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  1. Despite some black men have grievances with feminists, the LBGT community and some white liberals, Black men are still voting for Democrats at an high 80%+ percentage rate. I guess that will more or less remain that way unless something out there mirrors a Nixon's Southern Strategy along in addition to voter suppression that causes at 50% or more Black men to leave the Democratic party.
  2. Some in the media are spinning this recall as a "success" for Larry Elder. To average person this looks like Elder only lost because he didn't win SF but in reality he only got 43% (currently 46) of 36.7% who voted for yes for recall and 16% of the total vote.
  3. As mentioned and predicted, the Beltway is lashing out against the Democrats. Kasie Hunt is a former MSNBC anchor who recently joined CNN.
  4. Me Too didn't "need" McGowan but they didn't mind her co-signing on whatever she was saying at the time that they agreed with. She hadn't been relevant in the public eye since the mid 2000s. Now her antics are being used to by the Right to paint the Democrats as being hypocrites.
  5. McGowan was useful a weapon for #Me Too movement targeting the likes of Cosby and Trump until she went down the Q rabbit hole and started peddling conspiracy theories about Biden and the Democrats
  6. Emma is too powerful for Leylah.
  7. I watched it in real time. Barbora came from the break and smoked Gardine.
  8. I've known about Elaine before she became nationally relevant and I felt like that EIC job at Teen Vogue was a sinking ship that she kept it afloat iand then some. She successfully transition Teen Vogue when cease print publication due to declining sales to a high traffic social media machine.
  9. Biden staying the course. Meanwhile on the Far Right. She resembles former porn star Mia Khalifa somewhat.
  10. sivad40

    The View

    In order to appeal to right wing viewers, The View has been shuffling conservative hosts in and out since Lisa Ling left.
  11. The same thing happened to Howard Stern when he went to satellite radio.
  12. Nina Turner on the The Young Turks. It's hard to tell if Cenk was trolling when he compared Nina to Shirley Chisholm.
  13. The CNN media personality getting defensive over the anti Biden coverage of the troops being pulled out of Afghanistan is the point.
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