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  1. B&B July 2018 Discussion Thread

    Another new character. I give her until the end of summer, max.
  2. B&B: June Discussion Thread

    Yeah, I was hoping for a Steffy and Bill pairing when they first hinted at going in that direction a few years ago but then chickened out. There was off the charts chemistry between the two of them that doesn't exist anymore. Both Steffy and Bill have changed so much since then, Bill for the worse, that they don't have that same dynamic. This go around their pairing is nothing but repulsing. I think Don Diamont is trying his damnest to make it work though. It keeps him in a story I guess.
  3. B&B: June Discussion Thread

    You've probably got your answer already, I think Steffy even mentioned it a couple episodes ago, but yeah, Liam knows about Taylor. That's about the only thing that'll make sense at this point, because both the writing and JMW's reactions in the Bill/Steffy scenes make it clear that she doesn't want to be with him. There's not even a hint of any residual feelings for him, which just makes this story all the more disturbing. I'm actually shocked that its being played this way. There's got to be a reason.
  4. B&B: June Discussion Thread

    But, but Justin tells us she is every time he's on screen. I don't think she's bad looking. She's just a bad actress. She can't dance, she tries too hard, and she had mushy-mouth. Hope putting Maya "in her place" after firing Emma would be more interesting if Rick was still around. There seems to be a potential story there with how Maya reacted, but I doubt anything will come of it that's not centered around Emma and Zende ... I mean Xander. I swear I hear Zende whenever they say his name. LOL!
  5. B&B: June Discussion Thread

    Sooo, i just found out that this chick playing Emma is an actual dancer and was on some show called Dance Moms. Could have fooled me! I'm not impressed.
  6. B&B Casting News

    LOL! Exactly!
  7. B&B: June Discussion Thread

    She sounds like she has something in her mouth or her tongue is in the way. Those scenes with her "dancing" were just HORRIBLE. WTF???? And to have Emma criticize the models for being too stiff ... Lawd! I'd rather watch the oddly incestous brother/sister vibe of RJ and Sally's sister in another PSA story than this mess. At least those actors had a bit of charm to them. This can't be real, this has to be some Brad Bell plot to get us begging for more Liam/Steffy, right?
  8. B&B: June Discussion Thread

    Emma annoys the hell out of me. I didn't even realize she's been on contract for a while now. I was hoping she'd just disappear once Forrester Creations moved on to a new fashion line, but now it looks like they're involving her in a "summer teen story." They're probably recycle RJ's story from last year.
  9. B&B May 2018 Discussion Thread

    Apparently they're going for the Susan Lucci!?!?! After Liam made a comment about Rick and Maya going to pick up "baby" Lizzie from the Avants, Hope laughed at the suggestion that she's a "baby," so does this mean Lizzie is going to show up as a teenager the next time we see her? Dear Lord!
  10. B&B May 2018 Discussion Thread

    LOL! I don't think I've noticed this. Now I probably will. I wonder if the same voice you're talking about is the same I interpreted as being condescending. Brooke came off very condescending during her scenes with Taylor yesterday. The baby voice delivery (as if the person she's talking to is simple) is probably why I'm sensing condescension. I've never FF through scenes of this show, even at it's worse, but I've been FF through anything to do with Hope and Liam and anyone gushing about them. I couldn't stomach them having Rick, Maya, Thorne, etc. pop up just to cheer them on. And what's the point of the intern? Whatever lines she had could have easily been given to one of the other characters in the room. I'm sure those actors would have appreciated it. The intern also has an annoying voice, like her tongue is in her way when she talks.
  11. B&B May 2018 Discussion Thread

    The only thing I'm looking forward to seeing with this mess right now is the inevitable Brooke/Taylor confrontation coming soon. And I'm kind of afraid I'm going to be disappointed in that. The way Steffy just let Brooke trash her and Taylor today with barely a comeback (though I kind of enjoyed the Stephanie vibes coming from Brooke) is making me believe that any Brooke/Taylor confrontation will solely be used to boost Hope and Brooke. Taylor has already been retconned as a crazy, horrible, neglectful mother, and now she's being re-visioned as the manipulative homewrecking side piece.
  12. B&B May 2018 Discussion Thread

    ^^ It's both. I can't stand this Hope. I've been FF'ing all Hope and Liam scenes this week. And these scenes with Steffy/Liam or Steffy/Wyatt where neither of the dim bulbs will tell her WHY they think she's still having an affair with Bill is so freaking aggravating. I know this isn't a new thing in soaps, but this story is already aggravating enough without adding these crossed signals or whatever you want to call it. Why does everyone have to propose immediately when they decide to get together? Why? I don't watch soaps for romance, but what happened to couples courting and dating and building up a relationship before they get hitched? Ridge apologized to Steffy for not being there for her and leaving on a business trip during yesterday's episode. Now I could swear that he had scenes with both Steffy and Liam in what should have been just the day before and he's back the very next morning (though these couple days took place over 2 or 3 weeks of episodes), so it makes no sense that he's acting like he's been gone an extended period of time. Just sayin'.
  13. B&B casts new role

    Let me guess. They're going to replace Julius's transphobia with some form of racial prejudice? There must be some reason they're making Julius the focal point here and emphasizing this character's biracial, European upbringing. He's going to be too "different" for Julius to tolerate, not unlike his issues with Maya.
  14. B&B May 2018 Discussion Thread

    As others have mentioned, she's only interacted with Steffy and Bill since she's been back. For a moment it looked like she was leaving to "get help" but she popped back up this week and told Steffy that she found someone in Malibu that will help her so she's staying for now I guess. They'll probably use her enough to remind us what Bill has over her. Yesterday, Steffy finally told Lame that it was Taylor that shot Bill, so it'll only be a matter of time before everyone else knows. As far the viewer knows, Taylor is the shooter. It's only speculation right now that she might be covering for Lame. This story is the worst, so you're not missing anything. Every fricking character is acting like they have one freaking brain cell combined right now, NuHope is lame, Bill is completely unlikable now, every other character not name Steffy, Lame, Bill or Hope, their life completely revolves around those four an obsessively talk about them or do their bidding ... this story doesn't make an ounce of sense and is quite infuriating. But that's probably just me.