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  1. Ha, he does have the "crazy eyes" look, so I guess it was inevitable. I guess this is the reason Taylor couldn't be around, cause she should have been able to see something was off with her son. Then again, she was practically the one to initiate this whole Thomas and Hope being together thing so Liam could be with Steffy. Not that it seems to matter anymore, but if they were going to go in this direction with Thomas, why not have it revealed that he, not Taylor, shot Bill? And she covered for him and sent him off to "get help." There were rumors about this last winter when Taylor was freaking out about it and Brooke found out. When this Thomas first appeared when have been a good time to make that tie. I'm not sure it there would be a point now.
  2. Okay. It's official. Thomas is beyond redemption at this point as far as I'm concerned. I hope his comeuppance is deserving.
  3. LMAO! Make this happen, please!
  4. LOL! I'm watching today's episode now and as soon as I saw the Emma flashbacks I was like "Yep, something's going to go down with her." I guess we're being reminded how how much of a Hope/Hope For the Future fanatic she was so it'll make sense that she won't be as easily swayed from telling Hope the truth if she finds out. Plus there might be some risidual ill will towards Zoe since she stole her man. Oh, and may I add that I didn't quite get nuThomas appeal until they put him in those jeans he's been wearing the last couple of episodes. Not that that will change my opinion of him or anything. Ha! EDIT: Finished the episode. Yep, Emma is a goner. Bye Felisha! I think the show is now out of any more irrelevant characters to overhear the truth. So let's finished this thang.
  5. I think Emm-zzz-a will be found dead. Most everyone is going to suspect that Suddenly Off His Rocker Thomas did it (yesterday Brooke reminded Hopeless that "Thomas is the most unstable one" in his family). Detectives Always Eating a Hot Dog Baker and Token Latino Sanchez will return and go hard after Thom-ass. But before he gets properly fitted in a Forrester Original prison jumpsuit, it'll be revealed that Dr. Wayne Brady murdered the long absent Dancing Queen Wannabe.
  6. Wow. Watching today's show live. Thomas has truly turned into a mustache twirling douchebag villain. It's laughable. I want someone to clock him so bad. Yet everyone acts so scared of this punk. Someone needs to check him so bad. I seriously think Brad Bell is just waiting for the show to be cancelled. And every year it is renewed, he's like "Oh, @#$%!"
  7. xtr, that wouldn't surprise me at all. This show. Sheesh! Is Flo the most bi-polar character ever? I swear her mood on telling the truth changes depending on who she's talking to, conveniently. If someone's pushing her to to keep the secret, she INSISTS everyone needs to know. If someone urges her to reveal the truth, she freaks and is dead set against it. There is no consistency with her character or this entire show. The show is clearly trying to drag this story out for as long as they can, and I don't understand why. Brad Bell on vacay? It made sense at first that they wanted to wait until JMW returned, but I can't figure out why this story is on repeat/filler mode right now. And its literally the ONLY story going. WTF?!?!?!?!
  8. That's exactly where I think this story is going ... except the murder mystery will be over the death of someone like Xander or Zoe. Only to be revealed that it was Wayne Brady, er, Dr. Buckingham that did it. He murders his own daughter to keep the baby swap secret that was done to ... protect Zoe from the Vegas gambling mafia. That seems about right. LOL! The more I think about it, Zoe's murder is making more and more sense. Absent her father, she seems to be receiving most of the ire in this mess from everyone from Flo and her mama to her own boyfriend, and I'm sure everyone else that will discover the truth will be giving her a piece of their mind. While Flo will come out at the end of this smelling like roses. Because, you know, Dr. Buckingham and Zoe put a gun to her head and forced her to play along ... wait, what you mean that's not how it happened? You mean Flo could have told Doc Wayne Brady to kick rocks and told everyone the truth at any point during this story without any consequences to herself???
  9. LOL! Instead Scary Spice or Steffy interrupting, it's loony Thomas and Xander's car alarm, set off by Thomas
  10. That would have been better actually. The writing of late just so ... DUMB.
  11. That was the most aggravating 5-6 minutes at the beginning of today's episode. I'm yelling at the screen for Xander to just blurt out "Beth's alive." Ughh ... and then jhe just lets Thomas bully him. Speaking of, I'm completely through with this Thomas. There's not one thing about him that I find likeable, except that he's Taylor's son and I'd hate for the show to off another one of her children. But, now I feel they might as well go complete psycho/villain with him at this point and send him off to the psych ward or something until they can give him a better story and actor. I will admit that he does have a bit of that Ronn Moss's Ridge vibe going on. That arrogant jerk you just want to punch. But the actor and the writing isn't bringing anything to counter-balance that.
  12. I was really hoping that her return would coincide with the baby swap reveal. But no luck. Ugh. This story is too boring, repetitive, and depressing for a summer story. And, yes, where's Taylor??? She supposedly went to Europe with Steffy to help her take care of the babies, but then they they would show the nanny with her instead. And isn't she supposed to be starting up her practice again? There's quite a few characters on the show right now that can use a psychiatrist. Starting with her son. LOL! And Hope! Lawd Jezus! I'm still trying to understand her twisted logic.
  13. LOL! I have relatives from Mississippi and I know what you mean about the snow. They practically close schools because of a half inch of snow!
  14. Thanks so much for this. You're awesome! For some reason ATWT history is a bit more difficult for me to grasp than GL. It seems like ATWT has had many more significant characters or stories over the years to follow.
  15. LMAO! I had to watch that several times. Dusty's reaction is priceless. I had to dig out my old As the World Turns 40th anniversary scrapbook to try to understand the relationship between Dusty and Lyla and Casey, but it didn't help much. I figured out that Lyla ran a boarding house (boarding houses must have been popular back in the 80s and 90s) and assume the Dusty was staying there, maybe? Was Lyla kind of a mother figure for Dusty or something? I see that she was involved with John Dixon who was Dusty's guardian. Lawd, this show's history is confusing. Anyway, so these freaks Lyla and Casey just leave the door open for any boarder to walk by and watch them get it on? LOL!
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