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  1. Texas opening up the floodgates for other states to follow suit. Trump will having his rallies again sometime in July (prediction).
  2. They most certainly know someone who died or got sick from the coronavirus. Compare them with these Trump supporters from Alabama.
  3. 302 people in 15 battleground states were polled.
  4. That's a hard one for me. McConnell was corrupt before Trump took office but Trump was going to be Trump no matter what.
  5. Seth Meyers reminding Democrats and the media who recently praised GWB, that is was his presidency that lead to what we have now with Trump.
  6. Let death take you says Christie.
  7. https://www.rawstory.com/2020/04/florida-is-now-blocking-medical-examiners-from-releasing-covid-19-death-totals/ So, I'm assuming this is the plan to "get back to normal" (for red states). Re-open everything and just hide the numbers & outright refuse to disclose the # of CV infections/deaths.
  8. I told a cousin of mine a few months back that Social Security as we know it won't exist within 15-20 years because the GOP is going to privatize or get rid of it altogether.
  9. Trump doing what he does best and that's blackmail or Quid Pro Quo 2.0
  10. The saddest and/or most anger inducing part of all this is that the only reason these people are demanding to go back to work is because it's the opposite of what the democrats are proposing. Had the dems suggested opening things up, they'd be complaining about how that policy will cost lives.
  11. Money over everything. That guy will be a future Senator. I see Trump and his cronies has flipped the script, by making him as the hero of the common man because he's want to re-open the country and protect their liberties.
  12. https://www.gq.com/story/kanye-west-voting Kanye West informs the public on who he is voting for President.
  13. Ever since Trump bragged about his ratings, I have just watched soundbites from other sources. Someone else another forum said by watching the pressers, he saw why Trump had his share of failures as a CEO. Trump loves to hear himself talk, has to be the smartest person in the room at all times, can only take credit for the positives and refuses to acknowledge what he did wrong and blames everybody but himself.
  14. Does anybody here still actually watch Trump's pressers/neo-rallies in real time, or do you just hear the soundbites from various sources?
  15. Why is this trending number one on Twitter??! Rogan is one on those [!@#$%^&*] perpetual frat boy types who will always support Trump because he's their father figure- God-King.
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