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  1. My mind just went into the gutter. LOL!
  2. Thomas and Fin had more sexual chemistry in their brief, socially distanced interaction than any couple tgis show is trying to make happen at the moment. Vinny better keep an eye on his man. LOL! If Brad Bell wants to drum up some publicity and do a half way decent story that's progressive and L.A., why not make Fine bi and make a Steffy/Fin/Thomas triangle happen. I'd actually enjoy that story most for the Steffy/Thomas rivalry part of it. And the scandal.
  3. Joel Mchale would have a field day with this show right now.
  4. Thank you FrenchFan for taking the time to give such a thorough history of their story. I really appreciate it. I've only watched Y&R from the mid-90s to early 2007 and I don't recall Jack and Gina being close during that time. Maybe Gina and John. Of course Gina was just that lady that owned the restaurant everyone went to and anybody's talk-to at this point. Oh, and Jack was such a horn-dog back in the day. HA! That's a lot of women he was linked to in such a short period of time. The Dru/Jack scenes were dripping with BTS tension. Especially when it came to their
  5. So Jack and Gina were a thing once upon a time? Or did I misread their situation? How the heck the snooty church lady find out about Paul's centerfold? Was she doing "research" for the Anti-Pornography Commission? Bwahaha!!!
  6. Didn't he say the Avants were going to make appearances last fall, too? And then nothing. Oh, and I'm calling it now. Steffy will become addicted to pain pills and using the new doc for them.
  7. Yikes! I just saw the ratings. I'd like to know who was the genius behind this?
  8. That Access Hollywood clip did a better job of explaining why B&B is using mannequins and blow up dolls. If Brad Bell had focused on how they would be used as stand ins so the actors would have something to react to and aid their direction while their scene partner is giving her lines off set so she can social distance ... instead of focusing on how they would he used for romantic scenes, they wouldn't have become the butt of every joke in Hollywood. I guess it got them a lot of press though.
  9. Yep. And I noticed Ryan's hair, too.
  10. The hair department must have been feeling a little brash and sassy when they taped today's episode.
  11. LOL! I always wondered how he was cast in the first place and lasted through so many regimes. He was just so ... whiney. Brody Hutzler on both GL and Y&R. Though, I guess he was never a leading man on either show, but someone at CBS liked him.
  12. No mention of Scott Holmes' Tom Hughes on ATWT?
  13. Ha! You're right. I just realized though that my comment didn't read the way I meant. There was an episode(s) this week where it seemed like Flo was referring to Penny by name in every single sentence while talking to her.
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