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  1. Hmm ... for a Katie/Bill/Shauna triangle? Or is this just Brad Bell's way of insuring that Denise Richards would have to be available for the current story, then he can drop her again when she's no longer needed? I would like to see her and Brooke interact more where they're butting heads. But first, they need to give Shauna more of a backbone to stand up to Brooke. Brooke's most interesting, to me anyway, when she has an adversary like Taylor or Stephanie.
  2. Whaaatt? If true, Brad Bell would have an identity crisis if SC left. Who would take over as his onscreen alter ego?
  3. True. LOL! I'm surprised at how fast Steffy came to the realization that Beth should be with Hope. I thought there was going to be a custody battle. Not that I wanted there to be one. Maybe there will be one over Douglas?
  4. Here's a little more info from TV Guide magazine: Vincent Irizarry debuts Monday, August 26 as Dr. Jordan Armstrong, entering just as a tragic accident impacts the Forrester and Logan families. So begins the Flo or Thomas redemption story, am I right? My guess is something will happen to bring Hope or Beth close to death and Flo will donate an organ or something. Thomas will probably be the cause of the tragic accident.
  5. LOL! I believe they're still together. Off-screen anyway. They've barely been seen in months since Will got them back together. Katie has popped up every now and again in a "Logan Sisters" scene worrying about Hope, and I can't remember the last time we've seen Bill. Katie and Bill scenes together ... have been even more scarce.
  6. Why couldn't Flo, Shauna, or Zoe bring up Thomas involvement to Brooke and Ridge? If I was going down for this mess, I'd be throwing that right in Ridge's face. Just sayin'.
  7. Really not trying to be nit-picky here. The rooftop scenes indeed look beautiful. But I was a tiny bit distracted by a Chase Bank sign popping up in the background. LOL! Isn't there supposed to be a location shoot this summer? Certainly this wasn't what they were talking about, right?
  8. Please don't be a drawn out custody battle. The show needs to give these characters a rest. But as already pointed out, there isn't any other story to to take over. Such a mess. I have to say, B&B has a way of making a pile of s*** "look good" in the end. The "soap critics" are going to eat it up, forget how the show basically repeated the same 2 or 3 poorly written scripts for months and months, and then name this "story" "Best Story of the Year."
  9. That episode was preempted, but CBS chose to air that day's episode late at night in some markets (there was a list on their Facebook page) or you had to watch it on their website. They kept with the regularly scheduled episode the next day. Apparently CBS has decided within the past year or so to stop postponing episodes of their soaps when there are news interruptions, even when it's an hours long event that impacts the entire daytime lineup, and presumably both the east and west coasts, like the Mueller testimony.
  10. Crap. I just realized I never finished Monday's episode. I was watching it on dvr and then "Love Island" came on (don't judge) and switched to that. If they did a promo at the end of the episode spoiling what's coming up, they must realize folks are ready for this ish to be over. Maybe.
  11. They actually show baby Kelly every once and a while. I know this because she's the most adorable little thing. It's just that Phoebe/Beth is more relevant to the current story. Unless they're trying to show Steffy being overwhelmed, then they trot both of them out. Douglas is too smart. After telling Hope and Liam that Beth is alive leading to a disbelieving and upset Hope running out the door, Thomas, unaware of what just happened, tells Douglas not to "talk about Beth." Not missing a beat Douglas tells Thomas that he won't say it ... again. Clueless Thomas dashes off after Hope none the wiser that Douglas already said something. But then Douglas turned all creepy and gave this nasty look after his daddy left. Like father, like son. I don't know if I should be proud of him or scared. LOL!
  12. Just watched Friday's episode and I find it funny that little Douglas has more sense than any of the adults around him. He seems to be putting two and two together regarding Beth and Steffy's "Phoebe." Liam, dumb as a box of rocks, is snooping into Flo and "her baby" and checking out Phoebe's adoption papers, and still doesn't have a clue. No. She hasn't appeared on the show since she and Steffy left for Europe earlier this year for JMW's maternity leave. If I actually thought Brad Bell cared, I would have thought that Taylor's absence was intentional because surely Taylor would recognize her son is a psycho. But I doubt he's given Taylor that much thought. Plus Round 1001 of Brooke/Ridge/Taylor, especially the Brooke and Taylor stuff, was far more interesting than the baby swap story, and we can't have that now, could we? I still think they have an opportunity to tie this mess with Bill's shooting. Thomas shot him (for helping to manipulate his and Caroline's relationship and for "taking advantage of his sister," etc.) and covered for him.
  13. Wow, poor Douglas is the latest to overoverhear the truth about Beth (he overhears Thomas saying that Beth is alive on the phone), and the latest victim of Thomas' threats (he threatens to go back to New York with Hope, leaving Douglas in LA if he "disobeys" him; when Douglas asks why he doesn't talk about mommy, Caroline, anymore, Thomas tells him because she's dead, etc.). Yep, he's going psycho on his own son now, at one point grabbing Douglas' arm violently. I thought he was going to go complete "Mommie Dearest" on him for a moment.
  14. It was quite silly really. Zoe pled for Xander to not go forward with his evidence against Thomas. Xander gave her an ultimatum: they tell the truth or he goes back to England. He ended up going back to England.
  15. It's insane. Xander's still alive ... so far I had forgotten he was an Avant. I remember when they threw that memorial for Emma at FC the Comcast guide mentioned the Avants being among those mourning her lost. When I saw that Mya and her parents weren't there, I thought it was an error or oversight or that the show just edited their scenes out of the episode. LOL!
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