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  1. Yep. And unrequited is an interesting word choice regarding Vinny. Hmmm ... I hope that the show isn't going to reveal that Vinny has a thing for Thomas only for him to be driven to madness or Thomas does an Emma on him. Given this show's history of gay storylines, or lack thereof, I wouldn't be surprised.
  2. Is this the guy from Bounce TV's "Saints and Sinners"? Raise your hand if you have a clue what I'm talking about, either the network or the show. LOL!
  3. LOL! I loved this moment. But just to be clear, NO ONE gave a slap like Stephanie/Susan Flannery.
  4. I'm placing my bets on Dr. Buckingham. A "beloved character" doesn't have to be beloved by the audience I suppose, but could be beloved by a completely useless character like Zoe. It could even be Spencer Publications' Emmy (The Talk's Sheryl Underwood). We'll see Emmy comically horrifically die from a tragic accident outside Bill's office windows when a huge gust of wind causes her to fall and slide off a collapsed scaffold as Emmy stalks Bill while pretending to be a window washer. She'll manage to cling on to the scaffold's edge for a few seconds more as she declares her eternal love to Bill one last time. And in dramatic, slow-mo, we'll see a horrified Bill turn around, run to the window, and scream "NO!" as Emmy falls to her death.
  5. This is the exact same spoiler they had for the fall/November which turned out to be Hope and Brooke thinking Thomas had died in a vat of acid for all of a day. So this can mean literally anything or nothing.
  6. For one hot minute the show seemed like it was getting good again and becoming more balanced, but then came the vat of acid. If this show wasn't half an hour (or about 15 minutes after FF'ing thru commercials) I'd be free of soaps.
  7. How can they even do that, include them in the fall previews but then nada? Was something written or filmed and ended up cut? They'll probably pop up for Thanksgiving dinner.
  8. Well, how else are they going to clean the FC washing machines. Bwahaha!! The set up for the hydrochloric acid being there was so forced and convoluted. I just checked the Comcast episode descriptions for next week's episodes and it seems everyone will be oblivious to what happened to Thomas for the entire week.
  9. LOL! I'm trying to figure out who she's going to be slutting it up with. Certainly not Bill again, just as Katie is recovering from her 100th obligatory Emmy-bait organ transplant. She hasn't had any scenes recently that I can think of that would hint who she would be hooking up with, unless it will be a random stranger she meets at the bar. Eric? Liam? Charlie? LOL!
  10. Leave it to Hope to make us root for Thomas. LOL! He's a horrible father but I'm glad someone called her out on her hypocrisy, since what she's doing parellels to what Steffy could have done to tail. Watching today's episode and I swear it looks like only the right side of KKL's mouth is moving as she talks. Her mouth is moving like when you go to the dentist and they numb one side of your jaw. Maybe it's just the camera angle. The show is much better when they integrate the grownups as more than just props for Hope/Liam/Steffy/Thomas. Why can't they do this year round?
  11. It'll probably be Charlie or Xander. Thomas will find out about the video that might link him to Emma's death and suddenly one of those characters ends being shoved off a cliff or the Forrester Creations building by a mysterious figure. Who will turn out to be Vinny who curiously has been talking up Thomas and going on about how supportive he's been lately, when not too long ago he was harping on Thomas for his crappy roommate habits and how he's been treating his son.
  12. According to the latest TV Guide magazine one of the show's major characters dies on Friday, November 8th. This spoiler is so brief and vague, it can literally be anybody, on or off screen.
  13. I hope the issues between Hunter Tylo and Brad Bell aren't true. I actually like Taylor and think she's needed on the show. When her two children are arguably driving all the story it makes no sense for her not to be involved. I just didn't care much for the way she's been written and used. And her absence at this time just further ruins the character.
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