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  1. B&B March 2018 Discussion

    Ha ha! Either that or some day player that Bill fired.
  2. B&B March 2018 Discussion

    I'm going to lean towards Jarod of those two. I think Justin would have made sure that Bill had signed those papers disinheriting Wyatt and Liam before he'd shot him. It didn't look like Bill had signed them yet, and Justin was kind of pushing him to sign them during their phone call just before Bill was shot. My guess is that Justin will go to battle against Liam and Wyatt for control of Spencer Publications while Bill is in a coma, arguing that it was Bill's intention of him taking over the company if something happened to him before Will is of age. I might be giving Brad Bill too much credit, as this might actually be in interesting story (that would last a week, at most).
  3. B&B March 2018 Discussion

    LMAO! This was either a rare demonstration of restraint or a result of budget cuts, but why did the show decide to just make this a "windy" night? There should have been thunder and lightening, the whole shabang. Yes, I was more concerned about the atmospherics of the episode than caring who shot Bill.
  4. B&B February 2018 Discussion

    If former Big Brother houseguests and Amazing Race winners Cody and Jessica make a cameo appearance on the show and nobody watched to notice, did it really happen? LOL! All Dollar Bill needs now is a mustache to twirl.
  5. B&B February 2018 Discussion

    This story must be the reason why they put Aaron D. Spears (Justin) on contract last fall. So that means by next month, he'll be placed back on recurring.
  6. B&B February 2018 Discussion

    I was thinking the same thing. He can sleep with Katie's sister while they were married, and sleep with his son's wife, and he goes and call Katie and Wyatt relationship sick. Good Lawd! So I guess with have two more folks that'll have reason to shoot Bill. The way he reacted, my guess is he'll threaten to take away Wyatt's job and custody of Will from Katie or something. The way Bill has gone from town pariah to being remorseful and now back to the devil incarnate is giving me whiplash. And this story is just a ridiculous, plot driven mess. I can only hope that it won't be boring. That's how low my expectations for this show is nowadays. And then in two or three weeks from now, they'll be on to the next story.
  7. B&B February 2018 Discussion

    So, we have Sally threatening that Bill's days are numbered after he reneged on his promise to Liam to help her rebuild Spectra Fashions. And we have Ridge continuing to believe that Bill took advantage of Steffy. And of course, Liam is beyond pissed with Bill for sleeping with Steffy. Am i wrong to sense a "Who Shot Bill" storyline coming? And does anyone care?
  8. B&B February 2018 Discussion

    And Brooke STILL doesn't get her portrait on the wall. They drag out Stephanie's instead. I wonder if KKL should be taking this personally? LOL!
  9. B&B January 2018 Discussion

    For two episodes, practically everyone that would be invited to the wedding was right there. They might as well have called in Carter and got it over with. Nobody cares about Bridge's 1000th wedding. At least Brooke may finally get her photo up over that fireplace. Of course, it will have to be a shared photo with Ridge instead of a portrait like everyone else.
  10. I thought the new Thorne sounded a little like Winsor Harmon at first, but it didn't take long for the actor's accent to break, and that's all I could hear from that point on. And this dude does look a lot older than Ridge. Must be something in the water in Paris. LOL! I was also surprised by how subtle Thorne's intro was. So much so that it was over-shadowed by the "the role is now being played by" announcer practically speaking over the intro dialogue. This recast is already pointless.
  11. B&B: September 2017 Discussion Thread

    I think Scott Clifton did that to himself with his comical over-reaction to the punch. Was he supposed to be having a seizure? Was he trying to breakdance? This is what bugs me about this actor. Every single take of every single scene he plays, it's like he thinks he's on a sit-com. He can't play straight/serious if he tried. Don Diamont isn't much better of late either. The Steffy/Bill scene just reaffirmed that that is the pairing the show should be writing for, but won't because Brad Bell chooses to ignore chemistry for forced pairings.
  12. LMAO! That's what I figured. That set must be barely holding together.
  13. There was a recent episode with Bill and Liam discussing the "Caroline is dying lie" and it was so obvious that the show wants Dollar Bill to be this show's Victor Newman. There was an exchange between those two that easily could have been recycled dialogue between The Mustache and [insert a character]. The problem is that Dollar Bill is too much of a joke to be Victor Newman. Don Diamont was so channeling Eric Braeden, minus the mumbles during that scene.