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  1. B&B August 2018 Discussion Thread

    Whhhaaattt??? I didn't know Karla Mosley was pregnant!!?!?! She gave birth to a baby girl a couple weeks ago. Apologies in advance if this has already been posted somewhere.
  2. B&B August 2018 Discussion Thread

    The last couple of episodes were horribly written. The speeches and dialogue were awful. And there were way too many moments that made me felt "Why didn't they play this another way." One of the things I wished happened after the cake fight was that Brooke and Taylor would have a moment after being publicly humiliated where they would maybe see how ridiculous this was, laugh about it, put the past in the past and agree to butt out of their daughter's lives. Heck, maybe they could have become friends. Maybe that's asking for too much. I would enjoy a good story with them as rivals, but It's not like they're going to write them their own story anyway, so why not have two women on the show actually be friends and not bitter enemies fighting over the same man? As for the pathetic excuse of a food fight, I wonder if the reason they have such crappy "catfights" nowadays is because they can't afford a stunt coordinator or to do anything where there would be a liability issue? Hell, even Mush Mouth's dance routines seem to be played on the safe side (meaning they are crap) despite the actress actually being a professional dancer. You posted this just as I was typing my reply. I totally agree.
  3. According to TV Guide Magazine, after Liam and Hope exchange "I dos," wedding cake will be flying as Taylor confronts Brooke. There's a photo of Taylor throwing cake at Brooke. According to Hunter Tylo, Taylor "doesn't want Steffy to be the pushover," like Taylor was in the past during the Brooke/Ridge/Taylor triangle. It looks like this should happen Wednesday, August 22. So much for Brad Bell and all this women empowerment talk. The only thing I'm looking forward to is that Taylor may finally get to interact with people besides Steffy, Brooke, or Bill. At least I hope. it's ridiculous that Hunter Tylor hasn't shared one scene with Thorsten Kaye's Ridge, among others, unless I'm forgetting something.
  4. B&B August 2018 Discussion Thread

    Or the same scriptwriter who happen to be bi-polar or have multiple personality disorder. Ha! I don't think any script would make that ish work. They need to ship Zoe, Xander back to England (and take Emma with them). I got so much satisfaction out of this.
  5. B&B July 2018 Discussion Thread

    I'm dying! LOL! I'm pleasantly surprised about the direction of the Steffy/Bill stuff, but then I saw that look Bill gave after Steffy left Spencer-free and still got those Forrester shares. He's just going to double down on the Steffy-stalking. Blech!
  6. B&B July 2018 Discussion Thread

    Another new character. I give her until the end of summer, max.
  7. B&B: June Discussion Thread

    Yeah, I was hoping for a Steffy and Bill pairing when they first hinted at going in that direction a few years ago but then chickened out. There was off the charts chemistry between the two of them that doesn't exist anymore. Both Steffy and Bill have changed so much since then, Bill for the worse, that they don't have that same dynamic. This go around their pairing is nothing but repulsing. I think Don Diamont is trying his damnest to make it work though. It keeps him in a story I guess.
  8. B&B: June Discussion Thread

    You've probably got your answer already, I think Steffy even mentioned it a couple episodes ago, but yeah, Liam knows about Taylor. That's about the only thing that'll make sense at this point, because both the writing and JMW's reactions in the Bill/Steffy scenes make it clear that she doesn't want to be with him. There's not even a hint of any residual feelings for him, which just makes this story all the more disturbing. I'm actually shocked that its being played this way. There's got to be a reason.
  9. B&B: June Discussion Thread

    But, but Justin tells us she is every time he's on screen. I don't think she's bad looking. She's just a bad actress. She can't dance, she tries too hard, and she had mushy-mouth. Hope putting Maya "in her place" after firing Emma would be more interesting if Rick was still around. There seems to be a potential story there with how Maya reacted, but I doubt anything will come of it that's not centered around Emma and Zende ... I mean Xander. I swear I hear Zende whenever they say his name. LOL!
  10. B&B: June Discussion Thread

    Sooo, i just found out that this chick playing Emma is an actual dancer and was on some show called Dance Moms. Could have fooled me! I'm not impressed.
  11. B&B Casting News

    LOL! Exactly!
  12. B&B: June Discussion Thread

    She sounds like she has something in her mouth or her tongue is in the way. Those scenes with her "dancing" were just HORRIBLE. WTF???? And to have Emma criticize the models for being too stiff ... Lawd! I'd rather watch the oddly incestous brother/sister vibe of RJ and Sally's sister in another PSA story than this mess. At least those actors had a bit of charm to them. This can't be real, this has to be some Brad Bell plot to get us begging for more Liam/Steffy, right?
  13. B&B: June Discussion Thread

    Emma annoys the hell out of me. I didn't even realize she's been on contract for a while now. I was hoping she'd just disappear once Forrester Creations moved on to a new fashion line, but now it looks like they're involving her in a "summer teen story." They're probably recycle RJ's story from last year.
  14. B&B May 2018 Discussion Thread

    Apparently they're going for the Susan Lucci!?!?! After Liam made a comment about Rick and Maya going to pick up "baby" Lizzie from the Avants, Hope laughed at the suggestion that she's a "baby," so does this mean Lizzie is going to show up as a teenager the next time we see her? Dear Lord!