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  1. The Dream Season was great If Knots Landing and Dynasty had a baby it would Dallas Dream Season The ironic thing about that season it really had a dreamy surreal tone even though it was supposed to play as a straight up continuation of the previous season Hopping on the China Beach love. Fantastic groundbreaking show Too bad network tv doesn't take risks with drama series anymore
  2. The fact that Alan-Michael and Lucy came about because TPTB didn't have the backbone to make Alan-Michael and Gillie Grant a couple bothered me more than the actual couple of AM and Lucy. Speaking of Alan-Michael I always thought he was Joey Buchanan status where they found a talented actor, but struggled with story and recast after the actor vacated the role.
  3. I know this is an unpopular opinion thread but if Greenlee wasn't associated with Leo that character would have been back burner status
  4. To be honest I would be over with dubbing over the songs as long as we got Knots on home media I think Moonlighting had to go through the same process before getting released on home media
  5. Thorsten Kaye might be a better actor but Ron Moss was always a better Ridge if that makes sense
  6. Any theories why Knots is not on the streaming platforms? I know the first two seasons were released on DVD after that nothing more
  7. I think they are grooming the Laura character to be matriarch of the show in some ways she is already matriarch status I'll take the last few years of ATWT over late 90s ATWT any day of the week
  8. Actually Knots being the better soap is a popular opinion especially as time has gone on Knots not being on any home media or streaming services has really hurt its legacy
  9. It's kinda a joke, but at the same time I try to think what the blue ribbon panel looks for when watching these reels
  10. I watched Rena's Emmy reel recently and if Jackie had to lose to anyone Rena would've been that person. I always thought Lois' accent made her stand out from the other nominees that's my theory why she won lol
  11. Jackie Zeman submitted in supporting actress that's what I think hurt her chances Leslie and Brad should have won, but they lost to actors who knew how to put a reel together Justin Deas submitted a stand alone episode Slezak submitted an episode where she got to use her DID alter egos
  12. Santa Barbara was on the air for 9 years and they only had 2 great years and 1 good year everything else was ehhhhh Ryan and Greenlee didn't work as a couple no matter how TPTB tried to shove it down the audience's throat The last couple of seasons of Dallas were mediocre but it was kinda entertaining
  13. Nikki Newman comes to mind with her alcoholism Holly and Roger from guiding light had a JR and Sue Ellen type of relationship even if the former were created first
  14. Watching the Generations reunion on the Locher Room Sally Sussman was going for a black JR Ewing with the Martin Jackson character
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