment.
  5. It's been reported by the Soap Digest.
  6. The problem with Y&R is that it is just plain boring. There is only one good storyline- Sharon, and the rest is crap. I fast forward through everything with Billy and Victoria. This Billy does not have chemistry with Amelia. It is time for him to go into a new orbit- Chloe, or bring back someone like Amber or just something else.
  7. Well the story is awful, but the ending was beautiful. B&B is still the best produced show.
  8. Umm how many freakin birthdays has there been this past two weeks? Summer, Nick, Cassie? Anyone else? LOL I am glad they are giving Sharon Case a meaty storyline! I just hope the writers do justice!
  9. Maybe they should recast Noah, and possibly have some kind of father/son battle or secret lovers thing? Or have Faith decide she wants to stay in GC and falls in love with a boy from the wrong side of the track kind of deal. His stories should be around his older kids, because I love his interactions with Summer.
  10. 3 Y&R's stars to be on All Rise. https://www.soapoperadigest.com/content/yr-alums-guest-on-all-rise/?fbclid=IwAR2BSFj7La4f1qf-xh7oGzQbrYsd-CaIp68jdd_FUcoGxSFIXhLJhN7gutA
  11. Stitch from Y&R was in the Ford vs Ferrari movie playing a racecar driver.
  12. I guess they didn't learn their lesson from the OJ Trials?
  13. Bring him to Y&R. Anyone else would be better with the crap we have now.
  14. Technically he should be older than Nick....
  15. Shauna is a breath of fresh air on the show that was needed.
  16. Yvonne Zima Daisy Y&R was on AHS 1984 playing a slutty character visiting a prisoner.
  17. I hope his character just leaves. No grand Exits, murder, death, etc. He just disappears after going for coffee.
  18. Well I don't agree how he treats Thomas as well. But whenever anyone stands up to Brooke and puts her in her spot I am happy. It makes me wish for Stephanie!
  19. Great scenes between Thomas and Brooke. But after today, I am team Thomas. OMG i loved it! He called a dirty slut, reminded her how she ruined his family... it was great. He just needs to remind her of all the crap Rick has done over the years- Shot Grant, Killed Phoebe.
  20. 2 days of boring nonsense. There has been a lot of fast forwarding.
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