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  1. She's playing that semantics game celebrities love. They think as long as no cutting was involved it doesn't count. She's pretty clearly had work done.
  2. I was thinking the same. The show is rather bloated with big name (but played out characters) 20/30/40 year vets. And vets who likely have not taken paycuts.
  3. I never imagined Y&R would be the worst looking soap. Where is the budget going exactly? Because it's not being pumped into production. The contrast between Y&R and GH is stark. GH has huge, new sets. Y&R looks so cramped and sad in comparison.
  4. Thank you! That sounds very stupid!
  5. Posted this in the old thread... Can anyone give me a timeline of events regarding Mariah's pregnancy/kidnapping? Stitch kidnapped her to get Abby back? What? I don't understand this story at all.
  6. I agree. The story fell apart as soon as Babe found out, what, a month into it? It didn't track, we barely knew her, had no reason to like her and she had almost no time to bond with the baby. It just made her look like a monster. I don't think the story lasted too long, I think it didn't last long enough. The problem was that it was on every single day. Nothing else was happening except people hiding this secret or finding out this secret. So as soon as Bianca found out the bottom fell out because they hadn't given us any other reason to tune in. Was the story really meant to be over by the end of summer 2004? Miranda and AJ were born in March, what's the point of a 3-4 month baby switch?
  7. Can anyone give me a timeline of events regarding Mariah's pregnancy/kidnapping? Stitch kidnapped her to get Abby back? What? I don't understand this story at all.
  8. I gotta ask, is Cynthia Watros okay? Or just had bad work? The area under her eyes is really distracting.
  9. The industry is exploding with opportunities. Why stay on a soap that is incredibly time consuming (between the actual acting and new scripts you have to remember every day) with terrible material when you're young and hot and could be the 4th lead in a Amazon Prime original? Which would then result in a huge bump in instagram followers and endorsement deals. I don't know, it makes sense to me for both of them to leave. They know the show would take them back in a hearbeat so why not?
  10. Another example of how meaningless daytime is that one version of Kristen will be on this whatever this is and another version will be on daytime and absolutely nothing either version does will ultimately matter. I don't know how people who still watch stand how utterly meaningless every plot point is.
  11. RIP to him. Dimitri and Edmund were the last great male leads the show produced and now they're both gone.
  12. Stock footage of Paris really gets some people going.
  13. That kid who played young Spencer on GH was in the (awful) finale episode of American Horror Stories on Hulu.
  14. Wasn't Dina on Y&R basically a direct lift of Alexis? I mean the premise, mother abandons children and returns home dramatically, the characterization was less intense.
  15. She reads older than Laura Wright now.
  16. Has he even premiered on the show yet?
  17. Yes and they all sounded enthusiastic about it, they'd be up for it, they were happy Kelly and Mark were producing, etc. Susan was the only one with any real information (it sounds like there have been talks with her because of course there have), she talked about the writer and Agnes' son.
  18. Just watched the reunion. It was good. They all knew the show was trash but they enjoyed making it. Some jokes about repeating the same dialogue every day for months on end, with Galen mimicking wanting to shoot himself in the head.
  19. My mind immediately went to Tad and Dixie. I was pretty young and in school but I vaguely recall someone pointing out that blood was dripping down Dixie's leg. They might have even shown it. The fact that we never got to see them experience a pregnancy and birth as a couple after all they went through is pretty sad.
  20. I was reading the SON article about Port Charles' debut 24 years ago and I suddenly remembered the controversy surrounding one of their openings where out of the entire cast Jamal was the only character with his name displayed all in lowercase. You had EVE, LUCY, IAN, LIVVIE, jamal, RAFE, ALLISON, etc. Does anyone remember that?
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